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England, just outside the thriving city of London, of the year 1803 tragedy struck. It was nearly midnight, Sir Charles Harper IV was taking a late night stroll through the park with his three year-old daughter Leiana, when she ran off ahead of him. He called after her telling her to wait for him, for he knew what was just ahead. When Leiana reached it, she didn't hesitate before clambering onto the unstable bridge. The bridge had been undergoing reconstruction after most of it had been destroyed by fire, but the little girl running across it didn't know that. She scarcely heard her father's frantic voice ringing behind her pleading at her to be careful. The little girl stood only a few feet off the floor, her wavy blonde hair cascaded around her, ruffled by the fierce autumn wind. Leiana smiled, stepping up onto the edge of the bridge to better see the glorious sky full of glittering stars. A full moon's light reflected off the murky water below. Poking out of the water's surface around the bank were large rocks that had once been part of the bridge soaring above. By this time, the father had caught up to his daughter, calling her back in a calming fatherly voice. Leiana turned back for a fraction of a second, and that was her mistake. Later, when questioned, Sir Charles told the Sheriff that her foot had slipped, that he hadn't been able to reach her in time to catch his daughter from falling into the water.

But that was a lie. When Leiana turned, her father had been right behind her: waiting. It only took a nudge to make her loose her balance and fall onto the jagged rocks below. The truth was that Sir Charles didn't want another daughter, for Leiana was the youngest of three with another supposedly on the way. The Sheriff believed his story, for what kind of man would kill his child simply because she was a girl?

But Leiana didn't die that day, for walking by at that very moment when she fell was a man by the name of Klaus Mikaelson. He had been out cooling off from a heated fight with his siblings when he heard Leiana's scream. Normally Klaus wouldn't bother, but something inside him had pulled him towards the bridge. He arrived just in time to see the retreating figure that was Sir Charles Harper IV upon the bridge, but that wasn't what caught his eye. Not knowing it at the time, Leiana had been standing over the largest piece of rock that practically shattered her bones on impact. Klaus came closer to her, warily. The girl's small crumpled body looked like a broken doll. Klaus squinted and could barely make out the undoubtedly painful rise and fall of Leiana's chest as she struggled to breathe.

A smirk tugged at the man's lips. "I'll be damned," he muttered. Klaus crouched beside Leiana, hand brushing over her now wet, tangled hair. Her cloudy blue eyes fluttered open to meet his dark blue-green ones. "You're having a rough night, aren't you Love?" Leiana choked, closing her eyes once more, sleep tugging at her from all sides of her mind. Klaus tsked. "Not today, love." The man's hand slipped under Leiana's neck, pulling her up to him. "Here, drink." A warm, rich liquid filled the small girl's mouth, making her choke again. After a few seconds she swallowed the strange liquid, instantly feeling better. The intense pain in Leiana's body began to die away. Soon, the rich liquid stopped flowing. The girl whimpered making Klaus laugh. "You'll be okay now." Leiana kept her eyes closed, starting to fade into unconsciousness. She felt the man lift her small body into his arms holding Leiana tightly before running into the night towards her new home.

That was eleven years ago.