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Notes: Chapters will generally reflect the POV of the person speaking. Which means Chapters 1 and 2 will be "Judgment." Chapter 3 will be "Sun."

"Lesus, even if they are facing the darkness with their backs to the light, holy knights still walk under the light, not the darkness! That is why Lesus, even if you have fall into darkness, I will just have to drag you back to the light!"

-Grisia Sun, Facing the Darkness



As we approached, Sun turned to greet me was a smile.

"Brother Judgment! I am moved to overwhelming joy at your safe return! The gracious God of Light has certainly smiled upon His children on this blessed day. His Radiance delights in the success of his children, both at home and far away from the guiding influence of his faithful church's light. I trust that His Blessed Light has lead Brother Judgment's and Brother Moon's divine mission into the light of success?"

Translation: Yay! You're back! Did you bring food?

"None can escape the influence of His divine justice. Near or far, the light of His divine will is not to be dismissed. Although His mercy is vast, the Harsh God of light has little tolerance for those who do not repent of their ways."

Yes, it did, thanks for asking. No, I didn't bring you any snacks. If I keep feeding you, you'll just get fat.

Sun's smile dimmed slightly, his eyes staring at me accusingly. He opened his mouth, possibly to make some sort of petty retort, but I cut him off.

"Sun, we need to talk," I hiss, indicating to Metal by my side. True, he had seemed well enough at first, but now he was positively swaying on his feet. He needed a healer, now.

Grisia had the decency to adopt a sheepish look as he ushered us toward the nearest room.


I was so distracted by Metal's condition that I hadn't even paid attention to which room we were entering until I was already placing Metal on the bed.

Oh. It was mine.

"Sun, I'm pretty sure I locked this door before I left."

"Did you? Funny how doors just magically seem to open just when you need them to!"

If Sun could magically open doors, Confinement would not be as viable an option as I had originally thought.

"Really, Sun, I thought you were more responsible than this." Which is why I left him in your care.

"It wasn't my fault!" Grisia said, sitting down on the edge of bed across from me. It had taken not one, but two Moderate Heals. Now that Metal was no longer in critical condition, he was snoring softly in the bed beside us. Sun cast him a glance.

"Besides, he… left, before I had a chance…" Sun's words became less and less certain, and he looked almost guilty. He was hiding something.

"Sun, what did you do?"

"Nothing! At least, nothing the God of Light would see fit to punish me for... I think," he mumbled the last line under his breath, suddenly looking a bit worried.

Suspicion began to give way to full-blown panic.

"Sun," I said slowly, narrowing my eyes. He jumped. "Did you tell anyone else about Metal?"

"Of course not! At least, no one but Adair…"

I knew it! Well, at least if Adair was the only one…

"And I don't think he told anyone else…"

I stare at him, incredulous. I thought I had heard the worst, but Dear God of Light, Sun wasn't even finished. He squirmed uneasily.

"And possibly… Leaf…"


"But I didn't tell Roland!"

"So you were thinking of telling Roland?"

"Yes, well…" Sun said helplessly.

I should have guessed Sun would never do this himself.

He was never one to claim full responsibility at the best of times, always soliciting favors from everyone and anyone. Including me, his so-called "sworn enemy." Even Roland, who was supposed to be dead, wasn't exempt from Sun's network of small favors. Sun's appallingly persuasive personality really knew no bounds.

Still, I am fairly certain it would go against my job description to "punish" the Sun Knight.

"Why so many?" I asked, still reeling. I certainly hoped this didn't get out. I wasn't sure what the protocol would be for this kind of thing, but as purveyor of punishments myself, I could imagine. The thought that Metal could potentially lose his position over this was not something I wanted to think about.

"You gave me such short notice! And you were going out of town for weeks, you can't expect me to do it all by myself!"

"Just how many times did you think Metal did this sort of thing?"

"I don't know!" Sun threw up his hands in agitation. I shot a quick glance at Metal. He gave a soft snore, but continued sleeping peacefully. More quietly, Grisia hissed, "I thought it was a regular occurrence with your faction!"

"Sun." I say slowly. He stared back at me, frowning slightly. "Metal only gets this kind of treatment when he's being rewarded for doing well on particularly difficult missions. Just like when you do well, you treat yourself to new supplies for body masks, or I buy you extra blueberry pies."

Sun sniffed at the comparison. Suddenly he froze, his eyes widening in realization as my words began to sink in.

"How many times, Sun?"

"…quite a bit more often than you buy me pie," he admitted.

I recall Metal's words.

"Did Metal even complete any missions?"

"No, I… I don't think he could, after the first one. Adair is really quite something." Sun said haltingly. He looked a little disturbed.

"…Grisia Sun. From now on, please stop corrupting your followers."