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"Whatever guys we are approaching the surface now, Percy you stay in orbit you know the drill." Said Annabeth our half water nymph half human, aka Smartwater.

"You got it Smartwater, Charles keep an eye on Leo will you who know what that elf will do with Calypso if he is together with her." I said earing an ohhh from everyone, I bet Calypso's cheeks were on fire right now.

"Will do, beginning descent." He said as I watched 16 ships enter the planet's atmosphere as I smiled. Leaning back in my seat as I settled in watching the sun the planet orbited. This planet was the last planet that the Espers once had as a home. This planets was the place my father died to protect the ship that held our future of human Espers. But now the Espers wanted to fight back, with an army of 5,000 Espers on the ground of Alpha planet we were ready. But with this elite squad of Espers sent to help our army we were ready to take back what was ours.

The Espers were finally fighting back.



*Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring.* A sudden sound played from my pocket as all the chatter went silent as the coms were still on. All the screens in front of me suddenly displayed the word 'Pause' as I listened to see if I was right. After another set of rings I slowly reached into my pocket and looked at who was calling me, as I looked at the screen it said Paul on it as I hinged my breath.

"You going to answer that?" Asked Annabeth in a laughing tone.

"Shut up give." I said as I tapped the hologram the phone shot out as I answered my call.

"Hello?" I asked as instantly Paul's voice came on the phone, my soon to be stepdad. Even though he was an Elf mom loved him with all her heart, he was even younger than her by 50 years which made it kind of funny.

"Where the hell are you?" I heard her ask me in a tone that said 'don't joke around right now'.

"I am in the simulator…" I said but I couldn't finish.

"At school?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said in a shy voice even though I loved Paul to death he still scarred the shit out of me when he went into teacher mode I called it.

"God you realized the wedding starts in 30 minutes right." He said with a deep sigh as my eyes searched for the nearest clock to find it was 4:30 pm.

"But I thought it started at 6." I said panicking as he sighed again.

"That is what time the party starts, the wedding starts in 30 minutes Percy. All I can say is hurry." He said as he hung up as I instantly hit the red button on the side of the cockpit. As I did all the suddenly all the screens went black and the cockpits all popped open. As they did I jumped out onto the deck to my right as all the other flight simulators came to their docking spots.

"What the hell?" I heard as I turned to our superman of the group. Jason stood tall with his blonde hair and pure white wings behind him. He was one of our group's half angel half humans and a son of Jupiter, who was currently dating Piper our group's mascot as I called her. Unlike her half-sister Selina who was full human, Piper was half subspecies half human. Both their mothers being Aphrodite an Olympian who likes to get around with her ESP. The thing was her subspecies half that she got from her father who was a full lion subspecies.

Yes a Cat, she had both her brown Cat ears like a German shepherd. They stuck deep in her hair and almost blended into it completely. But that was only if she put them down, which most the time they were up listening to people. But her sharp feline like teeth but only on her canines, also her tail was dead a giveaway. Her tail swung back and forth impatiently as I realized I was staring at them as Jason floated over to Piper as she just glared at me for stopping training.

"Sorry but I need to go." I said as I began to instantly strip from my space flight suit which was really just a simple piece of cloth that had not helmet and a zipper on the front. But that caused all the girls to look away. Most the guys just laughed but when the realized I was wearing my normal blue shirt and pants underneath they all just laughed harder.

"Where?" I heard a voice as I tripped as I tried to get it off my feet. As I looked up I saw Grover and Juniper. Grover was a subspecies of goat/human and full human and a son of Pan, while Jupiter was one of the rare pure blood wood nymphs. Which don't like violence in the least bit but she knew that she would have to learn about it sometime so she joined the Esper Academy.

"To my mom and Paul's wedding, I only have like 25 minutes left and it is on the other side of the city." I said as I managed to get my feet through the holes as I struggled a little more.

"You're not going to make it." Said a female's voice as I looked to see Annabeth a daughter of Athena and Luke. Annabeth or Smartwater was out group's smartest person even without her ESP ability. Luke on the other hand was our class clown, his father being Hermes an Olympian and his mother a full angel. Unfortunately his mother's ESP consumed her mind and destroyed her, but I guess that happens to people with the ESP power of foresight. But he like Jason had big white wings on his back as he looked smugly at me with his scarred face.

"Yes I will, watch me." I said standing up and putting on my shoes as I began to run, everyone sighing and started to follow me. Luke had taken to the air as did Jason, both lightly flapping as I ran full speed out of the giant building that housed all 20 space flight simulators. As I got to the door Piper was already holding it open as she smirked at everyone. Piper held the schools fastest time for any type of running for subspecies. Even thought she was only half subspecies she still kicked ass at it.

As I zipped out the door I saw Luke and Jason perched on another building waiting as they took the exit above for angels. Angels didn't really like to walk so the school had to put in giant entry ways in each building for them. That could be Hovercopter outside the buildings for them or giant entry ways in the ceilings for buildings like this.

"Your so slow." I heard as Zoe and Reyna sat outside already, damn Reyna and her ESP. But I didn't pay one of our humans Reyna any attention as Zoë just laughed at me, she was half human and half wood nymph and an adopted daughter of Artemis. Even though she did have that calm blood in her veins that didn't mean anything to her as she constantly acted like a demon to all me. Let me tell you there was only like 7 guys Zoë didn't hate that included me of course, but I had a feeling sometimes I was wrong.

"Whatever….where the hell is my bike?" I asked looking for my motorcycle as it wasn't wear I left it. As I looked around everyone else made it out as Jason flew down and patted me on the shoulder.

"Thalia took it remember, she needed to get to the wedding also." He said as I nearly snapped right there. Thalia was the person I thought lived to make my life miserable. She was Zoe's sister also being half human and half wood nymph. But I swear that women was like the devil herself.

"God damn it!" I screamed as I looked around at the people already leaving towards the other side of the city. Since they weren't part of the wedding like I was they had time they could be later for all if they wanted to. But I still had to get on my fucking suit and everything. Hazel another human hitched a rides on Frank's back who was also a human, but as he transformed into a horse and galloped away with Hazel riding on his back. But then I noticed Jason standing beside me as Piper walked over to us. Her tail flicking from side to side as I decided to rack in some old favors.

"Jason I need you to carry me to the chapel." I said as I saw his face panic a little as he looked at my face, my face basically said 'I got you now little animal'.

"No way man." He said with a huff of hot air, but I guess that is a son of Zeus thing.

"Oh yes you will, or do I have to tell piper what I bought for you to put in her cookies last week?" I asked as his eyes grew dangerously close together.

"You wouldn't dare." He whispered to me as I looked at Piper, who was obviously intrigued what we were whispering about.

"Watch me." I said as I slipped past him and face Piper.

"Hey Piper I just wanted to let you know I gave Jason a bag of c-." But I was cut off as Jason put both his hands on my mouth as he smiled at his gilrinned at Piper.

"Wait Percy w-." but she was cut off by Jason.

"Don't worry about it please, if you don't I will buy you whatever you want to eat tomorrow." He pleaded with her as her eyes grew suspicious as she starred at him.

"Okay fair enough, but you better hurry up everyone already left." She said as she began to sprint off as I smiled under Jason's hands.

"You better not tell her I spike her cookies with catnip got it." He said with a deep red blush as I pretended to zip up my lips and throw away the zipper. You see like any other feline Piper would become very how, should I say 'horny' when she eats it or grows wet when she smells it. Being such an effective item against the feline subspecies it is only sold at adult stores in small packages. Being a friend I am I bought Jason a packet because he was too embarrassed to.

But when Piper ate it she was all over Jason like honey in a beehive, thought I know they didn't do anything. They had a lush makeout session on the couch as Thalia described it when she came over to see them. So to put simply Piper if she knew what he did she would kill him for it, so I kind of use it as time of leverage against him.

"Got it, now take flight superman!" I yelled as he shook his head and began to carry me. I just smiled as I he flew as fast as he could with me as luggage. In 15 minutes we made it ad he dropped me off by the back door. With luck on my side somehow made it inside as I watched Paul pace inside, once he saw me he just pointed to my suit as I nodded.

"You have 5 minutes hurry, why can't you be like Thalia and on time?" He asked me as I stripped right in the middle of the room to my underwear as I already had on the pants.

"She stole my bike Paul, I was lucky that I got Jason to carry me here." I said as I slipped on the shirt as he sighed.

"I know I could sense him carrying you, why didn't you just use your ESP power?" He asked me as I slipped on the belt but stopped at I looked at him.

"You know why Paul." I said slower and in a painful voice as he seemed to mentally slap himself for forgetting.

"Percy I am sorry." He said as I sighed and threw on the blue tux, and finally finished with the snap on tie as I stood ready.

"It's okay Paul, your aren't the only person to forget." I said patting him on the back as he nodded.

"Now why don't you go make my mother a happily married women." I said laughing as I saw his long ears turn a little shade of red.

"Yeah lets." He said pulling me with him as we walked into the waiting room as I slipped into my spot beside Thalia as she just snickered at me.

"You're a little late Space boy." She said.

"Says the thief." I said in a whisper as that shut her up. She many act like a turd around me and mostly every one of us guys. But long ago when she was little and we played my mother Sally once found her stealing stuff from a store one time we went to town. Lets just say after that little fiasco if my mother heard ever Thalia ever stealing anything. Oh man she just lost it, and Thalia knew that I would tell my mom she stole my bike. Thus setting my mom off on Thalia's ass, I bet she would even spank her.

"Shut up both of you." Hissed Clarisse as she stood behind Thalia, she was a full human but a daughter of Ares like Frank was. By her side sat our little half demon half human and the proud 'I think' son of Hades Nico. He just glared at me as I just smirked at him, it was my job to set up who walked with who. So I set Nico up with Clarisse his most 'favorite' person every, I could just feel his glare in the back of my head that said 'I will get you later'.

"Shh it's starting." Thalia said as her arm looped through mine as the doors opened and the wedding began.



"Percy you managed to get here on time." I heard as I spun around to see my mom in her now much more toned down wedding dress. Which was still light blue but still fancy in a way, but not like her wedding dress she changed out of fancy.

"Hey I always managed somehow." I said hugging her and giving her a kiss on the cheek. She just smiled as she kissed me on the cheek as well. Then I proceed to hug Paul and pull back as my cousins, which is basically everyone I mentioned, gathered around us to congratulate them.

"Paul you hurt her I hurt you got it." I said patting his arm as he smiled.

"You don't think I don't know that? You were the one who drove off other men with your attitude. I guess I should thank you for that actually, because if your attitude didn't get you in trouble at school so much I wouldn't have met this beautiful women in those meetings about you." He said kissing my mom on the lips as everyone one of us 'mature' people groaned. We were such kids sometimes, well I guess we were still were but whatever.

"Hey that's not true." I said blushing.

"Really?" Both my mom and Paul asked as I gulped.

"Well not entirely, what about parent teacher conferences?" I asked as they sighed.

"Give up Space boy your just digging the hole deeper." Thalia said patting my arm as everyone laughed leaving me to blush hard. Everyone else that came here originally with me was wishing them a happy wedding and stuff as I stepped out of the room for a minute. As I did I managed to sneak out leaving everyone else in room to party I just sat on the steps and starred at the starry night. The sky seemed to calm me as I looked past the street lights and into the darkness that was space.

As did I put my hand back but as I did I felt something touch my hand as I looked down to find an old newspaper. Even though the world was highly advance and mostly technological there was a couple newspapers running around still. As I looked at the paper I noticed the date, it was a paper from last 6 years ago that somehow survived. Its paper I just now noticed were ripped and torn but the front page was still very readable as it looked at its stained pages.

But as I read it I noticed a very haunting photo from all those years ago, the photo was of a crater in the middle of a subspecies city. Their cities resembled old cities back on the mother planet earth, from the photos I have seen these were buildings like the 2000's on the planet. But as I looked at the massive destruction the crater had made in the city I felt a pain build in my chest. This crater in this highly populated city was created from one thing, that thing was me.

"I am so sorry." I said as I felt tears run down my face. The even still haunted me to this day, I could still remember the screams of people in the streets, the fires that burned people alive, the sound of my own heartbeat that sounded like a cannon in my ears. But most of all the numbers, 7834 people killed, 10 thousand injured, 20 blocks destroyed, 1 friend that died in my hands. I could still remember the smile on her face as she told me it wasn't my fault. Her name was Bianca, Nico's sister, we had a date with that day.

We were just doing a normal small date that went as simple as anything, a movie, amusement part, and then dinner. But the even happened at night when I was walking her home. I still had a ways to go but I we just chatted the whole time. But as we walked in the darkness as two 12 year olds who have done no wrong. I seemed like fate had other plans that day.

8 men suddenly surrounded us they didn't shower their faces under the animal masks, but I could tell they were subspecies with their tails hanging at their butts. They were a simple gang that wanted the humans to leave. Even going as far as killing humans that moved into the subspecies city to prove a point. And we were their prime targets, in an instant I felt a clawed foot kick me in the gut. I went down with a loud oomph, as I collapsed on all fours gasping for air.

Bianca screamed as it happened but she couldn't do anything as I saw one of the draw a blade as the others held her arms. She cried and cried begging for them to stop, but then never listened as they began to slowly slice her arms. Blood flowed from the cuts as I was repeatedly kicked on the ground to the point the blood started to come from my mouth. Bianca begging them to stop kicking me and to hit her more. She was by far the most carrying girl…no women I have ever met.

Which they did they left me alone but that is when it happened. With several large gashes covering her small body and blood dripping from them. They decided to finish the job, all I could do was cry as my throat wouldn't work. I watched as the blade reached hilt deep in her gut, gasp was all that came from her mouth as he ripped it out. With that they threw her down as she lay limp on the ground.

I didn't care what happened to me at this point as I slowly got onto all fours feeling at least several broken bones and cracked ones as I crawled over to her. All they did was watch as I crawled over to her their sick grins hidden underneath the masks. Finally I reached her as I rolled her over onto her back, a large puddle of blood around her already as I watched the life drain from her eyes. But with the last of her strength she slowly reached up to me and said 'it isn't your fault'.

With that the last of her life left her body as her body suddenly go slump in my arms, I just sat starring at her with tears rushing down my face. I called out her name and anything I could to try to wake her up but she was gone. I just kneeled in her blood as I did this, hopping somewhere this was not true at all. But as I realized it was true that this was the reality that was thrust upon me I snapped. With a roar I set off my ESP power, with that the destruction that was named 'the day of reckoning' came in a flash of an instant.

I didn't even stay awake as the destruction around me happened, all I did was slump over onto Bianca's limp body and fell asleep. They didn't blame it on me, instead they blamed it on an experiment gone wrong in a lab that happened to be near us. But I know it was me and I know I killed all those people, only the closest people I know like mom and Paul know it was me. But because of that I refuse to use my ESP for anything. My ESP has brought me nothing but destruction and chaos so I will never use it if I have to.

"Hey." I suddenly heard as I snapped up to a smiling face of Thalia, unlike usual she didn't wear a face of anger or sarcasm. No she wore a face of sincerity and sadness as she gently gripped my shoulder.

"Thinking of Bianca again?" She asked me as she sat down beside me as I crumpled up the paper and threw it away.

"Yeah…that night still haunts me to this day." I said in greatly saddened voice, but at the same time an anger that I felt Thalia shiver at.

"Well come on inside okay, get your mind off of it okay. I know a cute girl I could hook you up with." She said in a voice that almost said 'don't lock me out once again' with a hint of sarcasm.

"Ha all right just give me a few more minutes okay." I said as she nodded and headed inside as I just looked up at the sky and sighed. My mind drifting to my power as I slowly held out my hand a little. As I did I just watched it as a sudden dim blue light came from my palm as I looked at it. In my palm was a crest, in the middle of the crest was an upside down Omega made of real blue fire that moved as if there was not wind. Not burning me at all as it lay inside a shield design.

On the top of the shield lay a simple crow that had not special qualities to it just simple and plain. On the sides of the shield were wings that also glowed a dim gold, they extended upward and looked to be angel wings. But the in middle of the upside down Omega was a number in roman numerals the number was L or 50. I just looked at the cool flame in my hand as I sighed and closed it. My power was something other than normal, but that can wait for another day. Right now I was going to meet this girl Thalia wanted me to meet.


"Percy this is Sara, Sara this is Percy. Now converse." She said bailing out on me as Sara tried to say something but Thalia left. I just let out a low chuckle as I watch Thalia scoot off and start to hand out by Nico who also was watching everyone. The party was in full swing as I just turned down to the small 5 foot 6 elf in front of me. She wore a simple white dress with lace around the outside acting as a second dress almost. She was just fidgeting abnormally with her punch in her hands as she looked up at me.

"Hello." She said shyly extending her hand as I shook it carefully. Me being a 6 foot 5 giant that seemed to be carved out of granite with muscles, but still lean like a swimmer. I didn't want to hurt her as I shook her hand.

"So what did Thalia tell you about me?" I asked as I walked her over to a wall facing the dance floor as people were going all out.

"That your kind and strong, also a complete airhead when it comes to some things." She said quietly as I laugh. A faint hint of red was working its way onto her cheeks and her ears.

"No sometimes airhead isn't even good enough so they call me Spacebrain." I said making her laugh a little.

"So you go to Esper Academy?" I asked her as she shook her head. I just smiled a little as I thought of some school competitions that different schools had yearly. That reminds me our next one is in a few weeks, back to the pretty elf girl.

"So what else did Thalia tell you, because you're not part of Paul's or my family side. I can tell you're here for other than the wedding as well." I asked her putting feeling into it as she sighed as if she was caught.

"Well… Thalia brought me along to ask you a certain question." She said as I sighed knowing where this was going.

"I am not interested in a relationship, if that is what she told you." I said in a little harsher of tone than needed as I felt her stiffen.

"No it isn't that…I have recently been forced to marry a much older man by my father. He did it because he owed a debt to the man, I would make his 5th wife. So I want you to…" She stopped as I realized what she was talking about.

"How old is he?" I asked her as she seemed confused.

"Pardon?" She asked me.

"How old is your sugardaddy?" I asked her as her face went red.

"A little over 900 years old, I want my first to be with someone I love. But since I can't have that I want it from someone at least close to my age. I told Thalia about my predicament and she suggested you take it. She told me you do it quiet often about things like this so please help me." She said in a stern voice but in a whisper so no one heard us.

"…" I remained silent as I thought about it her predicament and all of the things. It was true outside of my normal life with all my friends and stuff, I got constant requests to do these sort of things for women of all races. Thalia kind of spread a rumor in our own school that I was a male slut but I didn't care. They just didn't want a dirty old man taking their virginity I got that but there was one rule I had to lay down if I was to take their virginity.

"I will do it but you must promise me that just because I will do this does it mean that we are in a relationship. I am just saving your purity from an old man's dick okay, in no way does this mean we are in a relationship." I said in a calm voice as she nodded, I guess Thalia already told her about the rule. I guess Thalia you could say was my 'distributor' in way. She found girls in these kind of situations and pointed them in my direction. Which happened about once a month since arranged marriages for things like this were quiet numerous on this planet.

"I understand…so when do you want to do it?" She asked blushing hard as I smiled a little.

"It's up to you, I can take you in the bathroom here if you want. Or I can come to your house one late night and do it then. Or I could buy a night at a love hotel and we could stay there for a night, I know a good one where the owner knows me." I said as she blushed thinking of what to do as I looked over at Thalia who just winked at me. I just flipped her off as she gave me the thumbs up as Sara finally responded.

"L-Love hotel, this Saturday." She said as I nodded and pulled out my phone as I gave it to her.

"Put your information under the list called Loved Ones." I said as she looked at me funny.

"Why?" She asked me as I snickered a little.

"Most of the time, the women who I mess around with call me back sometimes. They just ask for one night more again and again." I said as she just blushed hard but quietly put in her contact info.

"Thanks for this." She said shyly as I smiled a little and gave her a pat on the head as I marked the date down on the calendar as 'Sara's big day'. I just laughed a little at her comment as I noticed I had been racking up the days lately. This month I had one new one or Sara, and 4 revisits to married women I might add. My oldest person thought was a women at the age of 130 but still looked at lease 21. I was such a slut if I had to say so myself, but I didn't care it helped pass the time.

"No problem, and if you need anything call me. It doesn't even need to be about sex okay I am always a good shoulder to cry on sometimes." I said with a grin as I sent her a messages as she locked in my phone number as I shut off the hologram and slipped it back into my pocket.

"Can I ask you a question?" She asked as I looked at her.

"Sure." I said leaning back and putting my hands behind my head like our whole past conversation didn't happen.

"Why do you even agree to help 'us' out?" She asked as I looked down at her.

"Let me answer that question with a question. Why do you think I do it?" I asked her as she seemed to think for a minute.

"Because you feel sorry for people show can't control the fate they have been handed, so you help were you can. From a sexfriend to a shoulder to cry on you want to help as many people as you can even if it hurts yourself. So you help were you can it is just know for being more of a sexfriend than others." She said as I nodded.

"That is it I guess." I said simply as she had a small smile on her lips.

"Thank you, and I will see you Saturday." She said pulling me down and giving me a kiss on the cheek as she ran off to the right as. As she did Thalia seemed to pop out of nowhere with a big smile plastered on her face.

"Shut up." I said as she began to speak but stopped for a second. But then she decided to speak as I groaned.

"That makes 37 now, you're getting popular." She said with a grin as I shook my head.

"If you must know only 25 of them are active with me okay." I said annoyed as she laughed.

"I have to admit though you are doing the right think even if you don't see it that way." She said as I just snickered.

"Remind me why I let you even talk me into this?" I asked her as she smiled evilly.

"Because you were chasing after Rachel's ass for about a year and you needed something to do other than that. So I set you up with some real ass, you didn't seem to mind at first if I remember." She said as I shook my head.

"I feel like I am some hooker that you control and you are the pimp." I said as she just laughed.

"Wow now hooker is a little extreme, I think 'slut at service' fits you better." She said as I groaned.

"Whatever I don't feel like wasting any more time with you." I said as I just walked over to my mom leaving the half wood nymph to laugh to herself.



"Percy wake up." I heard as I groaned moved the covers of my bed to fully cover me. I just heard my mother sigh as I heard her walk closer to me and stop right before my bed.

"Come on your almost late for school." She said as I groaned some more.

"Do I have to?" I asked her as I suddenly felt my body start to lift out of the beg and float for a second.

"Wait I was ki-." But I was silence as my mom dropped me form 4 feet off the ground onto my floor causing my whole room to shake a little.

"You awake now?" She asked me as she tried to hide her laughter.

"Whatever happened to you tickling me awake?" I asked her groaning a little as I pope my back and stood up as I felt all my bones pop. I just faced my mother as she shook her head as she laughed a little.

"What happened to the small child that used to call my mommy?" She asked me as I felt a little hurt.

"Touché." I said as I began to put some pants as realized today was Friday as I smiled a little. Today was the ESP power test days or duels as we called them. That meant I could kick Thalia's ass again this year, but being a senior that meant that I was to be sent out to planet Alpha to join the other 5000 Espers in the battle for our home. But I still had half a year left and I plan to make the most of it before I go.

"Well anyway get dressed Paul is almost ready to leave." She said as she left my room but before she did she stopped and turned to me. Just then she reached in her pocket and tossed me my phone as I looked down at it then her.

"Also some women name Jessica says something about Sunday, does that spark anything in your mind?" She asked as I began to sweat a little. Jessica was 90 year old full blooded horned one that worked as supermodel. She was married to a 500 year old Elf who basically lost all interest with their sexual life about 2 years ago. So she found about Thalia from a rumor that came from her daughter. One thing led to another and boom I was fucking a supermodel MILF once every 2 weeks.

"Oh yeah she wants me to tutor her in her ESP power." I lied to my mom as she bought into it as she smiled.

"Well keep up the good work okay, also hurry back today." She said in a sadder voice as I remembered what today was.

"Don't worry mom I will be back in time to go with you to dads grave." I said with a sad smile as she nodded. Hiding her emotion well, dad may be dead and she may be married to Paul but she still had some feelings for him.

"Okay now hurry you don't want to be late." She said as I smiled and darted out of my room to start a hopefully good day at school.

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Frank (human)

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Clarisse (human)

Nico (1/2 devil, ½ human)

Ethan (devil)

Luke (1/2 angel, ½ human)

Grover (1/2 goat subspecies, ½ human)

Juniper (wood nymph)

Reyna (human)

Thalia (1/2 wood nymph, ½ human)

Zoë (1/2 wood nymph, ½ human)

Olympians (human)

Paul (elf)