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Talk now – normal talk
What now – normal thoughts

The afterlife Naruto realized was rather plain, he had expected to meet his parents and fallen loved ones again, especially the old perv, what he got instead was a dark void. He could not see, smell or feel anything in the place he was, he doubted that he had committed sins worthy of being sentenced to such a place, he had hoped that it was just some sort of transitory state he was in, before moving on to the proper afterlife.

At least the others are safe now, that's what matters. His end had come much more different then he ever imagined; he had as a small child never thought about dying until after he became Hokage. Well at least that part came true. At point he thought that there was a chance he would die fighting against Akatsuki or his friend. Death at the hands of a clone of Kaguya Otsutsuki never entered his mind; it didn't even come close to it he realized.

The bastard Toneri just had to screw things over one last time, even from the grave the guy is annoying.

He alongside his friend and the other kages had battled the clone and managed to defeat however the price was that they had all perished fighting her.

I wonder if the others are with me in this place?

"Ah, a good specimen."

What? Is someone there?

"And one whose world has been affected as well, an even better choice."

"Who is that? What's going on?"

A moment later he felt himself moving and lost consciousness.

Alright then Naruto lets see if you'll accept my proposal.

When Naruto opened his eyes again he found himself on a simple bed in a plain white room, a dim white light was being emitted from the walls of the room allowing him to see in it. A small mirror on one of the walls showed him that he was in the cloths he had died in, nothing new there; the surprise was that he was much younger now, if he had to guess he'd say that he was in his middle twenties.

What's going on? Where the am I?

He tried to sense things around him however to his surprise he found himself unable to do so, a quick attempt at sage mode showed him that it was pointless as well.

I am truly dead? Does nothing exist outside this room?

Getting up from the bed he touched one of the walls of the room; he flinched back when a cut appeared on the wall and slowly transformed into a door.

Only forward then? He smiled. Nothing new there!

With a few quick moves he prepared himself for whatever lay on the other side then opened the door and stepped through. Naruto brought a hand to his eyes, if the light in the room had been dim; here it seemed to blaze with a great intensity. Blinking a few time and allowing his eyes time to adjust he looked again at the new place he has in.

The place reminded him of a temple, it had the layout in a similar way, an interesting feature were the large white pillars that seemed to go on endlessly into the sky. A road of white stone laid out before him, water filled the space around the road. Curiously he kneeled down near the water examining the depths of it to see if he could tell where the bottom was, he tried placing a palm on top of the water with chakra channeling through it. To his surprise it had no effect, his hand easily entering the water; he pulled his hand out and looked around again. Without being able to use chakra to walk on the water he was constrained to walk on the road, swimming around the place seemed like a bad idea for the time.

After several minutes of walking he neared a large plateau with several floating screens around it that reminded him of the latest TV screens he had seen while still alive.

Odd to say the least.

Stepping on the plateau he couldn't help but wonder what this was all about.


He took a step back as the word flashed in front of his face from one of the screens.

On your last play through you reached the title of : Predestined Saviour!

What the …?

You managed to redeem: Zabuza, Neji, Gaara, Nagato, Konan, Obito, Sasuke.

I guess I did.

Optional redemptions failed: Mizuki, Kin, Tayuya, Kabuto, Karin.

He blinked twice of the words. Mizuki could have been redeemed? Sasuke and Itachi helped redeem Kabuto, I don't even know who two of those people were!

You are my partner: managed to befriend the Kyuubi.

Now that did get his blood boiling. "He has a name you know!"

Managed to master Sage Mode, Biju Mode, Demon Sage Mode.

Completed the Rasengan!

Managed to unlock the other Rasengan variants!

Mastery of the Rasengan!

Um….I did do those things.

Bringer of the Era of Peace: Through your actions you managed to help lead to an era of peace for the land.

"It wasn't just me, everyone helped. Technology flourished after the war, we say just how much we could accomplish when the different villages worked together. Shikaku helped to prove just what he could do together, a lot of building where created with the cement allied villages created."

Blind to many things around you! Failed to notice Hinata's feelings early on.


I'll deal with it later: Refused to speak to Hinata about her confession.

Ass: Refered to Sakura as your girlfriend to your father while refusing to speak to Hinata about her confession and with her not far away!

He sighed and rubbed his head. Don't remind me… I was a bit of an idiot back then.

Fate's champion!

"What the heck? There's no such thing as fate!"

Please choose your settings for next play through:

"What play through what is this?"

Physical Bonuses:

Legacy of the Senju: greater body, greater reserves of stamina and chakra.

Fire of the Senju: increased chakra control.

Natural Sage: a sage mode that doesn't need a summoning contract to help train in it.

Mommy's boy: you have stronger and denser chakra then most however this block's off the regular ninjutsu path for you requiring a new approach. Warning: rasengan may not be an option.

What are these? He looked curiously at the last one. I did have a few problems last time thanks to my chakra, not enough to hinder me that much, but still a handicap. Not being able to use something that's second nature to me would be difficult.

Personal Bonuses:

A Mother's Love - Kushina lives! Events can play out very differently on the faithful night, here Kushina Uzumaki lives.


Blocked - A family: both parents lived through the night of the sealing.

By your side: a twin sister and/or brother. Challenge mode + drama effect : the sibling will either be taken from you at birth to be raised separately as the child of the Yondaime or just in secret and later revealed as the child of your parents.

"That is bullshit!"

Family matters: an elder sibling or multiples ones, there's a random chance that they will resent him, increase the score to in the game, previous one, to decrease the chance of them hating you. Another coin toss is done while playing the game to see if the sibling/s will either grow to hate you as your reputation increases or want to get close to you. Warning: In some cases the rivalry/hate will increase as your reputation does.

What are these things?

Challenges :

Kage of Kages: Either conquer or have the other great hidden villages bend the knee to you.

Shogun: Conquer all the countries.

Do I look like someone interested in that?

Better then the first: defeat Kaguya in single combat.

He starred slack jaw at the last one. Yeah that isn't happening.

Defeat Madara in combat/defeat jinjuriki Madara.

Maybe if he was alive and without the stolen cells from the Shodaime. He grinned. Actually it would be fun to fight him with them as well.

One Man Army: defeat Akatsuki by yourself or defeat Suna/Oto by yourself.

We took them down together, how exactly should someone take down a collection of several S ranked missing nin?

Can't touch this: never get fit in a fight.


Peace in Unity: Unite the different countries into one through talks/no assaults of attacks can be launched against them.

I thin I was close to getting this one?

Redeemer: convince the members of Akatsuki, Orochimaru and Madara to redeem themselves.

Madara and redemption? A possibility perhaps but he was far to gone to truly bring back, with the manipulation from Zetsu he has so fallen he could see the light anymore. Could it have actually been done?

Fire of youth: only use taijutsu

Konoha/Suna/Iwa/Kumo/Kiri/Iron's greatest champion

Ame/Taki/Kusa/Oto/Hot Springs/ Snow's greatest champion

Never heard of a Land of Snow.

Gotta have em all! : collect and master all seven swords of the swordsmen of the mist.

I doubt Zabuza and Kisame would have just handed them over.

Great restorer: Restore the land of Uzu

Healer of the Land: Make parts of Wind country green

Mastery of seals: Make parts of Wind country green, restore the land of Uzu

Gotta catch em all: Gather and seal all of the biju inside yourself.

"They aren't things to be caught!"

Great patriarch: gather the remains of the Uzumaki clan into one single location.

Special challenges:

Bring the Hammer Down: reach mastery of a unique hammer weapon.

Glaring Problems: Befriend young Hanabi Hyuuga.

I did befriend her only much later after I started dating Hinata. Heh, little firecracker was there with her girlfriend when Bolt was born!

The Quiet Fox: obtain mastery of the Hiraishin.

I have no idea how that technique even starts!

Flashy Techniques: gain a reputation for your abilities in the bedroom.

Er…. Didn't I reach that already? Kurama wouldn't let me hear the end of it after using his chakra in the bedroom.

Team 7's Ascension – help Team 7 become legends.

We were strong, perhaps its saying we should have stickled together for the whole trip?

I pull the strings! Become a master of manipulation.

Puppets are cool! : become a puppet master. Have Kankuro, Chio, Sasori acknowledge your superior skill.

Special available starting conditions:

- Naruto Hatake – adopted as a young child by Kakashi Hatake.

- Sarutobi clan – adopted by the third Hokage into his family/

- Mitarashi – adopted by Anko Mitarashi.

- Hyuuga – adopted by the Hyuuga clan.

- Nara – adopted by the Nara clan.

- Start the game in Kiri/Kumo/Iwa/Suna - dropped there by accident by the masked man.

- Simple farm boy.

- Jiraya does his job 1/

"Alright just what he is going on here?!"

"I suppose its best if we talked now, I wanted you to see a few things before this conversation occurred."

The voice from before! "Who are you?"

"I am difficult to explain, the closes thing would be that I am a god, though even that cannot fully explain what I am."

"A god?" An imagine of another god flashed through his mind.

"Not one like the Juubi, far different then him."

"And I can't see you because?"

"Your mind would simply break, Naruto, you may have seen a great deal of thing in your life time, however even you wouldn't be able to withstand my true form. There are some things the human mind simply can not fully process."

Naruto tossed a look at the screens. "My life is not a game!"

"No it is not, I made it this way to help me explain the situation to you and for you to understand just how broken things are right now."

"What situation, I though I was dead!"

"You are dead, fallen in battle with the Kaguya clone, one which should have never existed."

"What, then how?"

"Are you familiar with the multiverse theory?"

"I remember Shikamaru talking about it at one point, it is a theory in which our universe is not the only one, but states that many universes exist parallel to each other. These distinct universes within the multiverse theory are called parallel universes."

"That is correct, a large variety of parallel universes do in fact exist."

"Then what exactly happened?"

"In short, the multiverse has been wounded by recent events, Crisis on Infinite Earth alongside the Beyonder creating the first Battleworld was bad enough. Sadly the peace after those events didn't last long, the Anti Monitor began his crusade of destruction, the Beyonder attempted another experiment after the first one. I had hoped things would quite down after the Final Crisis, no such luck sadly, now the Beyonder has returned and forged a new battleworld while the convergence is raging in another part of the multiverse."

"So there's conflict in multiverse, and from what I am gathering it is on a very large scale."

"Yes, sadly. The problem is that this last round of problems have created several issues of their own. Entire worlds have been lost Naruto, wiped of the face of the map, that in of itself is not the problem, the way they were destroyed is. It was not done through what you would understand as physical means but through something entirely different. The ramification of their destruction this way is that elements of these destroyed universes have been absorbed by other universes."

"I take it this bad a thing? However if people managed to survive and find shelter in these other universes I don't see a problem with it."

"It is not people that survived, elements of those world survived, ideas survived and these changed those universes in different ways. Your universe was one that was changed."


"Did you not find it odd how a clone of Kaguya somehow existed after all this time?"

"It was because of this element that entered my world that she existed?"

"Yes, the clone was never meant to exist in your universe, the element from another world changed things to a great deal. Your world wasn't the only one affected by these elements; countless worlds have been similarly affected as well."

"So what do you want me do to?"

"I want you to help me deal with these elements and stir the worlds from destruction."

"If you are a good why can't you do it yourself?"

"Even with my own powers dealing with all of them is difficult, I am not only trying to aid these worlds, I am simultaneously shielding them from other elements contaminating them as well. A part of the elements I have been able to safely remove, other are far to entrenched for me to remove without destroying it in the processes. I need someone to help me save these worlds, Naruto I need a champion."

"Is this why I'm not in the afterlife with my loved ones?"

"Yes, I'm keeping you from meeting them again, understand Naruto, I have sought other ways to aid these worlds and my searches have not been pleasant. If you desire I can release your soul and you will join your afterlife and I will search for another to take your place."

I won't be able to see them if I do this. "How similar are these other worlds to my own?"

"Some are very similar others are so different you can not truly begin to imagine it. In one world Ame is a major nation, where the general Konoha populace reside and the Land of Fire itself is a war-torn minor nation ruled by Nagato. In another the Land of Earth is small nation and the Land of Waterfalls has taken its place."

"That is different."

"More then you imagine, Naruto in your world, you where a reincarnation of Ashura, however in other worlds no such thing exists."

"What?! Then…"

"Yes, even you must be aware of some of the ramifications of this…"

"Where as in your world you truly where the child of prophecy, in other worlds you are not, in your world Sasuke never killed the first time you fought at the Valley of the End, in others he did not hesitate to cut you down."

"NO! He couldn't, he wouldn't! He…"

"He would and he did in other worlds."

"If you are to undertake this task then you must accept that what you knew in your world may not apply in other worlds. A friend from home could be an enemy in another world, the nature of biju change as well, from beings of chakra to actually demons."

"Is Kurama alright?"

"He is well in your world. You managed to befriend him in your world, not all succeed some never managed to do so, while others succeeded at it much earlier then you."


"The worlds I want to send you to have many elements of chaos in them, I'm keeping them in stasis for as long as I can, once you enter the world I will pour my own power into it to stabilize things, from there it will be up to you."

"These other versions of me…"

"Some are dead, the foreign elements caused them to be erased even before birth, this would allow you to take their place. I will aid you as best as I can, the way you see things now as done to make thing easier for you. It will be similar once you are reborn in these worlds, they will be there to help you. The challenges you saw represent dreams and ambitions of those that have passed on and even events that could aid in healing those worlds."

He lowered his head thinking about everyone. "So I wouldn't be able to meet everyone again until all I helped to heal all these worlds."

"Yes, Naruto you helped to stir your world on a better path now I need you to do it for other worlds as well."

"Who the hell do you think I am? My name is Naruto Uzumaki! I am the man who can make the impossible possible, don't doubt me! No old man sage or Ashura? No problem! Bring on the hardships I'll win in the end.

I'm sorry everyone our reunion will have to wait for a time.

"I am glad that you have accepted."

"Damn straight, make the first a trial by fire!"

"Very well then a trial by fire it is."

A light began to engulf him and Naruto felt himself becoming sleepy slowly closing his eyes.

"Please understand that I do not do the next part because I desire it, to make things fair a part of your memories will be suppressed, I do want you to be haunted by the memories of your family. They will still be there, however if you are to have a chance at happiness in the worlds where Hinata will not be there for you, they must be suppressed."

I do hope that you are prepared Naruto because the world you are going to is truly a trial by fire.

Of things to come:

A five year old Naruto looked at the person who had been his friend and rival in another world, even if this wasn't the same person they looked the same and acted the same.

This time it will be different, I regretted not talking to you last time, this time I won't make that mistake.

He smiled then began making his way down to the lake to talk to the young boy.

A figure stood up covered in blood, a new lighting strike shaped scar marred the left side of his face, and the vision is his right eye was mostly lost. Smoke rose into the dark clouds from the charred lands around him, the land here had been broken from his battle, a mountain destroyed and all life scourged from the valley.

With his good hand he picked up the belt from his dead opponent, the golden buckle with its monster design had always seemed distasteful to him; he closes his fist around it and shattered it. Staring down at the corpses of his enemies he could help himself, he laughed as hard as he could.

"Is this it? Is this the might of a kage?" He kicked the corpse of one of his opponents. "Pathetic, I will show the world the true power of a strongest. All will now by name!"

Gazing towards the corps of his other foe, he smiled. And now I have another goal, it can be done after all.

He flexed his muscles again letting the chakra flow through him. Ah the feeling is wonderful. I will absorb the other biju as well. Nothing will stand in my way.

Naruto hummed a song in his head while keeping a smile on his face traveling alongside his team on the road.

Finally I can see Haku and Zabuza this time I'll defiantly save the both of you!

It was odd not having the demon brother's attack them, and he had to be prepared in case they were pulled back and joined with Zabuza in his attack.

"You seem nervous Naruto is everything alright?"

Naruto kept his smile looking at Sakura, they were much closer as friends this time around and her own skills were far better as well. "Fine, this place looks just right for an ambush."

From his right Sasuke nodded. "He's right, we should stay on guard."

Kakashi's eyes never left his book however going by his tone he seemed aware that there was something suspicious going on. "Hmmm? Well what could possibly come our way on this simple escort C – ranked mission?"

Only a few steps later Naruto stopped dead in his tracks staring at the sight in front of him. Three people were near the boat they needed to take, the shock lay in the fact that he didn't recognize the three and that they had killed the rower. He heard a shocked gasp coming from Sakura.

The first who was standing with this foot on the fallen man's head had short black hair which was concealed by a grey shark-like top complete with a hood which resembled a shark's head, with an appendage on the back that resembled a dorsal fin and dark pants. He also had two dark violet markings under his green eyes.

The second man wore a green-coloured shark-like top complete with a hood which resembled a shark's head, with an appendage on the back that resembled a dorsal fin and dark pants. He also had black-coloured eyes and two purple markings under each eye and carried a giant shuriken on his back.

The last was a woman standing to the right who had long brown hair that was styled in multiple big spikes all around her head. She had black eyes and wore a black mask that only covered her mouth and nose and there was a small thin black marking coming out of each side of her mask near her mouth. She wore a female version of the shark-styled outfit that her two teammates wear but hers was light purple and it revealed much of her cleavage.

Who are these people?

Naruto stood in front of the third Hokage smiling; he still liked seeing the old man after so many years, no matter what he wanted him to survive this time.

"Well Naruto I believe you know what this is about."

He nodded thanks to the recent incident there was no way around it after all. "Yeah, I got a good feeling about it."

"You are the jinjuriki of the nine…."

Heck I know what I am already I just need you to say it so I can meet my friend again. "…tailed fox." He finished.

"…headed eagle." The Hokage finished and looked at him oddly.

His mouth opened and closed several times, his brain unable to comprehend the words he had heard. "….what?"


The whole was written in the two days, while I've working on the plot for almost a week, it still needs a lot of work with the dialogue however the plot for first world is largely sketched out.

Parts that I want to work on are the dialogue between Naruto and the OC as well as the description of the place.

Sadly choosing a system for the skills and level ups is still a work in progress.

I want to see what reactions I get to the premise of the whole thing so review away.