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A bland tune played through the room, causing Hermione to leap out of bed, clutching her wand tightly.

'Relax, it's only my phone,' Kai mumbled sleepily, his hand blindly searching the bedside table. 'Hello? Tyson?...'

Hermione sighed and climbed back into bed, lying on her back staring at the ceiling. She tuned out the bluenette's voice. Harry and Ron were most probably looking for her; she needed to find a way to get in touch with them. Owl mail was out of the question, they would have warded the area, or at least she hoped they would have. A Patronus at the wrong time could be fatal and that wasn't a risk she was willing to take. Perhaps...

She shot up once again startling Kai, 'what the…'

Her brows were furrowed in determination as she announced, 'we are going to Hogwarts.'

Kai stared at her for a moment before turning his attention back to the yammering voice on the other end of his phone. 'I have to go Tyson. Don't bother me again,' he said, hanging up.

He looked Hermione up and down, assessing her mental state. 'We?' he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Hermione nodded enthusiastically, 'I need your help. Two heads are better than one. It's always good to have back up.'

Kai turned his back to her and lay back down, muttering about insane witches trying to get him killed. The duvet was suddenly yanked off him and two small hands grabbed his ankle, attempting to pull him off the bed.

'You are going to help me!' she exclaimed, panting from her attempt at dislodging the boy who was currently staring at her with his eyebrow raised. An idea went through her mind. The boy she was dealing with was most probably a Slytherin and behaving like a Gryffindor wouldn't help her. She released his ankle and stood back, assessing the situation.

'Look, if you help me get into Hogwarts, I'll help you with your Beyblade,' she proposed, standing at the foot of the bed with her hands on her hips. Kai looked unconvinced.

She sighed, 'Okay, I know this isn't what you wanted but I'm asking you for your help, so please, please, I need to get back to Harry and Ron! The lives of so many people depend on us and I don't have time to waste! Every second gone could be fatal for a fellow human being! As soon as I find them and we get our bearings, I'll help you with your Beyblade. There is magic in there and I bet there is a way to make it more powerful. Plus, Hogwarts would definitely have some books about Bitbeasts that you would find useful so please…'

She looked at him pleadingly, her brown eyes wide slowly filling with tears. Her bottom lip poked out and began wobbling slightly causing Kai to admit defeat, 'fine'.

Her face brightened and she flashed a thousand watt smile at him. 'Thank you, thank you, thank you,' she chanted as she jumped on him, wrapping her arms around his chest. 'Thank you so much!'

Kai suddenly looked very uncomfortable and attempted to push the squealing girl off him but to no avail.

'Your hair is suffocating me,' he glared at the girl.

Hermione blushed and pulled back, 'sorry. I got a little over excited.'

Kai rolled his eyes and got back to business, 'what's the plan? Why do we need to go to your school? I thought it had been taken over.'

'It has. I need to get a message out to Harry and Ron and the safest way to do that is by using Potterwatch.'

Kai stared at her blankly.

She sat cross-legged on the bed, 'it's a radio show that comes on every so often. It's password protected and Ron is obsessed with it, he has never missed an episode so it's my best chance at finding them.'

'That doesn't make sense. The school was taken over, how are they hosting a rebel radio show there?' Kai mimicked her posture.

'Lee Jordan is the host and attempting to find him would be stupid. I have no idea where he could be. The Order is in shambles right now and going to find them wouldn't be much help either. Trust me, the answers will find found at Hogwarts, it's a truly magical place,' her eyes twinkled.

Kai watched as her eyes glazed over and a small smile graced her lips. She looked so content that he was reluctant to break the spell cast over her. It must be an interesting place for her to act this way and his curiosity was peaked. He reached out his hand and flicked her nose gently; bring her out of her daydreams.

She jumped and shook her head, dispelling all previous thoughts. She slapped her palms on her thighs.

'Let's go'.


They stood in the middle of the hotel room, Hermione carrying her small beaded bag and Kai armed with his Beyblade.

'Ready?' she asked, chewing her bottom lip.

Kai sighed, 'this is going to be dangerous and there is a chance that we could die right?'

'Yup', she replied with a wide smile, 'really makes you appreciate the present'.

She held out her arm and Kai took hold of her hand.

'We are going to apparate, this will probably feel weird and you might be sick' she looked up at the teen, waiting for him to give his consent.

'Go ahead'

Hermione focused on her destination and the two teens disappeared from the hotel room with a sharp crack.

They landed in a forest, Kai stumbling forwards pulling Hermione along with him. He fell to the ground resting on his knees and took a few deep breaths.

'That was uncomfortable' he glared at her.

She looked at him innocently, 'I did warn you. Anyway, it's the fastest way to travel and you get used to it after a while. Shall we go?'

She held out her hand and pulled him up. He dusted himself off and inspected the area. They seemed to be at the edge of a forest which was looking down at an ancient looking village. A finger suddenly popped into his line of vision, pointing in the distance.

'We are going through the village, over the hills and lake to Hogwarts' Hermione explained.

Kai scoffed, 'I doubt it'll be easy as that'.

'There are probably Snatchers in Hogsmeade; that's what the village is called, and getting past the lake will be… hold on!' she slapped her palm on her forehead. 'There is a tunnel under Honeydukes! We can use that! It'll take us straight into the castle'.

'Why do all these places start with the letter H?'

Hermione looked at him blankly, 'that has nothing to do with the dangerous mission we are about to go on! And I have no idea'.

She started walking towards Hogsmeade, turning her head back she called out, 'if anything happens, follow my lead.'

Kai sighed and rolled his eyes, wondering why he ever agreed to the demands of the bushy haired girl.


'Honeydukes is a sweet shop, they have the best things although sometimes they are utterly disgusting; like blood flavoured lollipops. Why? Just why?' she exclaimed throwing her arms in the air.

Kai grunted in response, eyes scouring the area

'Alright Mr. Monosyllabic, no need to get so chatty', she replied sarcastically. 'Going on a mission with you is no fun. Ron usually never stops complaining but at least he keeps it interesting. Harry doesn't talk as much, poor soul has a lot on his mind. Can you imagine being so young and having all that happen to you? I don't know how I would…'

A loud shriek pierced the air and both teens froze.

'What is that?' Kai's eyes were wide.

'The Caterwauling Charm. It's like an alarm. We need to hide. Quickly!' Hermione ran to side and ducked into an alleyway, Kai following her closely.

They ran to the back of the building and tried opening the door.

'Shit, it's locked,' Hermione hissed. 'Someone will be here soon! Can't you hear them?'

'How far is the sweetshop?' Kai asked urgently.

'Not far but we can't stay out here! Anyone could see us!'

'We can make it, we just need a distraction.'

She nodded, chewing her bottom lip, 'what do you want me to do?'

'Just lead me to the shop when I say so'.

Kai stood in front of the entrance of the alley and pulled out his Beyblade. He placed the launcher on top and got ready to let it rip. Hermione watched in fascination. The voices were getting closer and closer. Kai stood and stared, waiting. They were getting louder. Suddenly he saw a shadow. Kai's arm pulled back powerfully and his Beyblade rushed forward, darting through the alley towards the voices.

Kai ran to Hermione grabbed her arm, 'Now! We need to move.'

'But your Beyblade!' Hermione looked shocked.

'Dranzer will follow me, don't worry about that but let's go!'

Hermione began to sprint towards Honeydukes, keeping an eye out for Snatchers. Kai's attention was split between following the girl and feeling for Dranzer's presence. The blade ran parallel to them; Snatchers following the mysterious object.

'What is that?' A high-pitched voice called out. 'It looks like a toy'.

'Is someone havin' a laugh?' a deep voice growled.

The Beyblade darted around erratically preventing the Snatchers from getting a good look. On the other side of the shops, Hermione and Kai were getting closer to their destination.

'That one!' she gestured towards a crooked shop. 'I'll try the back door. You find a way to get your Beyblade back.

She tried opening it but to no avail. Pulled out her wand, she whispered, 'Alohomora'. The door remained locked. She took a deep breath, focused her attention on the wards placed on the door and began to break them one by one.

Meanwhile, Kai motioned to Dranzer to make his way into the shop opposite. The blade made it's way inside and slipped from one aisle to the next in an attempt to lose the Snatchers. Kai turned towards Hermione, 'how long?!'

'30 seconds!' she whispered back.

Kai turned his attention back to Dranzer. A glint passed through his crimson eyes and Dranzer suddenly lurched forwards crashing through the shelves in the shop. The Snatchers ran around in panic, trying to find the 'toy'. The Beyblade slipped out of the shop and made its way back to its owner.

Kai picked up the blade, looking at it fondly.

'Done!' she whispered and frantically motioned for him to come quickly. They entered Honeydukes, closing the door behind them.

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