One Chapter Complete

Early the next morning after a long night, Arthur, Megan and Annie in a small coffee shop/cafe on the outskirts of Mersin and checking the latest intel, Arthur smiled, almost broke out in hard laughter.

"Why are you so happy?"

"Well for one thing my little sister you are a hero by all reports."

"How in the hell can I be a hero. Damn it Arthur I just killed by boyfriend."

"Shake that line of thinking sweetheart. The man the police found dead in an alleyway several miles away from that restaurant has been identified as Tabib Balik, one of the top seven felons on Interpol most wanted list. Doubt seriously if there well be much of an investigation into his death. Interpol is taking over the case."

"How did the body get move? When we left the restaurant there wasn't anyone left. The customers and help got out before the gun went off."

"One of the many mysteries of being a spy. Things seemed to get clean up. A crime scene gets put back in order. It is called detailing." Arthur pouring more coffee for the three.

Megan smiles a tiny half, one sided smirk. "Like spooks in the night."

"We have been called that." Annie smiling remember her friend Mr. Wingtips, Vincent with the FBI.

"By the way where is Eyal?"

"He will be along shortly. We'll wait here for him." Arthur picking a sheet of paper with several printed breakfast selections. "A little breakfast would be good don't you think."

Megan could only shake her head, back to normal and not less than fourteen hours ago she had shot and killed her lover. They were that use to killing or just taking care of business. Funny, she was feeling a return to being normal and no feeling of guilt or remorse. Maybe she had slipped over to the other side, the darker side, the side of being a covert spy and all for the greater good. Oh now that was one expression she hated, for the greater good - bullshit. She shot Tabib to save her life, he was coming after her with a knife and she has four stitches in her arm to prove it. Did spies carry these kind of kits with them, the basic first aid and Arthur being the one to stitch up her arm. A whole new world she wanted to learn more about.

"Hell everyone." Eyal taking a seat across from Annie, "Hope my name is in the breakfast ordering pot."

"Just ready to order. You're late."

"Had an unexpected body to ditch. Caused me run a bit behind. How are you holding up Megan." Eyal taking an empty coffee cup and pouring his coffee.

"Funny but I'm okay. Didn't think I would be but I'm fine. How did you know about Tabib."

"Standard answer is I'm a spy but the truth is Annie called for a detailing."

"No magical surveillance or knowledge?" Megan asked.

"Nope, just good old fashion spy craft. Now for an update on my part. Mission finished and after breakfast we'll have a look. Megan you will have your story but all reference to us have to be left out. Use unidentified sources and moles implanted."

"I once told you I would go to my grave protecting you ID and that is true. You want to know something?"


"After going through and being a part of this mission I'm not so excited about having the big story of a life time. Yeah I write the story and maybe get a fat bonus but my heart is no longer in it. What you guys do on a day to day basics is unbelievable and in my book you are the super heroes."

Eyal with a tilt of his head to the waitress and without much expression in his voice. "We are no heroes by any means. We have a job to do and that is it."

Eyal phone buzzed and he looked at the caller ID. "I have to take this." He stood and walked to the door and vanished outside. "Shalom."

The female on the other end, "We are ready to run in 24 hours. If you not available we can get to Tver but after that I'll need extraction help."

"I'll be in Moscow within seven to eight hours. Do you have a car?"

"Just like you ordered. Thank Eyal, see you later." Keren disconnected and Eyal took a deep breath, that was his life, little or no down time but would he have it any other way. Now to tell Annie they wouldn't have any time to spend together but somehow that seemed to be okay.

"Sorry folks but I can't go with you to visit Tassos' blown out compound as I have another mission to get too. I should have been on my way hours ago. Megan it has been grand even a little trying at times but you are one hell of a sweetheart and kickass spy. Maybe you should think about changing fields, come over to our side. Going to miss you girl." Eyal reaching to Megan for a hug and she standing, stretching on her tip toes to reach his face with a kiss.

"I have to say this has been one hell of a wild ride and thanks to you, I have grown in many ways. Our paths will cross again I'm sure. Until then don't let anything happen to you pretty face."

"Now that is a promise I will do my best to keep." Eyal with a final hug for Megan turned to Annie. "Walk with me Neshema."

"Hey Megan, do you want to get some pictures of what we just accomplished for your story? Give these two a chance to be alone for a bit." Arthur standing before Annie could answer Eyal. "You two stay here and finish you breakfast. Take care Eyal and we'll talk later."

"I'll let you know when I'm free of this mission and we'll get together and finish our discussion."

"That we'll do. Come on Megan time to see what your little phone planting did." Arthur taking Megan by the arm and they walked out of the restaurant.

Back with Annie and Eyal. They were engrossed in a conversation Annie had planned for quite some time. "Eyal before you start there is something I have to say."

"I may know what it is but go ahead Annie."

"Being a spy is hard and at times someone has to do things that in a normal life would hurt their partner. I need the freedom to not worry about such events and just focus on being the best spy I can. This past eighteen plus months have been wonderful but we seldom see each other and now that we have run a long term mission together..."

"Come out and say it Annie. Let me know how you feel it is the only way."

"I feel squash by you, that I'm not living up to my full potential of being a spy. You are by far the master spy and I'm needing to test my own wings, to fly free of you. And there are secrets, many secrets on your part and I feel... well feel you don't trust me with the secrets. The best move for both of us is to call it quits. Being a couple isn't working as I had dream. I'm sorry Eyal."

"I understand and maybe more than you know. As for the secrets Annie, we are spies and there are secrets and will always be secrets, you will learn this as you go on. You are a good spy Annie and perhaps you are right about cutting the cord both romantically and professionally. We still have our friendship, I hope."

"We'll always have our friendship Eyal."

"This is it Annie, I have to be going and goodbye Annie Walker." Eyal stood and quickly Annie also stood to give him a hug, and it was a tight hug, a final goodbye to their romance. As she watched him walk out the door she felt lost. She had done what she wanted to do but it didn't feel right. He had shown no emotions, not the slightest sign of hurt and she mused if he too had come to the same realization their long-distance romance wasn't working. She plopped back down in her chair with a heavy heart and why, she was free without any ties but still she had just watch a man she loved walked out the door and her life. Maybe it wasn't in the cards for her to find true love and roots all wrapped into one package. Nothing left to do but make flight reservations back to the states and wait for Arthur and Megan to return.


"I can't believe this has all come to an end and I'm now standing in front of a bombed out remains of the once lush and spacious home of Tassos Nicolaides, the leader of ARES. Tassos Nicolaides once had power, prestige and supremacy dominance over one of the largest and coldblooded world crime organization dealing in mass globe terror. But today all that remains is this jumble of rubble and the death of Tassos Nicolaides."

"That is what we do Megan. Bring down the bad guys."

"You said it was my phone planted."

"We knew about where Tassos' hiding place was but you phone gave the missing link. That is way Eyal wasn't with you and Annie last night and I should have been."

"We were still in our cover and you being there just wouldn't fit. See my big brother I starting to think like one of you." Megan tapping Arthur on the arm. "Was this an air assault?"

"Can't tell you much because I really don't know. This was all Eyal's doing but from the looks it was by one or two drones with some ground assistance."


"No Megan. That is for sure not the CIA. This was not a CIA operation and that is something I wish to talk with you about."

"I know, take pictures and keep the who and why under wraps."

"Yeah but that isn't what I had in mind. Eyal spoke highly of your ability and very impressed with you. What he said about coming over to our side wasn't a joke but he was dead serious."

"What leave my job and join the CIA."

"Not the CIA but something else. We'll seen enough of this place so let's go for coffee and I tell what I have on my mind."

Driving back to town Megan was quiet, not the normal Megan and Arthur was doing most of the talking about Joan and their new addition, little McKenzie. Megan listen, this was her family also but not very close and at times wondered if she would ever find what Arthur has found in Joan and his home life. Finding a nice little cafe for coffee Arthur calls Annie.

"We are going to be a while so if you have something else to do go ahead. I am thinking about taking this time to catch up with knowing my sister."

"Go ahead Arthur and visit with Megan all you wish. I have book a flight back to DC and I will be heading home by noon time. Tell Megan I'll give her a call and we can get together in New York for a night at the theater on Broadway."

"Will do Annie. See back in DC."

Megan watching Arthur disconnect from speaking with Annie. "She not is going to wait for us?"

"No and I have a gut feeling why. Something in her voice, a sad dreary sound."

"Because of Eyal leaving on another mission."

"Just a gut feeling but I believe they have call it quits. I could half way see it coming. The sparkle in her eyes she once had for him had faded and Annie has had a poor track record with love affairs.

"She had many?"

"Yes, and most ended very badly. She is a strong woman and will be over it in no time but I only wish one day she would find the man she can be happy with but as long as she is in this spy world it could be difficult."

"You found Joan it can happen."

"Yeah but for me it was late in life. Okay, enough about Annie and her love life. What about you?"

"Love life is a big joke. The one man that came close was an immoral bastard and tried to kill me. No Arthur I have been lacking on any type of romance in my life and do precious little dating back home. Fact is my life in New York is downright boring."

"Maybe we can change that."

# # # # # #

"Well here I'm back in New York with my two cats. The story was a big hit and a nice bonus for my effort. Arthur had laid out a proposal for me to come into the world of covert operations. In a private firm he and Eyal were putting together. Not all the details have been worked out as yet, waiting on Eyal to return for his unknown mission. Let me tell you, I am seriously thinking about it but my one drawback is working for my brother. Now don't get me wrong, I do dearly love my big brother but that is just it, he is my big brother and I doubt seriously he could turn off that protective mode for his little sister. Well anyway back to the grand so to say. Now sure if being back here is... well I don't know but one thing is for sure, there is also tomorrow and a new beginning."

Author's Note:This is only the ending of one chapter in the lives of Annie and Eyal. Another story is coming so stay tuned for the next installment. Just because they cancelled Covert Affairs on TV doesn't mean I can just cancel Eyal and Annie's story and leave it hanging. They have to find some happiness and so does Megan.