Stefan POV

"I'm telling you Damon she's not human!" I said.

"Well what do you want to do about it? Grab some stakes, wolfs bane, and Judgy, and attack her?" Damon replied.

" I'm think that we need to just take her and ask her some questions that's all, make sure she's not a harm to Elena or us!" I told him.

"Fine, I'll help, but you're the one who has to bring her here." He said to me. We were going to find things out.


I was walking out of school to meet Iggy and Fang at the elementary school when I felt somebody come up behind me and grab my arms, I was fighting back, but then I hit my head and everything went black.

When I woke up again I had my hands tied behind my back and my ankles tied to a steel chair. I silently started working on the ropes behind my back. A dark haired guy with ice blue eyes, A brown haired guy with green eyes, a blonde girl with blue eyes, a brown haired girl with brown eyes, all walked in.

"Okay, well, Stefan here thinks that you're some supernatural thing, which you obviously are, and I want to know." Blue eyes said. I sat there glaring at him. Suddenly my check was burning. He had slapped me. The torture went on during which I found out that they were vampires. Finally I had been able to wiggle out of my bonds so when Damon (I finally learned his name) came in for another punch I quickly stopped his hand and pushed him back and started running. I was dodging the rest of the people and finally I made it out pushed my wings out of my jacket and took off. After I was high enough I looked back to see the gang as I decided to call them staring at me with shock on their faces.

Finally I landed back at our house. I walked in to see the Flock with worried looks on their faces.

"Stefan and Damon Salvatore. They got me, apparently their vampires, and thought we were some weird supernatural thing. I'm going to go take a shower and get this blood off." I told them. I washed up, and already my body was healing, I should be good by tomorrow, I thought to myself. Then I crawled into bed and drifted to sleep.

Klaus POV

"What Stefan what do you need? More hybrid blood for a werewolf bite?" I teased.

"No, there are a new person in Mystic Falls, she has wings and can fly, and she's pretty strong."

"I'll be there." I replied. Looks like there's something new in Mystic Falls.


I woke up and went to get my Flock out of bed.

"Nudge, School, time to get up, Iggy's already making breakfast." I said as I walked into her room. She just groaned in response. I ended up having to shove her out of her bed.




"YOU WEREN'T GETTING UP!" We yelled to each other as I was walking into Angel's room. I gently shook her shoulders. She blearily woke up and slowly started moving. Since I was already dressed in my normal jeans and a t shirt I started to make my way downstairs where I gobbled down some breakfast with the flock before we walked to school since none of us could drive yet. I waved to the younger kids as they walked into the elementary school.

"We have to be on the lookout, we can't let anybody know about us. Vampires already know, and I'm not sure how many are here but I don't want to worry the kids! They are finally feeling safe and are starting to relax." I told Fang and Iggy.

"We will be Max, and if things get too out of hand we'll leave even if it means we lose the feeling of safety." Iggy responded while Fang nodded silently. Soon we were going to our classes which went by in a blur.

"Max, Jeff, and Nick Ride to the office please." Someone said over the intercom. Confused I walked there and met Iggy and Fang along the way. When we walked in we saw a man with curly blonde hair smirking at us. I felt somebody come up from behind me suddenly, so I started to lash out. It worked for a little bit until I was hit over the head, and slowly everything went black. Kidnapped twice in a row- Lucky me!

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