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* Shadow's POV *

I looked down at my hands, there was a circle in the middle of them and it was glowing purple. Suddenly, they turned back to normal. All the other autobots including Blitzwing came running inside, and they stared at what I did.

"What's happening to me?"

Ratchet came near me and scanned me.

"Yep, she's half cibertronian." He said after he finished.

"Then what do we do?" Bumblebee asked

"She can't go to the Decptacon base, if Megatron returns he vill kill her." Answered Blitzwing

"I think it will be a good idea, if she stays with us. We will be able to study her behavior and possible upgrade. Maybe we can see if she can fire those things at will." Said Prowl

"Thanks for the kind suggestion, but I'm nobodies lab rat!"

"Trust them Shadow, there are trying to help vou." Added Blitzwing.

"Fine, but that doesn't mean I have to like all of you, I can tolerate you guys and that's that."

"Then it's settled, Shadow stays with us." Prime commented

"Blitzwing, you should get going, the other deceptacons will be looking for you." I added

"Vou're right, I should get going." He stood up and started to walk outside.

"And not a vord about this to the other deceptacons or I vill crush vour circuits to pieces!" added Hothead.

He transformed and flew out, to the deceptacon base. Ratchet came close to me and lifted my arm and observed my hand. He put it down satisfied and walked to the screen and typed something. Then an image of a DNA strand appeared and Ratchet continued working on it. "I'm going to be okay right?"

"Yes, but I still don't understand how you have cybortronian circuitry and organic DNA. The weird thing is that your circuitry is cybortronian, but also it has some deceptacon circuitry in you."

"That may explain how you know Blitzwing when you were younger." Added Prime

"Yeah, that's the problem! If I knew him when we were both young, how come I'm not older, how come I'm not a bigger robot? This doesn't make any sense!"

"It doesn't have to make sense." Prowl informed. "How much of your childhood do you remember?"

"I remember some things in Cybertron, but here on Earth I just remember some things like, when I left home, when my dad taught me all of the skills I have know, but before that, there's a blank between the time I was leaving Cybertron and the time I was with dad. "

"Maybe you were frozen, like us when we crashed into Earth." Explained Bumblebee

"That may explain the age and size, but not how her parents got her." Said Ratchet who was still busy typing in the computer. "Do you remember where you lived, when you left and how your parents looked like?

"Now that I think of it, no I don't remember. This is scary, what's happening!"

"Just what I suspected, reprogramming. Tricky to do, can delete memory files, it programs you completely different. It sets you up to have to accomplish something; someone wanted you to meet us. The question is who? And why did they create you a fake past?" Ratchet stepped away from the screen. "This is the first time I come across something like this."

* Inside Deceptacon base *

"Blitzwing you glitch head, I you hadn't been busy taking to that organic, we could have destroyed the autobots!" screamed Starscream.

"Vill vou calm vour circuits, it vasn't any organic, it vas Shadow, our vriend. Remember her, she vas our best vriend?"

"Impossible Shadow disappeared when were young, we never saw here since, and you say she was that organic. How can you be sure?"

"She remembered somehow. She recognized me, maybe if vou see her, vou vill believe me."

"Where exactly is she?"

My head turned around and became Random. "Vell she's vith the autobots of course. It's the only place that she vould be save."

"WHAT! She's with those stupid autobots! How come?"

"Vell they took her there."

"And you let them."

My head turned into Hothead. "Do vou have a better idea vou puny bot, if Megatron returns and he vinds out, he vil kill her!"

"Yeah, but he hasn't returned. Anyway their base is better for an organic to life in, ours is just inside some mine. "

My head turned back to Icy, "Vou are right, they vill take good care of her, and vhen she gets fixed and vinds her true form, she vill join us and ve vill be vriends again."

* Autobot base *

"So you're staying here? Awesome! You get to life the the autobots and they can help with your powers and maybe latter you can go with them too fight deceptacons."

"Stop! I didn't say I was going to join them, I'm thankful for their help, but I'm going to be a neutral, I don't want to join sides, it's just going to make thinks worse between us, you know I have deceptacon circuitry in me, but I don't want to be nor a deceptacon nor autobot. I'm not ungrateful, I'm thankful for what your doing, but I don't want to join you, and maybe we can be friends to start.

"Yeah, we should start with that first instead of going to join teams straight away. That's a better idea, right?"


Then we started laughing, after that Bumblebee came in and saw us laughing.

"Hey, what's so funny?"

"Nothing. Hey Bee, can you help Shadow on figuring out how to work her laser shouters?"

"Sure, come on Shadow, this is going to be fun."

I stood up and climbed down the bed and followed Bumblebee outside.

"Okay, so how do you think you activated your lasers last time?"

"Well I was getting annoyed of all this questions, so then I yelled stop and well that happened."

"Okay. I think were going to need Prowl's help with this one. Come."

I followed him back inside and he knocked on the door.

"What is it now Bumblebee?" Prowl grumbled

"Um. I need a little help on finding out how Shadow's lasers work."

"Fine." Prowl sighed.

The door slipped open and Prowl walked out and lead us outside.

"The first way of doing this is, how you did it the first time." He explained,
"The first time was out of anger." I replied.

"Then you have to feel anger, but don't let it out, make it travel through you and come out in the form of the laser." Prowl explained

I nodded and closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Then I shut my arm out and the laser came out if my hand. I opened my eyes and saw a hole in the wall in front of us.

"Impressive. Do you think that you can do it with your eyes open?" he asked

"I can try." I thought about what made angry, my confusion. I stretched out my arm and shot a laser. Then I shot another, I started to get the hang of it, and it wasn't that hard, it was pretty easy.

"Well we found out how to work your lasers, now all you need to work on is your aim. Bumblebee can help you with that." Prowl started to walk away.

"Thank you Prowl, for your help."

"You are welcome."

He walked back inside without saying another word, and then Bumblebee followed him. Moments later he came back with empty oil tanks, and he started to put then in random places and then he walked next to me.

"Okay, we both can work our aiming skills by shooting the middle of these tanks."

"Sounds like fun."

"Yeah I know! Wait were you being what you humans call sarcastic?"

I laughed and shut at a tank. "You'll never know."