Port Brazenìa

Ricki looked around the apartment before she gave a nod of approval, to which Luci smiled brightly. "Oh good, now we can call Ms. Jackson." The brunette smiled, to which the blonde rolled her eyes. "What if she's spending time with Uncle Rico; we can't just drag her away from whatever they're doing." The younger of the two flopped onto the couch in exasperation, her ocher orbs glistening with the beginnings of tears. "But Ri-Ri, I wanna show her what we did. Do we really gotta sit up here and wait for her to come back?" the aspiring mechanic sighed as she seated herself beside her little sister, playfully ruffling her hair. "I know you do, but you gotta trust me on this." Wiping away the stray tears cascading down her face, the eight-year-old whispered, "Ms. Jackson might bring us a little present if we're good." Hearing this, the third grader brightened as she nodded enthusiastically.


Atsuko stared down at the ring attached to her finger, a giddy smile cambering her lips as she did so. It was simple silver band, with emerald-encrusted accents and a decent-sized diamond in the center; and yet, it never failed to make her heart race as a state of euphoria washed over her. Ricardo rested his head in the crook of her neck, his eyes trained on her hand as he kissed her shoulder. "Glad to see that you love the ring." He murmured, looking up in time to savor a loving kiss from his fiancée. "Of course I do, Rico… it's beautiful." The blonde sighed as she snuggled closer to him, treasuring the way she felt in his arms. "But y'know I love you too, right?" the onyxet chuckled as he bestowed a kiss to her temple. "Of course I do, Suko." Just as he spoke, there was a knock at the door. Looking between each other, the Officer slid from behind her to answer it.

Ra'Shona rubbed her arm as she glanced down at the piece of paper in her hand. "I just hope this is the right address." She mumbled doubtfully to herself, pulling her duffel bag closer to her person as she raised her fist to knock the door once more. Suddenly, the door flew open and she was staring up at her father. I guess Sina did know what she was talking about. "Shona, come on in." the half-dressed man spoke up with a smile, standing aside to allot her entrance. The twenty-one-year-old strolled inside, her glacier orbs meandering over everything in sight before she noted the detective on the sofa. "Hey Suko…" the aforementioned smiled as she stood up, walking over to her with arms wide open. "Shona…" the young adult dropped her bag as she slid into the arms of her unbeknownst mother, who eagerly hugged her back. Pulling back, the chocolate-toned woman's gaze wandered over her slender frame before she ephemerally cupped her face. "It's so good to see you." By this time, Ricardo had come by to see what was going on. "Did Sina send you here?" the girl nodded in response, which only elicited a grin from the man. "She mentioned that you'd be coming by." Wrapping an arm around his wife-to-be, he kissed her forehead before he drew his daughter to his side. "Now we have two things to celebrate."