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Harry stealth passed the road between the forest and Dursley's to the Dursley's car, he crawled in to the bottom of the car and used what Ratto gave him to get out the engines, a big holdable screw. When Harry finished sabotaging the car he ran back with the engines to Ratto at his camp.

"Ah! There you are Harry, come on let me handle the engines." Ratto took the engines from Harry's hand and looked at it closely. "Um. Almost the same design. But that will be okay. Let's try. T4 can you lend me a hand?"

"Briwwp beeop beep beep boop Briwwp!" beeped T4.

"Good boy." Ratto replied.

The two worked well together, Harry was studying and watching too. After they finished Ratto tried to open up the engines and engage stealth mode, it worked and the shuttle got of safely. Harry was so surprised how the mechanism of the ship works and how amazing the sleek design is.Still in progress will continue later.