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She darted into the alleyway, her small paws carrying her as fast as they could in the treacherous weather. A few seconds later, a group of men ran past, dressed in black robes and silver masks, shouting threateningly. They seemed to miss the small cat cowering behind the sodden cardboard box, her heart racing.

After a few minutes when her pulse rate had dropped and she was sure the men had gone, Hermione willed herself to turn back into a human. She felt her magic reach out but fall short and knew her energy had been depleted due to the chase. She cursed, shivering in the rain and decided to formulate a plan, which promptly flew from her mind when a figure appeared in front of her.


'Two weeks! I have to wait two weeks because of that hot-headed, Scottish idiot!' Kai fumed, walking down the road towards his hotel in the pouring rain. After receiving an invitation from Johnny of the Majestics, to visit England and take part in a Beyblading tournament, he arrived to discover the date he had been told was wrong by two whole weeks.

Johnny of course, thought he did nothing wrong. He apparently told Kai the wrong date on purpose so Kai had the chance to practice and wouldn't be at a disadvantage when facing him. Which was complete and utter crap.

A flash of brown in the corner of his eye interrupted his inner rant and he frowned, curious as to what was in the alleyway, obviously unprotected from the weather. The box was soaking wet and did nothing to hide the animal inside.

He leaned forward and saw a cat peering back with intelligent green eyes. Its chocolate brown fur was sopping wet and it was shivering rather violently. Kai's natural empathy towards felines kicked in and he reached forward slowly, as not to startle the cat. It squirmed in his hands for a few seconds but soon fell still, as if it was completely drained. He unravelled the scarf from around his neck and wrapped the cat in it gently, shielding it from the rain.

''What are you doing out in this weather, hmm? Let's get you someplace warm and dry' his crimson eyes softening slightly as he began to walk back towards his hotel, the cat tucked safely against his chest.


He snuck in past the reception desk and into the elevator, making it to his room without being detected. He took the cat into the bathroom and proceeded to dry it with a towel he yanked from the rack.

'Let's see, I can't call you it all the time so are you a girl or a boy?' Kai wondered aloud, lifting the cat to check. It began hissing and scratched its claws over his hand, which did little to deter the now irritated boy. After a few more seconds of this struggle, he suddenly chuckled aloud, 'feisty little girl aren't you? I think I'll call you Kaze, or Kaz for short.' She immediately stopped writhing and seemed to pout at him. He chuckled again and lifted her in his arms, carrying her to the bedroom.

'Now, what would you like to eat?' He placed her on a blanket and created a warm nest for her to rest in. Grabbing the phone on the bedside table, he decided to order a couple of chicken dishes alongside a few bottles of water and an extra bowl.

'Think you can wait 20 minutes?' he asked lying down on the bed. Kaze merely stared back at him and Kai's lips quirked upwards at the corners in return as he closed his eyes. 'You seem like you understand what I'm saying, or maybe I'm just being stupid. It's so quiet in here. You know, I'll never admit this to anyone but I enjoy having Tyson and everyone else around, things are never boring.' He sighed. 'I must be feeling really lonely today. I'm talking to a cat for God's sake'.

He felt a paw tap his cheek and slide down his face. A small pink tongue licked his nose affectionately.

'That was disgusting Kaz, but thank you.' She meowed softly in response and hopped out of the warm nest towards the phone. Her paw pushed the receiver out of its resting place and she looked up at him expectedly.

'You want me to call someone? Or are you just causing trouble?'

She tapped the receiver with her paw again and Kai rolled his eyes. 'Alright, back into the warm blanket, you're still freezing cold. No more causing trouble. I'm pretty sure none of your feline friends know how to use a phone'

Kaze meowed loudly but didn't fuss when his warm, large hands placed her back onto the bed. She shuffled around for a while but finally managed to get into a comfortable position, yawning widely.

There was a sharp knock on the door and Kai swiftly got up from the bed, taking the food from the waiter and bringing it to the small table. He laid out his portion in his plate and put the rest in the bowl, placing it on the table. 'Come on, it's time to eat'.

Kaze hopped up from her seat and jumped onto the table, eager to start her meal. They ate in relative silence, there was no talking or meowing, only the sound of cars driving past and the occasional sound of people speaking in the hallways.

Both fully content with sated stomachs, they settled down on the bed. Kai got under the duvet and Kaze followed him soon after.

'I might roll on top of you silly cat. Sleep on your blanket.'

Kaze merely yawned and closed her eyes, curling up into a ball under the warm duvet. Kai couldn't conjure up the effort to move her and followed her into a deep slumber.


The light from the window hit his eyes and the first thing he noticed was how unusually warm he was. Deciding to have a late start to the day, he turned around in the bed and felt something tickle his nose. He cranked one eye open and saw a mass of bushy, brown curls. He shot up and turned to look at the stranger sleeping on her back next to him. Her face was delicate, not beautiful but pretty and one he had never seen before, he was sure of it.

She shifted slightly in her sleep and part of the duvet fell away from her, revealing soft looking skin. His breath caught in his throat as he realised the girl was completely naked.

Her brown, doe-like eyes fluttered open and he realised how expressive they were. Confusion was replaced with understanding and finally embarrassment as she realised her state of undress and proceeded to yank the duvet up to her chin, a blush staining her cheeks.

'Umm… hello.' Her voice was soft and hesitant.

He stared back, shocked crimson eyes locked with nervous brown ones.

'What the f…?'

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