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"Stop him!" One shouted as one ran up and started to hit me with the butt of his laser bow. But I kept going as from the blackness came a massive hand that was scaled like a dragons from fairytales. It just gripped the edge of the portal as more began to hit me as I was forced down to the ground as they began to shoot me with stun lasers as point blank range. Soon I felt myself slipping into unconsciousness as I finally fell to the ground.

As I did the arm of the beast retreated in the blackness as the portal closed as two humans grabbed me and began to haul me out of the blood and muck.

"Put him in a power seal cage, we don't want him waking up and unleash whatever the hell that was." Said one as I felt myself being dragged up a hill as I slowly turned my head to a human. All he did was glare at me and hit be with the butt of his bow as I was sent into unconsciousness.


"Percy please wake up." I heard in a sobbing voice as I slowly opened my eyes. As I did I felt tears fall on my cheek as I started to steadily regain my senses as I felt someone's legs under me. Slowly I realized it was a women that was holding my head as I looked up at her soft brown colored hair.

"H-Hey." I croaked out as I heard the female gasp.

"Y-Your awake…Guys Percy is awake!" She yelled as I heard people start moving towards me as other started saying things as it all overloaded my senses. I just closed my eyes again and scrunched my brow as I heard people start saying things to me as I groaned.

"Guys easy he just woke up." I heard the female say again as her warm and shy voice made me feel better.

"T-Thanks Hazel." I croaked at her as I opened one eye as I saw her eyes watering as more tears fell on my face. Slowly I managed to move one arm but I felt I stop as I looked to see it chained to the wall as I felt the cold feeling of chains ion my skin at that moment as I frowned.

"Welcome back to the world of the living." I heard as I turned to see Luke grinning at me as I noticed a bundle of red bandages on his side as Annabeth tended to him. Worry spread on her face as she tried to tend to the wound but had no luck.

"Why am I chained to the floor and you guys aren't?" I asked them as I heard a couple of them mutter something.

"Before we get to that lets sit you up and get some food and water in you." Hazel said as I tried to nod but I found I had not energy.

"Guys can you help me?" She asked as they nodded as I slowly felt myself being propped up against the wall as I looked at the current people in my cell. There was Luke, Annabeth, Hazel, Nico, Piper, Zoe, Leo, and me.

"Where are the others?" I asked as Hazel pointed to the other side of the corridor to find the rest. Currently they were all asleep as I saw Charles, Selina, Calypso, Grover, Reyna, Frank, and Clarisse. But as I didn't see Jupiter I smiled a little but then I noticed how rough everyone was looking. All of our clothes were now replaced with simple white shirts and plain shorts.

"Now shush you have to eat you have been passed out for the past couple days, we were starting to think you had died." Hazel said as she reached down to a food tray as she quietly got some slop looking stuff on a spoon and held it up. Not wanting to leave the cute girl hanging I opened my mouth as I found the slop tasteless and bland but I managed to chew and swallow.

"Man I wish I had a cute girl feed me." Said Leo as he laid on one of the cots as he looked over at us as Nico glared at him.

"If you can't move and I can I will feed you." Hazel said with a simple smile but it seemed to be drained off all happiness. Then I began to notice the marks all over her arms they looked like bruises but I knew what caused those marks from the shape and size. The same went for all the other females except Zoë and Annabeth.

"So why am I chained up with…titanium chains?" I asked them as they seemed to sigh but retained a smile at my ignorance.

"While asleep you like to thrash around in the normal steel chains, buy every morning the guard would find them broken so they switched you to titanium ones. That normally get you about 5 days then they break so I think they are going to get some special metal to seal you up." Hazel said as I laughed lightly as she shoved another spoonful of the slop in my mouth shutting me up.

"The guards don't like it when we laugh." She said in a low voice as I nodded. But as she did I let my question slip from my voice.

"Why do you have bruises on your arms?" I asked as she stiffened as she quickly filled a spoon full of the slop again and force fed me as she didn't want to talk about it. But Piper who currently had the most bruises on her arm answered it for her.

"How do you think we got so much food?" She asked in a darker voice as my eyes widened as I watched Hazel self-consciously start to tear up and rub her arms. Same with Piper as she slowly rubbed a new one on her wrist as I gritted my teeth together. But at the same time I saw Nico turn his head away from me as if to hide something.

They had sold themselves to get us more food from the guard to lice, just the thought made my blood boil. Not only the women but the men as well, if I ever got free from these bonds I would murder them all.

"I will kill them." I growled as Hazel gave me a sympathetic look.

"Please don't say that, Zoë said that once and they limited our food for a couple days." Hazel said as Zoë looked down not facing anyone.

"How long was I out?" I asked her as I was spoon fed again.

"About a week and a half." Hazel said as I gulped.

"T-That long." I said as I looked down as I scowled, but just then I heard something hit the cell bars as I looked to see a male guard in a power suit with no helmet. It was a much older model but it still looked threatening on the 6 foot 10 man as he looked down at us all.

"Looks like the general is finally awake." He said in a deep and low voice, but as he did I saw the females shrink back under his look.

"I might just test him out like I did you three." He said with a sick smiled as Hazel started to cry as Leo got up and pulled her away from the gate. Piper did the same as well with Nico as everyone glared at him. But I was left on the ground close to them as he smiled at us.

"Feisty just the way I like them." He said as he kept tapping the baton on the side of the metal bars.

"Why don't you just fuck me and get it over with." Piper said as she walked forward, I was about to say something but then I saw her eyes. They had no more light in them, no more emotions that she was normally full of. She was like a walking corpse that had nothing to live for anymore, my guess is was because of Jason. But the male just smiled a sick smiled as nobody said anything.

But he simply began to unlock the gate as he opened it as he made a hand gesture for her to come out. But not without putting handcuffs on her wrists as she looked up at him with emotionless eyes.

"Get on your knees bitch." He said as he put the baton on his shoulder as if he was ready to hit her on the spot. But Piper slowly listened to his command as she slowly got down until she was on her knees.

"You know what to do." He said as she nodded as she reached forward and undid a part of the power suit as what I would imagine to the most unproportioned sized dick I had ever seen. I almost laughed at its tiny size if the situation was not as serious as it was as I watched everyone turn around. But then Piper said something that I would never forget as she turned towards me.

"Percy I just want to let you know that I am going to see Jason soon." She said as my eyes widened as suddenly in one moment Piper had the man on his chest as she sat on his back. But as she did she suddenly pulled back her arms as I noticed the chain of her handcuffs around the man's neck as he was starting to get choked out.

"B-Bitch." He gurgled as he tried to stand up by he was couldn't as Piper pulled on the chain with all her might as his face started to turn purple then blue to he finally stopped moving entirely but Piper kept going as I watched her arms shake in rage and fear. But finally she let up as I saw tears falling from her eyes, I didn't know if it was because she was happy or sad but just before she could do anything I heard people shouting down the hall.

"Piper run." Hazel said as Piper slowly looked over to us but shook her head.

"Today is the day that I die, I will tell Jason you all say hello." She said just as the guards stormed the area. Not a second before they got in there suddenly a sword was brought to her throat and pulled at a startling pace. She just sat there in silence as the guards gathered around as blood began to flower like a waterfall down her throat as I watched the light leave her eyes.

"Piper!" Everyone screamed as I watched the Piper just slowly close her eyes but as she did a smile crossed her face as she just silently fell forward. With a thump on the ground Piper's life ended as I felt tears brimming in my eyes as I got the strength to stand up.

"No!" I screamed as I came forward but the chain stopped me as I began to pull against it with my weakened body. As I did I heard the chair begin to stretch and groan from under the pressure but then suddenly someone was pushing up against me as I looked down. Annabeth was currently pushing against me as she had her arms wrapped around my body as she closed her eyes. Her body was shaking in sorrow as I watched tears stream from her eyes.

"Please don't Percy, it isn't worth loosing another." She said in a painful voice as I looked down at her shaking body. The guards outside watching the scene as they had the swords ready as I looked at Pipers lifeless body as I slowly let up against Annabeth as she still held onto me as her body shook.

"Thank you." Annabeth whispered as I glared at the guards who flinched at my stare, they knew the only thing holding me back was the women that was still pushing me back. I just lifted my one free hand and patted her head as she looked up at me as I slowly turned around and walked back to the wall that I was chained to as I sat on my bed. But as I did my eyes turned back to the guards as they flinched again.

They understood that if I was to ever get my hands on them they would die a painful and horrible death. But I didn't push my luck as I stared back at the floor as I felt the guards release their breath as they began to drag the bodies away. I just closed my eyes and listened to the quiet sobs of my cellmates as I gently laid on my side as my back faced them.

"Percy are you okay with this?" I heard from a voice across the hall as I recognized it as Frank. But as he did suddenly a shudder went through everyone as they felt my answer to that question. I could feel them almost stop breathing as the pressure continued until I thought it was enough, as I finally let go they all started to gasp for air.

"Fucking retard for asking that." Clarisse said as she smacked Frank on the back of the head as he groaned in pain.

"Sorry…it's just…" But he couldn't get it out from his mouth but I just nodded.

"You get used to it Frank trust me." I said as everyone seemed to agree, we had lost many friends already in this war. Me especially since I actually got put in with my friend I was in another division but they were wiped out by the humans. But that was a long time ago and it is the past.

"Get your rest tomorrow is going to be a big day." I said as they all looked at me confused.

"What do you mean?" They asked me.

"I can hear them talking, tomorrow is our first day of torture. Me, Annabeth, and Calypso is who they are going to take from the leader cells." I said as Annabeth suddenly go up and ran to what small hole in the ground was considered a toilet and threw up in it. The same happened with Calypso in the other room as I remained silent.

"Have a good rest you guys, tomorrow is going to be a long day." I said as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


The first day was the hardest by far, but soon the melded together into a string of events that was locked in my mind. But slowly my commander started off, the second was Luke. His injury was killing him and right now he was currently taking his last breaths in Annabeth's arms. All I could do was listen to the rough breaths as I had my back faced from the group as I clenched my eyes closed and tried to tune it out.

"Percy…" Luke managed as I slowly turned around and sat up on my bed as I looked down at the suffering Esper. His skin a deathly pale color and sweat pouring off his skin as well, I knew at the most he had about 30 minutes.

"Yes Luke?" I asked as I walked over and sat down beside him as he reached up as I took his hand in a weak grasp.

"I-I need you to p-promise me that you will k-keep Annabeth safe." He wheezed out as I looked over at the crying female. Her skin covered in whip marks and needle marks for yesterday's tortures on her. She looked so fragile it was like a simple touch and she would shatter, she had taken Hazel's torture yesterday to try and give the small girl another week or rest.

"I will I promise on my life, and if I can't you can do whatever you want to me in the afterlife." I said to him as he smiled at me as tears filled his eyes.

"Annabeth I never got to do something with you." Luke said as she tried to look at him through the tears.

"Percy since you are hear I want you to marry us." He managed as Annabeth cried a little more as I nodded.

"I will make it fast if that is okay with you." I said as both of them nodded as Annabeth smiled a little.

"Annabeth Chase do you take Luke Castellan as your husband?" I asked her as she nodded.

"Luke Castellan do you take Annabeth Chase as your wife?" I asked him as he nodded.

"Then I pronounce you as Mr. and Mrs. Castellan. You may kiss the bride." I said as I watched Annabeth lean down and plant a small kiss on his lips. But as she did Luke brought up one hand to head as she pulled away.

"I love you Annabeth, I hope to see you in the afterlife." He said with a true smile as his arm fell as he closed his eyes. As that happened his chest stop rising and falling altogether as I saw Annabeth slowly reach over and shut his eyes as the smile never left his face. I just gently set his hand on his chest as well as I looked up at the bars to see a guard nod.

"Everyone back, they are going to take the body away." I said as everyone nodded but Annabeth stayed put as she looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

"Do you think he made it to heaven?" She asked me as I looked at her right in the eyes and answer what I thought was right.

"I do not believe in heave, but if there was one he would be a high angle waiting for you to join his side for eternity." I said as she looked back down and nodded as she slowly got up and set his head down on the ground as I gently bent down and picked him up as I walked over to the door. The guard took out a stun rifle and nodded as he unlocked the door as I walked out and put his body on the ground.

"…" I couldn't find the right words in my mind to say to his body as I slowly stood up and walked back in the cage as the door shut and locked. As you noticed I am no longer chained to the wall that is because they decided I had lost the will to fight and decided it wasn't necessary.

"Tomorrow you all have the day off as long as your leader agrees to meet someone tomorrow." Said the guard as I stopped and turned to him.

"Tell him you have yourself a deal." I told him as he nodded and walked off. I don't know why but I felt like the humans were treating us different from the others. Maybe it was something to do with us being high class objects for trade but I had no clue what else it could be.


The next day I was waiting for the guard to come and get me as I looked over everyone. I could see their spirits breaking, and I didn't blame them. We were in the middle of the largest Human research facility on this planet. But that wasn't all, with the loss of Luke I could see the cracks staring to form.

"Looks like you're ready." Said the guard as he approached with something of a copper color in his hand.

"Put these on." He said tossing them threw the cage as I caught them as I looked the interesting cuff. But I did as he said as I slipped them on I suddenly felt my powers dampen even more as I shrugged off the feeling. Currently this cage was built to disrupt Esper powers by making the virus in us become unstable and move around a lot. It was not harmful but what you needed to have to preform Esper abilities was your virus to be stable and unmoving.

Thus it dampened out powers to a point we could barely use them or couldn't use them. Me on the other hand being a stronger Esper had more of the virus in me, they still were affected but the field. Kind of like a pool filled with five balls and if you hit one you have a low chance of that one hitting another. But I was like a pool filled with 40 balls and was more likely to get a reaction than the other pool. But since they moved around so much I couldn't get any powerful powers to activate.

"Come." He said as I nodded as he hooked a chain around my cuffs as he started to pull me behind me as I caught sights of more cells. As I looked in them I saw more of my soldiers and people as they all glanced at me. But none of them said anything as they stayed silent as I kept walking on the cold brick ground.

"So who is this someone?" I asked the guard.

"He is the leader of this base, he wishes to have a word with the Esper division leader." He said as he answered my question as I had nothing left to ask him as he pulled me down more and more halls. But as he did I noticed the walls changed from medieval dungeon to advanced space center. But as he did I memorized the route instantly as I was pulled into an elevator with seven more guards.

But then I noticed all the eye on me as I looked at scientist and other looking at me like a fine wine for experimentation. But I just looked right ahead as we passed more and more people as we went higher and higher. But soon I was brought to the top floor as the now 8 guards brought me to a door and knocked on it.

"Sir we have the prisoner." He said as I looked around to see lots of fancy people working on multiple things.

"Come in." I heard from a deep voice as the door slid open reveling a well lit room that had a view of the massive swap as the man sat in a chair that was huge. But the man himself sat at least 8 feet tall and very well-muscled. He had darker skin color I think that they called him an African descendant but I don't know that much of human history. His head was shaven giving a nice gleam to it as well as he wore a nice white suit that looked nice on him, I had to admit it to human or not.

"Ah look who has come to see me." He said in a deep tone as he got up as the guards fallowed me in.

"Please have a seat." He said motioning to a chair a few feet in front of his desk I just walked forward but stood still as he raised his eyebrow.

"I see you are too proud to accept my offer…bring him to his knees." He said as he crossed his fingers as I felt the butt of one of the laser rifles on the back of my leg. But the force was not enough as it harmlessly bounced off the back of my leg as I turned to the man with the gun as he stumbled back. I just turned my attention back to the man in front of me as he had a smile on his face.

"Just as Kronos said you are indeed a sturdy mountain that is just waiting to crumble." He said as my eyes widened. I simply took one step forward as I suddenly heard the eight stun guns come alive as they pointed at me back as I stopped.

"Tell me where that traitor is so I can kill him." I growled at him as the room seemed to grow tense with pressure. But the extreme cuffs were still keeping me from activating my power so I couldn't hurt them. Also from my current tests on them I couldn't easily break out of these cuffs as they were made out of some sort of super strong alloy.

"Now let's not get ahead of ourselves, I might tell you if you provide me with some information." He said as I now knew why he really wanted me here.

"What do you need to know?" I asked him as the information about Kronos's whereabouts might be worth it.

"I need to know the location the sword of god." He said as I stiffened, that was one piece of information I didn't want to give anyone.

"How do you know that name?" I asked him as I felt the room grow tense again, which was one of the best guarded secrets of the Olympian Espers. The sword of god was something that was not to be discussed outside of the family.

"Kronos told me the name and what it can do but he doesn't know the location. Though he also said that only one of the 14 Olympian Espers knows the location of it right now. Am I correct heir to the 14th seat, the one who knows the location of the sword of god?" He asked me as I growled at him, but as I didn't I felt the guns at my back again.

"Easy now, if you can give me that one piece of information I will be willing to let all or your men and women go as well as give you the location of Kronos." He said.

"If I gave you that information there would be no need for me to be alive if you got your hands on it, that weapon holds more power in it that you can possibly imagine. No human would ever be able to wield it with that much destructive power could wipe out planets on whim. Your deal is double sided and I see no reason to tell you." I said as his face hardened as he got up slowly.

"You listen here you puny insect I will get that information from you one way or another. I don't care if I have to rip your body apart and your mind and use one or you other insect friends to read it. I will get the location of the sword of god, boy and when I do your puny planet will be destroyed as you watch. Get him out of here and assign him and his commanders on triple torture time, I always get what I want you will find out the hard way." He said as I felt myself being pulled by the guards but I didn't budge as I stared at him.

"I could kill have killed all of your guards and you in this room at least 6 times in the last minute with just my legs. The only thing keeping from not doing it is the sole fact that my commanders are alive. I swear if they all die there will be nothing protecting you from my wrath." I said as I turned around to see 7 of the guards pulling on me trying to get me to move as the last one pointing a gun at me.

"Let this be a lesson." I said as I suddenly lashed out with my left leg at the 8th guard. In less than a blink of an eye my barefoot was now replacing the area where the man's head once was. The head in fact was not lodged in the wall as it had a footprint that was depressed in the face. Then the blood came as the body fell over backwards and began to pour blood all over the ground as the man's body began to twitch.

The other guards didn't even have time to think as I began to walk forward as they all fell backwards since they were all pulling on me. I simply stepped over them and began to walk towards the elevator as everyone was silent.

"You just earned yourself 4 years in the isolation room with 10 torture sessions and day." Said the man as I didn't even look back as the guards rushed after me. They knew that they couldn't hurt me right now as I was using all the Esper powers I could muster to strengthen my body. Right now my skin was as hard as titanium and my muscles as powerful as a 500 strong men. But as I turned to face the man once again all I could see was a smirk on his face as the doors closed to the elevator.


I was walked back to my cell and forced inside as they took off the handcuffs as everyone looked up at me.

"What did he want?" Asked Annabeth, whose eyes were still red from crying.

"He wanted to know the location of the sword of god." I said in a silent voice, but the faces said it all as their eyes widened.

"You didn't tell him did you?" Leo asked me as I shook my head and sat down on my bed.

"Why would I tell him? That weapons I more powerful than anything a human can handle, he tried to get me to spit it up for our freedom as well as the location of Kronos." I said in as I hung my head as I waited for their reactions.

"Thank god you didn't tell him." Zoe said with a sigh of relief as I looked up at her surprised as I saw a wave of satisfaction over everyone else's face.

"You aren't mad that I didn't tell him for our freedom?" I asked them as they nodded.

"Percy if something of that magnitude was in the hands of the humans then there would be no more home to return to. It was the right decision on your part." Said Zoe.

"Thanks for not hatting me." I said as they all sighed.

"We can never stop hatting you trust us." Said Annabeth as I smiled just then a guard appeared at the door who tapped on the bars three times with his nightclub as we all held in a growl. Three knocks mean that he was in need of some special with one of the ladies. Annabeth was just glaring at the male as more tears streamed down his face as Zoë looked over to her and seemed to make a conclusion in her mind.

"I will go." She said in a hardened voice as she walked to the bars as she put on the usual cuffs as she was led out of the cage. But instead of forcing her on her knees like normal she suddenly spun her around and started to pull down his pants as he pulled out a sword and let it rest on her back. She stiffened at the sight of the blade but as he started to pull down her she suddenly retaliated as she turned around and head-butted him.

"Get away from me you fucking monsters!" She screamed as him as he recovered from the blow as he suddenly tackled her. As he did she tried to get out of his grip but failed as he suddenly put the sword to her chest as she stopped again.

"You listen here you be nice and quiet or else I will gut you." He said to her as I saw tears started to flow down her eyes as she kept her legs night and tight together as he started to glare at her as she tried to pry them open. But she gave no yield as suddenly he got a sour face.

"Find if you don't want to sleep with me then you won't ever sleep with anyone ever again." He said as he shoved the sword right into her chest and right into her heart. As he did he quickly pulled it out and picked up the now screaming Zoë by her cuffed hands and tossed her back in the cage. Quickly I went to her side and tried to stop the bleeding but the wound was too big and if I used my powers that I could muster right now they would murder me and everyone else.

"Please Zoë don't go." Annabeth begged her as I placed a hand on the wound as I felt the warm blood seep through my fingers. There was nothing I could do other than hold the rags that were given to me by Leo since it was his shirt but it wasn't helping much.

"I am sorry I w-would rather die than let a human desecrate me." She said in a dying tone as her eyes started to close as I applied more pressure to the wound but it was having no effect. Why was I so useless in the situations, it seemed like every time one of my friends was going to die I was powerless to stop it.

"Shh Zoë easy." I said but my words never reached her as she gasped a few times as I felt her grip on my arm grow tight as her eyes widened in fear and sadness until with three simple gasps she was gone. She fell limp in my arms as her warm blood covered my arms and legs as Annabeth and Hazel lost it right there as I just gently raised one of my hands and closed her eyes as her body started to grow cold in my grip.

"I swear one day you all will pay." I said as a deep growl left my throat as the guards just smirked at me.

"What could a useless Esper like you do?" He asked as I started to chuckle slightly as I slowly laid down Zoe's body as I looked up at me.

"Let me give you an example." I said as I raised one leg and kicked the bars as I did as the whole cell front bent outwards and the area that the front was bolted into cracked as well. The guard just leaped back in fear as I lowered my foot as I approached the cage as I grabbed two of them and bent apart as I made a space big enough for myself to fit through. I just simply stepped out of the cell as I face his now shivering body.

"You lucky that I already killed one guard today or I would have killed you, anymore and I think that the big man upstairs would hurt my commanders. But I swear to god if you so much as even touch one of them again and I hear word of it, containment room or not I will find you and I will kill you." I growled at him as I saw multiple guards staying away from me.

I knew that the only reason they weren't attacking me was one out of fear and second was because I had information on something the big man wanted. If I died by one of their hands without telling the location of the sword of god they would have hell to pay. But then again if I tried to escape right now I would not be able to defend all of the friends with the amount of force here. I was at a fork in the road right now and I didn't know what to do.

"Take me to the containment room now." I said as he suddenly fainted as I turned to another guard who flinched at my blood covered self.

"You can follow orders I believe, take me to the containment room. Also you might want to fix that hole." I said as he nodded quickly as I felt a normal pair of shackles on me.

"M-Monster." The guard on the ground stuttered as I turned to him.

"Heed my warning human you so much as touch one more women I will kill you, or better yet threaten to kill myself for your actions and then the boss will be after your ass." I said as I turned back to the guard pulling me as I flowed him.

"These next few years are going to be rough so try and stay alive!" I yelled to the whole hallway as I heard multiple agreements from the multiple inmates. As I followed the guard to what would be known as the hardest 4 years of my life.

People Alive:

Percy (human)

Annabeth (1/2 water nymph, ½ human)

Juniper (wood nymph)

Reyna (human)

Paul (elf)

Olympians –Poseidon (human)