Im not very sure on how Flash T. speaks and everything so bare with me :)

Peter Parker's High School-

Peter was walking to his chemistry class when Flash pushed him into the lockers. "Hey Parker." Peter's phone rang."Who's that? Your girlfriend?" He grabbed the phone from Peter. " Bruce?" Peter wet wide-eyed. He snatched the phone and ran. Neither Flash or Peter noticed Ava, Sam, Luke, and Danny watching.

"What's wrong with Peter?" Ava asked "and Who's Bruce?"

Danny answered " Maybe we could ask?" They started walking towards the direction Peter went.

When Peter heard Flash say Bruce, he knew something was wrong. So, he snatched back his phone and ran. He ended up in the bathroom somehow. He was so worried that he forgot he was running until he found himself there. Are they okay? Is Dick hurt? Or is it Robin? Batman? is mostly what ran through his head as he answered the call. "Peter?"

"Bruce? What's wrong? Is Dick okay?"

"Dick is fine but Robin is not."

"So this is Batman talking."

"I need you to come over here and help save Robin. I hate to dasay this but his team and I aren't strong enough to do it on our own. We need someone that Joker doesn't know."

"Joker has him!?"

Batman sighed worriedly" Yes, now hurry up" Batman hung up

Peter growled as he walked out of the bathroom. Once again not noticing his team standing there. "He is dead." They heard him say as he came out. "Peter?" Ava called. He actually heard her this time. "Huh?" He turned around " Oh, hey. Um, I need you to cover for me. I've gotta go do something"

"Gotta do what?" Luke asked him. "Just, stuff." He ran off. Of coarse his team followed him. When he was out of school he headed to an alley. "Hope to god this still works" He pulled out a device That looked like a clock and pressed the center of it.

A portal opened up in front of him. He walked in. The team being curious and wanting to keep Spidey and Peter out of trouble went through with him. Then it shut.

When they walked threw the other side they could see Peter changing into Spiderman. " Spidey?" He turned around startled "Wha-What are you guys doing here?"

"We came to see if you were alright and to make sure you didn't anything stupid. Where are we?" Luke answered.

"Gotham. Suit up and be careful. This is one of the most dangerous places on this world." He told them." I gotta go. Find a map in a local store and go to central. You should be safe there. I gotta go"

He was about to go onto the roof when Sam yelled the question they were all wondering."What do you have thats so important that you had to go to a different world and just leave us?" Spiderman turned around and walked right up to his face. "My little brother is being held by the most psychotic man in the world right now and Im going to save him. Thats why"

He shot a web at the roof and disappeared. "He has a little brother?"

Sorry if Im updateing too many stories. Ill get to most of them eventually.