item: whip

pairing: Kyalin

request by: lokgirl

haha this was fun to write. i hope you enjoy it as much as i did and keep those requests coming

Lin opened the front door to reveal Korra and her band of misfits, all with wide grins on their faces. "This is Lin and Kya time. What are you four doing here? I saw you two hours ago. Mako thirty minutes ago."

Korra brushed past the Police Chief. "Kya invited us for some drinks and dinner and then we are going to help you pack, so you are ready to move into your new house tomorrow."

Kya walked into the foyer to welcome the teens and defuse the bomb that was Lin. "Why don't you kids set the table and have a seat. I'll be in there soon." She placed her hands on Lin's shoulders and began to knead them until they began to relax. "I know I should have told you earlier but you would have said no." She felt her muscles tense up again. "But if you play nice," she gestured to the space between them, "we can play nice and if they have enough drinks they might tell us some of their dark secrets."

A moment passed whilst Lin thought over the terms and conditions. "Yeah, okay."

Kya gave Lin a quick kiss before running off into the kitchen, preparing a plate for everyone. "I made… food? I have no idea what it is. It was something my mother used to make."

Lin brought out beers for everyone, before taking a seat at the head of the table. "Hey Beifong, why do we have different beers to you and Kya?"

"One, this is my house. Two, I bought the beer. Three you're still underage, so you can drink that beer or there is water in the tap." She took a swig of beer, smirking at the Avatar.

Korra was about to retort, when Kya placed a plate in front of her. "So I think after a few drinks and dinner we start packing boxes."

Everyone mumbled in agreement as they dug into their food.

"So Mako and I were casually walking away with a loaf of bread in our hands and the old geezer was trying to catch us. The guy had a walking cane and the bread was in the four-day-old bread bin. No one was going to miss it."

Kya let out an amused sigh as she set down her third beer. "Leave the plates and bottles where they are. We have packing to do. Bolin and Mako, you can take on the lounge first. Korra and Asami you can have the hallway closets. Lin and I will finish packing our bedroom."

Everyone went to their given areas. More than happy to help in any way. Korra and Asami opened a hallway cupboard, only to have piles of junk collapse onto them. Asami was the first to recover, rubbing her head where a bruise was most likely to form. "Who would have thought that Lin and Kya hid all their stuff in a closet?"

"I know. I thought that with Lin being all strict and organised at work she'd, be the same at home." A stuffed badgermole caught Korra's eye. She picked it up and read the label. "To my badgermole, with love from mummy. Ps. Uncle Sokka helped write this. HA! Who knew that the Beifongs were such softies?!"

"I think it's adorable." They continued to work through the pile dubbed 'the clutter pile,' slowly but steadily before something rather perverted made its way into Asami's hands, only to have it snatched by Korra before she could have a good look at it.

"Kinky. Who knew the Chief had it in her."

"It might be Kya's."

Korra rolled her eyes at the thought. "Please. It's obvious that Lin is the dominant one in their relationship. So this has to be hers."

"I'm not sure, maybe Kya has a thing for role playing"

Korra stood up to test the item, when Lin walked out into the hall with a box in hand. "Shouldn't you be… that isn't mine."

"Are you sure Chief? I hear that at the station you are known for, 'cracking the whip,' every now and then."

"Lin, why are you just standing there?" Lin inclined her head towards Korra. When Kya saw the item, she decided to throw Lin under the bus. "I told you I wasn't into role playing Lin."


"You're lucky that I tie you to the bed. Why would you want to have a whip in the bedroom anyway? I never understood your fetishes."

Lin stood there totally flabbergasted, not understanding what was happening. Asami stood up, taking the whip from Korra and handing it over to Kya. "We should get back to work. I'll leave this with you two to pack… or throw out. Your choice."

The teens left the home after packing majority of the house in boxes. "I can not believe you Kya!"

Kya walked up the stairs with Lin hot on her heels. "What did I do?"

They entered the bedroom and began to get undressed. "You left me out to dry! You and I both know that whip isn't mine."

Lin lay down on the bed, allowing Kya to tie her hands to the bedposts. "I know but I couldn't help myself."

Kya began to straddle Lin's hips, smirking as she brought the offending item into Lin's view. "Kya, no."

Kya cracked the whip, laughing as beads of sweat began to form on Lin's brow. She bent down trailing kisses along Lin's Jaw. "It could be fun."

"I'm not fun."

Kya pouted but obeyed Lin's wishes by dropping the whip to the ground.

When the teens took a seat on the ferry, they all looked around nervously before Korra chose to break the silence. "So Lin and Kya have a whip."

Bolin Looked at Korra. "Oh, so that explains the pictures of Kya holding a whip and wearing lingerie that we found in under the coffee table"

The teens all gave each other creeped out looks. Mako decided to put this situation behind them. "We are never helping them move again."