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A/N: He guys this is nutsofthechest with a new story I think you guys might like. Unlike my other stories the gods are not part of this one. But this time they are Espers, and human race is running them out of the galaxy in attempts to kill them all. But after 5000 years of fleeing from galaxy to galaxy they are finally tired of fleeing.

YEAR: 7002


Esper: A human being born capable of using telepathy and other paranormal mental abilities.

Long ago it was only science fiction that had these people with special abilities in them. Such as flying or being able to transform into animals. Even the ability to have x-ray vision or have immense strength. Everything was possible in science fiction back them but then, but as the year 2050 hit everything changed to those science fiction tales.

It all started on an evening like any other just as the night sky covered America, the one place UFO's seem to land most often. But that day went unnoticed by many for they were asleep, the night was the night a meteor shower started up. The meteor shower was viewed by millions everywhere, it was supposed to gone on for one week. This event was called the fall of heaven since it looked like heaven itself was falling, millions of meteors burning up in the atmosphere daily.

Little did they know that some meteors did break through the atmosphere, and land in many different places around the world. These small meteors some no larger than a baseball carried a virus on them that went undetected for years slowly spreading across the planet affecting all it came in contact with. But the virus did not kill no instead it improved, the human race then began its first step true evolution.

Within 5 years the virus had spread to every human on the world but it stayed doormat for years. Newborns already having it in them the second they were conceived. The virus becoming almost a new none active chromosome in all humans. But then it happened, a solar flare like any other hit earth. Like normal the magnetic pull defected it with ease but with that solar flare giving off so much energy so close to earth the virus activated. The solar flare being the trigger for the virus, as the Great Change began.

But the thing was the virus only activated to certain genes that only 1 in 5 million had that is 1400 people. Any others that had the virus were not affected to it awakening, the virus simply died inside their system. Nothing else happened to them, but the people who were activated found out that they possessed these power they were static. But the thing was it was their blood line it was secluded to. No one else outside of it for the past 5 generations were not able to get it.

These people self-proclaimed themselves as Primordials, but then the humans found out about these people and their powers. Quickly the government came in and began capturing and killing them all. Slowly their numbers dwindled into the hundreds then the double digest until finally only 13. These 13 were the youngest of their family barely over the age of 16 and well hidden in the depths of the deepest parts of the amazon forest.

Their names were: Chaos, Order, Chronos, Erebus, Nyx, Aether, Hemera, Gaia, Uranus, Ourea, Pontus, Tartarus, and Eros. Each given names of the most powerful Greek gods that ever lived but they all shared a power thanks to Chaos. That power was immortality, Chaos himself had two powers. Creation and Golden Blood, Creation was simple power. The ability to create any substance and matter he wanted.

But Golden Blood was beyond rare power even by Esper terms, the ability to bestow immortality of age. But each power they knew was like a wager with the power, you pay the power something and it will act in return. The power of immortality giving was heavy on him, the power took away 5 years of his life each time. And giving it to 12 people he had aged into a 76 year old man.

But you can guess each other possessed the powers that their names matched. Chronos the control of time, Eros control over the basis of love and all emotions, and so on. But as time went on they grew to worry what would become of their race so what they did was flee earth. The year was 3000 and the managed to catch a space shuttle into the deepest reaches of space. They were the subjects of an expansion on a habitable planet on the other side of the Galaxy.

The planets name was Etholla and a little over 1 light year away, as they travel they began their mission. Their mission being was to kill all humans on the ship, all 20,000 of them. All it took was one night for them, with the power of Uranus and his control over air he suffocated them all I their hyper sleep. Gaia a more loving of them all protested against it but the majority vote was in Chaos's favor. As time went on and they disposed of the bodies in their beds they quickly made the massive planet habiting ship their home.

For the next 200 years they sat quietly listening to the loneliness of the massive ship. Chaos making his room the captain's quarters as his old body kept him not moving for days at a time. But as the time went on the loneliness got to some of them particularly Gaia and Uranus. In the vast deepness of space a child was born her name, Rhea as Gaia found it funny and suitable for the small child she held in her arms.

Thankful for a successful birth Gaia and Uranus treasured her like no other. Then another and another child was born in the deepness of space from the two. This went on for years until they had 12 beautiful children. Themis, Crius, Oceanus, Tethys, Mnemosyne, Iapetus, Clymene, Coeus, Phoebe, Hyperion, Theia, Kronos, and Rhea. The called them this new generation the Titans as to fit with the Greek mythology that they were named after. By then Erebus and Nyx also had many children almost too many to count all possessing an ESP like all the others.

But as they landed in the faithful year that Helios, Selene, and Eos were born, Hyperion and Theia being the mother and father. As well as Asteria and Leto were the children born from Coeus and Phoebe that year as well. But during that year the Primordials and their family began to settle on the surface many more children were including. Promethius, Epimetheus, Atlas, Menoetius all children of Iapetus and Clymene.

At the same time Nyx and Erebus and all their children seemed to disappear into the darkness of the world. Using their powers to create a world of darkness underground, each child blessed with immortality thanks to their parents having it. Tartarus joining them using his power to create an underground world of his own but at the cost of his body becoming place itself. Over time they began to disassemble the ship making cities for their children as the Primordials seemed to disappear one by one.

Each one finding a new purpose in this massive world 3 times the size of earth. Finally even Chaos found a place that he could finally rest his head after so many years. The last one to see him before he fell asleep was Gaia, his last request that she lead the Espers to a new life. She gladly accepted as their world finally began. As the years passed like fluid around them hundreds of thousands of Espers were born.

Olympus was the name of the city that it all started from but Gaia no longer held a hand over it. Instead it was passed onto Zeus and his council of brothers and sisters. As well as his children filled the group they called the Olympians. Each as powerful as the next but nowhere near the primordials before them. Gaia gave the control of the city over unwillingly as the Olympians her own grandchildren killed her son Kronos.

At the same time the titans were forced to follow the Olympian under Zeus's rule he forced the titans to nearly disappear from the world but still kept some around. Like Calypso the titan who was claimed to be so beautiful that even Apollo would not tempt but court her. Or like Rhea and Leto his daughter's mother. But over the years Espers with powers as weak as only being able to light a candle became known as Duds.

But even though their powers were weak they could train to grow stronger and many did to please the Olympians and earn their blessing. Many created cities in their names and eve fought wars in their names. It was like 'history repeating itself once again' Athena once said as she remember old books she read about their old home called Earth.

So the rule of the Olympians began as more and more Espers were born but no longer receiving immortality due to their birth line. After the Olympians no more Espers or gods they called themselves got immortality to their blood line with their powers. But as time passed and the year reached 6000 off the human calendar they were attacked. The humans found out what happened and scaled a massive attack on the planet.

Many Espers were killed in massive barrages of missiles and lasers that entered the atmosphere from space. But the Olympias foresaw this thanks to the Fates and their rare but very accurate predictions on the future. Even able to tamper with fate itself but only in the slightest of ways. So with the help of 10,000,000 Espers they built a warp gate. With Athena the Espers of absolute knowledge she calculated a new planet they could populate.

But it didn't go as planned as when they moved not even 200 years later the humans followed again attacking them. Slowly but surely their numbers began to dwindle to barely even 100,000 as the attacks continued pushing them across the Galaxy. But soon no more ships attacked instead ground troops attacked them hopping to end the Espers once and for all. Human technology reaching new levels just to kill Espers.

But by the age of 6996 as one of the last planets that was habitable for Espers was under attack. The Espers number yielding only 10,000 most Espers with no powers or duds were dead because of the attacks but a few remained. But on this faithful day was the day Poseidon an Olympian had a son, one of his few children unlike his siblings. But also on this day was day that the Espers finally seemed to give up hope.

DATE: August 18, 6996


Poseidon sat quietly in the back of a medical vehicle as he watched the women he loved hold the tiny baby boy in her arms. Tears streaming down her face as he felt what she was feeling. Complete and absolute despair, the baby boy was born at the right time but the wrong time at the same time. As he watched her the van suddenly screeched around a corner as he heard a distant explosion as he looked out the window to see giant columns of smoke as he let out a sigh.

"Don't worry Sally the ship will be able to get you two away." He said quietly as her face looked rigid with fear.

"What about you?" She asked with tears in her eye as she looked into his deep sea blue ones.

"I will stay and help fend off any things that might endanger the ships warp." He said even quieter as her face was suddenly filled with anger and sadness.

"You will do no such thing-." But she was cut off by him kissing her sweetly on the lips, as he pulled back he gave his child a kiss on the forehead as well as he looked over her to see outside the driver's window to see them closing in on a giant ship ready and prepped for launch.

"I already agreed with my brothers and sisters on this, I volunteered to stay behind and protect the ship." He said as tears flooded her beautiful face, no a day over 30 is what she looked like. But she was truly a little over 230 years old, Espers tend to have much longer life spans than Humans do. They could easily live 1000 years if they took care of themselves as some did. The immortality in their blood still but not quite enough to bring full immortality like Poseidon has.

"But Percy…" She stammered looking at the quietly asleep newborn, not even hours old.

"I know…that is why I leave him in your care Sally. I cannot come with you because if I do all of the Espers left will die." He said in a very conflicting voice as she just slowly leaned over from her seat and cupped his cheek.

"At least let me have one more kiss." She said quietly as she carefully set Percy inside a small capsule that would keep him safe. As she did she felt the Ambulance come to a halt as she kissed him one last time. Feeling the warmth of his lips and the smell of the sea in her nose as she poured all her love in it. As she pulled back the doors flung open revealing two panting EMT's as she nodded to them.

They carefully helped her and Poseidon out as they nodded and started helping them to the massive ship that was nestled by the ocean. Percy in is life capsule was strung to Sally's front as he floated in zero gravity inside making sure he wouldn't wake.

"I love you." She said one last time as an explosion rang not but a mile away. As it did they didn't break eye contact the explosion blowing Sally's long brown hair to the side. Poseidon just brushed her hair to the side keeping it out of her eyes. Poseidon could see her on the verge of tears as he gave her one last quick pick and onto on the capsule that held Percy.

"Be safe my little dud." He whispered quietly as she blushed, even though her Esper powers were weak she loved using them.

"I will." She said as the two people that were driving the ambulance started to pull her away as she didn't leave Poseidon's eyes. But as the got further away Poseidon gave one last look and then turned towards the army that he faced. Sally just continued to look at his strong back as she found herself being pulled to one of the teleports that lead her to her sleep chamber. Being Poseidon's lover had a few perks.

"Poseidon." She whispered as she looked out her window to find the Olympian smiling sadly as he let out a calm breath. As she watched the ground begin to break around him as he started to use his powers.

'All passengers accounted for being launch.' A robotic voice of a female sounded over an intercom as she couldn't look away from Poseidon. Then she watched the humans being to advance on him all holding weapons that were advanced saber bows. Thanks to an Esper by the name of Hecate over 1000 years ago that sacrificed her own life to use her power. Her power was that all guns that were ever created in this known universe would never work again. No matter what the humans tired they couldn't get make any guns.

So they reverted back to bows and swords. But with today's technology those kind of weapons are still extremely dangerous. But to Poseidon they seemed like nothing as the ship began to take off. Giant hover plates beginning to lift the beast of a machine as Poseidon smiled one more time and began to work. A giant wave of water for miles began to rise up over the buildings and flood the city. But that was all Sally could see as they began to lift into the sky.

Slowly the sight of Poseidon disappeared but the sight of the ocean attacking every side of the shore did not. Giant arms of water began to crawl over land drowning all people in its wake. Walls of water blocking energy blasts from tanks down below. Blocking every shot that was fired as the water worked as hard as it could to stop the shots from hitting them.

But as they began to break atmosphere she noticed a massive explosion, right were Poseidon was as suddenly all the water went rigged and stopped moving. All of the massive amounts of water flowing back into the sea as she felt a sudden tear in her heart form. Letting all her emotions out.

"Oh god." Sally said covering her mouth with her hand and began to cry hard. Her one and only lover gone forever. She just curled up on the bed as got Percy out of his capsule and held him as close to her as she could. For day and weeks Sally wouldn't leave her room, silently crying to the child that lay in her arms. She would only get up to go to the bathroom and feed Percy but other than that nothing else.

For months the ship floated on the edge of the Milky Way nothing but despair filled Espers filled it. Many locked themselves away in their rooms just waiting to rot away as the Olympian gods tried to find one more habitable planet. But every planet they found was already filled with humans. There was truly no hope left for this nearly extinct species.

"Were to now, there are not places left for us?" She asked the small child.

"Do you have an answer Percy? Where is one place that Espers can be free of those demons? Some place there is peace for us." She asked him as tears poured down her face as they began to enter space no ships following. The humans knew they eliminated all possible options of livable places. That was the Espers last home, and it had been ripped from their hands. Just then she heard a knock at the door, as she sat up and called them in.

"Hello Sally." Said a familiar voice of Hestia the eldest of the Olympian gods, her face wrecked with tears of her own. All Sally did was pat the bed by her as she slowly picked up Percy and set him in a crib by her bed as Hestia curled up into a ball of misery. Sally just sat there as well as she suddenly hugged Hestia. Hestia was like a sister to her, and Poseidon was almost as close to Hestia as he was to Sally.

"Were to now?" She asked Hestia as the goddess like Esper remained silent.

"We don't know." She said quietly as Sally nodded.

"What about outside our Galaxy?" Sally asked as Hestia just laughed.

"If we could we would have but a ship like this was not made for the long of a journey." She said in a sad tone.

"What if we jumped?" I asked her.

"We would have no idea what coordinates to put in, we could jump in the middle of a star for all we know." She said.

"There is no more hope Sally, the humans are just going to wait for us all to die in this ship. That was their plan all along anyways." Hestia said startling Sally since this was the Esper of hope itself, so if she said there was no hope then she truly knew that it was the end.

"What abou-." But they were both cut off by a sudden ringing in their ears as they both toppled over in pain. As they did they both lay withering in pain on the bed Sally tried to see what was causing the sound, but as she looked up she saw a man that was tall women.

Her skin a perfect shade of color and as flawless as anything she had ever seen. She wore a simple backless whiter dress that was almost see-through. It cut off in front barely after her genitals. Around her neck was a thick necklace all made of one piece of a silver with elegant designs of waves on it. In the middle of the piece of metal was a giant smooth sapphire blue gem.

Also between her breasts was the same type of gem the way from an actual necklace the hung down around her neck. Around her body was other pieces of the silver that made arm braces and other things on her dress. As well as a small ring around her waist that seemed to be part of the dress that held a see-through piece of cloth around the back of her legs.

On her wrist was a bracelet just like her thicker necklace that held to her throat but it had tear drop shaped gems of the same color in them unlike the necklace which was oval. She had long dark to almost black blue hair running down her back. But the exquisite feature was her ears, giant long ears that were almost a foot long extended from her head and back. As well as her eyebrows that seemed to be about six inches long but hey were light blue instead.

They were just like her ears as they left her head and went for another 5 inches back, but the most startling factor was her eyes. Pure white eyes just starred at Hestia and Sally as she walked slowly into the room. She in Sally's view was absolutely gorgeous nothing wrong, even her eyebrow's that were long and to the sides of her head seemed to fit her perfectly. But as she walked in the ringing stopped but Sally and Hestia found their body's unable to move.

She didn't say a word a she took quiet steps in the room not making a noise as she slowly approached the crib with Percy in it. Sally began to panic and as did Hestia, but he women saw this and gave them a gentle smile.

"Do not worry, I am not here to harm." She said in a language the seemed to translate itself in their heads. But hearing it from her moth was like never hearing a language but you know what she said. But as Hestia and Sally watched the women she slowly picked up the sleeping baby as she smiled a little.

"Small king." She said in the same language sending shiver down both the paralyzed women's backs.

"The last hope to save our races is in your hands, I wish you luck on your journey to your one and true home." She said as she set down Percy and placed something by his hand. But with that she was gone in a blink, both women shot up in an instant as she disappeared regaining their motion. Sally instantly went to Percy's side as Hestia darted to the door to see if the women was in the hallway.

"What was that?" Sally asked Hestia holding he baby close as she came back in the room.

"I have no idea, what did she give to him?" Hestia asked as she looked down at a parchment in the bed. As Hestia picked it up she unfolded it to a giant list of numbers.

"What is this?" She asked herself as Sally held Percy close.

"I think they are coordinates." Sally said as Hestia looked at them and nodded. But then she looked at baby Percy who was sleeping peacefully in Sally's arms.

"What did she mean by both our races?" She asked as Sally's eyes just got wide.

"You think she means there are other Espers out there?" Sally asked cautiously as Hestia just starred at the parchment.

"There is only one way to find out." She said taking the parchment and putting it in her pocket and walking over to a phone on the wall. In a matter of seconds she typed in a number as it began to ring.

"Hello?" Answered a familiar voice of Athena.

"Sister I think I found where we need to go." Hestia said with a smile at the face in front of her.

"How?" She asked as Hestia smiled.

"Just wait and see I am coming to you right now." She said as she was off running down the hallway as Sally starred down at Percy.

"Little King, I like it." She said remember the nickname for Poseidon she made up for him. As she did small tears came to her eyes as she slowly lowered the baby back into the crib.

"Let's just hope that someday this will all end." Sally said with a kiss on the child's head.

DATE: August 18, 7002

PERCY POV: 6 years old

"Percy what are you doing up there?" I heard as I looked down as my mother shaking her head at me.

"I don't know." I said in all honest as I looked down at her from on top of the house. I loved the view from out house, it was like looking at the world at two different times at once. Our house was in one of the tallest houses in the forest we live in. On my right was the setting sun and on my left was a rising moon. Giving me a beautiful view as I watched the colors mix together. My mother just sighed as I felt my body suddenly get picked up as I floated down to her waiting arms. Mothers Esper power of telekinesis has grown a lot since I remember.

"How many times have I told you to not climb up there?" She asked me with a puffy angry face. She was like a child stuck in an adult's body sometimes, but as she set me down I blushed a little as she starred at me.

"162 times." I said sheepishly as she sat me down with a surprised look in her eye.

"You have been counting?" She asked me as I nodded.

"I like numbers." I said shyly thinking it isn't something a 6 year old should say.

"Well then…since I am going to go to town for a while I called your aunt Hestia to come and babysit you." She said as I smiled.

"Aunt Hestia is coming!" I said excitedly remembering her wonderful cookies she makes. Not as good as my mom's but they were still up there.

"Yep so why do you go get cleaned up and she will be here in a little okay." She said as I nodded and ran in the house to get ready. After a little I heard a knock at the door, my mom got up and walked over revealing my aunt Hestia.

"How are you doing dear?" Hestia asked giving my mom a hug as I ran over and hugged her legs.

"Oh you're as cute as ever." She said picking me up and planting a kiss on my cheek as I 'yucked' at it.

"Well I will see you when I get back Hestia I hope Percy won't be too much to handle." My mom said as she just laughed.

"Trust me if I could handle Zeus I can handle anyone." She said as mom just laughed.

"Okay I will see you around." Sally said giving her a hug then she was off leaving me and Hestia.

"So what do you want to do first?" Hestia asked me as I sat down on her lap relishing in her warmth and smell of pot-roasts.

"Story telling!" I yelled as she smiled.

"Okay which one do you want to hear first?" She asked.

"I want to hear the one about how Espers found this planet." I said excited as it was my favorite story.

"Oh that one." She said getting comfortable on the couch.

"Well it all started about 6 years ago. Back when the Espers just fled their home planet once again because of the humans. After months of searching we had fond not home but one night a women more beautiful than I had ever seen visited us." She said.

"Princess Luna." I said as she nodded.

"The one and only, but as she visited us she gave us coordinates to their planet. For they were also Espers of their original race, but unlike ours they had stopped being hunted a millennia ago. So we warped to their planet in hope of finding a new home, which we did. In fact not only our races were infected by the ESP virus but in fact hundreds of races were infected. All visited by Princess Luna as their own original races chased them from their homes."

"Each race that has an ESP power now lives on this planet and some of the few only a couple minutes away. But this planet became our new home, for the human Espers we got the forests of the planet. Given to us by Princess Luna herself, but that is not all. When we came here there was also 4 other races on this planet before us."

"There was the elves the ones who were nice enough to give us a home alongside them, the angels that live if the floating mountains of the Kalani, the water nymphs that live in all bodies of water, and the horned ones that live in the molten plains of fire. Each species claiming a continent of its own besides us humans who live with the elves. But many other sub species that are crosses between our races live on the other two plants that also orbit this star"

"What species is Princess Luna again?" I asked her as she smiled.

"She is a royal water nymph, she was said to have the purest royal blood of any nymph in the world. Much like her ancestors who were said to have Esper powers so strong they could move planets on whim. But nowadays Espers are about as strong as your mother or a little more. But lets get back to the story."

"As the years went on we started to build giant cities in the trees, and cities as the bases of them. Merging our two separate worlds together to form one giant elf/human environment that we both thrive in as of today. But one day we hope we can take back our homes." Hestia added on the end as I felt sadness fill her voice. I just smiled as I hugged her waist as she smiled once again.

"Hestia why do the humans hate us?" I asked her as she seemed to think about it.

"Probably because they fear us, or because one act that our ancestors did to anger them. Humans are very unforgiving creatures. That is why it is hard for human Espers to live with other species, we fear them but because we are all Espers we can live together. But hopefully one day it will end with peace but I doubt that it will. But on a happier note guess what I brought?" She asked me as I widened my eyes.

"Cookies?" I asked her as she smiled.

"Better that that, I brought blue cookies." She said rummaging in her bag and brought out a container of the delicious morsels. I just smiled as she gave them to me, instantly I ripped it open and began to devour them. All she did was laugh as the still warm chocolate cookies melted in my mouth, I was in Elysium. But as I ate them I felt tears peck my eyes as I ate slower one cookie in each hand.

"I wonder if dad liked moms cookies." I said taking a slow bite of one and chewing even slower my thoughts overruling my current wanting of cookies as I felt more tears fill my eyes. At my words Hestia also grew a sad face and hugged me as I took another bite.

"He loved them very much, he would never stop talking about them trust me." She said into my hair as she kissed my head.

"What was he like?" I asked her.

"That isn't a question to ask me Percy, ask your mother okay." She said as I nodded and continued eating the cookies. Hestia just smiled and rubbed my head until I felt sleepiness start to rush over my full belly body. Quickly I found my head in Hestia's lap as I drifted off to sleep.


"Percy you there?" A voice suddenly said in my head as I groaned as I woke up from my past memory. But as I did I felt tears on my face but being in space they just floated in front of me. As I wiped my tears I just continued looking into the pitch darkness in front of me, little speck of light littering its darkness as I just starred.

"Hey space brain respond." I heard as I growled a little at the name.

"Yeah I am here what's up?" I asked her in my mind because I knew she would pick it up.

"Were almost there." She said as I smiled a little.

"Took us long enough, how many months have we been in hyper sleep?" I asked out loud this time as I flicked on the com between all our ships.

"3 months." I heard from a male voice as I smiled.

"Really thought it was going to be longer than that." I said as I scratched the back of my head my body stiff after not moving for so long.

"You never read the reports do you, you're such a space brain." She said as I just laughed along with several other voices.

"Beets being Smart water." I said as she cursed at the nickname.

"Percy that isn't very nice to bring that up." I heard from a quieter voice.

"Piper it is useless to try to uses your ESP over the com it won't work." I said as the others laughed as I swear I could feel her blush from here.

"Approaching planet Alpha in 20 minutes prepare to land." Said a robotic voice as I laughed a little.

"Never gets old hearing your voice." I commented to the ships voice as I began to flick switches an press buttons from my small cockpit. As I did I saw a planet enter my view from the right as I smiled a little.

"So how long do you think this war will take?" A voice said.

"To long." Replied a sweet voice.

"Got that right." Said a deep voice.

"Oh looks like the love birds are awake." Commented a voice that you could almost see a grin as he said it.

"Says the elf." Replied the deep voice.

"Hey need I remind you it is a third elf, third horned one, and a third human." He said annoyed as we all laughed.

"Shut up Leo." Said a stricter female's voice.

"Ah Calypso you hurt me." He said in a dramatic voice.

"Whatever guys we are approaching the surface now, Percy you stay in orbit you know the drill." Said Annabeth our half water nymph half human, aka Smartwater.

"You got it Smartwater, Charles keep an eye on Leo will you who know what that elf will do with Calypso if he is together with her." I said earing an ohhh from everyone, I bet Calypso's cheeks were on fire right now.

"Will do, beginning decent." He said as I watched 16 ships enter the planet's atmosphere as I smiled. Leaning back in my seat as I settled in watching the sun the planet orbited. This planet was the last planet that the Espers once had as a home. This planets was the place my father died to protect the ship that held our future of human Espers. But now the Espers wanted to fight back, with an army of 5,000 Espers on the ground of Alpha planet we were ready. But with this elite squad of Espers sent to help our army we were ready to take back what was ours.

The Espers were finally fighting back.