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Chapter Summary: Chris enters the Nagura Chamber, what things will he see or what people will he see? The spark of friendship between Eva, Luciana and Paul increases as Eva will meet an unlikely Pokemon in the island. Also Iris, Serena, and Amanda will help Hilda and Mei get a kiss from Ash. And Alessandra and the 3 Legends of Orre meets Team Cipher Neo and discovers they're plan.

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Chapter 14: The Nagura Treasure! And the Jewel Pokémon's arrival!

In the Last chapter of The Journey of a Betrayed Master Book 1: The Master Tournament:

With Chris and Alessandra

" yes I'm going alone" Chris said.

" We can't! What if it's dangerous?" Alessandra asked.

" I can handle it. It's made for a Nagura after all" Chris replied as he smiled at her.

Chris then placed his hands on her shoulder.

" Don't let anyone go through the door Alessandra. I trust you" Chris said.

Alessandra blushed at that and nodded her head.

" Thank you" Chris said as he opened the door and entered inside.

With Ash and Serena

" You can repay me by giving me a kiss" Serena said as Ash blushed at what she said.

" R-really?" Ash said as Serena nodded.

" A-alright then." Ash said as he then moved closer with Serena doing the same.

After a while, the two then felt each other's lips as the two then shared a kiss, that they would remember.

After a while, the two then separated from each other.

Ash then gave Serena another kiss, which she gladly returned.

Serena became wide eyed as she felt Ash's tongue enter her mouth.

Serena then moaned at that, the two then continued to kiss each other as Serena wrapped her hands around Ash's neck to deepen the kiss. Ash then wrapped his arms around Serena's waist to deepen even more.

The two then separated from each other once more, for air.

Serena then laid down on Ash's neck.

" I love you, Ash" Serena said as she felt her eyelids getting heavy.

" I love you too, Serena" Ash replied as the two then fell asleep as the sun started to set.

Normal POV

With Ash

After both Ash and Serena had returned back to the group, everyone then began asking them questions, with both teens blushing while answering their questions.

It was harder for Serena to answer as she saw the smirk on Arceus face, and the glares of the jealous females.

After a whole lot of questions being answered, Serena then started to talk with Iris, Amanda, Hilda, and Mei which also got their love accepted by the Trainer of Pallet Town.

" So how was your first kiss, Serena?" Iris asked with a smile, and her smile became wider when she saw the blush on Serena's face.

" I-it was fine" Serena stuttered but Iris continued pressing on for more.

" Just fine? Not anything more?" Iris asked.

" Come on, Serena, we both know that it wasn't just fine." Amanda said.

Serena then gave a sigh as she then had a dreamy look on her face.

" It was amazing, the way he kissed me, the way he used his tongue, I thought that I was in heaven" Serena said dreamily as she was fantasizing herself with Ash kissing again and going further.

Iris then giggled as Serena was then in her own land as she then looked at Hilda and Mei.

" What about you two? How was your first kiss?" Iris asked.

The two females then shook their heads in a 'no' fashion.

" We never kissed anyone before" Both said as they both had a frown on their faces.

Iris then had a shocked look on her face.

" What? You've never kissed anyone, before? I thought that Ash kissed you both at least both when he confessed to both of you?" Iris asked confusedly.

The two then shook their heads in a 'no' fashion again and both rubbed the back of their heads.

" We kind of followed you both when you were on your date with Ash" Hilda said sheepishly.

" When you fell asleep on him, he then told us that he loved us just like many others" Mei said sheepishly as well.

Iris was then silent, the two females then started to get nervous, they remembered what a short tempered female she was and was slightly scared that she might rage on both of them.

But surprisingly for them, Iris then giggled as both Hilda and Mei then looked at each other confusedly.

" Don't worry, I won't get mad at you both for spying on me and Ash, but instead I'll help you" Iris said which shocked both teens.

" Help us with what?" Hilda asked.

" I'll help you both get a kiss from Ash" Iris said.

" But why? We stalked you and Ash on your date, why would you help us?" Mei asked.

Iris then flashed a smile at the two.

" Ash said that he loves you both right?" Iris asked and they both nodded.

" Then I have to help my sister out" Iris said as the two eyes were then widened before they smiled back at Iris.

" Thanks, sister!" Both females then thanked the current Champion of the Unova Region.

" No problem, sister" Iris replied as Serena snapped back into reality and the four females then discussed, how to get Ash alone with the two females.

With Chris

Currently we see the black haired Trainer in the chamber of his Family Treasure.

" Damn this place is dark, I need some light" Chris mumbled as he took out two Poke Balls.

Out came out was his Starter, and Brother, Infernape, and his Best Friend, Pikachu.

"( Where are we? And why is it so dark)?" Infernape asked as the fire on his head brought some light to the chamber.

" We're in the Chamber of the Nagura Treasure" Chris responded as Infernape's eyes widened in excitement.

Pikachu was then confused by this.

"( What is the Nagura Treasure)?" Pikachu asked Chris as he climbed up Chris's shoulder.

" It's a treasure that my family has kept. Every time a new generation of Nagura Blood is born, the Treasure will be given to them. But I don't know what is the treasure, since I never seen it before" Chris explained to his Electric Mouse.

"( I see)" Pikachu said as the three then headed deeper into the chamber with Infernape providing light for him.

With Alessandra

Alessandra was very annoyed, she was alright that she had to guard the door to the chamber, since she was helping Chris out. But the thing that she was annoyed about was that Wes, Rui, and Michael complaining.

" Who does that guy think he is? So what if only people with Nagura Blood can go in? Can't he make an exception?" Wes grumbled in anger.

" Maybe he just wants to follow the way his family always does it?" Rui sighed at Wes's grumbling.

" Yeah but can't he just bring people along, maybe one of his ancestors brought someone along as well?" Michael said.

Alessandra just sighed as she was getting very annoyed.

" Will you guys please just stop being so annoying? Can we all just wait for Chris, while not being very annoying?" Alessandra shouted in rage at the two males.

Both Wes and Michael cowered in fear at Alessandra.

Rui then thanked Alessandra for that, which Alessandra just waved it off.

" So this is where the chamber is at. Figures that only a Nagura can lead us to this chamber" a voice said from behind everyone as everyone then looked behind only to see the Team Cipher Neo Members.

And this time, one of them had a tag that said " Group Leader "

" Wait I thought that you were tied up?" Alessandra asked as they all gave confused looks.

" Tied up? When we woke up we were not tied up at all" One of the Team Cipher Neo members said.

Everyone then looked at Michael.

" I thought you said that you tied them up?" Wes asked as Michael then shrugged his shoulders.

" I forgot?" Michael said as Wes then punched his head.

" Good job, idiot!" Wes growled at the red haired teen who rubbed his head in pain.

" Alright everyone send out your Pokemon!" one of the Cipher members said as they all threw out two Poke Balls each.

The Pokemon in front of Team Cipher was a Vulpix, a Zubat, a Beautifly, a Spinarak, a Dustox, and a Clefairy.

Clefairy is a bipedal, pink Pokémon with a chubby, vaguely star-shaped body. A small, pointed tooth protrudes from the upper left corner of its mouth. It has wrinkles beside its black, oval eyes, dark pink, oval markings on its cheeks, two small wings, and large, pointed ears with brown tips. A tuft of fur curls over its forehead, much like its large, upward-curling tail. Each stocky arm has two small claws and a thumb on each hand, and each of its feet has a single toenail.

Rui's eyes then widened as she saw a dark purple aura surrounding the Clefairy.

" Wes! That Clefairy is a Shadow Pokemon!" Rui shouted at the sand haired colored trainer.

Wes eyes then widened in shock before looking at the Team Cipher members in rage.

" So you still continued your fucked up plan on making Shadow Pokemon, huh?" Wes shouted in rage as he took out two Poke Balls from his belt.

" Hah! So what if you defeated Team Cipher before? Team Cipher was weak, we are Team Cipher Neo! With our new leader we can defeat any of your Pokemon!" The Team Cipher Neo members bragged.

" What do you want? We defeated you twice! What's your plan this time!" Wes demanded.

The leader then gave a dark and sinister smirk.

" Since you're begging for answers, I'll tell you." The leader said as Wes growled.

" Team Cipher Neo not only wants to spread word about Shadow Pokemon, but we're planning on destroying this pathetic region" The leader said as everyone's eyes widened in horror.

" You plan on destroying the Orre Region?" Wes said in disbelief.

The leader and his group just laughed away.

Wes just silently threw out the two Poke Balls which revealed the Eevee Brothers.

" I'll help too! No one will destroy my home!" Michael shouted as he threw out two Poke Balls as well.

Out came out was two Pokemon.

The first is a quadruped, mammalian Pokémon. It is covered in yellow fur with a spiky fringe around its tail, and a white ruff around its neck. In addition to the ability to become sharp like needles, it's fur also amplifies the electrical charges produced by its cells. It can also store and generate negative ions in its fur, which create a sparking noise. Its ears are large and pointed, and its eyes and small nose are black. It has slender legs and small paws, each with three toes and a pink paw pad.

It was a Jolteon, it was Michael's Starter Pokemon evolution.

The second was a huge, bipedal Pokémon. It is primarily black with plates of silver-coloured armour. The armour on its head has two pairs of holes with horns protruding from the foremost holes. Its forehead plating extends past its upper jaw in a small point. It has sky-blue eyes, and two nostril-like holes on the tip of its upper jaw. On the rim of its mouth are several pointed, fang-like protrusions and the nape of its neck and back have gray-silver armour sections. It has wide, blunt spikes on its shoulders, and gray-silver bands on its arms and legs. Its hands and feet each have three claws. It also has a thick, long, black tail.

It was an Aggron.

" I'm going to fight them as well" Alessandra said as she threw two Poke Balls.

Out came out was her starter Pokemon, Blade, Sceptile.

And the other was a quadruped, mammalian creature covered in light-blue fur that can be frozen into sharp quills. It has long, pointed ears, dark eyes, and a small nose. It has two dark blue, rhombus-shaped markings on its back, and the tip of its tail and feet the same shade of blue. It appears to be wearing a teal tuque on its head and it has two teal dangles, one on each side of its head. But unlike its usual kind, this Glaceon was smaller and its skin was brighter. This was a Shiny Glaceon.

Both Pokemon then gave a roar as they appeared, seeing as they were in battle, every Pokemon then got into battle stance.

" Hah! Your just giving us more and more Pokemon for us to give to our boss!" The leader of the group laughed.

" Hey look! One of them is a Shiny! If we give that to the boss, he'll give us a big gift!" One of the members shouted as the leader looked at the six Pokemon that appeared and saw that one of them was indeed a Shiny.

" Good eye, Chim!" The leader praised as one of the members revealed as Chim, smirked.

" Alright let's battle! Vulpix Confuse Ray! Zubat use Confuse Ray as well! Use it on the Espeon and the Umbreon!" Chim shouted.

" Beautifly use Gust! Spinarak use String Shot at Jolteon!" one grunt shouted

" Dustox use Gust as well! Clefairy use Shadow Rush and use it on Sceptile.!" The leader commanded.

Vulpix and Zubat then shot out a dark purple light straight at Espeon, and Umbreon.

Beautifly and Dustox then started flapping their winds as gust of wind then started heading at the direction of everyone's Pokemon.

Spinarak then shot out a thread made out in its mouth straight at Jolteon.

Clefairy, surrounded in the dark purple aura then charged at Blade.

" Espeon dodge to the left and Umbreon use Dig to dodge!" Wes shouted as Espeon then waited until the purple light was closer until he jumped to the left, successfully dodging it. Umbreon just burrowed his way underground to doge the light.

" Jolteon dodge the string an use Thunder! Aggron get in front of Jolteon to protect him from the gust of wind and use Rock Slide on the bugs!" Jolteon just jumped upwards to dodge the string and shot out a massive amount of electricity to the sky before the lightning crashed down on Spinarak like Thunder. Spinarak then fell to the ground, unconscious.

Aggron then stood in front of Jolteon, not even bothered about the Flying Type attack. Aggron then raises on of his hands in the air and waves it down causing a barrage of rocks crashing down.

Both Beautifly, and Dustox attempted to dodge the falling rocks but couldn't and fell to the ground, unconscious.

" Espeon use Psychic on Zubat and Umbreon attack the Vupix!"

Espeon's eyes then glowed red as Zubat was then surrounded by light blue on the outline of its body, and before it even knows it, it was then slammed to the ground, hard. Zubat then fell unconscious.

Vulpix however was not having a good time as well, it could not tell where Umbreon was going to attack from.

But suddenly, Umbreon then appeared from below Vulpix and landed a strong hit to its gut.

Vulpix then fainted from the attack.

As for Alessandra, the Clefairy then slammed itself to Blade, who withstood the attack but still could feel the pain.

" Blade hold the Clefairy tight! Glaceon use Ice Beam on the Clefairy!"

Blade then held the Clefairy tightly, who didn't even struggle.

Glaceon then shot out shot out a light blue ball from its mouth at Clefairy.

Once the attack scored a clean hit at the Fairy Pokemon, Clefairy was then frozen.

Blade then placed the frozen cube of Clefairy on the ground.

" Alright, now Wes snag it!" Rui shouted as A Poke Ball then appeared from the machine that Wes was wearing and he then threw it at the Clefairy.

" You can't catch someone else's Pokemon" Alessandra commented and to her shock the Poke Ball then sucked the Fairy Pokemon.

The Poke Ball then shook once, twice, thrice, and the ball then clicked signalling a successful capture.

" Alright, Clefairy, you've been snagged!" Wes cheered.

The Team Cipher Neo members then got scared at that.

" Leader, we've no more Pokemon on us. What do we do?" Chim whispered into the Leader's ear.

" I can see that!" The Leader whispered back angrily.

" So what do we do?" Chim whispered.

" Only one thing to do... RUN!" The leader shouted as the three Cipher Members decided to escape.

After a while Wes managed to catch both the leader and the grunt but sadly, Chim managed to escape.

" Darn one of them escaped" Wes cursed.

" We'll catch him next time" Rui reassured as she placed her hand on Wes's shoulder.

Alessandra was still in shock on what happened.

" Can someone tell me how you caught someone else's Pokemon?" Alessandra asked as everyone sighed and began explaining to her.

After explaining everything to Alessandra.

" So you're telling me that when Wes was a Team Snagem member, he used that particular machine to steal other people's Pokemon?" Alessandra asked and everyone nodded.

" Not steal, but snag" Wes corrected her.

" And then when you discovered Shadow Pokemon and wanted to save Orre, you decided to 'snag' all the Shadow Pokemon?" Alessandra said as she emphasized on the word snag.

" Yup" Everyone nodded once again.

" So how would we know that you won't turn evil again and snag our Pokemon?" Alessandra asked as she narrowed her eyes at Wes while holding on to her Glaceon, Icelady.

Wes then gave a sigh.

" Rui already asked me this question and I'm telling you the exact answer I told her. I won't or never will be evil again. I want to protect my home region and save it from any evil organisation." Wes said as Alessandra nodded her head in understanding while Rui and Michael smiled that Wes would stay good.

" Wait what about you, Michael? You have a similar machine to Wes's" Alessandra stated.

" Oh, mine only can capture any Shadow Pokemon or Wild Pokemon, it doesn't work on anyone else's Pokemon" Michael said as Alessandra nodded her head.

" Alright well let's continue waiting until Chris comes back" Alessandra said as everyone just nodded.

With Ash

The group was currently walking to the the training spot that Arceus had said about.

And when they had finally arrived at the training ground, they were very shocked at how big the training ground was.

There were several different parts of the training ground.

One of the field was surrounded by magma, one was surrounded by ice, one was surrounded by water, one was covered in sparks of electricity, one was covered in green grass and lastly one was covered in rocks.

" Wow! This place is amazing!" Ash said in awe as he looked at the training ground.

" Of course, I was the one who made this after all" Arceus said proudly as she then intertwined her fingers with Ash's.

Ash then blushed at that before smiling at her and walked to the field that was covered in green grass.

Iris, Serena, Amanda, Hilda, and Mei watched as Ash walked with Arceus.

" Alright so after we finish training for the day then we'll start our plan" Iris said as they all nodded.

" Alright but let's train for now" Amanda suggested as everyone nodded again and walked to a field.

Everyone then headed to a field and started their training.

Victor, Hilbert, and Nate went to the field with magma surrounding it.

" So why did you want to train with me, again?" Victor asked.

" Well, if I recall, Chris said that his Infernape managed to activate Blaze on his own with the help of you. So can you help us with that?" Hilbert asked.

" Yeah, it's really awesome that you discovered how to activate Blaze all on your own!" Nate praised.

Victor then blushed at the praise and rubbed the back of his head.

" Well, alright then. Let's start! Blaziken let's go!" Victor said as he threw out the Poke Ball that contained his starter Pokemon who appeared from the Poke Ball.

" Alright Blaziken let's teach them how to activate Blaze!" Victor said as Blaziken nodded his head.

Both Hilbert and Nate then brought out an Emboar.

But Hilbert's Bo was slightly larger than Nate's Emboar.

" Alright now the first step to activating Blaze, is to feel the fire." Victor said which confused both Hilbert and Nate.

" What?" Hilbert said confusedly.

" Can you please speak English?" Nate asked.

Victor then sighed.

" Your Pokemon needs to empty its mind and feel the fire surrounding it, and once it does, the flames aura should surround it. That and you need to be with your Pokemon." Victor explained.

" But that sounds so boring!" Hilbert complained.

" Yeah you must be lying!" Nate added.

Victor then gave a deadly glare at both of them. Both Hilbert and Nate then flinched at the glare.

" Look you ask me to teach you how to activate Blaze so you better stop complaining like little kids! Understand!" Victor shouted in rage as both Hilbert and Nate were hugging each other in fear. And the funny thing was both Bo and Nate's Emboar was also hugging each other in fear.

" Yes we understand!" Both trainers said quickly.

Victor then smiled.

" Great! Let's start!" Victor said cheerfully as Blaziken just chuckled at his friends attitude.

' He rarely becomes mad, and it's very hilarious to others but not to the ones who are getting shouted at' Blaziken thought.

As everyone started training there was a very particular group that was training hardest.

It was Paul, Eva, and Luciana.

This group were currently in the water field.

Paul had his Gastrodon out while Eva had her Greninja out, and Luciana had her Milotic out.

Milotic is an aquatic, serpentine Pokémon with a primarily cream-colored body. It has red eyes with long, pinkish antennae above them. Additionally, there are long, hair-like fins above its eyes, which begin thin and thicken towards the tips. These eyebrows extend to almost half of Milotic's body length, and will be longer on the female than the male. On top of its relatively small head is a straight spike. Running down either side of its neck are three black dots, similar to gills. Its lower body is a patterning of blue and pink, diamond-shaped scales outlined with black. The tail consists of four large, blue fins with pink ovals in their centres.

And currently the three were having a free for all battle.

" Gastrodon use Stone Edge on Greninja!"

Three light blue rings then surrounded Gastrodon's body. Then the rings started to glow white and formed into chunks of gray stones. Finally Gastrodon's eyes glowed yellow and shot out the stones.

The stones were then headed for Greninja.

" Greninja use Dive!" Greninja then jumped into the water and successfully dodged the stones.

" Milotic use Surf and attack both Gastrodon and Greninja!" Luciana said.

Milotic then created a huge wave of water and rides on it.

This caused Greninja to shot back up from the water, and the huge wave of water then crashes into both Gastrodon and Greninja.

" Gastrodon get back up and use Sludge!" Gastrodon then shot out large balls of sludge at Milotic and Greninja who took a direct hit.

" Now use-" Paul didn't get to finish as Eva interrupted him.

" Greninja use Night Slash on Gastrodon!" Greninja's hands were then surrounded by dark aura as it then gave a powerful slash at Gastrodon who gave a loud cry.

" Milotic use Dragon Pulse on Greninja!" Milotic then shot out a shock wave generated from its mouth and shot it at the Ninja Pokemon.

Greninja then crashed into the pool.

" Gastrodon use Stone Edge on Milotic!"

" Greninja use Grass Knot on both Milotic and Gastrodon!"

As Gastrodon was being surrounded by a few light orbs, Greninja then appeared from the water and placed his palms together and vines then appeared from the grass behind Gastrodon and scored a direct hit. The same result then happened to Milotic.

" It's time to end this!" All three shouted.

" Gastrodon Stone Sludge!"

" Milotic Aqua Dragon Pulse!"

" Greninja Hydro Cannon!"

Three purple rings then surrounded Gastrodon's body. Then the rings started to glow dark and formed into chunks of purple stones. Finally Gastrodon's eyes glowed purple and shot out the stones.

Milotic's body was then engulfed in a large twister of water which shapes itself into a fierce and vicious dragon which glows in blue energy as well. Milotic then charged in.

Greninja then shot out a much larger torrent of water as he was surrounded by light blue aura.

The three attacks then collided with one another, which then caused a giant explosion.

Paul, Eva and Luciana had to cover their eyes from the explosion.

After a while, the three saw that the whole pool was gone, and their Pokemon were all on the ground, with swirls in their eyes.

The three then returned their Pokemon and mumbled thanks to them.

Paul then walked up to the two females.

" That was a good practise battle, eh?" Paul asked and the two females nodded their head and smiled.

" Yeah it sure was" Eva said.

" It was an amazing battle" Luciana added.

" Yeah an amazing battle that destroyed one of the fields" a voice said dangerously behind them.

Paul then felt the temperature drop as he knew whose voice it belonged to, but just to make sure, he slowly started to turn around.

But unfortunately for him, he then saw Arceus with a dangerous look on her face, Ash with an annoyed look on his face as his hands were surrounded by aura.

" A-A-Arceus and Ash, what a great day right?" Paul stuttered.

" Yeah an amazing day indeed" Ash replied as he charged up an Aura Sphere.

Paul then only had thought.

' I am so dead'

After a painful beating later

Paul had his Gastrodon healed up along with Eva's Greninja and Luciana's Milotic.

" Hey Paul, are you okay?" Luciana asked as she walked to the purple haired man.

" Yeah, I'm perfectly fine" Paul replied as he smiled at her.

Luciana then smiled until she saw his face.

" KYAAA!" Luciana screamed as she then furthered herself away.

" What's wrong?" Eva asked as she walked to the black haired female.

Luciana then pointed at Paul.

Eva then turned and...


" What's with all the shouting?" Arctic asked as he rubbed his ears in pain.

The two females then pointed at Paul's direction.

Arctic then turned and it took a minute to figure the process.

Paul's face was covered in bruises, his right eye was now a black eye. And his left eye was very sore.

" Paul, what in the whole Pokemon world, happened to your face?" Arctic asked in a robotic tone.

Paul then sighed.

" This is the result if you ever make both Arceus and Ash angry, and they beat you up at the same time." Paul said as the two females nodded.

Paul then looked onto his friend, Arctic to see that he wasn't moving.

" Arctic" Paul called out be still wasn't moving.

" Arctic" Paul called out again but the same result.

Paul then walked over to the black haired man and started shaking him.

" Arctic! Wake up!" Paul said as he continued shaking him.

But after a while, Paul had stopped shaking the black haired man, and a few seconds later, Arctic then started laughing uncontrollably on the ground as he held his insides. Arctic then started rolling on the ground as he continued laughing.

Paul's eyes then started twitching in annoyance.

He had called over his Gastrodon and asked him to shoot out a Water Gun on the black haired man.

This caused Arctic to choke as he coughed, Arctic then gave a glare to Paul.

" Do you want another beating?" Arctic asked.

Paul then smirked.

" Can you even fight me?" Paul taunted as this time Arctic had a smirk on his face.

" Even if I can't, there still is Winter" Arctic said.

Paul then shuddered. Having Arceus and Ash beating him up was bad enough, and if Winter added more pain.

He would lose his face for sure.

" Alright, I'm sorry" Paul said.

Arctic then smirked as he left.

Paul then grumbled as the two females then walked up to Paul.

" Hey Paul, want to explore the place when you're done?" Eva asked.

Paul then shrugged.

" Sure, why not" Paul said as the two females then smiled.

After the Water Types had finished filling the water, Paul then returned his Gastrodon and the females then returned theirs.

" Alright then, let's go" Paul said as the females nodded as the three then started walking into the forest.

But unknown to them, a small pink Pokemon were watching them.

' Hmm, a female with black hair that is shoulder length, and chocolate brown eyes. Is she my new trainer? She could be the one, after all this is where Lady Arceus and her mate is' The Pokemon thought as she then started following the trio.

With Chris

Chris was still walking in the chamber as Infernape was still providing light for him, and Pikachu was being a travelling companion.

" Wow, I wonder how did dad ever come out of this place so fast?" Chris asked as he has been walking for a clean hour without stopping or taking a rest.

"( I want to know how dad wasn't even bored when he was walking! Are we even close yet)?" Infernape complained.

"( Why do you call Chris's dad, dad)?" Pikachu asked.

"( Because Chris treats me like a brother and we are brothers, so his dad is my dad)" Infernape said as Pikachu nodded.

Chris then saw something familiar.

" Hey guys stop for a while" Chris said as Infernape then stopped.

"( What's up)?"

" Look at this torch, didn't we see this when we first came in?" Chris asked.

The two Pokemon then shrugged.

"( We don't know, we came out of our Poke Balls after you came in)" Both Pokemon replied.

Chris then thought.

" Alright then, Pikachu make a mark here" Chris said as he pointed at the wall.

Pikachu just nodded and used his tail and made a cut on the wall.

" Alright let's continue on, then" Chris said as the two Pokemon nodded.

After a few minutes of walking, Chris then saw the torch again.

" Alright let's see" Chris said as he then saw the same mark that Pikachu made.

" No way... we have been walking around in circles" Chris said in disbelief.

The two Pokemon were then jaw slacked.

"( No way. We have been walking for so long, only to walk in a freaking circle)!" Infernape shouted in rage.

" Chill out, Infernape. Right now we need to find a way to get to the Treasure" Chris said as he looked under the torch to see a key.

" Jackpot" Chris said as he took the key from the torch.

" Alright now we have to find a keyhole somewhere" Chris said as the three were then searching around.

After a few minutes Pikachu then saw a small indent in the wall and called Chris out.

" Alright let's test it out then" Chris said as he then pushed the key into the keyhole and turned it.

And to his shock, the wall then started to slowly open.

After a while, the wall was completely open as Chris saw a pathway.

" A secret passageway behind the wall?" Chris wondered as he then shrugged it off as Chris and Infernape began walking with Pikachu who was on Chris's shoulder.

As they walk deeper, the brighter the chamber gets.

And once Chris had finally reached the depth of the chamber, there he saw a man that looks no older than 45, he has jet black hair, light green eyes. He was wearing a blue shirt, black jeans and red shoes. The man was sitting down with his legs folded.

" Who are you! And what are you doing in this chamber!" Chris shouted angrily at the unknown man.

The man then looked at Chris with an emotionless look on his face.

" The better question is, what are YOU doing here. This place is only allowed to the Nagura's." The man said.

" And I am a Nagura! My name is Christopher Nagura! I'm the son of Charles Nagura and Heather Nagura!" Chris announced as the man then laughed.

" Everyone knows, that the Nagura Family died in a fire" The man said before frowning.

" It was actually very sad, Charles actually was my friend, and I didn't even get to meet his son" The man said, as Chris got angry.

" I am Charles's son!" Chris shouted.

" Then prove it to me" the man said as he took out two Poke Balls from his belt.

" Beat me on a 6 on 6 Pokemon battle, Orre Region rules, then that will prove me wrong" the man said.

Chris then smirked.

" Deal" Chris said as Infernape and Pikachu took a battle stance.

" Wait before we battle" the man then pushed a button, and the ground then started glowing white as it started descending.

" We'll battle there" the man said.

After a while, Chris saw that he was in a different place.

The place he was brought to was wide and the ground turned into a battlefield for Pokemon.

" Now let the battle begin" the man announced as he threw two Poke Balls to the field.

With Paul, Eva, and Luciana

The trio were still walking through the forest as they were talking.

" So you were actually a bad trainer that only cared about power in the past?" Eva said as Paul had his arms behind his head.

" Yeah, and I always kicked Ash's butt every time that we fought. But Ash managed to beat me in the Quarter Finals in the Valley of Lily in Sinnoh, but he lost in the Semi-Finals to a man named Tobias who had two Legendaries, possibly more. But Ash was only a quarter of his strength if we measure the old Ash with the current Ash." Paul explained as the two females nodded.

" Wow if Ash could beat two Legendary Pokemon last time, I wonder how many could he beat now?" Eva wondered as Luciana nodded as well.

Paul then smiled at that.

" His Pokemon are all strong enough to level a mountain without even trying, and since Ash can use aura, he has more power than his strongest." Paul replied as the two shivered.

They never seen his strongest Pokemon at all, Paul had told them that Pikachu was his strongest and always will be, but what were the rest?

" Hey Paul, what are the rest of Ash's strongest team?" Luciana asked.

Paul then thought for a while before shrugging.

" This will be shocking to you but I don't know" Paul said as he indeed shocked the two females.

" How could you not know? You were with him for a few years?" Eva asked.

" Because he said to us all that he wants to train his strongest in secret. The only ones that saw his strongest were Chris and Arctic, those two knew because they both challenged Ash to a fight." Paul said as the two girl's eyes widened at that information that Paul gave.

" Really? Arctic looks very strong, and since I travelled with Chris, I know that he is very strong" Eva said.

" So who won?" Luciana asked.

Paul then shrugged.

" I don't know, but after Arctic battled with Ash, he just said that he lost, and after Chris battled with Ash, he just said that he lost as well. But considering everything, it was probably a very close match" Paul said.

" Really? Wow I would like to watch a match like that" Eva said as Luciana nodded her head in agreement.

" Alright so anyways, let's head back" Paul suggested as the two females nodded.

As they were walking Eva then noticed a pink blur past by the forest.

" What's wrong, Eva?" Paul asked.

Eva then looked at the purple haired teenager and shook her head.

" Nothing, just thinking about something" Eva responded.

" But I'm going to check around the forest for a while" Eva said.

" Sure, but you want us to follow?" Paul asked.

Eva then shook her head.

" I'll go alone, I just want to check something out" Eva said as she ran to the other side of the forest. Leaving both Paul and Luciana.

" Should we go and follow her?" Luciana asked.

Paul looked at her, before looking at the retreating form of Eva.

" As much as I want to, I respect her decision. Let's not" Paul said as Luciana nodded her head, as the two then walked back to their camp.

With The Group

Mike and Nicolas were currently having a practise battle at the rock field. A humanoid Pokémon with an ovoid body. Lacking a distinct neck and head, its upper torso has almond-shaped eyes with black rings around them and appears to lack a nose and mouth. Primarily brown, it has cream-colored, segmented arms and legs, with three fingers and three clawed toes respectively. The soles of its feet and its ankles have circular, yellow markings was standing in front of Mike.

It was a Hitmonlee.

And standing in front of Nicolas was a composite creature sharing physical traits of aquatic and land animals. It is a quadruped with three small toes on each foot and dark blue paw pads on the hind feet. Its body is light blue with dark blue ridge around its head and as a ridge down its back. This Pokémon has a split tailfin that has been mistaken for a mermaid's in the past. It has a white ruff around its neck, and three fins around its head made of cream-colored webbing.

It was a Vaporeon.

" Hitmonlee use Jump Kick!" Mike said as Hitmonlee then jumped up high and launched out one of his feet at Vaporeon.

" Vaporeon use Acid Armour!" Vaporeon's body then started to melt into a body of water in the rocks and caused Hitmonlee to land perfectly and look around, confusedly.

" Now use Hydro Pump!" Vaporeon then appeared from behind Hitmonlee and shot out a large torrent of water at the Kicking Pokemon.

Hitmonlee was then sent flying and crashed into rocks.

" Hitmonlee get up and use Mind Reader!" Hitmonlee then fires a beam from his eyes at Vaporeon.

" Vaporeon use Quick Attack!" As Vaporeon was running at Hitmonlee a bright white light then appeared from behind Vaporeon.

" Hitmonlee High jump Kick!" Hitmonlee then stood there as he watched Vaporeon, and because of the Mind Reader, he could read Vaporeon's movements.

As Vaporeon got closer, Hitmonlee then struck Vaporeon with his knee, sending the Bubble Jet Pokemon flying.

" What?!" Nicolas said in shock.

" Now use Focus Blast!" Hitmonlee then heightens his mental focus and unleashed a ball of power towards Vaporeon.

" Vaporeon use Water Pulse to counter!" Vaporeon then shot out a sphere made out of water from its mouth.

The two attacks then collided with each other and made a small explosion around the area.

Both Pokemon then gave each other a small smirk, this will be an interesting battle.

But I should have said it would have been if both male trainers were then lifted into the air.

The two then saw Latias, as well as Ash. Latias was the one lifting them both up.

" Listen here you two, one of the fields was already destroyed by Paul, Eva, and Luciana. And I don't want another field that Mother worked so hard on to be destroyed, UNDERSTAND!" Latias shouted as both males then nodded their heads in fear.

" Yes!" both males shouted.

" Good." Latias then dropped the two down to the ground.

" Alright, now Ash let's go and play!" Latias said as she clung onto Ash's arm, causing him to blush.

" A-alright" Ash stuttered.

The two then walked away as Mike and Nicolas both sighed in relieve.

" Let's take it down a notch?" Mike suggested.

" Yeah" Nicolas agreed.

After a day of training

After everyone had finished their training, Ash then cooked dinner for everyone including the Pokemon.

" Wow Ash the food that you make has a real delicate taste to it, where did you learn how to cook?" Cilan asked as he began eating his food along with everyone else.

" I had to learn how to cook or else I would die" Ash said as he started eating as well.

" I see, but where's Eva?" Argo asked as he was chomping down on his food.

" She said that she wanted to check on something, but it looks like she hasn't return yet" Paul said.

" Yeah, well let's eat first and then maybe she'll be here by morning, since this place only has Pokemon she must be interested in catching one of them." Ash said as Paul nodded.

He was very worried about Eva, and can just hope that she was alright.

And after dinner the five girls then started beginning their plan.

As Ash was about to head to his tent, Iris, Amanda, and Serena then pulled him away into the forest.

Ash then saw a small clearing in front of him, and was wondering what were the three were planning on doing to him.

Ash was then thrown into the clearing and saw that the three females were not there.

' Oh crap, where the hell am I? Why did the three bring me here? Oh shit, what if their ghost? Fuck me, I'm going to get eaten alive,' Ash thought.

" Um Ash" a voice said behind him as Ash got into battle stance.

" Get away from me ghost!" Ash shouted.

But as he looked more carefully he saw Hilda and Mei.

" Ahem, I mean nice to see you girls" ash said as the two females then sweat dropped at that.

" Um Ash can we ask you something?" Hilda asked as Ash then shrugged.

" Sure, ask away" Ash replied.

" Remember when you said that you love us both along with iris, Amanda, and Serena?" Mei asked.

Ash then nodded his head.

" And you kissed all of them right?" Hilda asked as Ash then thought about it.

" I kissed Amanda first, then I kissed Iris, and then I kissed Serena and then..." Ash then stopped as he realised something.

" So Amanda, Iris, and Serena brought me here so that I would-" Ash was unable to finish as Hilda then jumped on him and placed her lips on his.

Ash was shocked by this, but heck he wasn't complaining.

He then kissed back and brought her closer to her.

After a while, both of them then separated due to air.

But Mei then pushed Hilda from Ash and placed her lips on his.

Ash then used his tongue on Mei as Mei then moaned.

A few seconds later, Hilda, and Mei then smiled.

" So now it looks like you kissed another two girls" Hilda said as Ash chuckled.

" Yeah, lucky me then" Ash said as the two females then rested on Ash's shoulder.

Ash then smiled as he placed his arms around them both.

" We love you, Ash" the two females said.

" I love you both too" Ash said.

Unknown to them, The three females then smiled and gave each other thumbs up.

With Eva

Eva was currently searching around the forest.

" Tch, I'm so hungry. I should headed back to the camp" Eva said as she was deep in the forest.

' What was that pink blur that I saw?' Eva thought as she then saw the same pink blur again.

' There it is!' Eva thought as she then started running towards the pink blur.

As Eva was running, she then saw light at the end.

After a while, Eva saw a cliff nearby and there was a waterfall below.

" Where am I?" Eva asked.

"( You're at the end at the west of Kiou Island)" A voice behind her responded.

Eva then looked behind her and to her shock she saw a gray, sylph-like Pokémon with a white chest and arms that resembles a dress. It has a headdress which consists of pink crystals, four short ones cresting along top pointing upward and two long ones on either side of its head pointing downward, with a diamond-cut centre piece framed by its slim gray ears. A smaller pink crystal is also embedded in the back of its head, and a gold nugget is embedded in its forehead. Its eyes are red with pink irises. A gold crescent circles its neck, with the ends joined by a rhomboid gem. Its lower body resembles a large oblong chunk of stone, with a large pink crystal protruding from it. And on her hand she was wearing a Diancite.

It was a Diancie.

"( Hello my name is Diancie, and Eva Rullet, you are my new trainer)"

Pokemon Dialogue

Christopher Dragkrow: Thank you for reading. I will try and update as soon as possible but probably not.

Ash Ketchum: Yeah cause you're a lazy asshole.

Christopher Dragkrow: At least I'm not a lazy Ash-hole!

Ash Ketchum: Shut up!

The two of them: Review, Favorite, Follow and no Flames.

All of Have a good one everyone

-Christopher Dragkrow signing out

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