Back in NCIS Headquarters…

McGee wasn't feeling good about giving Vance the information he asked for. He felt he was betraying Tony and that's wasn't a good thing. However, he thought if it was for a better outcome, he was right taking that risk.

Of course, having this kind of approach to the Director would be in his benefit because he wanted to know if he finally convinced Ziva to come back. If it was the case he wanted to be the one telling Tony that, so he decided to go to Vance's office to ask him personally.

Agent McGee was announced by Cinthya, and he knocked the door a bit soft and entered.

Director Vance: "Agent McGee? What do I owe such a visit?"

McGee: "Uhm… Director I… I wanted to ask you something"

Director Vance: "Go ahead, but I'm inclined to guess it's about Agent David?"

McGee: "Yeah. I mean is she coming back? Because we miss her. Not only Tony but I do. And well? How was that?" the agent was curious, deep inside he knew if Tony wasn't able to make Ziva get back, Leon Vance would be less successful at that task unless there's a miracle.

Director Vance: "Well, I couldn't convince her to come back to DC" he said with a defeated tone of voice. He wanted to have Ziva back in DC and back to the team if at this point she could only do desk work, which was better than having her far away.

McGee: "I'm not surprised. When Ziva makes her mind, she makes her mind. Besides if Tony didn't I guess you were less convincing".

Director Vance: "Agent McGee, at least have a little faith in this old man. I convinced her to not leave NCIS. However, in order to stay she asked to be assigned abroad and so I did"

McGee wasn't happy at all. He thought at least she's still an NCIS Agent, but why does she want to be far away from their team. They were supposed to be a family. He resented her decision, especially because it was affecting Tony in a way he hasn't seen before, So he thought she was being selfish with that decision. He needed to ask more, at least, after betraying Tony at least he was entitled to…

McGee: "But, why? We haven't done anything against her to reject us that way" by then McGee was pissed and Vance noticed that.

Director Vance: "Agent McGee I recommend not to take her decision in such way. She's been through a lot lately. People have different ways of coping. Maybe she doesn't want all of your to see her grieving, maybe she wants a fresh start for a while to be able to face her own demons. I'm giving her the opportunity to do that in an NCIS office abroad. I'm sure she'll be safe, and for now that was my main priority and I'm sure if Agent Dinozzo would know he'll agree".

McGee: "So are you telling Tony this?"

Director Vance: "Look, as much as I would like to make you stop digging I know you won't. You'll be looking for Ziva's location and eventually you'll give it to Dinozzo. Let's do something different, ok?"

McGee: "What do you have in mind?"

Director Vance: "Well, what about I give you Ziva's number and you track it down from time to time to make sure everything is ok. You might get some sensitive information about the mission she's being part of, nothing harming but sensitive and if you do, you must know that's CLASSIFIED. You can't divulge that information no matter what you get to know. Understood?"

McGee: "Not even Gibbs? Or Tony'"

Director Vance: "Look son, whenever you get the chance to know that information believe me, you don't want to be the one divulging it. You'll get to your own conclusions"

McGee: "I'm not sure. I mean I'll be lying Tony and Gibbs and Abby and everyone"

Director Vance: "McGee, this is when you are needed the most. You practically will be in control of the information about it. You'll also be in control of her safety and the one's around her. That's a huge responsibility. You'll be informing directly to me about it. I don't want anyone else involved. You have to be careful about it, ok?"

McGee: "Fine, but I'm not okay with this but I'll do it, just for Ziva".

With that, McGee exited the room with a million thoughts. How would be lie to Tony in his face? How would he face Gibbs whenever this explode? Because if he was sure about something, that was both men will be really pissed with him for holding information from them. On the other hand, Ziva always got his back, always teaching him how to be better in the field, how to be confident about his skills, how to deal with Tony when he was being a pain in the ass. She was more than a coworker, she was like a sister to him. How couldn't he help her in such difficult moments?

McGee was evidently conflicted about his meeting with Vance, he didn't notice Tony was observing him from downstairs. Tony knew something was going on with his Probie, as he was fond to call him during the years. Of course he knew McGee wasn't a Probie anymore but for Tony he was McGee's Mike Franks and he was glad about that.

However, he wanted to find out what was bothering him so he asked:

Tony: "Hey McWorried, what's going on?"

McGee thought, at least the nicknames are getting back, its progress… He needed to think about something quickly or Tony would notice any lie he says

McGee: "I had a talk with Director Vance about my chances of getting some days of vacation"

Tony: "Shouldn't you be talking with the boss'"

McGee: "I guess I wanted to know what Vance thought about it since we're one agent down"

That phrase was totally uncalled because he knew Tony would feel like shit at the remark of Ziva being gone but it was necessary to get rid of Tony scrutiny.

Tony: "Oh, I guess you're right " with that Tony just went to his desk, defeated with the thought of replacing Ziva. He didn't want anyone to occupy that desk. It was hard when Kate was killed and Ziva came, but in few days she gain her place in the team and of course she earned that desk all these years. In his opinion, no one could fit so well in the team other than Ziva.

Since McGee was the one in charge of the information details about Ziva, he decided to do that job back home in his own computer, he has access to all the database and encryption sources from there, so he wouldn't jeopardized whatever mission Ziva was accomplishing and mostly he wouldn't be caught by Tony of Gibbs.

McGee's place…

McGee was eager to get into his computer, if something was a key in the young agent was his extreme curiosity to find out things. In fact, that curiosity makes him the agent he is nowadays with an impressive career in NCIS.

Vance gave him Ziva's new cellphone number, as million thoughts were crossing Tim's mind, his computers were turning on and logging secretly into NCIS, FBI, CIA and NSA systems. If he was about to do this at least it was good Vance got him not only clearance but special encrypted codes to access there.

As usual there was a search bar waiting to be fill by the golden number of mysterious Ziva David cellphone, as he typed those numbers, the search engine started its search and in no time a map just popped up in his screen with a weird location. Ziva was not in Israel, she was in Europe, specifically in Paris. He was confused, a couple of weeks before she was supposed to be in Israel, Tony said it, he regretted leaving her there but that's what she asked for, she wanted to explore her roots, to find peace, to mourn her father's death. How can she possible do that in Paris?

Well, if he was apprehensive about finding out where was Ziva and why the rest of the team wasn't allowed to be informed about Ziva's whereabouts, now he was convinced something was going on and if someone would be in charge of all the information about it, better be him than anyone else.