Hey everyone!

As you know, Winter Turning is coming out in one month, so before it is released I must post all my theories! That way, if they come true, I can be like- "I told you so!"


Anyway, here they are.

Theory #1:

Turtle is an animus dragon.

That's his 'secret' and that's why he and Anemone will be fighting.

Theory #2: Onyx wants to be queen, and will kill Thorn to do so.

Think about it! It all makes since- her thoughts when Moon could read her mind- all sounded like she was planning on being queen!

Theory #3: Not really a theory- pretty obvious actually- we'll find out why IceWings and NightWings hate each other so much. That obviously needs to happen.

Theory#4 There will be Glorybringer!

At least, I hope there will. This is turning into my wishlist- there had better be awesome Glorybringer moments, or I will be furious!