Back at the plantation house it took only moments after Leiana arrived for Davina to rush her. "What did they say?" Leiana ignored her, walking into the next room where the Klaus, Rebekah, and Hayley were waiting in silence.

"The link between Hayley and Sophie has been broken." Leiana's words echoed in the space. Hayley immediately gave a sigh of relief, muttering 'thank God'.

"And about the deal?" Klaus asked, spreading his long limbs out.

"They have agreed in accepting your help with getting rid of Marcel, as long as after he is gone you permit their ability to practice magic freely."

"Absolutely not!" Rebekah screeched.

"Sister, please be reasonable…" Klaus tried to say.

"No, Niklaus! If you give the witches free reign over their magic, we will never truly be free of them. They will always be a threat."

Klaus took a deep breath, obviously trying to control his temper. "We need the witches to beat Marcel, without them our plan will not succeed. Now Marcel kept them in line with Davina, who can sense when any of them are using magic, but after the Harvest is complete Davina will no longer be able to do that," Klaus shot a look at Leiana. "And now we don't need her, Leiana will give us the power we need over the witches to keep them from rising up against us."

"But-" Rebekah began.

Klaus cut his sister off. "No buts Rebekah, this is how it's going to be."

"Elijah would say-" Rebekah began again, but she'd struck a nerve.

Klaus stood, and in a moment the air became charged with rage. "Enough! About! Elijah!"

Surprising Leiana, Hayley spoke. "Speaking of Elijah, you did get him back didn't you."

Klaus sighed, rubbing his temples. "Yes, Hayley, he'll be awake and back to his annoyingly perfect self in a few hours. Now can we move on and talk about something more important."

"I agree." Davina's voice came from the open archway. Four heads turned to stare at her. Leiana studied her, in awe. Davina's dark hair was wavy and flowed over her shoulders, a stark contrast to her white dress. Her eyes were olive green, made darker by the tan-ness of her skin. Despite facing down a room with two original vampires, a pregnant werewolf, and an immortal witch, Davina's head was high and her expression fearless. Leiana admired her.

"What do you want, little witch? We've already freed you from your church attic prison." Klaus's temper was fading though Leiana couldn't help think that Davina should be careful with her words.

"I want to know when you're going to hand me over to witches." Davina's voice was firm.

Klaus considered the question. "That depends on you, love, how quickly do you want to die?"

Davina's eyes traveled to Leiana's. "You said the ritual wouldn't kill me."

Leiana didn't flinch. "Not permanently, no. But the sooner the Harvest is completed, the better." Davina looked terrified suddenly. Without thinking, Leiana crossed to the other girl and put her hands on Davina's arms. "I know it's scary to die, but you must believe that you will come back." Davina nodded mutely.

Behind her, Leiana heard Klaus say, "Leiana if you could show Davina up to one of the rooms, and pick one for yourself."

"Actually," Davina said, the fear in her face gone, "I'd like to go back to the attic. Marcel will worry if he goes there and I'm missing."

Rebekah laughed mockingly. "You want go back to that wretched place? Are you mad?"

"Now now Rebekah, Davina has a point," Klaus had sat back down and was tapping his chin. "Marcel may not remember meeting Leiana, but he would definitely notice if Davina went missing."

Rebekah stood, huffing dramatically. "Alright, well I'll take Miss Witch back to her attic, and you lot can discuss ways to torture Marcel." With another huff, Rebekah stalked out of the room, saying to Davina as she passed, "Well are you coming or not?"

Davina shot a glance at Leiana, who simply shrugged, before following Rebekah. After the front door had slammed shut and silence fell once more, Klaus stood. "I must go tend to Marcel, will you two be able to manage by yourselves?"

Hayley rolled her eyes. "Just go."

Klaus smirked as he left, brushing his hand over Leiana cheek as he passed. "I'm glad you're back, my dear."

Leiana beamed, but didn't say anything. When the door closed behind him, Hayley stood. "Well it's late, and I'm exhausted." Without a glance at Leiana, Hayley walked heavy-footed up the stairs.

Now alone, Leiana enjoyed the peace. She'd followed Klaus to New Orleans when she was in the Spirit Realm, but it was different seeing through her own eyes and being able to interact with the things around. She spent over an hour simply trailing her fingers over the everyday objects: the couch, coffee table, fireplace mantle… Leiana wandered long after Rebekah and Klaus had returned. In a drawing room, Leiana sat at the bench of a large pianoforte. Tapping the keys, but not hard enough to make any noise, she lost herself.

It was only a voice behind her that pulled her back. "Do you play?" Leiana jumped, spinning.

"Daniel!?" She shrieked in a muted voice as to not wake the others. She couldn't believe it. How had he found her? Was it really him? A closer inspection told her it wasn't. He wasn't solid, simply a spectre form.

"Hello, Leiana." The corners of his lips curved up in a smile. The green of his eyes was dull, as was the rest of his body. As if he were stuck in grey water.

"How'd you find me?" Leiana asked in a much calmer tone, her fingers fiddling in her lap.

Daniel's smile increased. "We're connected. I'll always find you." Leiana couldn't fight her blush. It was true they were connected, but not just the two of them. All six of them were connected.

Leiana pushed her feelings down and smoothed her face. "Fine, then what are you doing here?"

Daniel smile disappeared. "Tali sent me," Leiana groaned. "You don't think you could disappear without the others noticing, do you? Just tell me where you are and I'll come get you."

Leiana stood, but didn't move any closer. "I can't, you have to understand Daniel, I have to stay with my father."

Daniel took several steps forward, going to grip Leiana's arms but his hands passed right through her with a chilling sensation. This took him by surprise, but Daniel simply returned his hands to his sides. "Please, Leiana, you're needed here. We can't be at full strength without you and the threat-"

Leiana cut him off. "There is no threat, the witches lied to us Daniel. They just want to use us for our powers."

Daniel shook his head. "That's not true! You have to believe me, there is a real threat!"

Leiana turned from him. "Just go, Daniel."

She could feel his essence move closer. "Leiana…"

"BEGONE!" She shouted, power behind her words blasting his spirit out of the room. The cold left behind chilled Leiana to the bone, but she ignored it as she sunk back down onto the piano bench and began to cry.