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Victor Silvers – V God22

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Alessandra Cesarini – Legendary Fairy

Arctic Storm – Arctic Fox72

Luciana Blackthorne - RussianXRouletteXValentineXoXo

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Chapter 2: 3 Years Later

Normal POV

Location: ? Island

"* Yawn * it's finally time to wake up." A raven haired man said as he picked up a sleeping Pikachu from his lap and carried it along with him downstairs, after placing the Electric Mouse Pokemon on the couch, he exited the house. Walking over to the mailbox, he checked whether there was any mail and seeing that there was one, an envelope, he pulled it out and raised an eyebrow when he realised when it was from the Pokemon League

'I wonder what they want now.' He thought to himself before tearing off the cover and inside the envelope was a letter. The male began reading the context of the letter and his eyes widened in shock after reading it

Ash Ketchum, Gary Oak, Paul Slaid, Christopher Nagura, Arctic Storm.

Due to your impressiveachievements as the Kalos Champion and Elite Four members respectively, you have been invited to participate in the Pokemon Master Tournament. The tournament will be held in the Indigo Plateau in the Kanto Region. The prize of the tournament? To become the Pokemon Master.

We hope to see you there.


Charles Goodshow.

PS. Ash, I know you're reading this letter now and I must have you know that it took a lot of money and bribery just to get this letter to you and your friends. The least you could do is participate in the tournament.

Ash was shocked that Charles Goodshow not only knows that he is alive but he knew who he was with. Ash looked around the room.

'How did he even know I was here in Kalos?' Ash thought to himself before shrugging to himself.

"Now, where are those four? I need to tell them the news." He muttered to himself as he entered the house before moving towards the kitchen.

"I see that you are finally awake after so long." An amused voice greeted him as he entered the kitchen, the raven haired man turned towards the owner of the voice to see a man with brown spiky hair. He was wearing a plain black shirt with different kinds of flames as stripes, he was also wearing a plain blue jeans.

"So Ash are you finally going to cook?" the brown haired man smirked which got Ash's eyes to roll.

"Whatever. Good morning to you too, Gary." Ash said as he wore an apron over his clothes as the brown haired man now identified as Gary smiled at this.

"Well that's great! I have been cooking for the past three weeks without a single break! Finally someone else is going to do it!" Gary said as he sighed in relief.

"Yeah, whatever. Also, where are the others?" Ash asked as Gary shrugged.

"Both Paul and Chris are outside at the training field having a friendly match with one another while Arctic is still sleeping in his room." Gary responded as Ash finished up the last of the pancakes.

"I see." Ash responded before placing a plate of pancakes for both him and Gary.

He then handed the letter he received to Gary, who smirked after reading it.

"So when are we travelling back to the Kanto region?" Gary asked, already knowing that Ash wouldn't reject such an opportunity as he was munching down on his pancakes.

"We're leaving today." Ash said in a neutral tone, but he couldn't hide the smile on his face.

"Alright then, let me wake that fat ass, Arctic. Umbreon could you go and call Paul and Chris at the training field?" Gary asked to the dark eveevelution who appeared from the living room before it nodded his head at his trainer, exiting the house.

After finishing the last of his meal, Ash then headed towards his room to prepare himself for the day. Once he was ready, Ash turned towards the mirror in the room to look at himself. He was wearing a plain black shirt in the inside and wearing a red and white jacket, he was also wearing blue jeans. His hairstyle was still spiky as before, but a bit more tamed since it was combed to the side. The reason was that he, Gary and Paul had to cut their hair in order to prevent people from recognizing them. He also wore his irreplaceable baseball cap over his cap, though the design was slightly different than the original.

A few minutes later

Gary then came down the stairs with a man that looked around the age of 18 years. He had ruby red eyes and black hair that covers his left right eye. He is wearing a white robe (Warlock robe from Destiny), white boots, white pants, and white gauntlets. He also had a Mega Stone that was built into his left gauntlet.

This man's name was Arctic Storm.

The first time he met Ash and his friends was when he was on the verge of death in a cave. After the ravenette and the others saved him, the black haired male decided to join Ash and company on their journey.

The door suddenly opened, catching everyone's attention, there they saw two figures entering the house. The first was a man with purple hair a blue sweater and purple linings on it, he was also wearing blue jeans. This man is Paul Slaid.

The second is a man that looked at the age of 18 with black spiky hair and blue onyx eyes. He is wearing a black shirt with red stripes that looks like flames, he has blue jeans and black shoes. He also wears a baseball cap to cover his face. He also has a Mega Ring in his left wrist. His name is Christopher Nagura. He joined Ash when they were both raiding a Team Rocket base located in Kanto and after the raid, Chris had joined Ash because he felt that he could trust him.

Now that all five men were on the table eating, Ash and Gary told everyone about the letter they had received and they all agreed in participating in the tournament.

"So when are we leaving?" Paul asked as everyone looked at him, Ash then placed a hand on his chin and stroked it.

"We'll leave as soon as we can." Ash responded as he took a huge bite of his pancakes causing everyone to sweat drop at him before carrying on with their meal.

After they finished eating they called out their Pokemon. Go Charizard!" Ash called out his Fire Dragon.

"Fly, Salamence!" Gary called out his Pseudo-Legendary Dragon from the Hoenn Region.

"Battle the storm Dragonite!" Paul called out his Orange Pseudo from the Kanto Region.

"Let's fly IceBurn!" Arctic called out as his pure, white Charizard appeared from its Poke Ball.

"Pidgeot I need your assistance!" Chris called as his big and majestic Pidgeot came out of his Poke Ball.

They quickly got on their respective Pokemon and shared a quick nod with each other as they simultaneously called


Location: Hall of Origins

"Uhh…" Ash moaned as he slowly began to open his eyes as his vision returned to him. He tried getting up, but due to the fact that his body was aching, he grunted in pain, but pulled through. He looked all around him and he realised that he was in a large room filled with many priceless ornaments.

"Where am I?"

"Ash! You're awake!" Turning his head to the side, the ravenette saw Gary and Paul running towards him, looks of concern appearing on their faces.

"Hey there guys."

"Are you feeling alright?" Gary asked and Ash frowned as he began winding his arm, "Well asides from the pain I'm feeling I should be fine."

"He means after everything that happened at your house." Paul elaborated and the frown on Ash's face grew deeper as he clenched his fists tightly.

"I never expected them-, or any of them for that matter, to feel that way about me." Ash admitted as his bangs covered his eyes while the two could only stare sadly at the boy who was on the bed.

"When it happened I thought to myself…maybe they were right? I never won a Pokemon League before so is my goal nothing more but a dream I will never achieve?" Ash chuckled hollowly as Gary grabbed onto his shoulders and shot a glare at him.

"Come on, Ashy-boy, you can't actually start believing their words now, right? They instructed their Pokemon to ATTACK you, and as Trainers, there's no way we could take a blow like that and survive."

"Besides, weren't you the one who beat me and told me to start treating my Pokemon with care? What happened to that guy who had so much spunk in him I was getting sick of it?" Paul added and Ash stared at both his former rivals before a small smile began forming on his face.

"Thanks guys…I really appreciate it."

"Anytime. Besides, what are friends for after all?"

Accompanying the warm atmosphere in the room was a deafening silence before the ravenette decided to break it,

"So, I've been meaning to ask this…where are we?" Ash asked, looking around and just when Gary was about to respond,

"We are in the Hall of Origins, my Chosen One." A feminine voice called out in front of him as he turned to face the owner of the voice, only to see a woman with white hair, and ocean blue eyes. She was wearing a crystal white robe, she was also wearing a colourful necklace. She was also carrying his Pikachu in her arms. In all honesty she truly looked like a Goddess.

Ash couldn't help but blush at the sight of her while the woman could only giggle while Pikachu ran to his trainer's side, looking at him in worry.

"W-who are you?" Ash stuttered, quickly averting his gaze from the woman, though the blush on his face remained. The white haired female seemed to have noticed this and giggled to herself.

"Hello my Chosen One, I am Arceus." The woman now identified as the God of all Pokemon said with a smile, which shocked the three boys greatly.

"M-my apologies for my ignorance, Lady Arceus!" Ash stuttered as the three boys and the yellow rodent bowed in respect to the God of all Pokemon, to which she responded with a giggle as she waved her hand, "It is alright, now stand you three." Arceus said as the three boys stood up.

"Um Lady Arceus, if I may ask, are my Pokemon alright?" Ash asked Arceus who shot a pout at him, "

"Please my Chosen One, no need for the formality, just call me Arceus." Ash, Gary and even Paul all blushed at such a sight as the ravenette could only nod his head slowly.

"As for your question, your Pokemon are currently in Oak's Ranch." Arceus responded, which caused Ash to frown. He didn't exactly feel too comfortable knowing his Pokemon, who were unaware to the situation, were at the hands of his former friends.

"…And what about my house? My mom, is she alright?" Ash asked and the Goddess immediately frowned when she heard that, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, my Chosen One, however your mother was caught in the midst of the explosion after your 'friends" attack." She said in a forlorn tone as everyone's eyes widened in shock of the news.

"P-please tell me that it's a joke, Arceus…" Ash said as he turned to face the Goddess who looked down with a frown on her face. With the truth revealed, tears began flowing from his eyes as his friends instantly rushed to his side and tried their best to console the boy.

However, even they knew that no matter what they'd do, they couldn't fully help him.

Arceus stepped forward, and the moment Gary and Paul saw this, they stepped back, before she engulfed the ravenette in a hug. His tears caused a wet patch to appear on her dress, but she wasn't bothered by it whatsoever, all she wanted to do now was to comfort the crying boy in her arms.

It took a while but Ash finally wiped away the tears from his face, "Arceus could you help me with something?" the ravenette asked, his voice hoarse after crying.

"What is it?" she asked before he looked up straight at her in the eyes, a look of determination flashing across his face, "I want to go to Oak's Ranch to get my Pokemon back before…THEY attempt at taking them."

"Ash, are you sure about this?" Gary asked, worried that his childhood friend was pushing himself, but one look from the ravenette was all the brunette needed to know that he couldn't be stopped.

"Well, if that's the case, then we're following with you." Gary said and Paul nodded his head in agreement, "We still have our Pokemon so if they're still there, at the very least, we'd be able to fight back."

"(Of course there's no doubt that I'm coming along!)" Pikachu exclaimed, running up to his Trainer's shoulder.

"Thanks guys…" Ash smiled as he turned to Arceus who nodded her head as she closed her eyes and within an instant the three boys and Pokemon were teleported from the Hall of Origins.


Location: Pallet Town

The moment they arrived in Pallet Town, they were immediately on guard as Pikachu led the boys due to his enhanced smell which allowed him to detect if the 'friends' were still around. They managed to arrive without any trouble whatsoever and the moment Ash passed by his house, tears threatened to fall from his face, but he barely managed to shake it off. Upon arriving at Oak's Ranch, it looked like a complete wasteland seeing as the area was not only damaged, but also there were no Pokemon in sight.

"Don't tell me we were too late…" Ash said, clenching his teeth, but Pikachu tapped his shoulder and pointed at a particular direction before began running towards it.

The three shared a look with each other before chasing after the Electric Mouse. When they finally reached, Ash was relieved and shocked to see the familiar faces of some of his Pokemon from the ranch which consisted of: Bulbasaur, Snorlax, Totodile, Sceptile and Infernape. However, the shock was due to the presence of other Pokemon he hadn't expect to see, which were: Butterfree, Pidgeot, Charizard, Lapras, Squirtle and Primeape. The group of Pokemon were all huddled up together as they slept, the grass surrounding them were all burnt which signified that a battle had indeed taken place.

"No way…what are they doing here?" Ash whispered in shock, however, it was still loud enough for Charizard to hear as he began opening his eyes slowly before his vision caught Ash.

The Fire starter instantly released a small roar which awoken the other Pokemon who, the moment they saw Ash, lunged at him as they began licking his face. Ash could only laugh as relief filled his body.

The ravenette then revealed the news about the fight with his 'friends' which angered the Pokemon while they revealed that they had arrived and 'caught' his Pokemon. Ash clenched his fists at the news, but as far as anything, that wouldn't matter a thing.

He would prove to those traitors that he was stronger and that he would emerge victorious.

Flashback End

"–sh, Ash. Ash!" Ash was snapped out of his thought and instantly turned towards his friends who all had worried looks on their faces. "Yeah what is it?"

"We're almost there now." Arctic said. And true to the male's words, they could see Viridian City from where they were right now.

"Alright, well let's land somewhere near Viridian Forest. We don't want to bring any attention to us." Ash announced, getting nods in return as the five landed at a clearing, near the entrance of the forest, before began heading towards Viridian City.

"Alright then, let's sign up already!" Ash said enthusiastically with a massive smile on his face as Gary and Paul smiled to see some of the old Ash, while Chris and Arctic just sweat dropped at Ash's antics.

The moment they arrived at the Pokemon Centre, Nurse Joy was there to greet them with a smile on her face, "Welcome to the Pokemon Centre. How may I help you?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Well we would like to participate in the Master's Tournament." Ash said as the four men behind him just nodded. The nurse nodded her head with a smile, "Well, if you would please hand me your Pokedex's and I'll begin working on it right away."

The four did as they were told, and it was fortunate that they had new Pokedex's from Professor Sycamore seeing as they wanted to maintain a low profile to prevent anyone from recognising them.

"Well, let's go and get some food, I'm starving!" Ash said and to prove his point, his stomach began growling loudly, which caused him to rub the back of his head in embarrassment while the others could only shake their heads at their Champion.

However, the moment they tried leaving the Pokemon Centre, Ash bumped into a figure, "Ow that really hurts!"

"Shoot, I'm so sorry, are you al-" The words in the ravenette's mouths instantly died as his eyes flashed blue for a split second.

The reason?

"Geez, could you watch where you're going?" The figure said as he adjusted the glasses on his face.

Because standing right in front of him was none other than Max Maple.

End Chapter

Pokemon Dialogue

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