Chapter 4: Rude Awakening

Freddy had about enough of Deadpool following him, he already had followed him to another dream and this current dream.

"Stop following me!" cried Freddy.

"Make me" laughed Deadpool.

Freddy ended up using his claw to try to slice Deadpool, but Deadpool pulled out his sword to counter the claw. The teenager stood there watching the two where he suddenly decided to change the atmosphere to a wrestling arena.

"Cool, this kid likes wrestling!" laughed Deadpool.

"Uh, I can't stand being in the same dream with you!" cried Freddy.

Both continued to fight, meanwhile, Wolverine was on his way to Wade's apartment where Wade Wilson was sleeping soundly fighting Freddy literally in his dream. Wolverine rang the door bell hoping it'd get him up. Then he rang it a few more times, still no one came to see him.

"Logan, what are you doing here?" asked Domino as she was out of her apartment, "You rang that door bell a few times, go back to your home."

"Wade's in my dream, I am going to teach him a lesson" continued Wolverine.

Wolverine then ends up breaking down the door, still no one came to greet Wolverine.

"Good luck with that" said Domino as she headed back to her apartment.

For Deadpool, he and Freddy were quite evenly matched in combat.

"This isnt happening, I want out of here!" cried Freddy.

Freddy then created another portal in the hopes of escaping, but Deadpool ended up using a grapling hook that caught Freddy's behind.

"Catching you on your butt!" laughed Deadpool as Freddy pulled both of them in.

"Uh, go away!" cried Freddy, "Leave me alone, what will it take to leave me alone!"

"Oh, let's go bother Nick Fury in his dream!" said Deadpool, "I always wanted to know what he was dreaming about. Come on, lead the way dream demon!"

Poor Freddy had to obey Deadpool and his commands if he wanted to get out, however that was going to be disrupted as soon as Freddy placed his hand on the door, Deadpool grabbed Freddy's hand.

"I want to do this together" said Deadpool which Freddy moaned with disgust.

But instead of opening the door to another dream, Freddy was pulled from the dream world what seemed like a messy apartment and poor Deadpool was woken up by Wolverine whom bashed him right on the forehead.

"That was for getting in my dream" said Wolverine.

"Ouch, I was having the dream of a lifetime and hey he's still here!" laughed Deadpool as he noticed Freddy.

"Uh, I have to get back into dream world and away from him!" cried Freddy.

Suddenly a helicopter light shined down on Freddy.

"Attention Freddy Krueger!" roared Maria Hill who was on the helicopter, "You are under arrest!"

"For what?" asked Freddy.

"Disturbing Nick Fury's dream!" continued Maria.

"But he touched the door knob too!" continued Freddy.

"Oh boy we can be cell mates!" laughed Deadpool.

"We don't want Deadpool, we'll take you instead" said Maria.

Freddy soon found himself locked away in a cell built by Hank Pym in effort to keep Freddy from leaping into people's dreams it was a magical cell that was created by the Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange and Dr. VooDoo.

"Uh, well the only positive thing is no more Deadpool!" laughed Freddy, "I'm free, I'm free from him!"

The other prisoners shook their heads.

"Hey Freddy, since I work at SHIELD, they said I can visit the prison section any time that means more time with you!" laughed Deadpool whom immediately popped up.

"Noo!" cried Freddy as he knew he couldn't escape from Deadpool.

The scene then fades with Freddy sobbing knowing he won't be able to ever escape Deadpool ever again.