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Story : Rise of the Red Son/Rise of the second son/Rise of the Red Skull

Naruto watched as all of the other children played and talked together, they all looked so happy, while he was alone. He brought his knees closer to his chest and rested his arms and head on them; he watched the others tightening his fists. No matter what he did the others wouldn't play with him, they few that talked to him refused to do so the next day, going as far as pushing him down denying they ever spoke to him.

The last friend he had tried to make was a purple haired girl named Ami, they had seen a puppet show together in the village square. He had been fascinated by the way the puppets moved, he couldn't see anyone moving them until the sun's light illuminated for a brief moment the strings used to control them.

It was something that he couldn't believe, the strings looked so simple, they couldn't be clearly seen and yet they controlled the puppets, making them move in everyway. He remembered smiling and applauding at the end of the show together with his friend. Sadly thing weren't meant to be, the next day when he approached her he spotted several bruises on one of her arms. Her words still stung him, when ever he remembered them, even now he couldn't look at her; perhaps it was for the best that she avoided him as well.

Naruto's attention was drawn to two of the most popular children in his class; the first was a boy wearing a blue white T shirt and short dark blue pants with a pale skin tone and odd spiked dark hair. Most of the girls in his class thought the boy could do no harm; they cheered and encouraged him during the class exercises. Even the boys did not appear to be immune to his charm and wanted him as their best friend, always staying near him during class. Sasuke Uchiha, his brother is already a shinobi and still makes time to drop and pick up his brother from school. He looked at the smiling boy tightening his fist. Why can't I have a sibling? Why do I have to be alone?

He had seen the boy's mother come by to pick him up from the academy, he dimly remembered seeing the whole family together at the start of the academy, it was only the only time he had seen the boys father visit the academy.

He has a perfect family, a home, why does he have everything? Why? Naruto wiped tears from his eyes as he looked to the only other person to match the Uchiha in popularity. The girl had long shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes, a tanned skin tone and the same odd marks on her face as he did. Naruko Namikaze, the second daughter of the fallen hero, the Yondaime Hokage. Everyone in the class wanted to be her friend, the girls looked to her as a role model, and the boys followed her around in the academy like lost puppies. She was talented and looked to be able to do no wrong, from what he heard at one point she had had her own guards hidden in shadows.

He had seen the girl's older brother and sister at the academy when they picked her up from it, both had fiery red hair unlike the girl's sun kissed blond. Both siblings were active shinobi from the hitai he had glimpsed on their person; from what he had seen the older two siblings were friends with the Uchiha's older brother. Of course one perfect family knowing the other almost perfect family!

Naruto saw the teachers calling everyone back to the class; he got up and looked back at the tree he had been resting under placing a hand on its stump. My only friend. A noise from above him caused Naruto to look up only to be greeted to the sight of a falling branch.

As soon as he awoke his senses were flooded with pain, he couldn't open his left eye and felt something wet on his lips. Moving the branch from his face he rubbed his left eye managing to briefly open it. He tossed the branch away and touched his lips, he moved back his hand starring at it. Blood!

Naruto looked up to the tree, his fingers dug deep into the earth, his heart started to beat faster as his fingers dug deeper into the earth he could feel the flicker of warmth surrounding him, both of his eyes snapped open at the feeling and it suddenly disappeared. He stopped and looked around himself seeing no one Naruto got up from the ground, briefly he gazed at his hands now covered in earth and grass. What happened?

He dusted himself off as best he could dirtying his own white T shirt in the processes, slowly he made his way to his class room. Why couldn't anyone search for me? Couldn't they see that I was missing? Deep down he already knew the answer. They didn't care that I was missing.

Naruto entered his classroom without knocking; he didn't manage to take a single step inside before the attention of the entire classroom was on him.

The teacher Iruka stopped in mid sentence and looked at him still holding papers in one hand. "Ah Uzumaki so you decided to join as after all?"

He swallowed, the words dyeing in his throat. It looked like everyone's eyes were on him, judging him, all waiting for him, no matter how much he tried the words wouldn't leave his throat. "I…"

The teacher seemed to have noticed the state of his cloths. "What trouble did you cause this time?"

He didn't cause any trouble though often enough he was blamed for it, even if he was in class when it happened he was still blamed, it had became common for him to be blamed for anything bad that happened at the academy. As hard as he tried to deny that he wasn't responsible it only seemed to make him look more guilty and people became convinced he was behind whatever happened.

The teacher seemed to have seen the blood on his cloths as his expression changed, the man made quick paces and reached him, he painfully seized his arm and pulled him. "Did you get into a fight?" He shook him once before yelling. "Answer me!"

"Nnnnnn…" Naruto stuttered finding it impossible to finish the word.

Upon seeing the terrified look on his face the teacher let go of his arm. "Go to the bathroom and clean yourself up."

Naruto nodded.

"Oh and you have detention for skipping class. I'd say how bad your manners are but I can't say I expected better from someone like you."

Naruto felt tears swell up in his eyes as he nodded and closed the door. Barely a moment later the sound of laughter from his classmates filled his ears.

Naruto watched from the window as his fellow classmates left the academy, a few of them had a family member waiting for them. He spotted who he assumed was Naruko Namikaze's mother, a woman with distinct long red hair, he didn't know why he had always thought that color was beautiful.

Of course he had to remain after class for detention for his behavior, by the time he had washed and returned to class it was recesses and he had simply rested at his bench, aside from a snicker or two, everyone was happy to ignore him. He didn't bother asking anyone to share their notes with him, he doubted anyone would, they hadn't done so before, he couldn't take another flat out rejection again.

It would still be several hours before he could leave, the teachers that stayed behind occasionally checked on him to make sure he didn't leave before the appropriate hour. It had happened that the teachers forgot about him and he left at night from the academy when the janitors told him that everyone else had already left.

A part of him wasn't surprised by that fact, what he was surprised about was that he didn't get any detention for leaving before a teacher told him he could leave. After the first time someone forgot to tell him that he could leave he talked to the only person who was nice to him, the Hokage, strangely after that the incident didn't occur again.

At one point the old man had tried to convince to eat at a place called Ichiraku's, however he couldn't bring himself to go there, it was far to close to the middle of the village where a lot of people where, and worse because of the Namikaze's girl's fondness for the place a lot of his classmates visited the place as well, he didn't want to meet them there as well, he got ignored by them at the academy he didn't want to get ignored there as well.

Letting out a tired breath he looked back at the clock, he still had plenty of time left until he could leave. As much as the Hokage insisted on the visiting the place eventually he had given up on the idea, now whenever the two met the Hokage would take him to a restaurant or the Hokage Monument, he preferred the packed food he ate while at the monument always tasted better to him then all the other fancy food from the restaurants.

Naruto looked through his incomplete class notes again, at the rate he was going he doubted he could pass the year, it didn't help that the teacher had announced a test from the material covered while he was absent. He sighed and started reading through them anyway hoping for something to stick with him from it all.

Naruto usually dreaded the way back to his apartment, at least now it was dark outside when he left the academy and less people were outside, the few he saw gave him the usual treatment. Those glares everyone gave him seemed to be present wherever he turned, they wouldn't speak to him; the only time they acknowledge his presence was when they glared at him. He felt so small those times, he just wanted to run to his apartment and crawl into bed, no one bothered him there, he loved sleeping, everything was quite then, no one laughed at him or insulted him.

His keys jingled for a moment as he closed the door and opened the light in his apartment, the small place was his home; the Hokage had given it to him years ago after he got kicked out of the orphanage. Going through the refrigerator he found something to eat and sat down at the table, he looked down at the wooden ground, it had gotten slippery because of all the things he had spilled on it and he hadn't gotten around to cleaning it, he made a mental note to clean the place later. Once done Naruto sat down on his bed wrapping his arms around his knees and looked out the window, it was already dark outside and he could see the lights from the other buildings, the night sky was filled with clouds which blocked his view of the stars.

I guess the old man isn't coming after all; he probably has more important things to do anyway. He retrieved a small candle from a drawer and a biscuit cake he had managed to save up and buy; he lit the candle and shut off the lights in the apartment.

Naruto looked at the fire of the candle as it burned before lowering his head to his knees and signing. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. He lifted his head up and lowered himself of the bed to blow out the candle. Ten years old already. Briefly he remembered hearing that today was also the Namikaze girl's birthday as well, there were only a few people that he heard about being born on the same day as him.

As soon as his foot touched the ground and he took the first step he realized the should have cleaned the floor earlier, he slipped and slammed head first into the ground, he felt as his chin made contact with the ground and then darkness took him.

When Naruto woke up he found himself drifting atop some sort of murky water, he managed get back on his feet and was surprised to see that the water was barely above his ankles. Looking around he saw high walls on either side of him, the ceiling, if there was one it was obscured by darkness behind him all that he could see was darkness as well. Where am I? How did I get here?

Try as he might he couldn't see a way back behind him, it was all pitch black, Naruto decided to follow the only source of light he could see that came from in front of him, the light was reflected on the water.

He took a deep breath before making the first step, he exhaled and took the second step, it was odd he realized that besides the noise he made because of the water, there wasn't any other sound not a single insect or bird nothing seemed to exist. Naruto lost count of how many steps he had taken before he reached a large set of metal gates with a large paper in the middle of them with the word seal on it.

The source of the light where two fold, one either side of the walls near the gates were a set of torches with bright yellow flames, the second source of light a dark orange came from behind the gates. What is this place?

He swallowed hard, before taking steps towards the gates; he still didn't see a door around him, so clearly he had to go through the gates to find a way out of wherever he was. A booming voice made his blood turn to ice and froze him in place.

"Ah and so you have come at last little insect."

He swallowed hard. It's from behind the gates!

From behind the gates in the darkness Naruto swore he saw a large fire erupt in the distance as it came closer to the gates he realized it was a great eye, lidless, wreathed in flame, with a black slit down the middle who's shape as he looked closely enough seemed to take on the form of a man in black armor, the core of it would erupt in flames revealing another dark slit in the middle.

Naruto blinked and the image in front of him changed the eye had lost its flames and now had a yellow tinge to it, though the slit remained. He shook his head several times, the image remained the same. As he looked closer the could make out the outline of the creature behind the gate and it was a creature, its shape he realized awestruck was enormous. Taller perhaps then even the academy building and the Hokage tower, he guessed that it probably reached the Hokage monument.

The voice barked at him. "Close your mouth filthy insect."

He took an involuntary step back and closed his mouth that he didn't even realize had been open. His mouth felt dry and try as he might he couldn't utter a single word.

"You have questions don't you insect?"

His voice cracked as he spoke. "What are you?"

"Your stupidity is to be expected given your more unique situation."


The voice ignored him. "Tell me insect what great even recently in your pathetic dung pile?"

A great event? What's it talking about? He racked his brains trying to think of something. Nothing big happened.

The creature gave him a disgusted look. "Even someone like you must have heard about it, a great catastrophe that befell the dung pile you call village."

His eyes widened and he took a step back. "Kyuubi?" The word was barely above a whisper.

"Ah, so there is a brain inside that head of yours after all," the voice took on a mocking tone "small as it may be."

He tried gathering his thoughts. "What are you doing here?"

"Waiting to talk to you my jailer."

"Your what?"

"Pitiful, where do you think we are? What is the last you thing you remember?"

"I... "

And the creature ignored him. "This place is bridge of sorts, I am sealed within you, and this place allows us to meet."

"Your sealed..."

"And your mind is only now understanding the words, remarkably fast for one so low as yourself."

His fist began to tighten. "Is this why everyone treats me so..."



"The filth treat you as they do simply because that is their nature, hatred is far stronger then you can imagine, the pathetic creatures of this dung pile can not overcome such a thing, they need something to hate and lash out, and what better target then one who can't defend itself?"

"But I didn't do anything!" he shouted tears forming in his eyes.

"It matters not, you hold me, striking at you still gives them satisfaction, your tears, your pain is their joy and happiness."

"Why me?"

"Why not you? A flip of the coin decided your fate. The Yondaime needed someone he could sacrifice on an altar of blood to save his precious dung pile, someone to become a mindless weapon to only rely on my power and none of his own. You were his choice for that weapon; his sacrifice for the safety of what he cherished most, the dung pile that scorns you. Tell me do you enjoy how the people treat you?"


"Do appreciate the choice the Yondaime made for you? To become a weapon no matter what you may desire?"


"Do you think that the people will ever treat you differently you?"


The Kyuubi chuckled darkly. "Do you wish the greatest betrayal little insect?"


"Your parents, I know who they are."


"The seal allows me accesses to your senses, it took time however now I can glimpse things that you see. And as for your parents, your father was the one who sealed me away!"


"Yes the Yondaime was your father."

"That's impossible!"

"No, I assure you it is possible, search for the pictures of the Yondaime from when he has young."

"Why? Why? I… why would he…"

"Think now, what else does this mean? Think about the families you've seen, the almost perfect one."

His eyes widened as he understood. "The Namikaze's…. Naruko is my…my "

"Sister, oh yes, you've seen how happy they are haven't you? Can't event tell that a sibling is missing?"

"They don't know about me."

"Of course they do boy! The red head cur gave birth to you! You have a twin sister! She would need to be blind on both eyes not to recognize you as her own flesh! She has always known that you are her own flesh and blood as have the others!"

"Then why? Why would they abandon me?"

"Why not? The Yondaime wanted you to be a weapon for the dung pile he sacrificed you, he wanted you to suffer, to sacrifice yourself for the dung pile so others won't have to. Why would they want someone who will be target by the hatred of others in their homes? To endanger them? Why would they want someone their husband and father threw away? They don't care little, they never did and they never will."

The old man has to know the truth he…

"The Hokage knows everything, he chose the Yondaime as his successor, he was there when I was sealed within you, how do you think that you are meant to become loyal to the village? Who is the one person who shows you kindness? Who will do you want to protect?"

His response was lighting quick so much that it scared him when he realized how quickly it came. "The old man."

"And if the old man asked you to become a weapon for the village, to live and die in the shadows?"

"I would do it." Again his eyes widened hearing his own words.

"Yes you see, the plan works, while you would live in the darkness, your family and the others would live in the daylight, happy and free enjoying themselves while your blood would be spilled."

"No, I cant believe, I…"

"Go then search for pictures of the Yondaime from when he was young."

Naruto looked back from the direction he came.

"Trust no one, not the Hokage, not the other insects, trust no one! Once you have convinced yourself of the truth of my words, return so that I may share something else with you."

A moment later he felt a wave hit him from behind.

Cold assaulted his sense as he woke up, it was night time a quick look to the clock in the room showed him that it was two at night. Did that actually happen? Naruto rubbed his chin and slowly got up from the floor, he looked to the table, the candle had melted and ruined the cake. Of course it did.

He got into bed and covered himself in blankets and tried going to sleep. Was that a dream? Could it have happened? He turned onto a side, could that be why people look at me with those cold eyes? No, I can't be related to the Yondaime, the Namikaze's can't be my family! Yeah I can ask the old man and he will…trust no one! Not the Hokage. His eyes widened remember those words.

I can ask the teachers…I. trust no one. If the Kyuubi is sealed in me, and I start asking about the Yondaime, who knows what they would do. I can just look pictures of him at the academy for a report or something.

The next day Naruto had woken up early, he had hardly slept, tossing and turning every hour, wondering if everything hadn't been a nightmare. He had gotten up and had been careful when walking on the floor; he managed to clean the place before leaving for the academy two hours early.

The problem he now faced was that this early the academy wasn't even open and he moved around the usual training grounds his class used. He couldn't recall how many times he had gotten beaten in the physical spars, the only part in which he seemed to excel where he could outlast everyone else. An hour later he decided to try the academy library, it could at least be a starting point for information.

He approached the librarian who's back was still turned trying to look as normal as he could. "Good morning."

"Good m…" the man's words died in his throat when he looked at his face and cold glare settled on his face "what do you want?"

"I…want to know if you have any information on past Hokages, especially from when they were young."

"For what?"

"It's an assignment."

"Which ones are you interested in?"

"All the ones that finished the academy!"

"Well you clearly need to do the assignment; you don't know even the basics about them."


The man rolled his eyes. "Only the Yondaime finished the academy!"

"About the others?"

"What am I your teacher? Go to the archives and ask for more information there, here just go down the stairs once you exist the library, it's the door at the end of the hall."

"Thank you mister."

The hallway was dimly lit and the small light that was visible revealed dilapidated walls, after the two flights of stairs he wasn't that surprised, the placed looked like what he'd expect from a bunker, he wasn't sure what kind of person would end up working in such a place or why.

He knocked twice before entering the achieves room, the woman behind the desk instantly lost her smile when her eyes fell on him, she looked young barely into her twenties, had long brow hair that was kept secure with a hair tie, an oblong shaped face, hazel eyes and a small nose. Glancing at the name plate on the desk it revealed the woman's name. Katsue Miwa. I wonder how she ended up down here?

"What do you want?"

"I...want to see pictures of past Hokage's from when they were young...for a assignment, I asked at the library at they said I should come down here and that only the Yondaime graduated the academy."

"Wait right here, don't move from this spot."

He waited twenty minutes and realized that he had missed the start of the first class of the day, he was half temped to run and still make it for what was left of the hour, however something help him back, he shook his head he had come this far, he was going to follow it to end, if just for some peace of mind.

"Come with me. Here its the year book from when the Yondaime graduated. Don't make any marks on it." He placed his school bag on the floor and emptied his pocked to show he didn't have anything else on him. The woman grunted and took the back going back to the main office leaving the door to the room he was in open.

Naruto swallowed and his hand trembled as he opened the book. Why am I nervous there's nothing to worry about, it was just a nightmare after all. He went through the first pages slowly almost afraid to reach the Yondaime's picture, he looked at the other pictures taking the peoples face in, he didn't recognize any of them.

Finally he reached the picture he dreaded, he felt his heart ship a beat when he saw it. I look just like him! Naruto's nails dug into the wooden table as he stared at the picture, he felt hot tears running down his face as he starred at the picture. Its all true! He is my father, and I have a family that's alive and abandoned me! Naruto could feel a fire rising inside his chest and spread out through his body, the hair on the back of his neck stood straight, his breath hitched as he looked at the picture until he couldn't see the Yondaime's face but his own, he slammed the book shut and let a breath feeling himself calm down. He rubbed his eyes and left the room keeping his head down, he grabbed his book back from near the achieves desk.


He shoo his head without raising it to cover his tears. "I couldn't find what I needed."

"Are you alright?"

He couldn't tell if her tone was sincere or not and didn't care. "Yes mam."

Naruto didn't walk back to his apartment, he ran as fast as he could, as soon as he felt the achieves room he started running, the whole trip back he could hear the Kyuubi's words.

The Yondaime needed someone he could sacrifice on an altar of blood to save his precious dung pile, someone to become a mindless weapon to only rely on my power and none of his own. You were his choice for that weapon; his sacrifice for the safety of what he cherished most, the dung pile that scorns you.

He ignored the people and their glare's he didn't care for them.

The Yondaime wanted you to be a weapon for the dung pile, he sacrificed you, he wanted you to suffer, to sacrifice yourself for the dung pile so others won't have to. Why would they want someone who will be target by the hatred of others in their homes? To endanger them? Why would they want someone their husband and father threw away? They don't care little, they never did and they never will.

He slammed the door as he entered his apartment, he was out of breath, he didn't know when that last happened and he didn't even care at this point. Everything he said was true! All this I had a family! I didn't have to be alone! But they didn't want me! He ruined everything! He loved everyone more then me! Seeing his own reflection in the window he grabbed the chair near him and threw it at the window, the chair fell to the floor before reaching the window and Naruto let out an infuriated scream.

He started crying and fell to the floor hugging himself; everything he did was a failure, everything was against him. Wiping the tears the flowed from his eyes he got up and went to get a glass of water from the kitchen sink, a reflection made him pause with the glass in hand. He dropped the glass and went to the bathroom, looking in the mirror he couldn't see his own reflection anymore the only thing he saw was the Yondaime's face. No! By instinct his fist flew and smashed into the mirror cracking it. Even with it shattered he could still see the Yondaime's face in the reflection. No!

The door from the bathroom slammed against the wall as he existed and entered the kitchen drawer after drawer looking for that one tool he need. Found it! Naruto retrieved a large knife with a black handle from a drawer, the edged was especially sharp and he hardly ever used after he cut himself by accident.

He bit his own lips and tilted his head to the left, using his left hand tugged at his skin of his jaw, he took a deep breath then brought the knife down on his face and began cutting the skin starting from his jaw line. His screams soon filled the air, when people finally entered the apartment the sink was filled with blood, flesh and skin.

He blinked as he found himself floating atop the water in front of the seal, the Kyuubi was resting his head on his front paws.

"And so you have returned insect."

Naruto looked at his face in the reflection of the water, to his immense joy he had lost much of the resemblance to the Yondaime, he wanted to loss all of the resemblance to that man.

"I healed you."

He sent him a questioning look.

"You were wounded, when death shall claim you it so do shall as well for me. The seal binds us and I do not wish to perish."

"I just wanted to..."

"I know what you wanted to do, it's why I didn't completely heal your face."

"I can try again later."

"Do you think the Hokage will let you out of his sights any time soon?"

"So what? He can't keep an eye on me all the time!"

"No, perhaps he can not. You discovered the truth."

"Yes the Yondaime really is my father! And he ...he..."

"Cursed you, marked you for a horrible life? Yes to both. Didn't you want to become Hokage as well? Remember talking to your precious old man? Remember posing in the mirror pretending to be the Hokage?"

He cringed at that thought.

"So what will you do now?"

"The Yondaime was a hero for the village; he stood for a lot of things. Me I'll be the opposite of what he stood for! "


"You said you had other truths to tell me, what are they?"

"Now is not the time young one. Those were bold words you spoke before, how do you plan on being the opposite of the Yondaime?"

"Ill just do to the opposite of what he did!"


"I...I...the report! I can make a report on the Yondaime to find out about him so I can now what to stand against!"

"Study his strength and that of the previous ones as well, the world is far largest then the dung pile you live in."

"Ok, I can say that I'm making a report on all of them that would be a perfect way to gather stuff on them."

"Deny others knowledge on your skills, keep as much as you can hidden, after this incident the Hokage will have people watching. Any new gain in strength that is know by others is already lost."

"Yes. Can you teach me?"


"Why not? You must have seen so much during your time, you could teach a lot of things!"

"And how could I ever practice any of these things you claim I have seen? To I look like I have a body to practice your taijutsu?"

"I...well no."

"The way you insect use chakra pales in comparison, to my own, I live and breath it, for me using it comes as simple as breathing, how could I ever teach you such a thing?"


"I will offer council to whatever plans you create, I doubt your small brain can muster much at this point, there is hope for even one such as you. Ah and it appears your time is done, one last thing Naruto were you able to glimpse them now? After having them hidden from your sight for so long? Do you know what you are now?"

When Naruto awoke he saw the Hokage near his bed, he wasn't sure where he was, however one thing that he noticed was that the Hokage looked even older that his age.

"Welcome back my boy, how do you feel?"

"Alright, where am I old man?"

"The hospital, Naruto do you remember what happened?"

He touched his now bandaged face wincing from the pain. "Yeah."

"Why?" the voice had a pleading tone to it.

"I didn't want to look like the Yondaime anymore."

The Hokage's voice cracked, he could see tears gathering in the old man's eyes. "What do you mean my boy?"

Naruto looked towards the window in the room refusing the meet the Hokage's eyes. "I looked like the Yondaime Hokage before, I just didn't want to look like him anymore, all the people glare at me and I thought that if I didn't look like the Yondaime they wouldn't anymore."

"Oh my boy, no that's….."

"Can I rest now?"

"Yes, but later I will want to talk to someone for me, an acquaintance of mine to help you recover."

He didn't say anything simply looking up at the ceiling remembering the Kyuubi's question, realization followed quickly. I used to be tangled in them as well, for so long, never seeing them and yet having them decide everything for me. He smiled painfully as it was causing the wounds on his face to open and blood to stain his bandages. But now I'm free…there are no strings on me.

Points on the story :

- yes there is a lot of whinnying in it

- yes there is a bit of a pity party going on there

- yes it is rushed, I wrote it in a few hours spread out a couple of days

- yeah Iruka is still an asshole here

- yes the Kyuubi is talkative, however as you can tell he wants to manipulate Naruto so he has to talk to him

- yes there Uchiha clan is still present, no massacre

- originally Naruto would have had a very different look, think Red Skull

While I have a very good idea on Naruto's future skills the rest is sorely lacking, I have an idea about his new training, and a bit more concerning his childhood, however the other future arcs are still lacking.

I do have a few ideas concerning potential story arcs concerning, I want to steer clear of some canon events, however setting his future team and sensei isn't exactly easy.

Go with his twin sister hoping to create a bond of sorts? Stick Kakashi in there or maybe an elder sibling for more family bonding? Or maybe an Uchiha, Itachi and Shisui come to mind, heck if they are still trusted then they would do a much better job in keeping the Kyuubi down if it ever stirred so they would have better odds at being his sensei.

I defiantly want to have interactions between Naruto and Naruko before they become genin, maybe develop some sort of friendly rivalry, well at least for how much Naruko is concerned.

The major problem for the fic is that I don't have an ending in mind for it, all my other stories have an ending, even some that haven't been posted, I just don't see how to end this particular fic. Make him a villain of sorts, family redemption, again I'm having a hard time decide how things will turn out for him.

The original idea is from a fic I read a while back, I can't remember the name of it, sadly it is unfinished and only had a few chapters. It was about a Naruto who get's placed on a team with his twin sister that he didn't know he had. In the fic Kushina is alive and Naruto besides his twin sister has another two elder siblings, one sister and older brother who can use hiraishin and acted as Naruto's Anbu guard befriending him that way.

Naruko, or I think that was her name, slowly comes to realize just how much the two of them have in common and starts asking questions about him. Kushina, I don't remember if she had been the previous jailer or not, apparently acted as the villagers and didn't let her young daughter play with Naruto even after seeing how miserably he was. While she did confront the third about Naruto it turns out that it was Minato's plan and dyeing wish for Naruto to get the shit can for some reason, maybe something about assassins. Now Kushina could have encouraged her daughter to get close to Naruto or play with him, she decided to follow Minato's dyeing wish and say fuck you kid.

There is so much potential for bad shit happening in a setting like that it seems a shame not to use it, of you will see some of the ideas I have for it in Juubi and Sage, eventually. This story idea was born of seeing an advertising for Captain America the Winter Soldier and remembering the origin of the Ultimate Red Skull.