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Max pov

I can't move! I can't move! I can hear some voices that seem upset. I'm trying to reach them but its pitch black. Suddenly I'm falling in a deep hole that seems to go forever and ever. Finally I reach at a stopping point. I look around and see that there is a ton of cages with tons of different creatures in them. One catches my eye though. It's a little girl with wings who looks terrified and alone. I want to help her but I can't. Then I fall into a deep sleep.

Fang pov

Iggy finally finds a hospital and the nurse take Max right away. They say that we can't come and we have to wait … in the waiting room. I gather up the flock and tell them that everything will be alright. I already called Max's mom, ,and she said she was on her way with Ella. About 4 hours later a doctor came out and told us that Max had a lot of injuries but they managed to patch everything up , but he also told us that Max was in a coma. He didn't know how long she would be in a coma but he told us to have hope. The next day we visited Max at 3:00. She looked so peaceful lying in the hospital bed. Everyone was quietly watching Max mournfully. finally said let's go because I think she didn't want to cry in front of us. We decided to visit Max everyday at 3:00.

Max pov

Another image popped up it was of a whole bunch of kids with wings laughing and playing with an older man. Suddenly another image showed up it was of a teenaged girl who was with a boy resting on him. They looked happy together. I suddenly remembered that the girl was me and the boy was a guy named Sam! I needed to find him but I fell into a deep sleep again.

Nudge pov

It has been a year since the accident. We still visit max everyday at 3 and watch her rest. The flock has decided that we need to move on with our lives. One day the flock decided to go to the park to get some fresh air. I saw a group of cheerleaders doing some routines so I quickly ran over to them admiring their work. When they were finished I told the head cheerleader that she was great at cheering. She said thanks and introduced herself as Lissa. She said that the squad needed a flyer and said that I would be perfect for the job! The only catch was that I needed to introduce fang to her. I agreed and skipped back to the flock happily. "Fang! I want you to meet my new friend!" I said. He slowly trudged over to the cheerleaders and then gaped when he saw Lissa.

Fang pov

I decided to go see this new friend nudge was talking about and was surprised at how pretty she looked. She had long red hair and vibrant green eyes. I then forgot all about Max and took a walk with her in the park. We had so much things in common and she made me laugh which I haven't done in a long time. She made me happy.

Angel pov

I was playing around with total when all of a sudden I looked around. Nudge was practicing a cheer and Gazzy and Iggy were making some kind of explosive but Fang was nowhere in sight. I decided to go into his mind. He was happy and being flirty with some girl named Lissa. I spent a lot of time on fax and now all my work was being thrown away! When Fang got back from his walk I gave him the evil eye. I then suddenly got an idea. I was going to try to communicate with Max! I tried to get a signal but it was barely there. I tried so hard that I was staring to turn red. I suddenly felt really dizzy and weird. Fang asked if I was okay but I just started to stumble. Fang quickly went by my side and caught me because I just passed out. A couple minutes later I woke up in a bed. I saw 8 people crowded around my bed. I asked Ella what happened and she said I fainted. I finally realized that my ability was not as strong as I thought it was because I could not reach Max.

Sam pov

I was in the hospital for my broken arm. I was ready to leave but then I saw a girl who looked like Max! I asked a nurse what happened to her and she said that she was in coma due to a car accident. It was then when I realized that I should be together with Max. I sat with her and had a little conversation with her even though she probably could not hear me. I told her that I loved her and that one day she was going to wake up and be the same old adventurous Max, then I left and told her I would be back soon.

Max pov

I could hear a voice. Was it Sam? He told me he loved me and that made me elated. I lost the sound of his voice because suddenly an image popped up. It was a picture of 6 kids. I remembered 5 of them. Me, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel. The 7th was a boy with short black hair and obsidian eyes. He just didn't catch my eye and I forgot him. I tried to remember but then I slept.

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