Longing chapter 3

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The Note

"Hey Albus" he said. But Albus stayed quiet because he told anyone but Albus had feelings for Scorpius but obviously he couldn't say anything because Scorpius was with Rose.

But you see, since the Sorting Hat had decided that it had had enough of putting students into the four Hogwarts houses it went off and started working for the Department of Mysteries, making prophesies. The professors now had to put the students into their houses through their acceptance letters.

Most of his family had been sorted into Gryffindor, including Rose. Luckily for him, however, Albus had been sorted into the house in which the love of his life was sorted into the year before. As bad as it sounds Albus hoped that Rose and Scorpius' love for each other would ebb away, forcing them to leave each other. Therefore giving Albus chance to declare his love for Scorpius and see whether he felt the same way about him. Little did he know Scorpius was thinking the exact same thing about Albus but could not bring himself to break Rose' heart (because she seemed to truly love him) to make her cousins heart whole (he never told him but Scorpius knew exactly what Albus was thinking about him.) So he decided to write Albus a note. This is that note:

Albus –

I love you in the same way that you love me. But I cannot risk leaving Rose at the moment. Meet me in the Common Room at midnight



P.S I feel an argument brewing between me and my girlfriend this Christmas- I'll explain later




Then he folded the note and wrote Albus' name on it and passed it to Roxanne. When he read the note Albus got very excited and spent the rest of the day wondering what was it that Scorpius was going to explain to him later.