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Common link/flash back

"What do you mean she's coming?"
"Yeah, well I told her to come here. Just like you told me to."

Before anybody could say anything, Jetfire added.

"She has a good reason."
Everybody stayed quiet.

"She needs our help."

"Shadow? The femme that you know cut MY ARM IN OFF!"
"She says that it wasn't her that did that. She said that something took over her."

"Well it was Nightshade who did it." Added Bulkhead.

"She said that all three of them were trapped inside her head."

"Maybe it was a fourth personality that we don't know." Suggested Prowl.

"But why did you invite her to the base?"

"We'll she already knows where it is, so it won't make a difference. And you guys told me to. Why are you so shocked by this? You bots asked me to do it!"

"He's right we did ask him to do it. Know that I think about it, that was a stupid idea."

"When do you think she'll be arriving brother?"

There was a thump outside of the building.

"She's here."

They made their way to the outside of the base and there they saw Shadow looking down at the floor.

"Hey." She said loud enough for them to hear.

Nobody spoke there was an awkward silence between them until she decided to break it.

"I'm sorry. It wasn't me who did it, yes it was me but something took over, we were trapped we couldn't do anything; all we could do was watch. I'm sorry. I'm sorry Bumblebee, I can apologies a million times but it won't erase what happened."

She walked towards him; everybody tensed, but said nothing. She took something out of her subspace and handed it to him. It was wrapped in a cloth, so the content was unable to be seen. Bumblebee took it and unwrapped it; it was his arm.

"Hey Doc Bot found it! Think you can put it back?"

"Come on lets get it over with already."
Both bots disappeared inside the base leaving the rest with Shadow.

"I came here to ask for your help. As I told you before it wasn't me who did it something took over. I need your help to find out what."

"Why don't you ask your deceptacon friends for help?"

"Because unlike you, we don't have a medic."

"So what happens when you get injured?"

"Blitzwing and dad know some first aid, but that won't help for the big wounds."


"Oh! Yeah I found my dad! But that's off topic. Do you guys believe me?"

"Not really." Answered Prowl.

"Why not?"

"Because of your resent decisions." He said pointing at her insignia.

Shadow changed to Glitter.

"WHAT! You don't like it! And I who though that it matched my color scheme! Maybe I should change it!"

Glitter changed to Nightshade.

"NO we are deceptacon! And we will be deceptacons until we offline!"

She changed again to Glitter.

"But it doesn't match the color scheme!"

Back to Nightshade.

"I don't give a frag! So shut it or I will personally rip out your spark!"

Back to Glitter in.

"No you wouldn't!"


"Want to test that theory?"

"I'll pass."


"That's what I thought."


"You can think?"

"What did you say?"

"You can't hear?"

"You want to say that to my fist?"

"Hello fist! How are you? I'm fine!"

"Oh, I'm fine let me make you comfortable and punch you in the face plat!"

"Don't worry about it! I'm so happy I feel like a rainbow!"

"Both of you shut it! Please I need your help."

"Well we could sort out a deal." Bumblebee walked back outside with both his arms this time. Nightshade.

"Get lost! I only make deals with Prime!"

Bumblebee growled and took out his stingers and Nightshade her katana. Nightshade smirked, her eyes once red turned black, like I they weren't there.

"Want to do this again bug?"
Her voice turned ghostly and sinister, making it sound like a hiss that sends chills down your back.

Bumblebee put down his stingers, but Nightshade still had her katana out.

"Nightshade put it down." Jetfire told her.

"Nightshade put it down." He repeated.

For a moment her eyes buzzed black and red, until they settled to red. She dropped her katana, then her legs failed her and she fell on her side on the floor.

"Get her to the med bay now!" yelled Ratchet.

* Deceptacon base *

Blitzwing was sitting in the mouth of the cave, his back leaning on one of the wall. His knees were close to his chest and his arms were wrapped around them, his head also resting on the side of the wall. He breathed in slowly enjoying the peace and quiet. He was wondering what it would be like to be back on Cybertron, in New Kaon, his old home. His thoughts were cut short when a voice broke the silence.

"Hey Blitzwing do you know where Shadow is?"

"No Blackarachnia, sorry to disappoint but no I have no clue vhere she vent. She said that she vent to take a fly. Do vou vant to talk to her?"

"Yes, but it's fine I guess."

"Is something bothering vou?"

"No, well yes."

"Do vou vant to talk about it or do vou vant to talk to Shadow about it."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to talk to you for once."

"So vhats bothering vou?"

"It's my organic mode. I'm tired of it! Every bot thinks I'm a freak!"
"Sorry but vou? A freak? Please vou are far from a freak! Yes vour organic mode is unnatural but that doesn't make vou a freak. Vou are more normal than you know. Vou mode also has its advantages, don't forget it."

Icy changed to Random.

"And if they call vou a freak again just scare them with vour fang thingy vou do!"

"What fang thingy?"
"Vou know the one vou always do to me vhen I sing to vou!"

"Oh, that one."

"Ja! That vill make them regret messing vith Blackarachnia!"

Random switched to Icy.

"See vou are normal, vou don't have three heads and unlike me, vou are qualified as sane."

"You're quite normal yourself."

"Yes, but I've always had this since vhen it happened. Vhere vou always like this?"

"No, before I was a normal femme, I had my organic side, but I wasn't a spider. Where you like this before?"

"No, I vas normal just one head. May I ask, but vhen did vou become like this? If vou are comfortable in sharing"

"When I was part of the Autobots. It was an accident, I was a quite young but it wasn't too long ago. How about you? I bet that at least you had a normal childhood. I mean your life most have been better than mine."

Blitzwing's optic widened as he remembered the screams, the pain, the death of his family, the experimenting, his own processor being pulled apart. He closed his optic and looked down.

"Vou are vrong. I didn't have a normal childhood. Vour life so far was ten times better than mine if not a hundred times. I don't vish to talk about it; maybe vou can ask Shadow when she comes back from her flight."

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to open any old scars. It's just that even with the three personalities, you seemed to be happy and well I'm kind of jealous of that."

Switching to Random.

"Aw! Don't apologies Blackie! There's no need! Vou don't have to be jealous of anything! Vou don't want to be crazy like me! Any way I know vou find me irresistible! So there's nothing to vorry about!"

Blackarachnia chuckled.

"HA! I made vou laugh!"
"No you didn't"

"I swear by Primus that I did! So it's true vou do vind me irresistible!"

Random was grinning like a mad man.

"Fine you caught me your right."

Suddenly Random's grin disappeared instead there was a confused expression.

"Vhat do vou mean?"
Before he could say anything Blackarachnia had already placed her lips on his. His optics widened at the realization of what was happening. Lazily his optics closed and he kissed back. After a few moments they separated and Random switched to Icy. He gently placed his lips on hers kissing her softly. His optic was closed and a moment later Blackarachnia joined in. They separated once more and Icy changed to Hothead. He looked away and crossed his arms.

"Don't expect a kiss from me femme. I'm not veak like those two."

*Inside Blitzwing's confusing mind *

"Come one Hothead! Just kiss her! Vou know vou vant to! Vou know vou love her!"

"Vhatever if he doesn't kiss her, more vor me."

"Vou now glitch head I never thought vou vere so selfish."

"Vell are vou going to kiss her? Come on! Face vour feelings. Vou see her sitting there, she ain't got a lot to say but there's something about her, and even though vou don't know vay vou're just dying to try, so kiss that femme!" Random tried to sing his own version of Kiss that girl as a failed attempt to set the mode.

* Back to the outside world *

Hothead sighed and lowered his head, he stood up and turned to face Blackarachnia, he moved closer to her and kissed her softly on the cheek and ran the hell back inside the base.

"I never thought vou vere afraid of showing vour feelings to a femme!" teased Random.

"Shut up! I'm trying to get as far away vrom her as possible. And I'm never afraid"

Blackarachnia who was still in the mouth of the cave placed her servo on her cheek and smiled.

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