Day 7

Don't mind the fact that I hadn't written any journal entries for the past three days; nothing happened. Nothing worth recording, that is.

Currently, my whole body feels as though it's as heavy as lead. I'm constantly getting the nagging urge to just fall over and sleep for the rest of my life. I hadn't gotten any sleep around here…at all. I find myself trying to stir up conversations with the wolf; sometimes even getting upset when it never replies back to me.

I think I'm going insane…

I've spent a week in this merciless land. My days are always the same: hunt and harvest during the day; hide like a coward at night. I've figured out that I can carve wooden swords, although they're completely useless. Using a wooden sword is like bringing a water balloon to a cannon battle.

I might as well just throw myself into a pit of poisonous spiders.

My gaze turns towards the wolf, who is staring up at me with a sappy pair of black eyes. Guessing that it's hungry, I command it to follow me and start the morning hunt.

As the hours tick by, we don't have much luck; 2 chickens and a pig. At this rate, we'll probably both starve to death.

Angry at myself, I kick my feet at a patch of grass. Grass blades go flying in every direction. But something interesting catches my attention.

A small pile of seeds.

What is this? Curious, I pick up the seeds and place them in my pocket. My farming and cultivating skills are limited, but it wouldn't hurt to try, would it?

Using my crafting table, I use a few wood blocks to carve myself a wooden hoe. Where, exactly, should I plant these seeds? Plants need soil, light, and water, obviously.

"C'mon," I instruct the wolf. "Let's head towards the sea."

I'm so thankful that the ocean is only a few short feet away from my home. The sound of the crashing waves is always relaxing, and the steady flow of water brings me much comfort.

I want to start off small, so I till a single square next to the shore. I gingerly place the seeds in the ground and hope that my gardening skills (or lack thereof) are good enough. If I can get these seeds to grow, then I can have a secondary source of food. No more raw meat for me!

The wolf is looking up at me with the most pitiful eyes. Its whimpers are sending shockwaves of guilt throughout my entire being. It's hungry, and frankly, so am I.

I pull out a small ration of cold, raw ham. I feed it to the wolf, which is completely ecstatic. It's so happy that its tail even raised itself a little.

I hate eating cold food. The feeling of cold meat slithering its way down your gullet is one of the worst feelings ever. Then again, cold food is better than no food at all.

As the night creeps closer, I notice that I'm not as anxious about the night like I used to be. Before, I was utterly afraid of being left alone in the dark. I don't feel anymore fear. Really, the only feelings that I have left are hunger and extreme fatigue.

I command the wolf to sit.

Placing one foot in front of the other as carefully as possible, I take a look around outside. It's completely dark inside of my house and outside of it. If I don't find some light source soon, I think I'm going to go blind.

Since I'm lacking any kind of light, I have no choice but to feel my way around.

My hands have become my eyes.

As I go out, I hear a strange noise sound off close by. I have no clue what or where it is, but convince myself that it's not worth searching for. Continuing on my pitiful search for resources, I trudge ahead. But, the noise continues to become more pronounced.

It sort of sounds like…a hiss.

I turn my head in the direction of the noise. My eyes catch sight of a tall green figure. From a distance, it looks nonthreatening and docile. It's minding its own business, harassing and hurting no one.

The moment it notices me, it starts to head off in my general direction. It almost seems as if it's…following me. Its motives are shrouded in mystery, but I don't stick around long enough to find out what those motives are. Craving shelter, I sprint as fast as I can over too my house. The sooner I get there, the better things will be.

I'm exhausted from running, but thankfully I make it back inside.

Before I have time to think, the faint hissing sound becomes louder and louder…closer and closer…

My ears pop at the sound of an explosion. I have to admit, it the noise startles me. I open the front door and look around in horror.

There's a large crater in front of my house.