This story happens after the autobots saved Detroit from that bug experiment that ended up eating Prowl.

Hey, What's up? My name is Shadow; I'm live here in Detroit and I have to find the Autobots. Why? Well, I need there help, you see, I'm not completely human or organic as they say. I found out when I was hit by that bug thing and crashed into a wall. You see, I looked down to my arm, and it, robotic. That's why I'm trying to find them; I need to find out what I am. One-way to find out where they are, Sumdac Tower.

* Inside Sumdac Tower *

I was walking inside Sumdac tower when, "WHATCH OUT!"

"Wha…" was the only thing I could say, until, BOOM, someone pushed me and I landed on my face on the floor.

"I'm so sorry, I'm Sari, here let me help you up."

I flipped over; I shook my head and looked up. I saw a girl with red hair and pigtails, she had an orange dress with a white stripe in the middle, and she had tanned skin. She was smiling and was holding a hand out to me. I smiled and took her hand, and she helped me up. "Don't worry about it, I'm Shadow pleased to meet you."

We shook hands.

* Sari's POV *

I just met the coolest looking girl. She's a bit taller than my, she has pale skin, hazel colored eyes, she has a purple cap put backwards, and her hair is pulled back in a ponytail, only some strands of hair are visible on the front. She has a short sleeved black jacket, a purple t-shirt that lets you see her belly button, black shorts, long white socks and black tennis shoes, also she has these really cool black gloves that don't cover her fingers. Wow I sound really obsessed, she's just really cool. Anyway, I accidently pushed, but I helped her up.

"Don't worry about it, I'm Shadow pleased to meet you."

"So, what brings you to Sumdac Tower?" I asked her.

"Well, I'm looking for the Autobots, I need their help." She said, I immediately got excited. " I know where you can find them, they're really good friends of mine."

* Shadow's POV *

Sari knows where they are, plus she's friends with them, awesome, my lucky day. Suddenly my phone rings. I pick up.


"Hey Sari what's up? It's me Bumblebee!"

"Um. I'm not Sari, my name is Shadow, wrong number."

"Ups. My bad, sorry."

Then he hung up. Then Sari's phone ringed.

"Hey Bee!"

They started chatting, so I left. I can't waist my time like that, I have some autobots to find, I don't have all the time in the world. I left the building, and walked down the streets. It started getting dark, and I don't have a place to stay the night, streets it is.

Just for the fun of it, I started to climb up this building, dad taught me how to climb, fight, and parkour, it comes in handy. I was on the roof of this building and the sun was setting. If only my parents understood how important this is to me. It was nighttime and I continued to roam from building to building.

* Sari's POV *

Great I lost her, I was going to take her to the autobots, but then she just disappeared. I asked my dad if I could stay with the autobots and he said yes, so we are having a sleep over! I got to the base and put down my stuff. "Hey guys! Ready for a sleep over?" Just then the alarm went off. Great there goes my sleep over. Prime rushed inside the room.

"Autobots, we located Blitz Wing, transform and roll out! Sari you stay here, we need you to be safe."

"Why? Can I please go with you guys? PLEASE!"

"No, we need you to be safe." He transformed and started leading them away.

"Bumblebee please let me go with you guys."

"No Sari, you heard what Prime said."



"You can trust this face."

"Fine, but I'm going to put you in a safe distance."

"Yes!" he transformed and I went inside, and we followed them.

* Shadow's POV *

I was on the roof of this tall building, looking at the moon. Suddenly I heard some sirens go off, and then saw four cars and a motorcycle go driving towards the highway. I started to follow them. This should be interesting.