Keen Observations

A Sound Of Music Fan Fiction

Chapter 1 Rainstorm Rendevouz

Each chapter in this story takes place in between certain scenes. This mostly focuses on how Brigitta observes situations that occur throughout the movie. This is my first Sound Of Music Fanfiction. Do enjoy it. I own rights to no characters.

Brigitta knew something no one else in her family knew. Lisel was in love with Rolfe Gruber. This had been a secret between the two sisters for two years. In that short time their love for each other had only grown.

The night of the rainstorm Lisel had gotten stuck in the rainstorm and climbed up the trellis into Maria's bedroom. Brigitta had meant to tell Franz that Lisel was out but didn't want him to question the reason why so she had kept her mouth shut leading to Lisel getting locked out of the house at 9:00.

All the children we gathered in Maria's bedroom singing a song about their favorite things. Once the song was completed Maria looked up and noticed Captain Von Trapp's tall figure looming in the doorway.

"We have strict bed time rules in this house you know." Captain Von Trapp looked at Maria sternly.

"I know that Captain. The children were frightened by the storm... well most of them were."

Captain Von Trapp directed his gaze toward Lisel noticing her hair was wet and she was wearing one of Maria's nightgowns. "Where have you been young lady?"


"In this rainstorm?"

"Yes Father. I was out for a walk and Franz shut the doors earlier than usual."

"Where are your clothes?"

"Drying on the edge of the bath tub."

"To bed all of you."

One by one the Von Trapp children kissed Maria good night and dispereseed to their individual rooms.

Before heading to bed Brigitta knocked on her older sister's door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me." Brigitta answered

Lisel opened the door. She had a wistful smile on her face. She closed the door behind her sister. Brigitta took a seat at the edge of Lisel's bed.

"How long must I keep this secret about you and Rolfe? It's starting to get a little bit difficult."

"Not much longer I'm hoping. It's been a great help that you've been on my side for so long. If you hadn't been Father definitely would have caught me by now."

"I don't understand why you just can't tell him. Wouldn't it be easier than sneaking around all this while?"

Lisel sighed. " Well with the war getting closer and closer it's hard for me to have a relationship with Rolfe. He has differing political views than Father does."

"But we've known Rolfe for years don't you think Father will be able to put politics aside?"

Lisel shrugged. "I would hope so but I tend to doubt it."

"Are you really in love with him?"

Lisel nodded. "I have never had such strong feelings for anyone as I do for Rolfe."

Their conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Come in."

Captain Von Trapp stood in the door way.

"It's very late darlings. You have to be up early tomorrow for your lessons."

Brigitta stood up and kissed her sister on the head. " Good night Liesl. Good night Father."

Brigitta excited her sister's room.

"Lisel, I'd like to talk to you first thing in the morning about your shenanigans."

Lisel nodded. "Okay Father."

Captain Von Trapp leaned down and kissed his eldest daughter on the forehead.

"Good night my darling."

"Good night Father."

Captain Von Trapp clicked the light off and closed the door softly behind him.

Lisel snuggled down under her covers. Now she was left to her dreams of her and Rolfe being together. Dreams she hoped would eventually come true.