Dead Man Walking

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Story written & developed by Nightmares Around Winter. BETA read by Leaf Ranger.

Author Note: Hey guys just thought that I should clear up the fact that yes this story is kinda dark with certain themes; there will be a black humor to it. So no,Naruto isn't going to turn into a blond hair Sasuke. Just that I should say that because I keep getting messages threatening me if I make him into a 'Sasuke-wannabe'. So with that out of the way, ENJOY! And thanks to those who offered girls for the harem. Don't be shy in suggesting more! Bonus points if you explain why the girls should be in the harem in detail.




"Demonic/otherworldly voices or thoughts"


(Jutsu Translation)

(Author's Note/Translation) The ANs are that are numbered are at the bottom.

Chapter 2: Life

It was night in the village of Konoha. Everything was so quiet and so serene that it gave a young blond named Naruto a sense of security. He slept soundly for once in a long time, as he curled up in his blankets. Little did he know that there was someone looking to interrupt that sleep, someone with horrible intentions. The figure was a black silhouette against the bright, blue light of the full moon as it skulked through the window.

The figure moved with the skill and guile of a professional. It wasn't easy to tell if it was a man or a woman as it slowly entered the bedroom. It stared at the young boy before creeping into the room, making sure not to make any noise that will stir the child awake. It managed to get on top of him without waking him.

As the figure brought its hand closer to his neck, Naruto's eyes opened up as if he felt a presence. Naruto gasped as he saw the figure but soon was stifled when its powerful hands wrapped around his neck. Naruto struggled against the assailant's hold that tightened and tightened like a vice. His wind pipe was closing on him as he tried to breathe in. With a quick motion, the figure snapped his neck with ease and a loud, sickening crack.

Naruto awoke with a stir as his eyes shot open. He looked around and remembered what happened, he was alive and he's living in Kumogakure. He pushed the blankets off of him and stood up slowly. He stretched his back and arms as he walked to his bathroom; he stopped when he saw himself in the mirror.

Naruto's skin was still pale despite all the time he spends outside. His hair was slightly longer reaching to his shoulders while still maintaining its wild blond spikes. He was built rather impressively, thanks to his adoptive father's rather intense training. Despite his impressive muscle definition, he was still rather slim asopposed to bulky. He was very handsome; many female villagers had grown to admire him, which is why A wanted him to stay single in hopes of having him inan arranged marriage with another village for an alliance.

Naruto looked at his neck; the bruises had long since been healed but every time he had that dream he couldn't help but check to make sure. It was kinda funnyin a way, he can't feel pain and was virtually invincible but he developed pnigophobia, the fear of being choked or smothered. He never told anyone of course.

He looked at a clock and saw that he had woken up a full hour early. He couldn't help but smirk as he stripped off his pajamas and entered the shower. He would be able to catch up to her.

Later On

As the sun rose on the mountain peak, life was stirring in the hidden village. Civilians were opening shops, conversing with their neighbors about minor unimportant topics such as the weather or prices of certain things. Shinobi and Kunoichi were off to do their own duties. One such Kunoichi was making her way to meet her teammates at their training grounds.

She was an attractive girl with dark-skin that made her bright amber-topaz eyes stand out in an almost intimidating manner. She wore a long, short-sleeved dress with frayed edges along with fishnet stockings and thigh-high boots. Her forehead protector was worn like a bandanna keeping her long dark red hair back. She also wore two simple yellow earrings and had her blade attached to her back. She walked on in an easy pace given how early it was. She stopped to stretch her arms in front of a simple but shadowy alleyway.

As she did, she didn't notice two hands emerge from the darkness. Almost within a blink of an eye the arms wrapped around her waist and snatched her within the dark alley without anybody noticing her. Karui managed to see a familiar face with her back against a warm chest. "Damn it Naruto!" She whispered at him so no one would overhear them. "Stop scaring me like that," she snapped as her secret boyfriend started to kiss her neck.

"Sorry," he whispered back. "I was just waiting awhile for you," he said as he kissed the girl on her lips. Karui opened her mouth and deepened their kiss. As the two enjoyed feeling their tongues brush and play against one another, Naruto's hands snaked into her flak jacket and underneath her bra.

Karui gasped at the sudden warmth of his hands on her chest. Naruto teased her nipples and twisted them lightly. Karui covered her mouth to prevent her moans from being heard from the others passing across the alleyway. "N-Naruto! Stop! Not here!" She hissed at him with an angry look before Naruto's hands started to pull on her nipples.

Karui didn't have large breasts, especially compared to their team leader Samui, as they were only a low-B if not a large-A. Yet despite that her nipples were one of her most sensitive areas and Naruto had hands like a god. "I can't help it," Naruto teased. "Every time I see you, I suddenly get a craving for chocolate." He joked as he removed his right hand and lifted up her skirt to show off her endowed rear and the thin, almost transparent, white V-string thong she was wear. "Annnnd you're wearing my favorite underwear, were you expecting me to attack you later?"

Karui blushed madly. "I-I told I wear thongs because they are more free and less restrictive than other panties!" She claimed but started to quiver from the sensation of his fingers gracing her ass checks. "W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" She gasped.

"Nothing~." Naruto said in a sing-song voice as he started to grab and grope her ass.

"I-I said NO! Someone will see us!" Karui snapped back as she fixed her dress.

"Ahhh," Naruto whined playfully. "Come on, not even a quickie?"

Karui turned to him and wrapped her arms round his head. "Later," she said as she gave him a quick kiss. "And if you're well-behaved," she said as she turned around and pulled her skirt back up and showed her ass. "I'll let you stick it in here."

"Okay!" He said with a goofy smirk.

Karui smirked to herself as she fixed her dress. There was a benefit to having a pervert for a boyfriend; they can be easy to control if you know what to do. "Come on, Samui and Omi are waiting." She said as she walked out of the alley.

She turned to see Naruto enter the light of the alley. He wore a dark red jacket with a matching shirt; the reason for dressing such away was so he or anyone else couldn't see him bleed, with ash-black shinobi pants. His forehead protector was worn around his right arm. Unlike most Kumo nin who learned to use atanto and other swords, Naruto used two sickles that were in holsters on his back.

Karui did blush when he walked into the light and his handsome profile could be seen. She was happy to be with him, though at the same time it made her angry that they had to keep their relationship a secret for the time being and that she may be one of many girls who will either have to or want to be with him and share him, given his Kekkei Genkai.

It makes her even angrier that there are some who in particular threw themselves at him. Such as their busty, older team leader Samui, or their other teammate Omi who always seemed to be sucking on a lollipop whenever he's around. Or Mabui, the Raikage's sectary who acts like a school girl with a crush whenever he shows up. Or Yugito, the other Jinchuuriki of the village who's just as big of a pervert as him, maybe even more so, who rubs and purrs against him like a cat in heat. She was even convinced that Naruto's aunt, Queen B, was also after him in some way.

Karui was silent as she brewed in her own thoughts. It was even worse to think that he might be forced to marry some over-privileged brat who was lucky to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth thanks to being a daughter of a kage or daimyo. But it was the fact that he had to get married in order for the two of them to finally come out in their relationship without A freaking out. Even then it was even more annoying that she would not only have to share him with some snobbish bitch but with several other women, just the idea that sharing Naruto with someone like Samui was both grating and honestly threatening.

Samui had a mature sense of beauty and arguably had the most endowed figure in all of Kumo. Omi was a little busty in chest, at least compared to Karui, and was cute. Mabui was like a darker skinned version of Samui but generally had a more up-beat and friendly persona. Yugito's slim and athletic build defiantlyturned the heads of the males. She was worried that if she was going to be forced to share her boyfriend with them then she was going to lose him.

Naruto did say more than once that it didn't matter who he was forced to share a bed or make a child with as long as she was his number one girl. It was a bit cheesy and she was convinced that he stole it from one of the 'Icha Icha' books he had stashed somewhere, but she would be lying if she didn't think it was charming.

At That Time

A sat at his desk as he stared at the letter from Konoha; it was an invite for him come to Konoha and hopefully represent Kumo in part of the agreement between Konoha and Suna and maybe even be a part of it. It was a welcome, surprising olive branch given the relationship between Konoha and Kumo wasn't very good and Kumo's…less than honorable reputation of kidnapping children for their Kekkei Genkai.

The question was whether or not it was a good idea. It wasn't exactly a secret that the Hokage of Konoha started to enforce a stricter set of rules and laws on its citizens. A far cry from how it used to be according to his spies. Some say the old man was starting to become resentful and even spiteful of his position after the death of someone close to him and a new Hokage would appear soon.

He wasn't sure if Konoha would be a valuable alley in the future or not if the old kage was losing his mind. Suna was at the other end of the world, a pain to help them in times of need and a pain for them to help Kumo in a time of need. Still…the idea of any major superpower allies was better than having no allies in general.

The door to his office opened as his secretary, Mabui, walked in with a stack of papers going up to her endowed chest. Mabui was a dark-skinned young woman with green eyes. She wore very formal attire consisting of a long-sleeved, high-collared dress shirt that exposed a fair amount of cleavage and skirt, along with a pair of long earrings and sandals. She wore her light grey hair pulled back into a bun with two bangs that fall on either side of her face. "You have some documents, Raikage-sama," she said as she placed them on his desk.

"Thank you," he said as he stared at the letter, stroking his beard in thought. He still hadn't found a wife for Naruto yet. He was hoping to find someone that will be suited for him, after all the one and only child of the Raikage deserves nothing more than the best as does Kumo. As far as he knew, the Kazekage had at least one daughter who will be around Naruto's age, maybe even two? Then Konoha was home to many prestigious clans and surely one of them would have a daughter or maybe even a clan head interested in a young, handsome man like Naruto. Though…will older women be interested in a young genin? "Mabui?"

The older woman came back into the office. "Yes Raikage-sama?" She asked.

"You like my son Naruto-kun, correct?" He asked.

Mabui started to blush madly. "I-I-I'm sorry?"

"Well…would someone like you be interested in marrying or at the very least having a part in the Clan Restoration Pact with him?" A tried to clarify, seemingly ignoring the flushed look on her face as it got redder.

"S-Someone like me…and Naru-kun?" She asked as her eyes went wide in realization. 'I-Is A-sama saying he wants Naru-kun and me to be together?!' She thought excitedly as the image of her wearing an elegant, traditional white kimono and Naruto wearing a handsome black haori as they lock-lips in a sign of union. She shook her head slightly to get that image out of her mind and save it for 'private' time. "W-Well, I would say any woman my age, would be interesting in him."

A was silent as he stroked his beard in thought. "I see. Then could you kindly get the list of the current single clan heads and heirs of Konoha and Suna for me?"

"Eeeeeh?!" Mabui shouted suddenly.

A stared at her. "What? Is something wrong Mabui?"

"I-I-I thought you were asking me…because…?" Mabui stuttered over her words. After all, it is kinda hard to say 'I wanted to marry your son!' to your boss now isn't it? "I'll…go get the list." She said in a defeated tone, as she walked out of the voice.

A stared at her in confusion before rolling his eyes. "Women, they never just came out and say when things are bothering them." He said as he got a letter and pen to write his answer to the Hokage's letter.

At That Time

Karui and Naruto, having just entered their training ground, found Samui and Omi waiting for them. Omi was the first to see them. "You two are late," she said, as she walked up to them. She turned to Naruto. "I was getting worried, and if you were late then you might have been kidnapped," she said as she got tooclose to him for Karui's liking.

Omi was a dark-skinned girl like much of the Kumo population was, with white, spiky hair that was made into a ponytail. She had dark, almond shaped eyes and wore a long shirt with a hood along with red bandage hand guards and shin guards. She had a lollipop, like she always does, and Naruto could tell that it was an orange-flavored one. Karui glared at Omi's advances and got between them. "We're not late, if anything we're early."

Samui walked up to her three students. "Actually you're just on time," she corrected. "We have a lot to do and little time to do it before we head off." Samui was a tall fair-skinned woman with straight, blonde hair with the front bangs reaching her shoulders. She wore a very low-cut outfit which displayed her sizeable cleavage, with mesh armor underneath, a short skirt that was perhaps too short for a tall woman like her and red hand guards.

"What's going on, Samui-sensei?" Naruto asked. Samui looked at her favorite student with a rare smile gracing her normally aloof face.

"We're going to Konohagakure to participate in the Chuunin Exams."

"Ko…Konohagakure?" He repeated the village name in a somber tone. His teammates looked at him in concern as he started to uneasily scratch the back of his head, a habit he had whenever he was uncertain or confused about something.

"Yeah…Konoha…are you okay, Naruto-kun?" Samui asked as she saw the distant look in his eyes.

Naruto perked up and waved her concern off. "Oh yeah I'm fine!" He said as he laughed slightly. "I was just thinking that I heard that name somewhere."

"Yes, Konoha is considered to be the most powerful hidden village currently. Which is why the Chuunin Exams are being held there," Samui answered. "Which is why we are going to work our asses off to show that Kumo is not a force to be taken lightly."

Karui couldn't help but click her tongue. "Like we have anything to worry about Konoha. I'm sure we can deal with whatever they can throw at us!"

Samui glared at the red head. "Act cool, Karui. We aren't there to start a war, just to reach the Chuunin Exams." Karui merely nodded. "Anyway, Omi and Karui will be sparing against each other." The two girls nodded as Naruto zoned out into space.


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