Chapter 2-Quadrilateral

Muffy and Francine were arguing. The boy's parents heard and told the girls to leave. The girls went home but the argument wasn't over. The next day at school, they got into a fight. They were taken to the office. A school counselor heard both their stories. She decided to mediate between the girls. She called them in after school instead of having them serve detention. They reluctantly went into her office.

"I brought you girls here because you have a lot of feelings to work out," the counselor said. Muffy humphed. Francine did the same. "Fine, pretend I'm wrong, but I've seen this before." "A love quadrilateral? You've seen that before? What kind of place is this?" Muffy cried.

The counselor laughed, "You'd be surprised, Miss Crosswire. I want to bring in both parties. We should tell the truth from now on and have the boys work out their troubles too. Who is the other boy?"

"He doesn't go here," the girls said together. They exchanged glances. Then they both stared at opposite walls. The counselor smiled, "I'll work my magic. As for Mr. Read, I already called him. He found out last night as well and he's very upset. His exact words were, 'I hope you expel her and make her move to Antarctica so I never have to see her again'," the counselor quoted with a smile.

"You're enjoying this too much," Muffy said. The counselor shook her head, "Yes, yes I do. You two are too young for this kind of drama. So, I'll fix your situation, for a price." "Name it. I have a bank account full of—"

"Sex education classes?" the counselor interrupted. Muffy blushed. "With your parents. Unless you all agree to talk to me."

The girls blushed. They knew they had no choice. They shared the boy's name and school. He was called in the next afternoon. Arthur was brought in too. They all sat in opposite corners. The counselor sat in the middle. She was bubbly and happy. She took lots of notes as she asked them questions.

"Muffy dated him first, then they broke up—supposedly," Francine added darkly. "Then you started dating him WHILE you were dating Arthur," Muffy grinned. "Which makes all of you wrong," Arthur hissed. "Shut up you baby," the older boy said.

"Language, children, language," the counselor grinned. "Alright, who needs to say more?" she asked. They looked confused. "You, older chick magnet, who else have you been with recently?"

"No one, even though it's none of your business. I like Lakewood High girls. They're cooler," he nodded. The counselor scoffed, "Okay." "Something feels off about this," Muffy exclaimed. Francine nodded. "Apparently not since you're agreeing about something," the counselor smiled. The girls humphed and looked away from each other.

"What's the point of this?" Arthur asked. The counselor shrugged, "I just want teens to be happy. Are you happy?" she asked. "No," he said. "Is anyone else happy?" "No," they replied. "Well then, I have work to do."

A minute later, a knock sounded at the door. The principal looked inside. He pulled the counselor outside. Muffy listened in at the door.

"You can't use the students for your romance stories anymore. Dismiss them, especially that other kid. He doesn't even go here," the principal demanded. "Oh, please, let me—" "No," the principal said. He left before she could protest. She entered the room and dismissed them.

"I thought you wanted us to be happy!" Muffy cried. The counselor shrugged, "Do whatever you want. I can't help you," she said. She pulled her purse out of her desk. Cigarettes were sticking out. The teens ignored her and left. They all had to walk the same direction. They were uncomfortable about this. 4 teens, a love quadrilateral. Arthur didn't know how he got to be a part of this.

"You know what? I'm done with you. I want off our project and I never want to see you again," Arthur exclaimed. Muffy looked to the older boy, "You're not even worth the effort. You always make me pay!" "I was going to say you could have him," Francine scoffed.

"I'd rather be single than put up with this," the girls said together. "Want to go shopping and gossip?" Muffy asked. "Don't mind if I do," Francine said. "Just take me by the sports store. I need oil for my glove." They left together to go to the mall. Arthur and the older boy exchanged glances.

"Sorry for calling you a little kid. Just trying to look good for the ladies," he grinned. Arthur scoffed, "Don't care," he said, kicking a pine cone and walking to Buster's house. They talked while watching Bionic Bunny reruns.

Arthur tried to forget everything; Francine tried to forget everything; Muffy tried to forget everything; the older boy tried to forget everything. All four failed miserably.

Francine and Arthur talked at school. They accidentally held hands but never let go. They agreed to talk after school.

Muffy and the older boy crossed paths at the mall. They duck into an empty dressing room for a make-out session. They agree to a movie the next night. Muffy called Francine. They agreed to double date…and all four were at the theater the next night.