Love After Marriage

Love puts the fun in together,
the sad in apart,
and the joy in a heart.
~ Anonymous ~


Chapter 3: The Chaos That is the Wedding (Special Chapter)

To the beloved and loyal readers of 'Love After Marriage Fanfiction by ShuuyaLover'

You are hereby cordially invited to be a part of the most joyful celebration of

Goenji Shuuya Axel


Suzuno Fuusuke

as they celebrate their union of love

on Monday, first of June 2015,

at 5 o'clock in the afternoon,

at Oumihara Junior High School Soccer Field,

Okinawa, Japan.

Reception to follow will be on the same day,

at Sakura Hotel,

East Banquet Hall 1,

Okinawa, Japan

at 7.00 o'clock in the evening.

Your presence will be deeply appreciated.

Among the people wearing tuxedos who are walking here and there, occupied with their own tasks, is Inazuma Japan's defender named Kabeyama Heigorou. Due to his body size and impressive strength, he easily carried three white, satin-cloth wrapped chairs from one of the vans and brought them to the soccer field of Oumihara Junior High. He placed them down on the left side of the field and arranged them properly, horizontally and vertically in place with the help of his classmate, Kurimatsu. With the last three chairs in place, the chair arrangement for the bride's family and friends is complete.

The two of them sighed as they panted a bit, but the satisfaction of helping is evident on their face. They exchanged a satisfied and happy smile.

"We're finally finished with the bride's side, de yansu!"

"What a relieve." A tired smile on Kabeyama's face. "I could feel my back soaked with sweat."

"You two, good job on the chair arrangement."

Kabeyama and Kurimatsu turned their head at the familiar voice.

Approaching them are Hiroto, Midorikawa and Saginuma.

"Ah, Hiroto-san! Midorikawa-san! Saginuma-san!" Kabeyama acknowledged their presence.

"Hiya!" Midorikawa raised his hand as a greeting. The green-haired scanned the field with a small smile on his face. "The managers, Touko-san and Rika-san are still putting the final touch on the decoration of the trellis and the wedding arch, and then the preparation here is done!"

"For assisting in the preparation for our sister's wedding, I sincerely thank you both." Saginuma, with a rare smile on his usually serious and solemn face, bowed at the two second years.

The two defenders' face brightened in embarrassment, somewhat honoured by the praise.

"I-It's fine, really! We're glad to help, de yansu! Ne, Kabeyama?"

"Ha-Hai! It's the wedding of Goenji-san and Suzuno-san, of course we'll want to help as much as we can!"

The redhead forward nodded curtly. "Arigatou, Kabeyama, Kurimatsu. Saa, why don't the two of you go ahead and take a break? The guests will be starting to show up." At his suggestion, the two left the soccer field and entered one of the huts to get something to drink and a short rest. Hiroto, Saginuma and Midorikawa watched the retreating figures until they entered the hut. Fists clenched on both sides, Hiroto turned swiftly and took in the whole soccer field.

At the entrance to the soccer field, three wooden, semi-circle trellis stood in line. The trellis have been wrapped with a light blue cloth and decorated with artificial white roses. The fresh, green grass on the field has been trimmed carefully, especially for today's joyful event. A long, silver carpet is lied down on the grass as the aisle where the bride will walk on to meet up with her groom at the altar. More than fifty chairs have been arranged on each side of the field for the family and friends of the two special people. And at the altar is a four-pole wedding arch. The wedding arch was wrapped with a silver cloth, with ivory-coloured ribbons tying the cloth tightly to the poles at the middle. The wedding arch is also decorated with white roses, although they were placed randomly. A few hanging crystals added the beauty of the wedding arch.

The managers; namely Aki, Natsumi, Fuyuka and Haruna, and Touko and Rika came up with the decoration and work on them today. From afar, Hiroto could see them smiling and cheering happily as they watched the fruits of their labour in pure satisfaction.

"Hiroto?" Midorikawa called out, his expression is a mx of confusion and concern when he noticed something was off with the redhead forward.

When no response came from him, Saginuma frowned and went in front of him.

Hiroto's staring blankly at him.

"Hiroto? Is something bothering you?"

Ignoring him completely, Hiroto's eyes trailed to the wedding arch. The image of Goenji and his dear sister standing under it, gazing into each other's eyes passionately with half-lidded eyes before they slowly lean for their first kiss as husband and wife entered his mind. Hiroto gasped harshly in horror and shook his head furiously, trying to erase the image from his mind. He looked back at the wedding arch, and the image is still there. In fact, they were kissing.






Oh. My. GOD! (Not you, Aphrodi! Back off! *kicking him into the sky far away*)

Hiroto's eyes rolled before he lost control of his body, consciousness slowly slipped away from him and slumped down.

"Hiroto!" Saginuma and Midorikawa cried out in alarm. The former captain of Epsilon Kai managed to catch him before he fall and he shook his body in attempt to wake him up. They attracted other people's attention, and in a second, they were surrounded with many people.

"What caused Hiroto-kun to faint?" Aki asked, the girl frowned in worry.

"Oh, my. Is he alright?"

"Maybe he has a fever! Is his forehead and cheeks burning up?"

"He could be dehydrated!"

"It must be because of the heat."

"But it's not that hot today!"

"People, move a bit! Let some air in for him to breath!"

"For the moment, take him to a room and let him rest!"

"What? Hiroto fainted?" Suzuno asked her maid of honour, surprise evident on both her expression and tone. The news brought by Reina piqued her interest as it's regarding her Sun Garden brother, making her turned around in her seat to face the blue-haired girl. "Fuusuke-chan, don't move around! I'm not done with your hair yet!" Kinki Nozomi (Pandora from Gemini Storm) whined as she watched her work of art ruined when she moved. She was standing behind the bride, a comb on one hair and two hair rolls on the other.

"Oh, her hair's perfect as it is, Nozomi!" Touchi Ai (IC from Diamond Dust) grunted from the other side of the room. She didn't even look away from her phone as she said. "You don't have to do anything to her hair."

Nozomi frowned at that. "Demo-"

"I happen to agree with Ai." Kii Fumiko (Keeve from The Genesis) said. "Fuusuke's hair is already perfect. There's no need for any fixing to be done."

"We can't have that!" Nozomi protested, her face turned into horror. "Today is her wedding day! She must have a new and special hairstyle just for this day! She deserved that much!"

"But you're giving her too much!" Hasuike An (Rean from Prominence) pointed out, an eyebrow raised as she turned to the bride's hair. "I don't think Goenji-san will be delighted to see his bride's hair turned into Swiss role cakes!"

At the comment from one of her bridesmaids, Suzuno's eyes widened in alarm. "What?! Nozomi, what did you do to my hair?!"

"Hiroto-" Reina tried to continue before she was cut off.

"Nozomi, hold the mirror behind me! I want to see my hair!"

"Anyway," Reina cleared her throat, her voice louder than before, "Osamu and Ryuuji carried him to the school's infirmary and let him rest there. The nurse examined him and she confirmed that he was a little dehydrated and overwhelmed by anxiety."

"Anxiety, huh?" Ai smirked. "Maybe he can't cope with the fact his sister getting married!" Her eyes trailed off to Suzuno, who had taken it upon herself to redo her hair back into a princess braid with the help of Kurakake Clara (Clara from Diamond Dust).

Her attention still at her image in the mirror, a small smile came to her lips. She knew that Ai is most probably right. She clearly remembered the night they returned home after meeting her fiancé for the first time. Upon their return, they were greeted by the sight of Hiroto standing in front of the shoji door with his arms crossed and his face grimace. Behind him were a sleep-deprived Midorikawa and an annoyed Saginuma. If not for Midorikawa and Saginuma's fierce protests, Kira's assurances and Hitomiko's 'advise', Hiroto would have probably interrogate her the entire night, especially since she told him that she accepted the proposal.

Some people probably think that Hiroto's overdoing it and he's overstepping his boundaries, even being nosy, but Hiroto is the responsible big brother who always did his best to look after everyone in the orphanage. His intentions are in the right place but Suzuno preferred him in his more calm and rational-thinking mode rather than worrywart older brother mode. At least he go along well with the responsible older sister figure aka Yagami Reina, his own love of my life. The two really gel well together.

"He'll get over it eventually." Suzuno said, looking down at her empty right ring finger.

An snorted. "Yeah, right! After five years of marriage, maybe!" Some of them giggled at the remark.

"And let's hope he does not faint when you and Goenji exchange vows, AGAIN!" Fumiko shook her head, her face morphed into amusement as she imagined it happening.

"Stop it, Fumiko!" Nozomi glared at her. "You'll jinx the happy couple!"

"Oh, Nozomi! No need to be so uptight about everything! What's the worse that could happen, anyway?" Fumiko asked in an uncaring tone, shrugging her shoulders.

And speak of the devil...

"Fuusuke-chan! We have a problem!" The door of the hotel suite reserved for Suzuno and her bridesmaids slammed to the wall as it was forcefully opened. Hitomiko panted a bit before she walked in and the door closed and locked itself.

Suzuno frowned, wondering what could have gone wrong. "W-what happened, Hitomiko nee-san?" She asked, her voice low as she was afraid to hear the answer.

"You bouquet...the bridal shop sent your bouquet to the wrong address! They sent it to Koumihara Junior High instead!" She delivered the news, earning gasps and shrieks from the girls.

"T-this can't be happening! The guests have started to show up and the wedding's less than an hour!" Clara panicked.

"Aah, apparently the school held the regional drama competition and the school's drama club requires many wedding bouquets. Yours apparently has been mistaken as one of the ordered ones and had sent there along."

"What should we do, Fuusuke?" Reina turned to the stunned bride.

"Maybe you should get another bouquet, Fuusu-"

"No." The bride cut Ai off. A fierce look on her face surprised them. "He's the one who chose the bouquet for me. It's special, that's why...that's why it must be that bouquet. Others wouldn't do."

The determination and certainty in her voice made a rare smile curved up Reina's face. The blue-haired girl nodded. "Hai. Then we'll somehow get the bouquet back."

"But how?" Nozomi sounded doubtful. "There must be plenty of them at the competition! And we don't even know what does it looked like!"

"Actually, I've seen the bouquet before." Reina admitted, causing some of them to whine at the unfairness. "Goenji showed me a picture of it beforehand and asked if Fuusuke will like it."

An idea crossed Suzuno's mind after Reina's revelation. There's still hope to retrieve the bouquet!

"Nee-san, can you locate where the school is?"

Hitomiko blinked at the sudden question, but nodded her head. "Yes. I can ask Tsunami about it."

"And Reina." Suzuno turned to the former forward of The Genesis with a serious face. "I have a favor to ask."


Hearing yet another outburst coming from the same person for the past twenty-minutes, Goenji stopped reading the congratulation messages he received through Twitter and turned to the said person. This said person, had tearfully taken off his usual goalkeeper uniform and goalkeeper gloves and dressed into a tuxedo just for this special day for his best friend. Endou's dramatic and fountains-of-tears departing from his goalkeeper uniform and gloves scene put Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet's romantic yet suicidal scene to shame.

And to see Endou Mamoru in anything other than the goalkeeper uniform is a rare sight.


And to see him in this disoriented state is even rarer.

He watched Endou hang up the call and shoved his smart phone into his pocket in a rather harsh manner. The captain of the U-20 national team panted heavily, apparently having exhausted himself from yelling and barking orders to the people on the other side of the calls. He tried to offer his help, but Endou insisted that he take a good rest until it is time for the wedding ceremony. He knew that Endou will most definitely take his best man duties seriously, but to this extent of commitment?

"Mamoru, you're okay?"

The best man of the wedding flinched visibly hearing his best friend called him out in concern. Slowly, he turned around to face Goenji, a forced grin replacing his usual silly one as he laughed nervously. "Daijobu, daijobu. I'm good! Never been better, actually! See?" He started swinging his hands wildly and did some awkward body stretching in panic as if to prove himself, all the while laughing loudly to cover up his nervousness. When his body waved like a seaweed in the sea, Goenji sweat dropped, now even more concerned of his best friend.

"He's definitely NOT HIMSELF AT ALL!"

As if on cue, Kidou knocked the door three times before pushing the door and stepped inside, carrying a tray of three glasses of apple juice. The command tower of the U-20 national team was greeted by the sight of his captain in a panic-Endou-Mamoru mode. A sweat dropped formed on a side of his forehead, and if there's anyone with super sight, they could see him blinking behind the goggles' lens. "Does the anxiety finally get to him?" He asked the only other occupant of the room, gaining a small nod from him.

"Aah, maybe."

Kidou let out a small sigh, and passed by his friend whose at the verge of breakdown and placed the tray on the round table in the middle of the room. He put one in front of Goenji, and the other two for the two vacant seats. He pulled out the chair on Goenji's left and sit down. Then, he turned to his other best friend, who's now mumbling to himself gloomily while playing with his fingers. "That's enough, Mamoru. get over here and join us. We need to discuss something with Shuuya. Or have you forgotten?"

The last two sentences snapped Endou into attention. The goalkeeper and command tower exchanged a serious look before Endou walked over to join them at the table. Goenji stared at his friends with a frown on his face. When the three of them had already taken their seat, Goenji found himself being stared at intently by his two best friends. He glanced at Endou, then to Kidou curiously. Now, what are they up to?

"Shuuya." Kidou started seriously.


"There's something we need to ask you." Endou stated solemnly.

Goenji blinked. "Aa...alright. What is it about?"

"We know that we've asked you this many times before,"

"And we swear this will be the last,"

"So we want you to stop and think through"

"When there's still time."

Goenji let out a frustrated sigh. "Just tell me already."

Endou and Kidou exchanged a nod.

It was Kidou who did the asking.

"Are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this arranged marriage?"

Goenji was stunned. "W...what?"

"He...he's dead?" Tsunami stammered, his tanned face paled at the unfortunate news that he just received.

On the other side of the call, he middle-aged nun nodded slowly, one hand dabbing the tears gathering in her eyes. "Hai, just last night."

"I-I'm sorry to hear that." Tsunami gulped. "H-How did he-?"

A chocked sob came from the nun. "It was a heart attack. He had suffered a few attacks recently, but we were assured that he was fine and the medication helped him. But, he...oh, he's a great man!"

"Y-yes, he is. He's a good family friend. I apologize for the intrusion. Gomen!" Tsunami tried to end the call politely, hanging up when the nun was still singing praises about the greatness of the dead Reverend.

Tsunami stared at the screen of his smartphone, heart beating fast as panic started growing in him. And behind him...

"So, where's the Reverend, Tsunami?" Touko asked as she stared at the back of his head, her hands on hips.

"He should be here by now! The ceremony starts less than an hour!" Fuyuka said worriedly as she looked around, hoping that the awaited marriage officiant to suddenly appear out of thin air.

"You were calling the church just now, right? So, when is he coming?" Natsumi asked urgently, in her hands is the checklist of the most important wedding of the year.

Tsunami visibly flinched. How should he explain this delicate situation to these girls? Why did he volunteer to be in charge of the marriage officiant again? He turned around slowly with a 'I'm-so-screwed' face and a suspicious shaky laugh.

5 Minutes of Beating Around the Thorny Bushes, 101 Painfully Agonizing Torturous Earful Twisting and 124 Pathetic Excuses Later...


The three girls shrieked in surprise and Natsumi looked more than ready to faint on the spot.

"I knew it wasn't a good idea to ask for him to be the wedding officiant! I told you to him another Father!" Touko gritted her teeth in frustration as she grabbed Tsunami's tux, very much tempted to strangle him.

"But he's the best in Okinawa, Touko! Many couples ask for his service and all of them lead a happy married life! We want that for our friends, right?"

"Tsunami, the Reverend's 96 years old, for Kami's sake! He could barely stand and that's with the help of his cane, his whole body shook badly like a severe case of Parkinson patient, and he looked like he could drop dead any second!" Touko growled at the sweat dropped high school graduate.

"But he looks fine to me." He mumbled in defence.

"It's painfully obvious that he's DYING!" She screamed at his face, causing Tsunami to clamp his palms on his ears as protection.

"You better find another Reverend, Tsunami. The success of Goenji and Suzuno-san's wedding is at stake. You must, AT ALL COST. Consider this as words of the Chairman." Natsumi gave out the order full of authority.

Minutes Later...

"Is that why..."

" gathered us..."


Fudou finished Someoka's sentence, and Hijikata finished his while Tobitaka stood there stoically. However, all four of them shared one similarity; they are glaring accusingly at the surfer.

Feeling his cheeks heating up in embarrassment. "T-That's why we need to work together and find a way to solve this!"

Four pair of eyes narrowed at him.

"For our ace striker's sake!" He knelt down on both knees and his forehead touched the floor.

Someoka, Fudou, Hijikata and Tobitaka looked at each other and sighed.

"Well, it couldn't be helped." Tobitaka said, resolved to helping the surfer to save the wedding.

"Just remember that I'm doing this to help Goenji, not you." Someoka grunted.

"But you'll really be in big trouble if we can't find another wedding officiant in time. Touko will pummel you, man." Tsunami winced at Hijikata's words.

"So," Fudou stared down at him, "Do you have anyone in mind to replace the dearly departed Reverend?"

Tsunami lifted up his face, a mischievous grin plastered for all to see.

Minutes Later...2nd Take...

Reverend Ishizaki entered his room with a warm smile on his face. He had just returned from officiating the wedding ceremony of a much-in-love young couple, attended by loving family members and supportive friends. He find it a blissful happiness to be the one uniting two souls in front of God in holy union of marriage. The middle-aged man strode over to his office chair and had just sit down on it when his door was knocked.

Reverend Ishizaki blinked. Who could it be?

"Yes, please come in."

The door swung open and revealed a tanned, young man with ridiculous pink hair. He was wearing a tux. "Reverend Ishizaki?" He asked seriously.

The man nodded hesitantly. "Yes, that would be me. Anything you need my help with?"

The young man smirked. "Yeah, hold still." He said before putting on a salmon fish mask.


Two tall figures barged into the room, wearing bear and dragon mask respectively. They went to the either side of the man and forced him to stand up. Another one of their accomplice wearing an eagle mask rushed in with ropes and the three of them worked together to tie him up, blindfolded and gagged him. "Hurry up, we have thirty minutes left!" The one wearing salmon mask alarmed them. Bear Mask and Dragon Mask carried the Reverend as if he was a carpet while Eagle Mask and Salmon Mask looked out for any unwelcomed church people.

"What's taking you guys so long?!" Their fifth crime team member scowled at them behind his mask. The Reverend was pushed inside of the van so that he sat between Bear Mask and Salmon Mask at the back of the van. Dragon Mask took the seat on the middle row, various 'weapons' placed in a box beside him. Eagle Mask opened the door and sat on the seat next to the driver aka fifth member.

"We can't help it! Salmon here suddenly had the urge to pee!"

"Hey! You don't hold it in when nature calls!" Came a protested yell from the back of the van.

"Whatever!" The assigned driver snorted and started the engine. "And why am I the one who had to be the driver?!"

"Cause you're the one with the Buddha mask. I don't think Jesus would appreciate having a Buddha inside a church!" Salmon made a sarcastic remark from behind.

"Quiet behind there or I'll leave you at the side of the road!"

"Listen, Shuuya." Katsuya coughed, pink tint coloured his cheeks. "You see, you need to be good to her. Be patient, understanding and supportive. If you-"

"Remember, grandson!" Kajiya cut in with a wide smile on his face. "You must show your bride the prowess of Goenji men in bed! Women love bold men! Spread her legs and-"

"If she's not ready, you shouldn't try to force her! Ever!" Katsuya continued forcefully. "The first time of a girl is important. You must be gentle to your bride so that she'll be comfortable and trusts you! And-"

"-some girls like it rough! Tear her clothes! Roam your hands all over her body! Thrust as deep as you can and shoot as many as you can, and you'll be sure to make her reach her orgasm!"

"Otou-sama!" Katsuya stared at his father in horror.

"Do your best, grandson! It's grandfather's biggest wish to see your first born before he passes away!"

Goenji sat on the chair, face red ablaze as his father and grandfather liven up the room with their disagreement. The ace striker let out a tired sigh before meeting his forehead with the coffee table. "I have some experience, otou-san, ojii-sama, so please let me handle this on my own." He muttered.


Silence filled the room for a moment before the words dawned into them and the two older male whipped their head towards the youngest male in the room, eyes widen in surprise.

Feeling himself being stared at, Goenji realized what he had just said. "Shit."

"You shouldn't worry too much, Hiroto." Midorikawa wisely said, as he and Saginuma watched the redhead forward washed his face in the sink. "It's not like she's marrying a total stranger. It's Goenji! Goenji! He's a good guy, he'll treat her like a good husband should, that we can be sure of! He's a decent guy, although the idea of him marrying our dear sister vexed me." Midorikawa suppressed a shudder.

"Ryuuji!" Saginuma whispered harshly, and Midorikawa quickly fake a cheerful laugh to cover his slip. "Well, at least we'll know who to hunt down for if anything happens to her! Ne, Hiroto? Ahahaha-ha." He hang his head in shame when Saginuma sent him a glare.

Hiroto blocked out their argument and lost in his own thought. All this time, he imagined that Suzuno would end up with Nagumo. The two of them, despite their constant bickering and throwing curses, insults and the like towards each other, would one day come to each other with honesty and confess the love that they have for each other. Then, when Nagumo's financially stable and Suzuno's prepared, they will get married, live in a modest house, and have kids. He had that image in his head since the day he figured out they are indeed attracted to each other.

But the one that will be standing at the altar today is Goenji Shuuya.

He knew Goenji's more than a decent guy. He's a great guy, the reason why he didn't go straight to and confront after he heard the news of Suzuno's engagement to him. They've been teammates since the formation of Inazuma Japan and Hiroto knows he can trust the ace striker. He get to know him up close. The first thing that he learns is that Goenji takes soccer seriously more than everyone else, to the point of losing his temper.

He realized that when the guy, without a single doubt and any sign of hesitation, shoot the ball at Toramaru and hit his side during their match with Desert Lion for not playing to his best abilities. And after hearing some 'stories' from Endou and Kidou, the fact was reaffirmed. From the way one plays, other players can understand the kind of person the player is. From Goenji's soccer, Hiroto knew that Goenji would complement Suzuno well, perhaps even better than Haruya. They're both cool, calm and think things through. Extremely protective of the people they love, understanding and honourable.

And he recalled a piece of memory...

"I like her."

Hiroto glanced at the guy standing beside him in a small surprise. Goenji's focus was still on the sight in front of them, his usually sharp gaze replaced by soften one. His black eyes followed Suzuno's movements as she played soccer with her Diamond Dust teammates, up against Saginuma's Epsilon. So far, she was putting up a good fight as she competed with Saginuma. Wearing a joyful expression on her face, she dribbled past the forwards and midfielders of the opposing team with ease. On the other side of the field, Saginuma smirked tauntingly and clasped his hands together as he prepared himself to stop the upcoming shoot.

"What do you like about her?"

Suzuno took Saginuma's action as a challenged and a determined smirk curved up on her face. She stormed past the defenders earning delightful cheers from her teammates and surprised gasps from the members of opposing team. The wind blew her soft, silvery white strands and the small, confident smile on her face made Goenji chuckled, a smile on his face.


The cries of victory of Diamond Dust team deafened the field.

At least now he gained more confidence in himself. Hiroto adjusted his tie and put up a determined face. "Right, let's do this!"

The three went to the door, and Saginuma opened the door since he's ahead of them.

And they were greeted by the sight of a priest, mouth-tapped, his hands and legs tied hopping away as fast as he could while Tsunami, Fudou, Hijikata, Someoka and Tobitaka chased after him frantically, tripping over air as they yelled censored words not meant and NEVER SHOULD BE SAID OUT LOUD IN PUBLIC.

With a frozen smile, Hiroto slowly turned around and locked himself in the nearest toilet cubicle.

"Okay, so is everyone ready? Are you all in place?" Kidou looked around as she did one last fixing of his faithful goggles.

Fubuki smiled demurely from his position in front of the white grand piano, making girls from the seats awed and squealed. Midorikawa flashed a grin as the green-haired soccer player stood in front of the small group of musical orchestra, baton ready in hand. The priest that replaced the deceased Reverend shook visibly from his position in front of everyone attending the ceremony. Once in a while, the poor man glanced and flinched when he and Hijikata made eye contact. A raise of the fist from the high school graduate and the priest nodded furiously as he raised his hands.

The game maker glanced briefly at the guests attending. Goenji and Suzuno decided to keep the wedding ceremony and reception private, thus only certain people are invited. Goenji's family, Suzuno's family aka everyone from the orphanage, members of Inazuma Imperial Japan, members of Inazuma Nadeshiko Japan, Endou Daisuke, the old Inazuma Eleven members, Raimon Eleven members, Kidokawa team members, and some of their friends from other countries like Domon, Ichinose, Fidio, Hide, Edgar, Roniejo, Teres and others. They are all seated comfortably and waiting in anticipation.

And finally, he shifted his attention to the groom and his best man. Goenji closed his eyes as he tucked his hands into his trousers' pockets while Endou fidgeted around nervously.

"Calm down, Mamoru. The procession will be over before you know it. Take a deep breath." Goenji murmured to Endou.

The goalkeeper nodded and took the advice. He inhaled and exhaled slowly, feeling his racing heart ceasing a bit.

"Arigatou, Shuuya. I feel a bit better now."

"Ie betsuni."

Kidou clenched his fist as he gritted his teeth. "Endou Mamoru. Shuuya's the one getting married, WHY ARE YOU THE ONE FIDGETING AROUND AND HAVING A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN?!" He pointed accusingly at the captain of the national team. Endou laughed nervously as he was once again forced into another one of Kidou's famous rants. Goenji looked away, pretending that he wasn't there. Or more like they're not there. He's glad he chose Endou to be his best man. The soccer freak worries enough for the three of them combined.

"Everyone!" They perked up and saw Fuyuka running to them, a wide smile on the girl's face. "The bride is on her way here." She announced cheerfully, earning excited hushes from the guests and smiles from the close family and friends.

Turning away from his two best friends, who are in a BIT OF FRANTIC STATE, Goenji placed his hand on his chest. His heart thumping faster than it always does. A small smile made its way to his lips.

It's time.

The melodious sound of music from the piano and orchestra accompanied the bride and her adoptive father as the two walked down the aisle, arms linked. The bride's beauty earned delightful gasps from the guests and took the groom's breath away. Goenji couldn't take his eyes off as he watched her, registering the piece of memory in his brain for the rest of his life.

After going through a few fittings and dropping by many wedding boutiques, Suzuno finally chose to wear the champagne-coloured ballgown for the wedding. The bodice adorned with beautiful embroidery and Swarovski crystals and features a sweetheart neckline. The ballgown skirt drapes to create a romantic silhouette. In her hands is the wedding bouquet he especially ordered for her; silk rose bouquet in cream and natural white, its stem wrapped with silky white ribbon that gives it an elegant look. On her head is a crystal tiara, with transparent veil covering her face.

I'll be kind, if you'll be faithful
You be sweet and I'll be grateful
Cover me with kisses dear
Lighten up the atmosphere
Keep me warm inside our bed
I got dreams of you all through my head
Fortune teller said I'd be free
And that's the day you came to me
Came to me

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

"You are..." Goenji trailed off as he looked at her, overwhelmed with mixed feelings.

"Beautiful? Pretty? Sexy?" Suzuno raised her eyebrow at him.

Goenji chuckled softly. "You are the one."

A tint of blush coloured her cheeks and Kira laughed.

The priest watched the couple's interaction and he smiled warmly. "May I know who gives this maiden away to be married?"

"I am," Kira replied from his seat, "on behalf of our family and friends."

Come to me my sweetest friend
Can you feel my heart again
I'll take you back where you belong
And this will be our favorite song
Come to me with secrets bare
I'll love you more so don't be scared
When we're old and near the end
We'll go home and start again

Ooo Ooo Oooo, Ooo Ooo Oooo

"Suzuno Fuusuke. I was four years old when my grandfather said that my marriage will be arranged for me, stressing on the importance of abiding the family tradition. Truthfully, I plan to just go along with it and see where it will lead me. So long as the girl is decent-looking, has a good personality and able to tolerate with me, I'm okay with it. Grandfather said that love can also be nurtured after marriage, and I plan to take his advise. But now that I know you're the one chosen for me, I feel like our marriage can be more than that. Because I feel this attraction towards you that I cannot put in words. I feel right. This, having you beside me, feels right. Suzuno Fuusuke, I promise to place you as my top priority, treat you with respect, be attentive to your feelings and well-being, protect your honour, shield you from any form of harm, shower you with love, accept you as my equal, be a good father to our future children and never raise my hand on you. If, God forbid, I do, please remember that you deserve an explanation and time away from me. Please remember that I will eventually come back grovelling at your feet and trip over my feet to please you and persuade you to return. Because you have reserved a place in my heart, and I'm never letting you slip away from me."

I caught you burnin' photographs
Like that could save you from your past
History is like gravity
It holds you down away from me
You and me, we've both got sins
I don't care about where you've been
Don't be sad and don't explain
This is where we start again
Start again

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

"Goenji Shuuya. The first time I heard of your grandparents' marriage proposal, I was greatly surprised. It was something I never expect to happen to me and until now, I wonder why they think I'd make a good match for you. I have many doubts, concerns and insecurities even after we finally met, but slowly, you threaded your way to erase all of them away. Three months since we really getting to know each other, and I admit that you are the kind of man I want to have as a husband. You did your best to really understand me despite our differences, you value my opinions although they're a lot different from yours, you're cool with me wearing pants instead of skirts, you encouraged me to continue playing soccer, you treat me like an equal instead of a helpless girl or a damsel in distress, you respect my favourites and interests, you accept my past, you care about me, and you consider my family as your family. I would have been crazy to refuse to marry such an amazing guy like you, especially now that I have come to care for you. Goenji Shuuya, I promise to be the best wife I can be, to give you my undivided love, to protect your honour and our family, to respect you as my husband and to be a good mother to our future children. You are the one for me, and I am the one for you." A few tears trickled down her cheeks, and Goenji cupped her face and gently wiped them away with his thumbs.

Come to me my sweetest friend
Can you feel my heart again
I'll take you back where you belong
And this will be our favorite song
Come to me with secrets bare
I'll love you more so don't be scared
When we're old and near the end
We'll go home and start again
Start again

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

"And now, the groom," the priest turned to Goenji, "please repeat after me."

Goenji took a sharp breath and nodded.

"I, Goenji Shuuya, present you with this ring as a sign of promise of love, compassion, protection, companionship and loyalty to you. With this, I thee wed."

A gold ring with a single fire diamond studded was slipped into her ring finger. Suzuno stared down at the ring and smiled at the man in front of her.

"And now, the bride," the priest turned to Suzuno, "please repeat after me."

Today's the day I'll make you mine
So get me to the church on time
Take my hand in this empty room
You're my girl, and I'm your groom

Come to me my sweetest friend
This is where we start again, again

Come to me my sweetest friend
Can you feel my heart again
Take you back where you belong
This will be our favorite song
Come to me with secrets bare
I'll love you more so don't be scared
When we're old and near the end
We'll go home and start again (yeah)
Start again (yeah)

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

"With the power vested in me, I happily announced you two as husband and wife." The priest grinned at Goenji. "You may now kiss the lovely bride."

"Oh, good. I've been wanting to do that from the start." Goenji said and pulled her close. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered, "You're mine now."

When she turned absolutely red, he took the chance and caught her lips with his.

All guests stood up and clapped furiously, some even shed tears. Dylan whistled and making a comment with "You lucky dog!" along the line. Natsumi and Aki clasped their hands and did a happy dance as they laughed. "Now!" Kidou shouted after wiping his tear-stained goggles and their friends and the children popped the confetti in their hands at them. Heart-shaped balloons of all colours were released to the sky at the same time, courtesy of Kogure, Kurimatsu, and Fubuki. The newly married couple watched the happy faces of their important people and Suzuno smiled shyly at Goenji when their eyes met. Goenji laughed and lifted her up into his arms, earning a surprised gasp from her. He carrying her bridal-style and did a spin. Suzuno stifled a giggle before pushing herself up and their lips met.

Come to me my sweetest friend
Can you feel my heart again
Take you back where you belong
This will be our favorite song
Come to me with secrets bare
I'll love you more so don't be scared
When we're old and near the end
We'll go home and start again (yeah)
Start again (yeah)

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo