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An old man who appeared to be around eighty years of age, eyes a blue color, his long hair and beard that were silver, wearing a dark red cloak, sat in a cave filled with crystals. The magic in the cave could be felt by the old man. His name, Merlin. A scene started playing in one of the crystals of a seer making a prophecy.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…. And the Dark Lord will mark her as his equal, but she will have the power the Dark Lord knows not… She will be the Queen of the Once and Future King during the time of Emrys. The Once and the Future Queen with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies."

The scene shifted to show a small black haired baby wrapped in pink held by a red-haired woman on the hospital bed with two black-haired men and a sandy haired man crowding around the bed all of them beaming at the infant.

Merlin made his way to 's Hospital and went to the room his Queen was in. He saw that the mother was asleep and the baby was in the crib nearby. He chanted out a protection spell which flashed a golden color as it took effect. Merlin silently made his way out without waking the mother up.

It was Halloween and the children were running around wearing costumes collecting candy. A tall red eyed man walked down the street towards the house at the end of the street where a rat faced man met him at the door. The parents of the little girl were requested to come to a meeting and so they had left one of their friends to baby-sit their little angel. Unfortunately for them, that particular friend turned out to be the traitorous rat faced man. The red-eyed man walked up to the nursery with the other man trailing behind him. He found the little girl playing in her crib. The girl just looked at him with curiosity in her green eyes.

"Dorea Potter! The girl prophesized to vanquish me! Me! Lord Voldemort! The one who has taken steps to ensure I will not die! I will kill you now and no one will ever defeat me." Voldemort said as he pointed his want at the fifteen month old baby and uttered the killing curse.

The green light sped towards the little girl who clapped her hands in delight at the light and reached out to catch it. Voldemort looked incredulous for a moment as a golden barrier formed in front of the little girl before the curse rebound on him, ripping his soul from his body as it turned into ashes. The resulting explosion blast the rat faced traitor back bashing his head against the nursery wall causing him to lose consciousness just as James and Lily Potter barged in along with Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Albus Dumbledore.

Merlin felt the protection spell he had put on his Queen flare up. He had to bring the family here and re-assure them. He disappeared in a swirl of his robes appearing in front of the Potter's now destroyed home.

The Potters and their friends rushed towards the crib which still had the golden barrier around it, while Dumbledore tied up Peter Pettigrew, the traitorous rat faced man and examined the pile of ash near the crib. Dumbledore also found Voldemort's wand which showed the Killing Curse being the last curse when he had performed the Priori Incantatem. When Lily tried to reach out to the unconscious baby, the barrier would not let her past. The marauders and Dumbledore tried reaching out to the child with the same results. Dumbledore took his wand out to try take down the barrier when Merlin finally spoke,

"I would not do that if I were you, Albus Dumbledore."

The five adults spun around with their wand ready to attack thinking he was a Death Eater, but were surprised to see an old man.

"What do you mean? Who are you?" Dumbledore asked.

"I am called by many names, but you might have heard the name Emrys I believe." Merlin said making Albus gasp. Dumbledore had indeed researched the name Emrys when he heard the prophecy.

"What? Who is Emrys, Professor?" Remus asked.

"Merlin!" Dumbledore breathed out.

"Indeed." Merlin said chuckling resulting in a chorus of "WHAT" from the other four while Merlin just nodded.

"What did you mean when you asked me not to try dismantling the barrier around little Dorea?" Albus asked regaining his bearings and enquiring about the situation. He was in awe of the older wizard and wanted to ask so many questions, but that could wait as Dorea was more important right now.

"You need not worry about my Queen. She is quite healthy and safe. That barrier is just the physical manifestation of my protection. I do not think anyone will be able to bring it down except for me and if anyone else tries they would be blast away from her." Merlin said.

"Can you please bring down the barrier? I would like to hold my baby." Lily asked softly.

Merlin nodded before reaching out to touch the golden barrier which collapsed as soon as he touched it. Lily took her daughter in her arms as the marauders crowded around her checking to see if the child was injured in any way.

"What do you mean your Queen? Dorea is just a baby and we are sure neither Lily nor I are of Royal blood." James said finally coming out of his shock after determining his daughter was fine, but just unconscious.

"That is a long explanation which cannot be shared here. We shall go to Camelot and I shall tell you the story." Merlin said.

"C- Ca- Camelot?" Sirius stuttered.

"Hogwarts as you know it now was indeed Camelot. When the Pendragon line died out and Albion became Scotland and the Royals changed their Palace to elsewhere, I gave permission to four young witches and wizards to use the castle as a school for magical children as my King and Queen had requested of me." Merlin replied to awed glances as he looked tenderly at the baby version of his Queen, his sister in heart.

"Please hand over Mr. Pettigrew to the Ministry of Magic and come to your office, Albus. We will await you there." Merlin said.

Albus Dumbledore nodded to the much older Warlock and disappeared with a pop along with Peter Pettigrew. Merlin waved his hand packing a few essentials for Dorea while Lily and James packed their own things. Sirius and Remus had gone to their own flats to pack their things and would come to Hogwarts directly. Merlin transported the Potter family to the Lake on Hogwarts grounds. They met Sirius and Remus and made their way to the Headmaster's Office. Once Dumbledore returned and everyone was settled comfortably, Merlin conjured a projector and waved his hand. All of them watched as an ethereal woman appeared in front of a couple.

C.E. 484

Lord and Lady Peverell sat in their living room discussing about the harvest and the distribution of food to the peasants and servants on their land, when a Lady in white materialized in front of them. Both of them immediately knelt and bowed their heads in respect to the Goddess whose power they could feel. They were after all magical and every magical being felt it in their soul when their Goddess visited them.

"Rise Julius, Anna. I am here on an important matter. You have a child, do you not?" The Goddess asked.

"Yes My Lady. Alexander has just turned five." Lord Julius Peverell answered after exchanging a brief look with his wife.

"Have the two of you give thought about having another child?" The Goddess asked.

"We have My Lady. Unfortunately, Anna has yet to conceive another child." Julius answered.

"I have a solution for that." The Goddess replied. On seeing the couple's hopeful yet fearful look, she continued. "I have the soul of the child born in the future. She has a destiny here as well as in the future. A Dark Sorcerer tried to kill the child, but Emrys has protected her, so the curse rebound on the evil one ripping out his soul. Although he is not dead, the balance has been maintained, so there would be no need for anyone's life as a payment in return for the child. She is in fact one of your descendants. Will you accept her?"

"We will do so gladly My Lady." Both Julius and Anna replied beaming.

"Her name was Dorea Potter in the future." The Goddess said before conjuring a small bracelet. "Put this bracelet on her wrist as soon as she is born. There is going to be a great upheaval and those who practice magic are going to be prosecuted. This bracelet will protect her. If her magic acts out accidentally, this bracelet will absorb the magic while she is still a child. She will be the only one other than Emrys to be able to perform magic within a few days of her birth, so she will also have a few lessons on how to control her magic when she sleeps. No one will be able to remove this from her." The Goddess handed over the bracelet who accepted it with a nod.

The Goddess smiled as she bestowed her blessing upon the couple and vanished from sight.

It had been a few months after the visit from the Goddess, Julius Peverell had gone to fight and had unfortunately died. Anna, heartbroken, knew she would only live till she gave birth to her daughter. Taking the five year old Alexander, Anna set out to Camelot. Igraine happily welcomed her best friend and both the King and the Queen accepted they would be the Godparents to both the child Anna was carrying and Alexander. Anna informed them that she suspected she would not be alive to see her babies grow up. A month before Anna was due to deliver her little girl, Igraine went into labor and birthed the Prince of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon.

Igraine lost her life a few hours later and Uther blamed Magic for the loss of his wife and started a war against the sorcerers, hunting them down and executing them. He also hunted the dragons and killed them as well, imprisoning the Great Dragon after luring the last Dragon Lord and the Great Dragon under the guise of making Peace. The last Dragon Lord escaped, but unfortunately he could not rescue the Great Dragon as well. Anna was horrified by her friend's actions, but Uther was a stubborn man and did not listen to reason in his grief and anger. Anna was grateful that neither her husband nor Anna had let Uther know about their own magic.

Anna had later performed a ritual asking for the Goddess for a bracelet to protect her son as well. The Goddess conjured up the bracelet knowing that the Peverell line had to continue for the future to be intact. Anna had given the bracelet to Alexander and instructed him to never take the bracelet off and to never speak of magic where someone else might overhear. Anna went into labor a month later and gave birth to a black haired, green eyed daughter who she named Dorea Peverell, before she died.

A year later, in a small village Ealdor that lay beyond the forest of Essetir, a young woman named Hunith gave birth to a little boy and named him Merlin. She was shocked when she saw a few things randomly moving and the flash of Gold in Merlin's eyes. She feared for her son's life and tried to help him keep his magic under control. Unfortunately, since Hunith was a non-magical, she did not know how to help him control his magic and prepared to send him to her half-brother Gaius in Camelot when Merlin turned eighteen.

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