Keen Observations Chapter 4

This chapter starts off with a deleted scene between Maria and the Baroness. We'll meet Rolfe's parents a bit later on too. Rolfe also has a sister and a brother who are the same age as Frederich and Louisa. Rolfe's family members are my original characters.

Elsa had a fitful night of sleep thinking about the conversation she'd had with Brigitta. She felt absolutely terrible for the Von Trapp children. She made it her goal to help Captain Von Trapp fix the issue he had with his children in whatever way she could.

The next day was Saturday so all the children slept late. Elsa was up at 7:45 and went to go sit on the terrace to gather her thoughts together. She was going to talk to Captain Von Trapp once he awoke.

Frau Schmidt came out on the terrace. "Good Morning Frau Schrader. Would you like some coffee or tea?"

Elsa smiled. "I'll have some tea, thank you Frau Schmidt."

"You're up rather early aren't you?"

Elsa nodded. "Yes, I have a lot on my mind."

The tea came out with in 5 minutes. Soon after Maria came out on the terrace.

"Good morning Baroness. "You're up early today."

Elsa smiled at Maria. "So are you, you couldn't sleep either?"

Maria shook her head. "The captain and I had a long talk last night after the children were in bed. He wasn't very happy with yesterday afternoon's escapades I'm afraid."

"I heard yelling coming from his room. I'm surprised it didn't wake the children up." Elsa said.

Maria grimaced. "He's very set in his ways which makes him sort of difficult to work with."

"What do you mean by that?"

"He runs this house as tight as one of his ships. The children were telling me yesterday how they don't really have a lot of fun. It's really a shame."

"It's been especially hard since Agathe passed away. She died 5 years ago, shortly after Gretl was born." Elsa said.

Maria nodded. "I can only imagine. I feel awful for them. It must be so hard for them to grow up without a mother."

"Did you know that Lisel has romantic feelings for the messenger boy?"

Maria nodded. " The other night after she got caught outside in that rainstorm we had a talk for a bit. She was awful afraid to tell the Captain about it."

"Brigitta told me last night that she's kept Lisel and Rolfe's romance a secret for two years."

Maria's eyes widened. "Are you sure?"

Elsa nodded. "Yes, she came to my room last night and we had a long talk."

"What else did she tell you?"

Elsa smiled. "She said all the children really enjoy having you as a governess. You really bring a lot to this household Maria. Especially the music. I'm sure Georg appreciates all you do even though what happened yesterday displeased him."

"I hope you're right."

"What else did Brigitta say to you?"

Elsa's eyes grew sad. "She said that the reason why they've played so many tricks on the past governenesses is because they miss Georg and that it's difficult that they don't have a steady mother figure in their lives. The family unit is pretty torn apart because he is away so often."

Maria's heart broke at hearing this. " Should the both of us try to talk to him? I think he really needs to understand how the children are feeling."

Elsa shrugged. "I am not really sure how we should go about this actually. He certainly won't like being told this but I think he needs to hear it. Do you think we should talk to the children about it and if one of them would want to talk to him?"

Elsa and Maria's conversation was interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming out to the terrace. Gretl, Marta and Brigitta stood in the entryway.

"Good morning!" The three girls chorused.

Maria and Elsa smiled. "Good morning girls. Come join us." Maria said.

Gretl jumped into Maria's lap and Brigitta and Marta took a seat across the table from Maria. Maria's eyes locked instantly with Brigitta's

"Brigitta, Frau Schrader was just telling me about the conversation you two had last night."

"I'm not in trouble am I?"

Elsa shook her head. "Of course not. We just wanted to know if you or any of your other siblings have ever considered talking to your father about how you've been feeling?"

Brigitta looked sad. "We have tried... he doesn't seem to want to listen though. We love him very much you know."

Maria and Elsa nodded. "He loves you too. You mustn't doubt that." Maria said.

"If he was home more often and spent more time with us we'd feel differently." Marta said and her sisters nodded in agreement.

"We really wish Father wasn't so strict all the time." Brigitta added.

"I don't like marching around the grounds all day either it gets boring." Gretl complained..

"On the contrary yesterday afternoon was a lot of fun!" Marta said.

Maria grimaced. "Your father wasn't too happy about that little excursion we went on I'm afraid."

"Really?" Marta asked


"How do you girls feel about Liesl's potential romance with Rolfe?" Maria asked the younger girls.

Gretl grinned. "It's very exciting. The Grubers are such nice people but they have different political views than Father does. That's why he doesn't approve of their relationship."

"I would like to meet them." Elsa said

:"I think they are coming for lunch this afternoon. I have to ask Father though." Brigitta said.

Around 1:00 the Grubers came over for lunch. The 5 adults sat on terrace enjoying sandwhices and lemonade while the children swam in the lake.

Christina Gruber smiled at Elsa. "It's very nice to meet you Elsa. How long are you staying with Georg?"

"Max and I are here for two weeks. He's trying to find performers for the festival but so far hasn't had very much luck."

Christina smiled " There are so many talented musicians around this area. He shouldn't run into very many problems."

Captain Von Trapp looked at Jakob Gruber seriously. "Did you know Rolfe and Lisel have been romantically involved?"

"Jakob noodded. " Yes, apparently they've been sneaking around for two years."

Gerog's eyebrows raised "What do you mean two years?"

"Rolfe and I had a talk last night and I guess they've been sneaking around for awhile."

Captain Von Trapp's cheeks grew red instantly. " I feel deceived."

Elsa and Maria exchanged a glance between each other.

"Georg, you know, the children are young. Let them experiment with these feelings they are developing for each other ." Christina said

"It's not easy raising seven children on my own you know. Especially at times like these when they seem to be growing up before my eyes."

Maria nodded. "Well, sir remember the discussion we had last night?"

Captain Von Trapp grimaced. "I'd rather forget it."

"Georg darling it would be so much easier if the children had a mother, They love you dearly and miss you terribly whenever you're away. You wouldn't have to hire so many governesses if the children had a steady mother figure." Elsa said

Captain Von Trapp grunted but said nothing in response.

"The war will make things difficult on Liesl and Rolfe's relationship I'm afraid." Christina Gruber said sadly.

"How do you mean?" Elsa asked

"Well now that Rolfe is 18 he's been potentially recruited to be on the side of the Nazi sympathizers. I'm actually quite afraid for him. He's a little naive still and I think his opinion of things can be easily swayed."

"Would he consider fighting with the Nazis?" Maria asked

"If he knows what's good for him and his relationship with Lisel then he won't but ultimately he makes the decision. We can't choose for him" Jakob Gruber said.

"Max said this interesting thing the other day 'Love is Love and Politics is Politics. The two entities can intertwine. Do you believe that could be true?" Elsa asked Christina.

Christina shrugged. "I honestly don't know what to believe anymore. Hopefully Rolfe and Lisel figure things out for themselves and find a way to make their relationship work."