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24 Hours

Summary: Shiho creates the antidote and gives it to Shinichi. Unknown to them Agasa made plans for everyone to go on vacation. Not only does a child kidnapping case comes up, but Shinichi decides not to wait and takes the antidote which then becomes the cause of the Detective Boys kidnapping. Angry with his decision, Shiho takes things into her own hands and has the help of an unexpected associate she hoped she would not have to speak to again- Raymond Redington.

Chapter 1

She couldn't believe it...the antidote, it was done. After a year of trying different substances, including drinking alcohol, Shiho finally found a way to change back. The moment she knew it was complete, she was hesitant to tell Kudo...the only thing on his mind was to go back to her, what if…

There was a knock on her door, interrupting her thoughts. "OI! Haibara-san! Its time to go!" It was Conan on the other side. She had forgotten that he stayed over due to a case that led him to stay up late. I have to tell him, he wouldn't trust me anymore if I didn't.

She opened the door and before Conan could say anything, she popped her hand up which contained the antidote. "Here it is, finally, done." Conan just stood there not knowing what to say. There was still an ongoing case and they never really discussed what would happen to their child selves when they turned back. He grabbed the pill from her hand and started to stare at it, not knowing what to do at this point. After 10 seconds he replied, "T-this, this is the antidote?" He stared at Haibara and she replied, "Yes, it's finally finished, and, now, you can go back to her." As excited as Conan was, he was still unsure if the circumstances were the best right now, but, he was too happy to think any negative thoughts. He placed the pill in his pocket and wrapped his arms around Haibara and said, "Thank you, Haibara-san. You don't understand how much these means, after everything we have been through-"

She pulled away from him and urgently spoke, "Hurry now, you still have yet to have any clue of stopping Them, and, again, you can't have Mouri-san waiting either."

Conan was a bit hurt by her rush and then questioned, "Why do you want me to change so badly? And, where is your pill? Didn't we say that we would change back together? I promised I would protect you, nothing will change that."

"I am not worried about anything. (That's a lie) I'm just saying that you have been wanting this for so long and yet there is no persistence like any of the other times I have given you a pill. And to answer the other question, have mine in my room, it's almost done processing."

Conan was relieved to hear that, but, she was right, he was not in a rush to tell Ran that he was here for good. It's not that he didn't trust Haibara, but if it doesn't work…

Agasa stormed in with a large smile on his face. "Conan-kun, Ai-chan! Look at this!" The kids turned to see Agasa holding a large envelope that was quite colorful. Using a bit too much energy, Agasa had to stop to catch his breath, "Ah, I-phew...I-" He was interrupted by an irritated Haibara and her arms crossed. "Agasa, if you would exercise more and eat better, you wouldn't be like this." "Hee hee…" Embarrassed Agasa, sat down and opened up the envelope to show them what was inside.


After receiving your ingenious invention, your named was pulled as the grand prize winner! Including you, and seven of your friends, family, and or colleagues are invited to stay at The Grand Odeur Hotel at any of the 5 locations listed below!

*whistle* Both Conan and Ai-chan were impressed with The Professor's win. "Where are you going to go Professor?" Conan asked.

Agasa though long and hard and decided to ask the entire group where they would all like to go for the vacation since it was for everyone. When Agasa mentioned everyone, meant bringing, the two kids, the detective boys, Kogoro, and Ran.

"Hey, Kudo-kun, Ai whispered, what about the antidote?"

Conan looked away from Ai-chan and told Agasa that that was a great idea and it would be a lot of fun to get out of the city. Ai was surprised by his response…

"I think it might be best to spend one last weekend as kids don't you think?" He winked and it made Ai blush. She turned away and nodded.

That night, the Detective Boys and Ran came over for dinner and to discuss where they should go for vacation. The group decided to go to Kyoto and visit the beaches. After the group left, Conan stayed behind with Ai to discuss what they were going to do.

After Agasa fell asleep, the wto went into Ai's lab since her pill was already processed and ready to be taken. *sigh* "Are you sure this is the route you want to take, Taite-kun? Tonight could have been the night you went back to her. Besides, we could have easily gone as our teenage selves couldn't we?"

"You're right, but, wouldn't you like to spend on last time as kids? With the kids?

Ai was not so sure, she was worried to get more involved with everyone...I guess telling the truth right away might hurt them, but, telling them after the weekend, wouldn't that hurt even more? Ai thought

Seeing her unease, Conan said, " I'll tell you what, let's enjoy ourselves and no matter what, until this weekend is over and we are certain it is safe, we will both take the antidote together? Besides, I know that you are not dying to take this thing?"

Ai grinned, he was right, even though he might be, she was in no rush to take it. Still feeling uneasy, she took her hand out and shook on it. "Agreed."

4 Days Later…

Everyone was packed up and ready to head out to Kyoto for their week long trip. Unfortunately, Kogoro was unable to make it so Ran brought Sonoko who was pestering about why she had not brought Shinichi with her. Unfortunately, Conan has yet to call her of his well-being in over a month and she was getting worried. Each time Ai noticed Conan's unease she would gesture that he could break the promise and just turn back; much to her dismay, we would turn away and shake his head.

In the car was Agasa and the Detective Boys with Ran and Sonoko behind them. Even though a plane trip would be ideal, neither Conan or Ai had a passport, so Agasa made an excuse that it would be fun for the kids to enjoy a road trip since they haven't been on one in a while.

After about 3 hours of music and talking, Ayumi asked, "Professor, what was the invention that won this trip?" Genta replied, "Yeah, you never told us."

Agasa smiled and said, "Well, actually it's something quite simple and something you 5 have been using for some time now!"

All of them open their eyes in surprise and were still confused.

"What I made was the badges you guys wear! I simply made them different shapes and colors and turned it into a safety device for kids that get lost and or taken. With a push of a button, the kids can track their friends and parents can track their children!"

The kids got very excited and loved the idea. Mitsuhiko then said, "It's cool because we have the original idea!"

"That's right, and , since I made changes in the invention, I made some just for you guys!"

"AH!" The the kids exclaimed. Ayumi was given a pin that looked like a bow, Mitsuhiko was given one shaped like a book, Genta's was a sushi, Ai's was a rose, and Conan's was a spy glass. The kids were very grateful and asked what else they could do.

"Well, like the old ones, you can communicate with one another, as long as it's in a 500 mile radius, something I improved and each device can be linked to a phone so that if any of you are lost we can track your location."

Even Conan and Ai were impressed with his invention. Ai then said, "This really is quite impressive Professor."

"I agree, replied Conan, "Although, I hope we won't be needing it anytime soon."

"With you being such a death magnet, I wouldn't surprised if we did."

"Oi, Oi." Conan replied annoyingly

The kids all laughed including Ai-chan. This really was going to be an enjoyable week.

1 Day later…


"WAIT, Miyano-san, what are you talking about? And what are you doing showing up-"


"I-I, wait the kids where are they, aren't they in the room?"

"NO YOU IDIOT! You left them alone and now they are gone. They were taken just like the others and it is all your fault!"

Shinichi was wide eyed, shocked, and terrified. I only left for a few minutes, how could-I…

He ran up to the room on the third floor where he had left the detective boys by themselves with everything locked behind them. Shinichi opened the door to find the room ransacked and Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta gone.

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