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Sam pov

I was sitting next to Max in the hospital bed singing her she looks so perfect by 5sos when suddenly I felt a pale fragile hand touch mine. I looked over I saw her moaning in pain. I quickly ran to get the nurse and they told me I had to leave while they worked on her. I ran to Max's house and rang the doorbell. Surely Fang opened the door with a tall red headed girl they look flustered but I ignored that and told Fang that Max has woken up. Immediately Fangs eyes went so wide that I thought they were going to fall out. He quickly ran back inside and came back out with 4 teens. They zoomed past me and flew up and away. Now it was my turn to be wide eyed. The red haired girl got in her car and zoomed out. That left me alone. How rude! He didn't even say a word to me!

Fang pov

Lissa and I were having a full make out session until we got interrupted by the doorbell. I trudged to the door and opened it. It was Sam ugh. Before I could say a word he quickly said Max has woken up! I was shocked I quickly ran in to get Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy , and Angel then we flew off. We all wanted to see Max so bad, so we flew at the maximum speed. We got to the hospital really fast and quickly ran into the hospital. The nurse directed us to Max's room. She was lying on the hospital bed eating some food, she was pale, her hair was messy and she had bandages all over her body. When she saw Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel she screamed with joy and hugged them all. Everyone was happy and asking Max how she was feeling. I decided to go in for a kiss with Max but as soon as our lips touched she slapped me and started screaming for help. The slap didn't hurt me because she was so weak but I was shocked, in fact everyone was. Max called for a nurse and the nurse came immediately. Max had told her a stranger had tried to kiss her! The nurse said ohh and faced the flock, she said that Max lost some of her memories so she might not remember some thingsā€¦ or people. The nurse said she will regain her memories with time, she whispered something to Max then left. My old (not ex) girlfriend doesn't remember me.

Max pov

I was eating a meal because the doctor told me a lost a ton of weight over the years , then, I, saw them, Iggy, Nudge ,Gazzy, and my sweet Angel! They've grown soo much! We all hugged and cried, but then a teen with dark obsidian eyes and black hair came forward and kissed me! Who does he think he is! I slapped him and screamed for my nurse. The nurse whispered in my ear that the strange teen was a "friend" of mine. I listened to her because I trust her. I turned to the stranger and asked, "do you know where my boyfriend is?" his name is Sam.


Sam?! I screeched. You aren't dating anyone! Max stared at me blankly with her beautiful brown eyes. Snap out of it fang! You're dating Lissa not Max get over it! I stomped out to call Sam on my cell. When he picked up I screamed, "what have you done to Max!" he said that he has been visiting her everyday. I was fuming I didn't know why but I think I still had feelings for Max! Grrr Sam, Max wants to see you, apparently you're her "boyfriend "Sam said he couldn't come to see her but that he could talk to her through the phone. I gave the phone to Max. Max was like hi Sam and giggled, uh hu uh hu ok bye love you Sam. Giggling? Max never giggles! Sam has brainwashed her! The nurse finally gave Max permission to leave. Max couldn't fly well so we had Iggy carry her since she didn't want me carrying her. I was silent for the whole trip while the rest of the flock was chatting and having a good time. We finally got home we all went are ways. I decided to turn and face Max. She needs to remember me. I entered her room prepared to let my emotions out.

Max pov

I entered my blue room and immediately felt overwhelmed I missed home so much! A knock on my door interrupted my relaxing time. "Well well well look who is here" I said in a sarcastic tone The "kisser" started to come closer until he finally spoke. "Max I know you don't remember me but I was a big part of your life, please don't hesitate but I want you to remember" he said. Then he suddenly kissed me, hard I was shocked, I felt this before. I pulled back and fell to the ground. He asked me if I was ok with a very concerned voice but I didn't reply. The memories were flooding back, Sam wasn't my boyfriend, Fang was. The pain stopped and I looked up and said, "Fang?" he smiled and said "Max?". We hugged each other and started to kiss once more. I twined my fingers through his black hair enjoying every moment. We were interrupted by, guess who, Lissa . She gaped at us and quickly pulled Fang into the hall. I didn't follow because I figured he was going to explain the situation. I was so tired after everything that happened, so I curled up in bed and fell asleep.

Fang pov

I followed Lissa into the hallway. "What?" I said. Don't ask me what! I know you want to break up with me but I want you to do me a favor. "a favor?!" yes a favor, one you probably won't like. "what?" I said getting tired of her games. Fang I want you to kill Max.

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