Deadpool versus Freddy Krueger

Chapter 1: Deadpool's Dream

Deadpool was having the most magnificant dream of all time as he was sleeping, with all the women, large mansion of his own along with Lady Death as his queen. But what Deadpool didn't know was the butler was actually Freddy Krueger in disguise.

"Butler, a glass of wine for me, the finest, only the finest for me and my queen Lady Death" laughed Deadpool.

"Right away sir" laughed Freddy.

Freddy thought about Deadpool not having powers originally, she he spiked the wine with poison in the hopes of getting rid of him. As Deadpool drank the wine, nothing happen.

"Wow, that tastes great, nice flavor!" laughed Deadpool.

Freddy grew impatient, he knew he'd be out skilled if he were to face Deadpool with his dreaded claw.

"Excuse me for a moment" said Freddy as he got up.

"Taking your break so soon, oh well, laws are laws" laughed Deadpool.

Freddy went around the corner and began to dial a number, he wa dialing none other than Mr. Sinister on the other line.

"So how did it go Mr. Dream Killer?" asked Mr. Sinister on the other line.

"He's still alive" continued Freddy, "I spiked his wine with poison, he's still alive I thought you said I'd be able to handle this."

"I want you to disrupt Deadpool's dreams as much as possible" continued Mr. Sinister, "remember I am paying you five million dollars for a bounty on Deadpool."

Deadpool continued to enjoy his party, not knowing something was rather sinister going on with Mr. Sinister hirng Freddy Krueger to get rid of him, literally in his dreams.

"Hey butler, back from your break already?" asked Deadpool to Freddy.

"Uh, yea" continued Freddy.

"Come on, I'll show you around my dream mansion" laughed Deadpool.

Deadpool first toured the main room with Freddy still disguised as his butler, he showed him the game room, the garage with all of the expensive cars, the bowling room, the very large kitchen and also his bedroom which was an utlra size king bed.

"Nice isn't it?" laughed Deadpool.

"Where's my room?" asked Freddy.

"Good question" continued Deadpool.

Deadpool soon ended the tour at the butler's room which wasn't as nice compared to all the other rooms in a typical manner.

"Yea, we kind of let this place down quite a bit" laughed Deadpool.

Poor Freddy thought this mission was going to be harder than he had thought it'd be, not like the so many other victims of Elm Street. For Deadpool, things were looking like a normal dream which Freddy couldn't change which would make things harder for Freddy to do his job. As the dream progressed, Freddy grew more, and more disgusted with Deadpool, he couldn't believe he was reduced to a low end butler with nothing to accomplish with anything.

"This is madness!" cried Freddy as he examined the mansion with its numerous cameras, "I am meant to kill the Merc with the Mouth, this is going to be tougher than I thought."

When it was time for Deadpool to wake up from his dream, he merrily went of f to work for either SHIELD or some other odd hit job he was going to do. Mr. Sinister wasn't pleased with the slowness of Freddy's progress.

"Bah, where is that report, he was supposed to have killed Deadpool by now!" roared Mr. Sinister who was rather upset.

Mr. Sinister then hatched up an idea on how to help Freddy when he was going to go into dream world himself, so he deviced up a plan by bringing in all of his latest technologies being availabe for him before he went to bed. When Mr. Sinister woke up in his dream, a disappointed Freddy Krueger was waiting for him.

"You better help me with this in getting rid of Deadpool" continued Freddy.

"Now, now" continued Mr. Sinister, "I have the latest of my inventions, today you are going to turn against your master Deadpool, who believes his dear butler will always obey him."