A/N: I want to thank for the reviews I've received lately, they are all well appreciated. I want to explore that hidden friendship between Jenny and Ziva that in my opinion wasn't explored in the show losing a good opportunity for another plot. Hope I succeed trying to do so.

In Paris…

Jenny and Rachel arrived from her long trip, they were installed in a typical apartment block, which had some stores in the first floor so it wouldn't be a problem to stay mostly inside, it was quite big with three bedrooms, not something common in Paris as Jenny noticed. The apartment was located in a corner, so she had a lot of light in the living room and in most of the bedrooms. She was glad; it was a really nice and cozy place to stay for a while. It had old shelves and a big bookcase ready to be fill, which was her main task after unpacking. The living and dining room had classic furniture for what she was grateful. The sensation of being home was overwhelming her in a way she wasn't expecting. Somehow, she felt the apartment was very familiar to her; some pieces of her mind were coming back bit by bit, like a movie frame by frame.

Rachel noticed how Jenny was observing every inch of the place, she knew from Vance, that the place was a cover location for some operations in the past, and if he wasn't mistaken Jenny lived there for almost six months. Therefore, in his opinion, the place will help her remember more things in less time. Also, because its length it will suit perfectly for the new member of that team. Rachel was informed about a new agent who was about to arrive in order to be the permanent companion of Jenny aside of Dr. Ryan who was going to visit from time to time. Rachel didn't know who was this agent and was intrigued, she was told to tell Jenny what was about to happen and so she did.

Dr. Cranston: "Uhm… I see you really like the place"

Jenny Shepard: "Seems I've been here before. At least, that's how I feel"

Dr. Cranston: "The place is cozy and pretty functional, close to stores and to parks for a nice walk or for coffee"

Jenny Shepard: "Don't you think the place is quite large? I mean for just two people?"

Dr. Cranston: "That's what I thought too but I've been informed there's another agent arriving soon to be your permanent companion. I'll be here for a couple of weeks and then you'll be spending some time with this agent who is going to walk with you to your medical appointments or for some coffee or a walk in the park. Wherever you go."

Jenny Shepard: "Do you know who this agent is?"

Dr. Cranston: "I haven't been informed yet. I'm as curious as you are Jenny"

Jenny Shepard: "Well at least you must know if it's a man or a woman"

Dr. Cranston: "And why are you interested? It's an agent; I don't think it's important if it's a man or a woman"

Jenny Shepard: "It's important because men have different ways of behaving than women".

By then Jenny had this mischievous look in her face. For all she knew she had expended some time in that apartment way before she was shot and she was trying to remember with whom. However, what she remembered was she was in there with a man.

Rachel Cranston was intimidated sometimes by Jenny's curiosity and assertiveness about getting into conclusions. Vance was right, she had already done her job with Jenny but at this point, she needed other kind of support.

Dr. Cranston was in constant communication with Leon Vance, she needed to know more details about the next companion. Leon Vance decided to tell her what was going on because this new agent might need her support also at the beginning…

On the phone…

Director Vance: "Hello Dr. Cranston"

Dr. Cranston: "Hello Director"

Director Vance: "So how's our guest doing?"

Dr. Cranston: "Pretty good, she likes the place; she feels somehow she has been there before. She's trying to remember when and with whom which is progress. She's intrigued about the new agent assigned to her. I'm also intrigued."

Director Vance: "Well, Dr. Cranston, what I'm about to say stays between us. Understood?"

Dr. Cranston: "As always"

Director Vance: "I don't know if you're aware of the last events in my agency, especially with my MRCT, my elite team."

Dr. Cranston: "From what I've been briefed seems you're down one member, I guess Ziva is no longer there".

Director Vance: "Well, that's correct. She resigned due to the Parsa case. She didn't want Gibbs' career to be jeopardized and she was going through a lot after the assassination of her father. She was a wreck and decided to fly to Tel Aviv to seek for solace and peace".

Dr. Cranston: "I can imagine. Last time I spoke to her, she was very emotional about what she wanted in life. I know I'm not supposed to share this with you but you already read her Psych evaluation. She wanted something permanent, something that couldn't be taken away from her"

Director Vance: "Well, I'm sure she has already gotten that"

Dr. Cranston: "I don't understand. What do you mean? Why are we talking about Ziva? She's no longer part of your staff"

Director Vance: "Gibbs sent Agent Dinozzo to look for her and try to get her back. We knew from CIA that some conflicts were being carried out in the next weeks by the Hamas and we were all concerned about her. Dinozzo look for her for almost two months returning empty handed. He said he didn't locate her but the truth was he did locate her but she didn't come back to DC"

Dr. Cranston: "She was grieving all the atrocities she's been through her whole life. Understandable but dangerous. She was going down in a spiral, right?"

Director Vance: "As always, so accurate. Well, AS I said Dinozzo found her in the third week of his searching and spend the rest of the time with her".

Dr. Cranston: "They have always been very close, it was a matter of time and you knew it"

Director Vance: "I don't mind at all. However, he wasn't able to convince her to get back. She asked him to leave her for a while, she needed to get rid of the badge, she was afraid death surrounded her because of how many people she killed under Mossad orders and wasn't sure if she would be able to hold a gun again in her life. She was very conflicted"

Dr. Cranston: "I see. But you haven't answered my question"

Director Vance: "I didn't want to lose Agent David. First, because her father was a friend of mine and saved my ass a couple of times so I feel I owe him. Secondly, she's an excellent agent, she's learned a lot since she came to NCIS as a Mossad Liason Officer. I don't think she should be wasted and what I think she needs is time. Nowadays, she needs a lot of time".

Dr. Cranston: "And you feel since she wants to be far from guns she could be a good fit in here with Jenny"

Director Vance: "Exactly. However, there's another situation. I visited her a couple of days ago and when I arrived she was a mess and I found out she was receiving the news about her pregnancy"

Dr. Cranston: "Oh my!"

Director Vance: "Yes, I've offered her to go to Paris so she'll have time to think about her current situation, she's been debriefed about Jenny's situation and she can't wait to actually see her. She's on her way to Paris. I want to ask you to actually help her, she's willing to do the job so she's staying in the agency but I'm concerned about her also. I didn't mean to give you more work to do over there but I guess since Dr. Ryan is requested in some meeting in Japan and China, she'll be delaying her presence over there for at least a couple of months, so I need you to stay there an asses both situations".

Dr. Cranston: "I'm more than willing to help to make them get better. So we'll have a little Dinozzo over here. This is going to be interesting. A baby with Ziva's and Tony's personality".

Director Vance: "Yeah that'd be like world war three. Anyway, I have to go. I've sent you the details of Ziva's flight, I've arranged a driver to pick her up from the airport, she'll be arriving in the next few hours. Feel free to brief Jenny in the situation in the way you prefer. She may not recognize Ziva at first, Ziva is aware of that, don't worry."

With that, both finished the long distance call. Rachel was in awe of all Leon Vance told her in the phone. It was a situation much unexpected but completely manageable from her point of view. Ziva needed some time to think, Jenny needed some time to full recover, and since Ziva was a part of her life too, both could heal together in a peaceful environment. However, the million-dollar question was Dinozzo, did he knew? She knew better, Ziva at this point is processing the news, she might tell him after a few weeks but not now.

Jenny was curious about Rachel's phone call, so she did what she always do, ask…

Jenny Shepard: "So? What was that?"

Rachel Cranston: "That was Leon Vance. Wanted to check up on you and to inform me more about the new agent."

Jenny Shepard: "So? Who is it?"

Rachel Cranston: "She is Agent David, Ziva David".

Jenny Shepard: "She is not a new one. I've heard that name before"

Rachel Cranston: "Related to Mossad maybe"

Jenny Shepard: "Yes, she's Mossad, isn't she? What is Mossad doing regarding me? Don't like it."

Rachel Cranston: "Wait, don't you remember her? You worked together in a joint operation in Cairo. Hope it helps you remember"

Jenny Shepard: "Young, brunette, sparkling eyes and determination? I guess I'm refreshing my mind"

Rachel Cranston: "There you are… However, she has changed a lot since she placed a foot in NCIS. She's not the same person anymore and after I just found out she'll never be"

Jenny Shepard: "You're scaring me. Is she okay?"

Rachel Cranston: "Physically I guess so, emotionally that's a another story"

Jenny Shepard: "I guess you'll have to help us both then"

With that, both women started to unpack and accommodate themselves before the arrival of the new guest. One bedroom was a larger one and the others were a bit smaller. Rachel advised Jenny to leave the larger one for the new guest; she told her she 'd explain later if it needed to be an explanation after all. She knew Jenny would make her own concussions sooner than expected, that was the way Jenny's mind worked.

A couple of hours passed by, Ziva was picked up by the driver Leon Vance arranged. She felt completely exhausted; she didn't know why because she was used to travel a lot but since she found out she was pregnant, the sensation was strange.

A soft knock announced her presence in the apartment, Rachel decided to be the one opening the door, she wanted to be the familiar face Ziva look for the first time in some time. Jenny awarded in her room because for her was also hard to meet someone she was supposed to know better than a colleague and with the feeling of not remembering her at all was something weird.

Rachel welcomed Ziva with a soft hug, as a way of understanding was what's going on. At the beginning Ziva was surprised about it but then she just give in. She was too exhausted from the long flight besides her emotional state wasn't helping. Although, she was tired she couldn't help but wonder where was she, if she was still injured, if she was able to talk, too many questions without answers. Rachel knew what was going on in Ziva's head and decided to talk…

Dr. Cranston: "Agent David, welcome to Paris"

Ziva David: "It is Ziva, and thank you Dr. Cranston"

Dr. Cranston: "Then Rachel for all purposes, ok?"

Ziva David: "Okay Rachel. Where is Jenny?"

Rachel: "Well, she's in her room, she's fine, I mean physically she's is almost 100% recovered, sometimes she gets tired, sometimes she uses a can, but most of the time she's fine. She remembers you very vaguely. She thinks you're still Mossad, she's not very confident of having you around because she feels she doesn't remember you as of who you are now, she remember your physical appearance but no more than that".

Ziva David: "I understand"

Rachel: "So? How are you?"

Ziva David: "I guess Director Vance has told you about… my condition"

Rachel: "Yes Ziva, that's why I asked how do you feel?"

Ziva David: "I am fine, a bit tired but fine. Morning sickness are around"

Rachel: "I see, well let's wait for Jenny"

Jenny was intrigued about the new visitor. She remember how she looked and knew she was part of her past, but she couldn't remember more. Jenny decided it was time to meet Agent David and she left her room to join her and Rachel…

Jenny: "Well you're the legendary Agent David" she said with half a smile and a curious look in those emerald eyes she still has.

Ziva was in shock, to see her friend all stand up, talking, even with a sense of humor and mystery was a bliss she couldn't help herself but embraced Jenny in a soft hug, just as the one Rachel gave her earlier. At the beginning Jenny was a bit reluctant but when both women made physical contact, she knew in an instant Agent David was more than an agent to her, she was a friend and she will do whatever was in her power to remember all adventures they had together before all that mess came. Jenny was surprised it felt right listening to Ziva's voice; all Ziva could articulate when she hugged Jenny was "Oh Jenny". Jenny listened to a very soft voice of Ziva, she knew she hadn't heard her that way before, Ziva was all tears and instead of being the one comforting Jenny for such experience, it was Jenny the one comforting Ziva. She looked her in the eye and started caressing her face, noticed her hair was cut but still a mess according to her words. Both women started laughing at Jenny's comment about Ziva's short hair. Rachel gave them a moment to get to re-know themselves because everything was so confusing at times…

In the living room…

Ziva David: "Oh my God Jenny! I could not believe it when Director Vance told me. I remember looking at you lifeless in a pool of blood without a pulse. It was shocking, especially for Tony. Remember him?"

Jenny: "I wish I could remember more, I've started to remember when I was an agent, I had missions abroad, mostly here in Europe. I don't remember my partner but Rachel told me we were good friends, very close"

Ziva David: "Oh I am sorry, you are going bit by bit and I am trying to push you without noticing. I am sorry".

Jenny: "Don't apologize; it's a sign of weakness"

Ziva David: "You remember!"

Jenny: "What?"

Ziva David: "Gibbs' rules. That is one of them. He was your partner"

Jenny: "And how do you know him?"

Ziva David: "I have been working with him for the last eight years. He is the boss."

Jenny: "So, that made me his boss?" That mischievous look in Jenny's face made Ziva smile. Jenny raised a bit her eyebrow as a sign of pleasance for that remark. To be your partner's boss must be something big, at least for her. With that she found out something new, she was glad Ziva was finally with the, she knew she'll be helpful to remember the last years before the attack in the dinner five years ago.

Ziva David: "I am just glad you are alive jenny. I have missed you so much. Really."

Jenny: "Thank you Ziva. I wish I could say the same but my mind is playing games with me at all times and sometimes I just keep staring a blank point just to try harder to remember things"

Ziva David: "It is going to take some time and I have all the time in the world"

Rachel: "Before we go further into remembering territory I guess you need to say something to Jenny, Ziva?"

Ziva David: "Well there is no other way to say this but, I am pregnant, I just found out and that is why Director Vance is sending me here, to be able to think about things also."

Jenny: "I guess that's wonderful, isn't it?"

Ziva couldn't help it but started to cry again, this time because the emotional pain was too much. She was worried for not telling Tony about the baby, she was sad because she felt her life was a mess and the uncertainty was killing her.

Jenny: "Okay Ziva, from your reaction I say you don't have a clue of what to do, right?"

Ziva just say no silently. Rachel embrace her with one arm when she sat next to Ziva and Jenny with all the concern a mother will talk to her daughter she made eye contact to her and said:

"The fact that you're here trying to work things out tells me you want that baby, right?" Ziva just nodded, so Jenny keep talking to her "in order to do that you must stop crying because that hurts the baby and start keeping yourself healthy okay?" Ziva nodded, so she kept talking "Here with Rachel we'll take care of you and your baby. You don't have to worry about anything or anyone else, okay?" Ziva just nodded again.

It was Rachel's turn to talk…

Rachel: "So Ziva, tell me. Does the father know?"

Ziva: "I do not think he wants kids of his own, so no"

Jenny: "But don't you think he deserves to know?"

Ziva: "Look, I have suffered a lot of injuries, especially when I have been tortured because the worst way of torturing a woman is…"

Jenny: "Enough. We understand, but what's your point?"

By then Ziva formed tears in her eyes again, it was too painful to talk about her time in Somali and how Saleem and his men raped her to make her talk about NCIS, however she decided she needed to let it out and this was the time to do it… between sobs she just said:

Ziva: "Since I have been raped several times in Somalia, I was told by the OB/GYN doctor in Bethesda that I might not get pregnant ever, that I was too damaged inside to properly handle a pregnancy. Now that I found out about my pregnancy, I am afraid I could have a miscarriage. So if there is a possibility of it I would rather not tell the father until I am 100% sure the pregnancy will last nine months"

Rachel: "I understand but remember, the longer you take in telling the father that hardest will be. Besides he will be thrilled, don't doubt about that"

Jenny: "I guess you must be tired and there have been enough questions for the night. Let's put your luggage in your room and later we'll have tome tea and bagels.

With that, both women helped Ziva with her luggage and waited for her to get more comfortable to eat and drink something.

Rachel confirmed Vance about Ziva's arrival and how it went with Jenny. She knew, both women will find comfort in each other presence and that was something good.