In the bustling city of Manhattan, New York, there was even more hustle and bustle among the many divisions of the ever-thriving head of fashion industry's very own SoFíque Seasons Boulevard. Heading the great fashion forward was twenty-nine-year-old LaCienega Boulevardez. Graduating from Callimero Institute at nineteen, she had worked her way up to the top of previously named Sophisticated Tomorrow's until she had been promoted from intern to CEO. Of course, she had taken it upon herself to ask the founder (and her grandmother), Ms. Morrow, to change the name.

Seated behind her oak wood desk, she roved over each design handed to her before splitting them up into the "hots" and "nots" piles. The door to her private office was left ajar so as to avoid looking up to grant entry. About halfway into her organization, her telephone rang. She allowed it to do so three times before she decided to pick it up. "SoFíque Seasons, Ms. Boulevardez speaking." A minute or two passed as she calmly allowed the person to speak. "Well, please tell him I'll be home soon." Another minute or so passed and the call was ended. The brunette sighed as she looked over the last couple designs before she decided that the rest were definite nots. Pressing a button on her office phone, she said, "Alyson, I'm going to need you to send a folder of the Final Designs Divisions."

A young teen with short blonde hair quickly scuttled into the room. She was wearing a dark blue knee-length pinstripe pencil skirt and a light blue silk shirt with frills going down the middle. Taking the folder from beneath the Latina's index finger, she squeaked, "Yes, Ms. Boulevardez, I'll have it sent immediately." Just as she was about to leave, she opted to wait until she was properly dismissed. It was a while before the ruby-lipped woman added, "And when you're finished, please tell Sarah to handle my calls for the rest of the day." The young intern simply turned and said, "I'll get right on that." With that, she left to attend to her assigned work.

LaCienega leaned against her desk, looking after the girl with a small smile curving her lips. Getting up, she smoothed her silk skirt and made the necessary preparations to go home.