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"We have to find her."

At the station

"Eric what do you got?"

"Well the front door was busted in so it is clearly not someone that they knew. Valera just sent me the blood results that we found in the house, and H you know at least one the guys that took hermione." Eric hands horatio the paper. Horatio looks at it for all of 30 seconds befor it falls to the floor.

"Clavo Cruise. Clavo has my daughter. Eric we DO NOT take any cases until she is found. I dont care if stetler comes in here himself and tells us to take it."

"Got it Horatio. unfortunatly the other blood was not in codis."

" Then Eric, i Suggest that we make sure it gets there." Horatio turns and looks at preofessor snape, and lucious. They have both learned that if Horatio is scared or even worried that there is good cause for it, so as he looks at them he can see the fear in their eyes. " Why dont you guys go back to the house with Draco?"

" Sorry Horatio, but we are staying here, us and miss Granger may have never been the best of friends, but no one espically her deserves to go through this."

"But what about Draco?"

"Im here." Says Draco as he walks in the door.

"How did you get here?" Asks Lucius

"I brought him. I stopped by the house but you werent there. He said Hermione has been taken?" Asks Kyle. Horatio walks up with a sad smile on his face and hugs Kyle.

"Kyle. Im Happy to see you but what are you doing here? you are not suppose to be home till christmas?

" I got an early Release. I dont go back until after the new year."

" Thats great. but yes hermione was taken."