He lunged at me. Before he could get to me though I slammed the door on his face. Ironically he head was so hard that it went right through the door. Then I started running.

"U and A guys! Freaky mad guy on the loose!" I yelled. The vampires came and started yelling at us to run while we ran. I grabbed Renesmee and my flock and jumped out a window and flew away.

I was carrying Renesmee and she directed me to La Push, where there were apparently werewolves who we could notify of the Volturi. Soon we landed and Renesmee started running for a house from the cover of trees we were in.

"Jacob the Volturi are at my house!" She screamed. Some tall buff guys came out and started running in the direction of Renesmee's house.

"I'll stay here with you Ness, incase any come here." Jacob, I'm guessing said. So we waited to see if the Cullens were alright. About an hour passed before we got a call from Edward.

"Okay my dad said that we can come home now. The Volturi has left, but we have to be very careful and Jacob you're supposed to escort us home in case anyone tries something." Renesmee said.

Then we were off. We walked this time so it took longer though. Finally though we arrived and walked through the door.

" So what happened?" I asked.

"Well, we've learned not to leave you at home without a responsible adult with you." Carlisle said," You guys, you Edward told me everything that happened. You are so irresponsible but i'm glad you're safe."

"The Volturi were coming to check up on us. Luckily we could come up with the excuse of you being school friends, but everyone has to be careful, and on guard. Knowing them, they'll probably come back again soon to make sure we aren't telling more humans about our existence." Edward explained.

"Trust us we probably won't stay long enough to do that. We've got a little girl to save, and at the moment, we're healed and ready to go." I said with the flock agreeing with me.

"I think that after you rescue her, it might be a good idea to bring her back here, she'll probably be injured, and you don't want your mom too much involved with this probably. I also suggest you bring some of us with you because you might need help against these guys."

"No." Fang said. Who made him leader?

" I think we should bring Angel back after we rescue her that's a good idea, but I don't think any of you should come. We're more accustomed to fighting these guys, and better equipped. If they saw you they might try to experiment or make experiments like you. That wouldn't be good." I stated.

" Yes you're probably right." Carlisle said.

" So that's the game plan then I guess." I told everyone.

"Why don't you guys get some sleep and you can leave in the morning." Esme told us.

"Yes! Thank you so much! Could we like have breakfast before we leave? I love pancakes. Don't you Max? They're so nice and fluffy on the inside! Oh! Bacon Is good to! I,love how its so crispy! Do you think we can have bacon and pancakes?" Nudge ranted.

"Yes of course." Esme said, sounding shocked. I guess we should let Nudge rant more. We didn't want her scaring anyone with her tirades though. Soon we walked up the stairs and went to sleep. Mine was a fitful one, but at least it was sleep. I would need it if I was supposed to rescue Angel with the flock tomorrow.

I woke to the sun shining on my face. I got up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. We trusted the Cullens, and seeing as they didn't sleep we decided to have no watches anymore while we were here.

"Up and at'em!" I Told everyone. Nudge just groaned. I noticed Iggy was gone, but I could hear him downstairs in the kitchen if I strained my ears really hard.

"Let's go eat breakfast guys!" Gazzy shouted excitedly.

We went downstairs, and saw a awesome huge breakfast.

"Thanks Esme, Thanks Iggy." I told them.

" Your welcome." Esme said. Iggy just gave me a nod. Everyone was anxious to go and get Angel back. When we had finished we went upstairs and grabbed our backpacks. We walked downstairs ready to leave, but first we said our goodbyes to everyone and promised to be back soon with Angel.

"Alright guys, U and A!" I shouted. And we flew to the School, where we would get Angel back.

I know they're kids and all, but sometimes the kids are annoying. Honestly I can only take so much complaining!

"Okay guys, I get it! I know you're hungry, and tired and all that, but right now we need to get to our designated spot so we can get to Angel as fast as we can so she doesn't get hurt. How bout we fly for fifteen more minutes, and then we'll land okay?" I ranted.

"Okay Max! Thats does sound like a good idea! Hey do we have any of those awesome granola bars? They were so awesome and they tasted like honey and oats! Could we have those Max please! OH and I'm so hungry and tired! I can't wait to stop! I wish I had some of those awesome pajamas, the ones with footies! They look so cu-" Iggy slapped his hand over Nudge's mouth.

"I think we get the point Nudge." Iggy said. I decided to camp for the night so we set up camp and I handed some food including the granola bars that Nudge likes, but I gave her a look to not say anything or else.

"Okay Fang can take first watch, I'll take second and Iggy, you take third. Okay?" They nodded and I drifted off into a light sleep, and awoke to Fang tapping me lightly. I sat up instantly, while Fang went and layed back down. While on watch I thought about the Cullens and how nice they were, and thought that it might be a good idea to move in with them with Angel, maybe we could actually have a semi normal and okay life without having to be on the run all the time, because after a while you just get tired of running and hiding. I layed down with my ears alert, and just stared at the stars, not wanting to be normal, just wanting an easier life, especially for the flock, we never wanted this, heck nobody would, the wings are great, but the consequences for having them suck, getting experimented on and chased every single second of our lives, one day I will make sure my flock and I won't have to run, and if they don't want to continue hiding, I'll make sure they don't have to, and If they want a normal life they'll have it. I started to see the sun over the horizon. I woke Iggy up to make breakfast for the flock, because we all know how well I would do it. The rest of the flock woke up ate the food and continued flying to the school. I saw it and directed us to land.

"Iggy, Gazzy, do you guys have the bombs?" I asked.

"Max, is that even a question?" Iggy responded

"Good point, so, you guys set a few off away from where we're going and meet us back here, it'll create a distraction and we'll storm the place, get Angel back and get the heck outta there." I commanded and the rest of the flock nodded. Gazzy flew and dropped the bombs and came back and we ran to the school, I could hear the bombs go off. We entered and checked a few rooms before we found the one Angel was in. It must have been bad for her, she looked like death, and I'm sure that she wouldn't have been able to stand. She was unconscious so I picked her up and we booked it out of that place, and took of, switching off who carried Angel once in a while. We didn't stop for a while, wanting to get as far away as possible. After about seven hours we landed, and set up camp. I was taking first watch, and I I could think about was how happy I was to have my family, The Flock back together again.