i tried to have a whole bunch of feels in this but my writing skills aren't at that level.

thank you to lokgirl for the prompt.

item: photo.

Kya was walking the grounds of Air Temple Island, when she saw two teenage girls lurking behind a temple wall as though they were hiding from something, or someone. Kya threw caution to the wind and decided to find out what they were doing. "What are you two girls up to?"

They whirled around to find Kya standing behind them with a hand on her hip. Asami pushed Korra forward, allowing her to explain. "Well, uh, you see, the airbender kids have been annoying Asami and I to no ends and we just want sometime to ourselves to do absolutely nothing. They constantly want me to have air scooter races with them."

Asami stepped forward putting her two cents in. "And the girls keep wanting me to give them a new hairstyle. You wouldn't happen to have any ideas on a place where we could relax with no interruptions do you?"

Kya touched her index finger to her chin in thought. "I have an idea."

Korra hesitantly entered the large house, as though it were booby-trapped. "Korra, stop being ridiculous. She said it was okay."

"I wouldn't put it past Beifong to have some sort of trap waiting for me."

Kya laughed, knowing what Lin had done in the past. "She's at work for the next hour, she doesn't have the time to set a trap for you."

Asami looked around the house, highly impressed with its size and architecture. "I wouldn't have guessed the Chief would buy a house of this stature."

"This is the original Chief Beifongs home. Lin bought it after her mother left the city. You two relax, I'm going to get us some takeout. Water tribe food okay?" Both teens nodded their head in agreement, watching as Kya left the home.

"Lets look around."

"Korra, how about you ignore your curiosity and relax." Korra ignored her, deciding to go up the stairs that lead to the upper level of the house. Asami followed her in hopes to stop her. "Korra, stop. Lin has been nice enough to allow us to stay here for the night. We shouldn't be snooping around like this."

"Come on Asami. A big house like this, you can't tell me Beifong has some interesting things around this joint." Korra walked into Lin's bedroom.

"Come on Korra. This is her bedroom. She is entitled to her privacy."

Korra ignored her as she began to go through Lin's closet. "She doesn't have much variety. What a shocker"

"Korra! Will you just stop already! Lin doesn't trust many people and you are probably thinning the trust she already has in you."

"I have a curiosity like a Catalope. I won't be satisfied until I find something good." Korra lay on the carpet, lifting the blankets to Lin's bed finding a wooden box under it. "Jackpot!"

Korra walked out of the room, downstairs into the lounge with the wooden box in tow. She plopped down on the couch and began trying to open the lock with her amateur metalbending. "Korra, don't! There is a reason that box is locked."

The box popped open with the flick of a wrist. Korra reached into the box, pulling out its contents. "Huh, a meteor bracelet. That's boring. No wonder why Lin wanted to throw Pema in jail."

Asami looked at the object in Korra's hands, sadness overcoming her features. "Oh spirits. She must have been crushed. Sometimes I think what Pema did, was a horrible thing. Especially if Tenzin and Lin were married or engaged." She took the object from Korra's hands, running a thumb over the intricate detail of a flying boar combined with air nomad spirals for the wings.

"Holy shit!"

Asami looked over to a photo Korra was holding, finding Lin in a hospital bed with an infant in her arms, a large and tired smile on her face. "What are you two… oh no." Kya grabbed the items out of the two girls hands, quickly shoving the contents back into its rightful place. Kya sat in the chair opposite the teens, putting a hand to her forehead. "Why did you have to snoop around?" Kya's voice began to increase with anger. "What on earth, possessed you to go through her things!?"

Korra looked down in shame. "I was curious." She looked up to meet Kya's gaze. "Who is the child in Lin's arms? What happened exactly?"

Kya let out a sigh. "The child was my nephew, Kuzon. He was born perfectly healthy and normal. It was the happiest I had seen both Tenzin and Lin in a long time. One night Lin got up to go feed him like she usually did but when she looked into the crib, he was still. He wasn't breathing and he didn't have a heartbeat." Tears began to frame her face. Taking in a shaky breath she continued. "It was hard on Lin especially. She was too stressed to conceive initially, so Toph took back the position of Police Chief whilst she and Tenzin tried to get pregnant. It took two years of trying and managing their mental and physical lives before Lin became pregnant. After Kuzon died, Lin threw herself back into her work. Toph tried to intervene but Lin disregarded her mother's instructions. Tenzin wanted to try again as soon as possible that he allowed his temper to get the best of him resulting in her and Pema getting together. That bullshit about them being soul mates is a bunch of crap. Their situation was hard on the whole family. Even my mother wouldn't talk to Tenzin for a whole year. None of us have forgiven him for what he did to her"

The sound of keys dropping to the floor alerted the three women that the owner of the house was now home and had caught them with the box that held her worst memories. Lin looked at all of them before silently turning on her heels and walking off to her bedroom, where she collapsed into the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling.

An hour passed before there was a knock at her door. Korra peaked her head inside "Lin, can we come in?" She got no response so she decided to venture further into the room. They all decided to lie on the bed. Kya to Lin's left, Korra to her right and Asami next to Korra. "I wanted to say I'm sorry for snooping around. Asami tried to stop me but curiosity got to the best o-"

"I loved him a lot." Lin cut her off, not in the mood for apologies. "He was so tiny when he was born, yet when he squeezed my pinkie with his whole hand, I felt so much strength within him, and I was looking forward to seeing that strength grow. And it was all taken away from me in the blink of an eye. I spent nine months and seven days with Kuzon, whilst Tenzin only spent seven days with him." Tears were now flowing freely from Lin's eyes. "I felt his heartbeat inside me after two weeks from when he was conceived. I hadn't smiled like that in such a long time and to see Tenzin's reaction when I told him was amazing. When we lost him, Tenzin was ready to try again for another child as though Kuzon had never even been born. I simply wasn't ready. After a year he left me for Pema as though Kuzon and I were nothing more than a bad memory."

The women didn't leave the room that night. They spent their time helping Lin grieve the way she should have when she first lost Kuzon. With friends and family telling her it would be okay.