Longing chapter 1

Disclaimer. Sadly I do not own Harry Potter but I wish I did

So on we go

19 years after the battle of Hogwarts, when Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort. Harry now had three children named James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter and Lily Luna Potter. Now James was already at school, Albus was going this year and Lily in two. Before they left for Kings Cross, Albus stole the Marauders Map from his father's desk you see Harry had told his children and his godson Teddy Lupin who had made the map and how to use it. So Albus decided to take it to school with him. When they did get to Kings Cross, Albus was nervous so Harry took him aside and told him that the Sorting Hat had nearly put him into Slytherin and how it took his choice into account but you see James had already been put in to Gryffindor so Harry was pretty sure that Albus would too then the train conductor shouted ALL ABOARD Harry said I'll be lecturing at Hogwarts next week so I'll see you then. To Be Continued…