Item: Memory loss

Pairing: Kyalin

Prompt by: guest

It had been three hours since Kya and Toph had been called to the hospital by its resident doctor, due to an accident involving Captain Lin Beifong and a brick wall.

Kya's leg was jumping up and down with anxiety, causing Toph to put her hand on the woman's thigh and hold it down tightly in her grip. "Knock, it, off. She's fine by the way. I can feel her telling the doctor to fuck off." Toph stood up and lead the way into the consultation room, aggravating the doctor further.

"I'm not done observing your daughter Chief Beifong, I ask that you please wait outside."

Toph let out a puff of air in annoyance. "She's fine. She probably has a concussion at most and Kya is more than capable to take care of that."

"She is my patient and what I say goes."

"I don't care about what you say." Lin, complete with bandage on her forehead, got off the hospital bed to stand in front of the doctor. "I am fine and I'm going home. Please get my discharge papers."

The doctor scowled before leaving the room, slamming the door behind him in the process.

"Are you sure you're okay sweetie?"

The Captain cocked an eyebrow at Kya calling her sweetie, but shook it off. "I'm fine. Just a tad sore and I have a bit of a headache. I'll get dressed and then we can go home." Lin was about to undo her hospital gown, when she realised the two women were still in the room. "Would you mind giving me some privacy?"

"Why? I've seen you naked before and your mother, well, that's pretty obvious."

"What?! You've never seen me naked before."

The waterbender's brows furrowed in confusion as she took a step closer to her girlfriend. "Lin, what day is it?"

"Friday, mine and Tenzin's date night."

"Umm. Ow." Kya knew what had obviously happened, but the words still stung. "Lin, today is Monday and it's been a year since you and Tenzin were dating." If Lin's words stung, then the heart broken look on he face was like a knife to the chest. "Oh sweetie, please don't be upset. You and I are together now so there is no reason to grieve over the same person again."

"Wait, I'm with you? A… woman?"

Chuckling was heard in the back corner, prompting the young couple to look at Toph in irritation. "I'm sorry, it's just, this is just like when you came out to your parents, Kya. Only difference is that you don't have that sixteen year old 'but mum, dad, I'm in love!' speech."

Kya suppressed a growl as she turned to the older metalbender. "Toph, can you please give us a minute alone?"

"Fine. I'm gonna track down those discharge forms."

Once the door closed, Kya turned her attention back to her girlfriend. "Lin, you and I are together. Have been for a year and believe it or not, you are the one that initiated it."

"But I love Tenzin."

Resisting the urge to growl, Kya took a deep breath before coming up with an idea. "I know something that will bring your memory back." Gripping the hem of her top, the waterbender raised it over her breasts quickly, causing them to bounce a little. "Anything?"

"They're, umm, nice?"

Kya put down her arms to see her girlfriend looking anywhere other than at her, with a blush across her cheeks. "Spirits, it's like you're nineteen again and it's your first time seeing them."

"So, you and I really are together?"

"Yeah, we are."

Lin looked away in frustration, for not remembering the past year spent with the beautiful woman standing a few meters in front of her. Puffing out her chest in pride, Lin strode the distance separating her from Kya and took her soft face in her own calloused hands and pressed her dry lips against the waterbender's plump ones. When they managed to part after a few intense seconds of moaning and dancing of tongues, Lin was only able to say one thing. "Wow."

"Yeah, wow. You've only kissed me like that once before. Our first kiss."

"Yeah, I remember now." There was a glint in Lin's eyes as she looked into the ocean orbs that were Kya's. "I remember always wanting to kiss you when I was with Tenzin, but I pushed it aside. When you told me that he and I were no longer together, those feelings all came rushing back and that kiss, it helped me remember how important you are to me."

"That is the most sweetest thing you have ever said to me." Kya joined their hands together and squeezed lightly. "Let's go home and… relax."

"I know what 'relax' really means and as much as I would love too, I have a pretty bad concussion thanks to that brick wall."

"You seriously need to tell me how that happened."

Lin smirked as she thought back on the incident. "Well it involved a banana peel."