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Happy flew as fast as he could, searching for Lucy. "Lucy..Lucy..i'm sorry".

Meanwhile at the guild, laxus and the raijinshu just came back from their mission and saw the whole thing. Laxus was consumed with anger. His whole body was filled with lightning bolts.

"NASTU YOU STUPID ASSHOLE. I'M GONNA SEND YOU THE DEEPEST PITS OF HELL YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!" said a very very angered laxus. And with that he punched Natsu so hard, he flew from the guild doors and smashed on a wall, leaving a crater. "What was all the shit about nakama you used to blabber about ? you're just a fucking hypocrite Nastu. I should have known better." After dealing with Natsu, Laxus immediately snapped at Erza.

"AND YOU. WHAT THE HELL WHERE YOU THINKING ? She thought of you as a bigger sister. She trusted you. You were even willing to sacrifice yourself while Nastu was fighting Jellal, but to think that you called your sister weak. That's low erza. Laxus gave a hard punch to Erza's stomach that made her cough up blood. Laxus glanced at Mirajane and just shaked his head in disbelief. "You were nice to everyone mira, but I guess everyone excludes Lucy." Mira took a quick glance at Freed, and Freed just gave out a face at disappointment and avoided her eye contact.

Lucy's pov

I was still crying my eyes out until I heard something calling my name. "LUSHEEEE."

It was happy, get got in from the open window and quickly hugged me. "I'm so sorry lushee. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't help you. I'm sorry natsu changed. I'm sorry for fairy tail behaving this way. Please, please don't leave Lushee."

"I'm sorry Happy, I have to. My heart can't take it anymore. I'm sorry for leaving you like this. It breaks my heart to leave you like this. But remember this when you miss me, I'll always love you and I'll never forget you, you little furry ball of cuteness."


Me and happy just cried while not saying anything.

Time skip tomorrow morning.

I woke up a little too early if you ask me. I looked at my mirror, and it was a mess. My eyes were red and swollen, my cheeks were puffy, and my hair was tangled up. I let out a little laugh knowing I looked worser than a clown. (urgh, clowns.)I took a long relaxing bath. The steam from the hot water was taking over my bathroom. After wearing my clothes, and summoned Virgo to pack up my things. I talked to the land lady, saying that I would no longer rent the apartment. The land lady asked me what happened and I told her. She gave out a sympathetic smile.

"Come visit me whenever you can, and I'll kick out whoever is renting this apartment just for you child".

To be honest, I actually didn't know where I was heading, first things first, all I knew I was at the entrance of Fairy Tail, I thought about going in to meet master makarov, knowing it was far to early for anyone to be here. I proceeded to open the doors, but I stopped. I didn't know why, it just didn't feel right. Instead, I took a couple step back, bowed down to the mighty guild that was present in front of me and walked away without looking back.

I walked to the train station. I bought tickets to the placed I once called home. Mama, papa. I'm coming to visit you. I remember when Natsu comforted me here after my father died. My eyes were watery thinking about it. No lucy. You can't cry. You have to be strong , I thought to myself. While I was walking, I bumped into someone and to my surprise it was Cobra. I didn't know why, but as soon as I saw him, I suddenly hugged him, weeping miserably more. Cobra didn't seemed to be surprised knowing that he already listened to my mind. Instead he was kneeling down with me, letting me cry on his chest. He didn't try to comfort me, he just let me cry in silence. People were giving us weird looks, but Cobra just glared them off.

"Remember lucy, it takes an ocean not to brake."

With sudden realization from his words, I cried harder, I remember when I was little, and I had the worst stomach ache and I thought I was dying, the nurse asked me from scale one to ten, how much does it hurt ? and I said nine although it practically felt like a BIG ten. But no, I wasn't gonna use my ten for something stupid like a stomach ache, a ten was for something like this. A ten is when you get betrayed. A ten is when you lost all hope. A ten is when you feel better of dying. A ten is when you feel like you got nothing. A ten is when you feel like you're going to break. A ten is when you get your heart broken. I cried and cried and cobra just patted my head awkwardly.

Time skip 2 hours later

I was sitting in the train with cobra, he said he had somewhere to go. Sounds suspisious if you ask me. But he didn't want to tell. He was laying on my lap, dragon slayers with their motion sickness. Haha. Tell me about it.I started playing with his crimson red hair, and oh god. I was soooooooooooo soft. I accidently touched his ear.


. . . . . .

Did I just hear him moan ? ASDFGHJKL ! its was the most erotic thing I had ever heard. (yeh, what in the actual fuck lucy ).

Cobra's pov.

SHIT SHIT SHIT. I just fucking moaned in front of her. Are you fucking kidding me brain ? great, now she knows my weak spot. So much for building a cool reputation Cobra. Well,at times like this there's only one thing left to do….go back to sleep.

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