Dead Man Walking

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"Demonic/otherworldly voices or thoughts"


(Jutsu Translation)

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Chapter 8: The Elimination Approaches

In the dark of the night, the Kumo team was throwing scrolls into a fire. As Naruto tossed the last one in, he released a sigh. "And there goes the last one."

"Three teams in one day," Karui said. "So far so good."

"I think we should head to the tower tomorrow morning," Omi suggested to her teammates.

"I agree," Naruto answered, glancing over at her. "This is getting rather tedious. I say we go see what the next part of these little exams is."

Karui smirked at him. "Well you seem rather blood-hungry."

"Hunting down rival teams has been fun, but it's getting old now." He said as he turned to the direction of the tower. "I want to see what comes next, if it's a one-on-one fight then it will be fun to see what Konoha and the other villages have to offer."

"Okay," Karui nodded, "at first light, we turn in our scrolls."

"Great, I'm going to go on a last minute patrol. Karui, come with me. Omi, would you mind setting up camp?" Naruto asked giving the girl a small smile.

"Sure Naruto," Omi answered. "Just be careful out there you two."

"Oh come on, Omi, you know how hard it is to get a drop on me." Naruto said confidently as he and Karui disappeared into the darkness. As soon as they were out of sight, Naruto quickly brought Karui infor a deep kiss. She moaned at the feeling of his lips as his tongue started to enter her mouth for a few seconds.

Karui broke the kiss after a few moments. "Come on, let's give one final look around."

Naruto pouted. "Oh come on, do we really have to? I've been aching for you," he whined.

Karui rolled her amber eyes. "Naruto, I love you. I really do, but sometimes you need to think with this head," she said as she placed her hands on his cheeks, "instead of this one." She smirked as she raised her leg against his groin, making the blond shudder as she rubbed her thigh against it gently.

"Well now you're just teasing me!" He growled but was silenced as Karui give him a peck on his lips.

"Later, I promise," she said as she turned to leave but not before Naruto gave her a quick slap on her rear making her yelp as she turned to glare at him. Only to see him disappearing through the trees. She sighed at that, a blush on her face. "That horny bastard."

As Naruto went into the trees, his enhanced hearing picked up the sound of soft steps following him. He had to give them credit, if it wasn't for his upgraded senses, he would have never known that he and his team had been followed since the time they split with the Konoha team. He already knew who it was; it was the Hyuuga girl he turned away before. The question now though was 'why'?

He smirked to himself, since he would find out soon enough. He drew out his sickles from behind his back and slid his arms out of his jacket just quickly enough to catch the Hyuuga off-guard when the coat came flying towards her. She barely dodged it just as the blond tackled her, grabbing her wrists and pinning her against the tree.

Hinata hissed as she hit the tree. "Damn it."

Naruto merely smiled at her. "So, are most Hyuuga this stubborn or are you just a special case?" Hinata looked down away from him. Naruto's smile turned to a frown. "It's not a scroll you're would have gone after the teammate we left at the're after me especially. So why?"

Hinata lips curled in anger as she turned to glare at him. "You lied to me. You said that you weren't Naruto and yet you claimed to be!"

Naruto scoffed at her statement. "You asked if I was 'Uzumaki Naruto' but the truth is that I'm not. Not anymore."

"You know what I meant!" The Hyuuga yelled at him.

"What does it matter anyway?" Naruto snapped back. "I didn't mean anything to anyone in this village so why do you care?!"

Hinata was about to shout back but found that her voice vanished as tears began to fill her eyes forcing her to look down at the floor. Naruto could only stare at her in a confused manner as he let go of her wrists. She began to weep, forcing the blond to uneasily scratch the back of his head, "I-I missed you, I missed you so damn much!" She said between sobs.

Naruto could only stare at her in confusion as she wrapped her arms around him and pressed her face against his stomach, forcing him to hold his hands up before he tapped her shoulders in a comforting manner. "Um...there, there," he said as he was trying to processes what was going on.

Hinata looked up at him, her eyes red with tears. "I-I always admired you," she started. "Everyday, my eyes were always fixed on you. No matter how hard life got for you, you always had a smile and went forward. And it hurt me each time to see you suffer but I couldn't do anything to help you!" Naruto stared at the Hyuuga with an understanding look in his eyes as his annoyance and anger towards the girl started to go away. "When they said you died, I-I refused to believe it. Even when they put your casket in the ground I still didn't want to, but when your grave was dug up and your body was missing…I had hope that you would come back to the village! That you would come back into my life and prove to everyone else how great you are!"

Naruto reluctantly embraced the girl, making the Hyuuga's eyes go wide at his touch. "I'm...sorry, I didn't even think that anyone really cared for me, at least not here in Konoha."

"Will you...forgive me for not helping you back then?" She asked as she felt her face grow in heat as a blush entered her cheeks.

"We were young, what could you have done?" Naruto replied. "There is one question: Do you have any idea, who could have killed me?"

Hinata apologetically shook her head. "No, that is the mystery that nobody could figure out. Not even the ANBU."

"I see," Naruto sighed as he let go of her. "I'm sorry that I was harsh with you, but you must understand that I'm not entirely the same boy you loved. I serve Kumogakure and the man who I call my father, the Raikage."

"Yeah...I know, but..." Hinata looked up at him, "seeing you again hasn't changed what I feel. Is there...a chance for me to be with you?"

Naruto stared at her. "I'm...not sure," he answered.

"I saw you...with the girl on your team and Ino-san," she said.

His eyes stared in wide-eyed shock. "You…you've been there for that?" He asked. 'How did I not notice her then?!'

"I understand you're in a relationship with...'Karui' that her name? But the fact that you did that with Ino-san means she doesn't mind if you have someone else do those things with you right?" Hinata asked, seemingly ignoring his question as she started to lift her mesh shirt.

"H-Hey! What are you doing?!" He asked as the Hyuuga lifted her shirt up as her large breasts bounced from underneath. Naruto could only stare blankly at the large mounds that ended in pink nipples. He knew that she was busty before but getting a proper look at them he realized just how much bigger she was then Karui or even Ino.

"Please, do with me what you did to them," she moaned as she pressed her breasts together.

Naruto stared at her bare chest, his pale face getting red as he eyed the bust presented before him and the look of hopeful want in her eyes made him see just how much of beauty she is. He would have given in and down whatever he wanted, but instead he did what was needed and pulled down her shirt. Hinata gave him a confused and hurt look.

"I'm sorry. I may be a perverted lowlife freak, but I'm a loyal perverted lowlife freak. The worst that I would do is look unless Karui and I agree. Ino was a special case and it probably won't happen again. So...sorry..." He said as he turned his back and started to go back towards his team, but stopping halfway as he turned to her. "Hey, Hinata."

Hinata got to her feet. "Yes?"

Naruto sighed as he gave voice to the idea that sprouted in his head. "If you really mean what you said before, about loving me. Then go try to appeal your father. Kumo seeks an alliance with Konoha and a marriage between me and one of Konoha's kunoichi will cement it. If you really want to be with me then you can try that." He smiles. "It would be nice to be married to a girl who loved me even back then."

Hinata eyes went wide at that statement as she made a sober smile. "Of course."

Naruto waved goodbye as he disappeared back into the woods. Out of earshot of Hinata, he sighed heavily. "Karui-chan is going to kill me..."


The Oto team stood before their master, uneasiness filled them as they couldn't look him in his unsettling yellow eyes. "I see," their master started in a soft but malicious voice. "You failed to bait the Uchiha to give into his seal and you were forced to leave thanks to a Kumogakure Shinobi." His tone was obviously very displeased as he narrowed his eyes at the three.

"S-Sorry Orochimaru-sama," the leader of the trio apologized, "but this person, he...he isn't normal! He took both Kin and my attacks and didn't even flinch!"

"People say that he is the deceased jinchuuriki, Uzumaki Naruto." Kin added with fear in her eyes.

That statement made the snake sannin pause for a thought. "Interesting. I heard the rumors but I never bothered to look into it. But if the village is showing this much concern, then it may require a look into."

"You want us to change the target then?" Dosu asked, as he raised his head.

"No, the Uchiha is your primary target. I'll have someone else look into this grave walker." Orochimaru answered. "Now go, and don't disappoint me."

"Yes Orochimaru-sama!" The three said as they left into the forest.

As the genin left from his sight he turned to his side. "Tayuya." As soon as he said the name, a girl with red hair and a brown tunic appeared at his side.

"Yes Orochimaru-sama?" She answered.

"I want you to study this Naruto. Report anything important to me."

"Of course master." She answered. "He'll never know I existed."

"Good. I didn't expect Kumo to come to this little event themselves. So it was bothersome to have to plan around them. I don't wish for any more surprises." Orochimaru said as he left. "The rest of you, you know what your orders are."

"Yes Master." Replied the other three hidden shinobi.

Hours Later

Naruto, Karui and Omi entered the tower as planned; there was little resistance from the other teams as of this point so few remained. "So ladies," Naruto started, "I'd say Team Kumo is going on strong!"

Karui smiled. "I agree, most of the strong teams seemed to have gotten eliminated."

"Or the strong teams are hiding their strength for the real event," Omi stated.

Naruto wrapped an arm around the two girls causing their faces to turn red softly. "Oh Omi-chan, you are always so worried. Lighten up a bit!" He said with a wide grin.

"Naruto-kun!" A voice called out to them, causing the three to look over and see Ino running towards them with her teammates following reluctantly. "I was wondering when I was going to see you again!" She said as she gave him a quick squeeze.

"Hey! Let go Yamanaka!" Karui glared at her.

Ino ignored her as she looked up at Naruto. "So what do you think? The third part seems like it would be a tournament."

"Tournament?" Omi asked, being visibly uncertain.

Shikamaru nodded. "That how it is, traditionally. A tournament will be held a month later after the second phase. It will be the last part of the test but..."

"But what?"

Shikamaru shrugged. "Rumors are that since this had the largest number of teams since Konohagakure last hosted these exams, there will be some early eliminations."

"So what? We're going to face off a bit early?" Naruto asked, the excited smile on his face making the lazy genius feel uneasy.

"Maybe, depends on how many teams make it," Chouji answered. "So far it's us...and those guys over there." He said as he pointed to a team in the corner of the large room. Naruto looked over and saw that there was a Suna team composed of two males and a female. The only girl had what seemed to be a large fan on her back while what was probably the oldest male had a strange object wrapped up in bandages. However, the third and last one stood out the most as he seemed to have fixed Naruto with a hungry stare and the smell of blood could be detected from that large gourd on his back.

Naruto couldn't help but smile at that. "They seem fun." He commented as he stared down the glaring Suna team.

Shikamaru could only rolls his eyes. "Riiigght, well it is nice seeing you three...I guess." He said as he left with Chouji following behind.

Ino frowned as she saw her teammates leave. "Well I got to go too, it was nice seeing you Naruto-kun~." She said in a cheery tone as she gave him a wink and joined up with her teammates.

"I hate that girl." Karui commented as she glared at her fleeting figure.

Omi nodded. "She does seem too close to Naruto...maybe she thinks she will be his bride."

"If that happens then any hope for any good carriers for Naruto's Kekkei Genkei will go down the drain." Karui commented. "But she's the only one who seems interested."

"Hello, Naruto." A more meek voice came from behind. The three turned around to see Hinata with her teammates. Karui grew a sour expression as she saw the blushing Hyuuga.

"Hey, we told you we wanted nothing to do with you," Karui said.

"It's okay Karui-chan." Naruto said. Karui gave him a surprised look as he turned to Hinata. "I see you and your team made it. Good for you."

Hinata's blush grew at his words. "Thank you, Naruto; I was hoping to see you here. Hopefully the time will come when I will show you that I'm worthy to be your wife."

Omi eyes went wide. "Y-You want to marry into Kumogakure?! YOU!"

Hinata turned to the shocked girl. "Truthfully, I view it less about marrying into Kumogakure and more about being with the one I love but never had a chance before."

Karui couldn't help but grit her teeth in anger at the Hyuuga's words. "Pardon?" She asked, trying to hide her frustration.

Hinata turn to glare at the red-haired girl. "Yes. I loved him before Kumogakure even know he existed. Now that he's alive and well, I'm not going to falter that I want him to be in my life."

Karui smirked back. "Well...aren't you so certain. But I hate to break it to you but even if the Raikage found you acceptable, your father will never allow his eldest daughter to get wed off to our village. So maybe you should aim a bit more...realistically. Maybe marry that fat ass over on their team." She said as she pointed to Chouji.

Hinata glared intensely at the red-haired girl. "Oh? You seem awfully concerned about Naruto's potential marriage. Does the Raikage know that you been doing some...unsavory things to his adoptive child?"

Karui's growled at Hinata as Naruto's eyes went wide, shocked that she even said that. While Omi looked on in confusion. "BITCH!" Karui hissed as she got ready to draw her blade, only for her hand to be stopped as a horde of insects surrounded her hand. The group turned to the only insect user present.

"Please, let us all be civil." Shina requested, most not noticing the slight glare she gave her own teammate from behind those glasses. "We understand that Kumogakure and Konohagakure are trying to form a partnership, it would be a shame for that time and effort our leaders put into such a union to go to waste because some of us forget what it means to be polite."

"Agreed." Naruto answered as the bugs went away from Karui's hand and back underneath the Aburame's coat.

"I...I'm sorry." Hinata said as she bowed towards Karui. "Hopefully, we will get along in the future," she said as she turned to go near the other Konoha teams. Karui still couldn't help but clench her fists and sneer at the Hyuuga.

" I missing something here?" Omi asked. "What did she meant by...'unsavory' things?"


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