Pokemon Dialogue

Christopher Nagura: Hey there guys!

Ash Ketchum: Hi guys!

Gary Oak: Sup guys.

Paul Slaid: Hi.

Christopher Nagura: So this is my first Pokemon story that was given to me by Airchampion, and I had to change the plot of the story sorry guys.

Paul Slaid: Idiot

Christopher Nagura: Shut it purple man

Gary Oak: You had to steal it didn't you?

Ash Ketchum: Shut it Gary-Fairy! You're just jealous that he will make me more awesome than the two of you.

Christopher Nagura: Exactly. Now I need to ask all of you that read this story that I need your OC like this:


Name: Christopher Nagura (He will be in the story)

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Personality: Dark personality towards those who deserves it but shows his kindness to those who he trust

Appearance: He has black spiky hair and blue onyx eyes

Clothes: He wears a black shirt with red stripes that looks like flames, he has blue jeans and black shoes. He also wears a baseball cap to cover his face. He also has a Mega Ring in his left wrist.

Pokemon Team (No Legendary Pokemon and only one Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon)

Infernape (Fire/Fighting Type)

Bio: Was Christopher's starter pokemon. Able to use a hidden Move called Dragon Slaying Mode (Sorry I Love the anime Fairy Tail) He grows wings and he becomes scalier.


Flare Blitz

Fire Punch


Mach Punch

Blast Burn


Dragon Slaying Mode

Fire Dragon Iron Fist

Fire Dragon Roar

Fire Dragon Claw

Fire Dragon Wing attack

Secret Dragon Ape Slaying Art Wing Blaze Explosion

Pidgeot (Flying/Normal)

Bio: He caught Pidgeot, when he was still a Pidgey who was abandoned by his old trainer and he can evolve into Mega Pidgeot.


Aerial Ace


Double Team

Close Combat

Quick Attack

Aerial Attack (Combination of Aerial Ace and Quick attack)

Pikachu (Electric)

Bio: Pikachu was caught in a forest when he was very weak and was saved by Chris, he decided to follow Chris the next day.




Volt Tackle

Quick Attack

Iron Tail

Electro Ball

Electro Bolt (An electro Ball and Thunderbolt combination)

Garchomp (Dragon/Ground)

Bio: Garchomp was caught as a Gible who was protecting his forest from getting harmed, he saw Chris as a kind and strong person and followed him. Able to Mega Evolve into Mega Garchomp.


Draco Meteor
Dragon Rush

Hyper Beam

Dragon Pulse

Hyper Rush (A Hyper Beam and Dragon Rush combination that allows Garchomp to absorb the Hyper Beam in it's body and rush into it's opponent)

Lucario (Steel/Fighting) (Shiny) (Blood Red and Silver Colour)

Bio: Was hatched in an egg by Chris and he thought of Chris as his father. Able to Mega Evolve into Mega Lucario.


Close Combat

Aura Sphere

Calm Mind

Aura Cannon

Aura Beam

Aura Slicer

Aura Ryuken


Lapras (Water/Ice)

Bio: Was given to Chris by a breeder who could not travel the world.


Ice Beam

Water Pulse


Perish Song



Christopher Dragkrow: Alright now I don't own Pokemon or any of it's characters except my OC. And the members of Ash's Harem is:

OC– Hoenn

Iris - Unova

Serena- Kalos

Korrina– Kalos


Chapter 1: Betrayal Hurts

"Pikachu is unable to battle! The winner of this round is Serperior! Meaning that Trip from Nuvema Town is the winner and he will advance to the third round." The announcer shouted with vigor causing the crowd to cheer loudly.

"I-I-I lost?" Ash stuttered in shock as he dropped to the ground as Trip recalled his Starter Pokemon.

"Hah! I told you that the people from the boonies are completely weak." Trip laughed victoriously as he exited the arena, laughing out loudly.

Ash went silent, taking the insult as he picked up his starter Pokemon gently with his arms, Pikachu then opened his eyes slightly and frowned as he saw his brother/best friend in such a sad state, he wanted to try and comfort the Trainer but he couldn't before falling back to the land of unconsciousness.

Since it was the last match of the day, everybody had already left stadium, all except a certain raven haired Trainer and his Pikachu.

"Let's go and get you healed up buddy." Ash said softly as he slowly got up and began heading towards the Pokemon Centre.

After reaching the Pokemon Centre he handed over his Pikachu to Nurse Joy before the pink haired nurse and her Chansey brought the Electric Mouse Pokemon to the healing room. Meanwhile, Ash sat down on a chair and was wondering what he did wrong in the battle.

"Ash?" the raven haired Trainer heard someone calling out to him and when he looked up he saw Iris and Cilan both of which have frowns on their faces

"Hey there guys." Ash said with a frown on his face.

"Sorry about the disappointing performance out there." Ash said as he lowered his head to prevent people from seeing the tears that were forming on the edge of his eyes.

"No you battled awesome out there, the Electro Ball and Iron Tail combination looked really cool but Serperior just managed to hold on longer." Iris said as she tried to cheer her friend/crush up.

"(She is right, you guys were awesome)!" Axew chirped in, agreeing with Iris.

"Yes, I agree with them, that combination certainly has an interesting flavour to it." Cilan said with a smile as he tried to cheer his friend up.

"Thanks guys." Ash smiled as Nurse Joy called him to recover his Pokemon.

The Next Day

"Well it's been a blast." Iris said as she had tears in her eyes. "Yeah it was one heck of an adventure for sure." Ash agreed as Pikachu shook hands with Axew.

"Well travelling with you two has a very unique flavour than when I was in the Gym." Cilan said as he thought back to the memories he had gained during the journey.

"Well, why don't you guys come to Pallet Town sometimes, I can introduce you to all of my friends while we're there." Ash said as the two nodded their heads, happy with the offer.

"Attention the boat to Pallet Town will be leaving in ten minutes." the announcer said as Ash sighed and after wishing his friends off, walked towards the ship before he was stopped.

"Ash wait!" a voice called him.

And just when he turned around, he felt soft lips pressed against his, and the person he was locking lips with, was none other than Iris.

They broke off their kiss after a few minutes due to lack of air, but the results were already showing. Ash had a shocked look on his face while Iris face was so red that a tomato will be extremely jealous.

"Well, I uh got to go now. Bye!" Iris said as she ran the other direction.

Meanwhile, Ash touched his lips and he still could feel Iris's soft lips pressed against his but merely shook it off and ran to his ship before it left him.

While behind the port Iris was touching her lips while having the massive blush on her face. 'D-did I j-j-just k-k-k-kiss him?!' Iris thought as steam was coming out from her ears as she sunk to her knees, but a massive smile on her face nonetheless.

While Cilan was just looking on and thought with a smile, 'Ah young love has a delicate flavour to it.' The green haired male then looked to at the sky. 'I wonder how Burgundy is doing." Cilan thought, oblivious to the blush that crept on his face at the thought of the purple haired connoisseur.

With Ash

Currently, we see the raven haired male in his room, looking outside the window, alongside him was his best friend, Pikachu. "Hey Pikachu do you know why Iris kissed me?" Ash asked his yellow partner. "(To be honest, I knew that she had a crush on you for a long time but I didn't expect her to kiss you though)" Pikachu said as if it was obvious.

"Wait a minute, you knew about it but you didn't tell me?" Ash asked and gave his partner a small glare.

"(Well I wanted to tell you but Iris said that if I told you, she would take away all of my ketchup)" Pikachu said as he magically pulled out a bottle of ketchup from his back. Ash just sweat drop at that.

A Few Hours Later

"Man, it's been a while since we've been here, huh Pikachu?" Ash asked getting a nod from the yellow mouse as the two were currently trekking through the dense and lush forest of Viridian Forest. The serene atmosphere brought a smile on Ash's face as he walked along peacefully.

However, it would appear that his peaceful walk would be interrupted very soon.


Ash's eyes then widened in shock and in fear as he turned around to see a flock of Spearows and a Fearow flying straight towards him.

"Oh damn! It's Fearow. Pikachu Thunderbolt!" Ash said as Pikachu jumped off Ash's shoulder and launched a Thunderbolt at the flock heading towards them.

Most of the Spearow were already unconscious but the rest of managed to withstand it and continued flying towards Ash.

"Oh no." Ash then grabbed onto Pikachu and waited for the attack to hit but it never came.

He slowly opened his eye and was shocked to see a big and majestic Pidgeot out of nowhere.

"A-a-a Pidgeot?" Ash said in shock as the remaining members of the Fearow army were then defeated by the Pidgeotto and Pidgeot before they flew away.

"T-thank you for saving us." Ash said as he looked at the Pidgeot.

Pidgeot merely smiled and nuzzled Ash's cheek. Ash was shocked that a Pidgeot was nuzzling his cheek but then realize something.

"Pidgeot? Is that you?' Ash asked and got a happy squawk as an answer.

"It really is you, Pidgeot!" Ash said happily as he hugged the Bird Pokemon, in which she gladly returned as Pikachu climbed up her body in order to nuzzle her cheek, something she also returned wholeheartedly.

"So Pidgeot, how are you and your flock?" Ash asked curiously.

"(It's going well, it'll only be a matter of time before we defeat the Fearow and his army)" Pidgeot replied to her former trainer.

"Well that's great to hear! So, do you want to come back with me and travel on our adventures?" Ash asked in hopeful of a positive response. Unfortunately, Pidgeot shook her head and said.

"(I'm sorry Ash but we still can't trust the Fearow, they have caused too much trouble here)"

"Oh I see." Ash said in a sad tone before he forced a smile as he looked at his former Pokemon.

"Well don't worry about it. I'm sure you'll be able to lead the rest of the flock to victory. I'll see you later." Ash said as he waved at Pidgeot and walked out.

Pidgeot had a frown on her face, feeling a bit sad that she couldn't follow her trainer before a voice snapped her out of it.

"(You should go with him)" she turned around and saw the second tallest Pidgeot standing out.

"(What are you talking about? I still have to protect the group)" Pidgeot replied.

"(Yeah but I think that it is time for us to protect ourselves then rely on you forever)" the second Pidgeot said.

"(But are you sure?)" Pidgeot asked.

"(Yes we are sure and besides you have been here for more than 5 years. I think it is time for you to explore the world.)" The second Pidgeot said as Pidgeot understood and nodded her head.

However, before she could fly back to her former Trainer, a loud squawk caught her eyes causing the Bird Pokemon to sigh.

"(How about we defeat them first)?" Getting nods of approvals from the flock, she and the others flew towards battle once again.

With Ash

After their encounter with Pidgeot and the others, Ash and Pikachu finally managed to reach Pallet Town.

"Hey look at that Pikachu we finally reached Pallet Town!" Ash said excitedly as he smiled at the sight of his hometown. Pikachu smiled alongside him as he pulled at his friend's hat to point at Professor Oak's direction.

"Alright then, well let's not dilly daddle let's head to Professor Oak's Lab!" Ash said as he ran down the hill with Pikachu following close behind.

After a few minutes he reached Professor Oak's Lab and knocked on the door.

"Hey Professor Oak it's me Ash." The door then opened and instead of revealing the old professor, it revealed both Gary and Paul, shocking both Ash and Pikachu.

"Um hey there Gary and Paul what are two you doing here?" Ash asked curiously as Gary shrugged.

"Well I came back from my last research site and visited Gramps a few days ago where I met him." Gary said pointing a finger at Paul.

"Well, I just came over to the place that my rival started out from." Paul smirked causing Ash to smirk as well.

"So I'm your rival, eh?"

"Now, now Ashy-boy, remember that I was your first rival." The three looked at each other seriously before breaking into a laugh.

"So Gary where is Professor Oak?" Ash asked the brunette.

"Oh he is currently in the Kalos Region." Gary answered before he snapped his fingers.

"Oh yeah that reminds me Gramps wanted me to give you this." Gary took a box and opened it in front of Ash. It was a small sphere with 'S' like at the middle. The sphere is colored yellow, while the slanted pattern inside it was colored black.

"What is this?" Ash asked curiously as he picked the orb cautiously and stared at it.

"This is Key Stone, Gramps thinks to congratulate you for your success by giving this Mega-Stone to you." Gary replied.

"What is Key Stone?" Ash asked.

"The key Stone is used to trigger something called Mega-Evolution. Do you know anything about it?" Gary asked. Ash shook his head.

"No, could you tell me what it is?" Ash asked, and even Paul seemed interested in the topic as he leaned in closer to hear about it.

"Well, Mega-Evolution used to do evolution at fully evolved Pokémon, they gain different ability and power, becoming stronger than before." Gary replied. Ash eyes widened, getting excited about the prospect of his Pokemon growing stronger.

"What?! So what it looks like?" Ash asked. Gary smiled at his enthusiasm and went to take some pictures.

"Here, take a look at this." Gary gave Ash some picture. Ash smiled wide upon seeing the first picture. It was a Lucario, but with very different appearance.

"Is that a Lucario?" Paul asked, comparing the Aura Pokemon to Maylene's one.

"Wow! So this is a Mega-Evolution?" Ash asked.

"Yeah Ashy-boy, that's what we called Mega-Evolution, you see, Mega-Evolution is a special thing, they can be performed if there's a Mega-Stone at their hands." Gary explained bluntly. Ash raised his eyebrow, wanting more explanation.

"Could you give me more specific answer?" Ash asked. Gary chuckled a bit. He took something from his pocket. It was a ring that could fit his wrist. Gary took the Key Stone and put it inside the hole inside the ring. Then he gave it to Ash.

"Here Ash, wear It." says Gary with a smile. Ash did not hesitate, he quickly took it from Gary' hand and wore it on his wrist.

"Wow, my very own Key Stone!" says Ash ecstatically. Gary smiled upon hearing it.

"Indeed Ash, anyway, there's some note you should remember, Mega-Evolution can only be performed if the Pokémon have a Mega-Stone." Gary explained with serious tone. Ash face went serious as well.

"And what is Mega-Stone?" Ash asked in serious tone. Gary smirked at the question.

"Mega-Stone is something used to Mega evolve, something like Charizardite or Mewtwoite …" says Gary with concern.

"Wow, so Charizardite is used to Mega-evolve Charizard while Mewtwoite used to Mega-evolve a Mewtwo?" Ash asked in enthusiasm, Gary smiled and nodded at his answer.

"Yes Ash, also Gramps want you to have this." Gary took a large box and showed it to Ash. He opened the box, there's a sphere-stone. The sphere was colored blue with 'S' slanted pattern inside it.

"Wow, what is this?" Ash asked in excitement.

"The orb is called a Charizardite and it's used to Mega Evolve Charizard during a battle, Gramps wanted you to have it since you have a Charizard." Gary said and Ash nodded his head.

"So, is there anything I should know?" Ash asked.

"Here, as your present." says Gary with a smile. Ash took the items and put it inside the backpack.

"So, you said Pokémon have to hold the Mega-Stone to mega-evolved, how could the Pokémon hold the item?" Ash asked again.

"Well, there are special gears such as gauntlets, necklaces or even amulets that are worn by the Pokémon. Most of the Mega-Evolutionary Pokémon place them around the head, neck or … I don't know, around the belly maybe?" Gary guessed.

"So how do we activate Mega-Evolution?" Ash asked, wanting to try it out immediately.

"I've been waiting for you to ask me that, just touch the Key Stone. Also, in order to activate its true potential, you must have a strong bond between the Pokémon to do that." Gary answered.

"You mean like me and Pikachu battling?" Ash guessed.

"Yes… I mean no, have you remember the moment you said about befriending with Pokémon is more important than battling?" Gary asked. Ash hummed for short second and nodded.

"Well, Mega-Evolution can be triggered if two requirements are met. The first one is Key Stone, and the second one is friendship with Pokémon." Gary explained. Ash eyes widened and smiled upon hearing it.

"Wow! So they can become stronger with power of friendship?" Ash asked and Gary shrugged.

"In a way, yes." Ash then raised an eyebrow at his former rival.

"How do you know so much about all of this, Gary?" the brunette then smirked as he lowered his sleeves in order to reveal a Mega Bracelet worn around his wrist.

"This is how, Ashy-boy." Ash was shocked for a split second but reminded himself that Prof. Oak did give him one as well. The ravenette then turned his direction to his Sinnoh rival.

"Hey Paul." Ash called out to the purple haired trainer.

"Yeah what is it?" Paul asked.

"Do you have a Mega Ring?" Paul merely smirked and showed Ash his Mega Ring.

"Does this answer your question?" Paul asked as Ash just nodded his head.

"But how are you going to activate Mega Evolution if you have lousy relationship with your Pokemon." Ash gave Paul a sly smile while Paul had a small blush forming on his cheeks.

"W-well I decided to listen to your advice and treat my Pokemon properly…" Paul said as he looked away to hide his blush as Ash had to resist laughing at him while Pikachu laughed heartily.

"Anyways, don't you want to see your Pokemon?" Gary asked and the brunette didn't even need to say anymore as Ash, without a warning went to the ranch. He then found his Pokémon who were all wandering about the ranch doing their respective activities.

"Hey there everybody!" Ash shouted happily, with Pikachu joining in on the shouting, which caught the attention of all of his Pokemon. They all charged at him happily before jumping on him, causing Ash to groan, while Pikachu managed to jump away to safety.

"Hahaha I miss you guys too." Ash smiled which got everybody to smile at their Trainer and friend.

"Well you guys must want to meet your new teammates." He then threw five Pokeballs and it revealed an Oshawott, Pignite, Krookodile, Unefezant, and Leavanny who all cried as soon as they landed on the ground.

"Say hi to them guys." Ash said and in an instant the Unovan Pokemon began walking to respective groups and began talking with them.

"Woah, that's a whole lot of Pokemon you got there Ash. Even the Pokemon at Reggie's couldn't compare." Paul said as he and Gary walked into the ranch.

"Yeah and I love them all equally!" Ash smiled.

"Hey Ash, let's head over to your house. Your mom said that she has a surprise for you" Gary smiled and with that, the three males plus Pikachu then headed to Ash's house.

After reaching the house, Ash was surprised to see all of his former travelling companions waiting for him in his house. The group consisted of Brock, Misty, May, Max and Dawn but with the exception of Iris and Cilan. Though their presence was replaced with his latest rival from Unova, Trip.

At the back of the group was Delia, Ash's mother who had a worried look on her face.

"Hey guys what's up?" Ash smiled at them, which caused the group to glare at him.

Gary and Paul could feel the tension in the room and placed a hand on their Poke Balls in case anything were to get messy.

"Um Mrs. Ketchum can you get us some drinks?" Brock asked all of a sudden as he got a nod from the brunette. As she left for the kitchen, the entire group smirked.

"So what's up?" Ash asked again, feeling the tension in the room as Pikachu hopped on his shoulder protectively.

"Ash, we want you to give up your dream in becoming a Pokemon Master." Brock stated bluntly.

This proceeded to shock Ash, Gray, Paul and Pikachu. Out of everyone, Ash would have imagined that Brock would be the one who would support him on his dream since they'd spent a long time together.

"W-what? This has to be a joke, right?" Ash said in shock, wanting everyone to suddenly break out of their façade and tell him that they were joking.

It didn't happen.

"Heh you think this is a joke? You're a weak trainer and even your friends agree with me" Trip snorted as the group behind him nodded their heads in agreement.

"You couldn't even win a single Pokemon League for the past five years, excluding the Orange Island league which is not even considered to be a proper league." Misty said arrogantly with a smirk on her face.

"Yeah and your so called heroic act is pathetic." Dawn said as they also nodded their heads.

"If you think that fighting teams like Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic would make you stronger and well respected then think again!" Max said as he pushed his glasses back up.

"Yeah and you're also putting our lives on the line with what you're doing! If I knew what I was going to go through, I would have never followed you." A chorus of agreements followed as Ash's bangs covered his eyes as Pikachu growled at the group menacingly, producing sparks from his cheeks.

Though the group didn't realize that they were about to regret their words soon.

Around the same time Ash arrived at Pallet Town. At The Hall Of Origin

Arceus would have never thought that she, The God of all Pokemon would fall in love with a male, and a male mortal of all things. But she can't but help feel her heart skip a beat at the sound and thought of their Chosen One, Ash Ketchum.

She kept on watching over his safety that it even felt sorry for when he lost a league, but even she could not help him with that, though she knew that it just helps him get stronger each time. He had charming looks, he was strong, and he had a kind personality towards people and Pokemon alike. He even got Latias to fall for him which says a lot.

One day when she was using Judgement on those who deserve death.

Mewtwo suddenly called her all of a sudden.

"My Lady, I am pretty sure that you would like to see this." Mewtwo said darkly as they went to an orb and saw through it. The orb revealed Ash and his friends in his house.

They watched as the Chosen One's friends began insulting him and mocking him of his dreams, trying to convince him of giving up on them. The Legendary Pokemon were livid after watching the scene that had just transpired, how dare insult the Chosen One and they blamed it on him.

"I can't believe those bastards…" Groudon growled under his breath.

"I didn't like them at first, and now I just want to rip their heads off their bodies for what they've said." Mewtwo snarled

"Why would Mama say that?" Manaphy cried to herself, never expecting that to happen.

"And Max too?" Jirachi said sadly with a frown.

They then saw the traitors threw their Poke Balls which revealed their respective strongest Pokemon.

With Ash

"Guys, come on. This isn't funny anymore." Ash said, tears now freely falling from his face as Pikachu began shouting at his friends, telling them to stop, but none of them did that and inched closer and closer towards them.

"Steelix use Iron Tail on them now." Brock commanded as Steelix's tail started glowing btighly before turning metallic as it roared.

"Starmie use Swift." Misty commanded as Starmie started firing stars at Ash.

"Blaziken use Flamethrower!" May said as Blaziken started sucking in air before firing a massive torrent of flames at Ash.

"Grovyle use Bullet Seed!" Max said as his newly acquired Grovyle began firing yellow seeds from its mouth at the ravenette.

"Piplup use Hydro Pump!" Dawn said as Piplup launched a large amount of water at Ash.

"Serperior use Frenzy Plant!" Trip smirked as the Regal Pokemon's body then became outlined in green before sticking its tail in the ground and makes giant roots with spikes on them come out of the ground as it headed towards Ash's direction.

"Ash run!" Gary and Paul shouted as they each grabbed onto Ash's arm and tried pulling it away as Pikachu tried deflecting their attacks with a Thunderbolt.

However, before they could pull him out of the house, a large explosion then engulfed them and everyone else in the house.

As the smoke cleared, the group of betrayers stood in the middle of what used to be Ash's home, with an Alakazam in the middle, barriers set up around them, which protected them from the blast.

Also, Delia who was in the kitchen at the back, also died from the blast. Though what they cared more was where their intended target once stood.

There were no remains of the three males that once stood there.

"Heh, looks like we finally got rid of him. Good riddance too." Trip said with a smirk on his face as he, and the group, began running away before they would get caught by anyone else.

"We shouldn't have done that to Ms. Delia though." Max said with a frown as the blonde shook his head.

"If she were to be kept alive, she would immediately point at us. We don't want that to happen, do we Max?" Max quickly shook his head as he smirked.

"No, I'm sure you're right!" Trip nodded his head in satisfaction as he looked up to the sky.

Question now was,

Now what?

Pokemon Dialogue

Christopher Nagura: So that was not fun writing.

Ash Ketchum: So we died?!

Christopher Nagura: Maybe. Maybe not but we will see at the next chapter

Gary Oak: So what will happen to us?

Christopher Nagura: I said wait until the next chapter

Paul Slaid: ...

Christopher, Ash, Gary, and Paul: See you all in the next chapter of Aura Master.

Have a good one everyone

-Christopher Dragkrow signing out