Sneaking past Delia was easy; the cooking woman didn't even look up. Carefully, Red tiptoed up the stairs to her room. Once inside, she lay the injured pichu on the bed. It whimpered again and she winced. Poor, little thing looked awful.

Careful not to make a sound, Red pulled up a floorboard and dragged out the contents. She winced when the sack made a thump on the floor. During her time with Professor Oak, when she went to deliver him the herbs she picked, he taught her about their properties and how to make tonics and medicines for them.

Although, Red supposed, he probably never expected her to be paying attention enough attention to actually reproduce the same healing effects- let alone that she would be stupid enough to bring a wounded, wild pokemon within the confines of her own home. Pokemon were strong, even the little ones. It was for this reason that people didn't just go running through the tall grass in the deep woods- Red was the exception due to the pokemon being used to her and a general lack of natural survival instinct- and messing with the pokemon; even the weakest ones could do catastrophic damage to a human. Despite how cute they looked. Especially a certain yellow electric mouse evolution line. No, Red thought, I do not have an obsession for anything 'chu'. I do not!

Which was why she was not staring at the little guy's face thinking of how cute it regularly looked when she could be cleaning the poor thing up. She wasn't.

Dragging out the last piece of equipment from her healer's stash, a hard ceramic bowl with a pestle inside, Red slid the floorboard back in place. After the supplies were gathered, Red grabbed a bowl of water from the sink in the bathroom. She quickly, but efficiently, cleaned his wounds.

Then, darting back to the floor for her supplies, Red gathered marigold, oran berry stalks, aloe, willow bark and root. As quietly and possible, she took a hot plate that had sat previously unused in her floor and plugged it up. She set some willow bark tea to boil. Then, she mashed the willow roots up into a gruel using the pestle and ceramic bowl. This, Red fed into the pichu's mouth a little at a time using a funnel and a straw. That would help with the sting.

Taking marigold, aloe juice- once she was careful to get every last precious drop of the useful herb-, oran berry stalks, and alcohol from the medicine cabinet, Red mixed and ground it into another paste. This one, she set about rubbing into the numerous wounds along the little guy's body. He whimpered at the pain of the sting of the powerful disinfectant mix, but Red simply stroked his head and shushed him like a babe, silently wishing to have given him more of the willow paste so he wouldn't be in as much pain.

When she was done, she nodded at her work, internally pleased, and crossed the room to her dresser. Red rifled through her clothing, sorting through fabrics, colors, and styles before she found what she was looking for. A white, cotton, long-sleeve shirt that she had outgrown the previous year. She had kept it then thinking she might yet find a use for it. Like now.

Red didn't bother grabbing a pair of scissors, instead she simply ripped the shirt up with her bare hands. Due to being a cripple, Red used her hands to help her walk, and they were strong from it, too.

Carefully and silently, Red cleaned it all away, saving the long strips of t-shirt for bandages. Then, tightly, but not too tightly, she wrapped the pichu's abdomen where the majority of the damage was. She did the same to various areas on his limbs and once on his head over a particularly nasty gash. Red leaned back when she was done. She was no Nurse Joy, but the pichu certainly looked leagues better than when she found him.

Idly, Red had the thought to call him Lucky… wait, no, anything named that always ended up losing a limb or something….. And, anyways, it wasn't as if she could keep him. As soon as he was healed, Red would have to release him back into the woods. She didn't have a pokeball….

Red sighed and smiled fondly at the little guy lying on her bed. At least he would be okay. It didn't matter if she got to keep him or not; what was really important was that she had saved a life.

Small, high pitched cries woke Red in the night. When she rolled over, facing the rest of her room, she could see her clock reading 2:27 AM. In the corner of her room, cradled in her otherwise empty laundry basket, a bundle of soft white linens squirmed and screeched.

Red jerked, scrambling madly as she dragged herself out of her blankets, forgoing her crutches to pull herself to the corner by her arms, using the soft knees of her pajamas to slide on the wooden flooring of her room. The pichu, sensing her presence despite currently being covered in linens, let out a sharp cry of, "Chu!"

For an instant, Red's small room was lit with a gold light as the tiny pichu zapped the cloth surrounding it for all its worth. Red froze, her hands hovering above the fabric bundle as she saw the electricity arc over it. Thankfully, the discharge was weak, likely due to the pichu's injured state. It didn't do much more than provide a fancy light show and leave the previously pristine linens with soft scorch marks. However, it left Red wary of touching the little guy bare handed, even if he was busy strangling himself in his own blankets.

After the flash, the room went quiet, the pichu's cries going silent with a suddenness that left the room feeling eerie. Red threw her worries to the side and quickly grabbed the edges of the soft linen. While the pokemon was hopefully just stunned, Red pulled the cloth away quickly, getting the little yellow mouse's head uncovered before it began moving.

From the looks of it, the little guy had also shocked himself. There were small dark patches of scorched fur that she could see around the bandages. Suddenly, his cheeks sparked again and Red jerked her hands away, meeting the mouse's eyes for the first time.

There was a surprising ferocity in the pichu's eyes, but Red felt sorrow as she also noticed fear hidden in the dark chocolate depths. It was more afraid of her than she was of it. Red pulled her hands away quickly, moving back so she wasn't looming over the frightened electric mouse. Brown eyes remained locked to hers as she moved.

"Shh-shh," Red soothed, "It's okay. I'm not here to harm. You're alright."

The little fellow did not seem convinced, red cheek marks flickering with yellow power again as he let out a surprisingly threatening sounding, "Chuuuu..."

Red had honestly been unaware that mice could growl. Now, she was corrected.

She tried to sooth it again, saying, "It's alright, you're safe now, little buddy. I've been trying to heal you, okay?"

Sparks lit the room again and Red pulled up her hands, a weak attempt to shield herself should her charge attack her.

Thankfully, the pichu didn't seem to be quite ready to attack. In fact, it had frozen, staring transfixed at something. Red blinked, startled at its sudden lack of aggression. She looked behind her, trying to see what the pichu was staring at, but didn't see anything noteworthy. By the time Red glanced back at the mouse, he was already staring at her eyes.

She met his gaze head on, noticing that the emotions behind it seemed to have changed. There was still fear, but a new emotion had washed away the fury that Red had previously encountered at the forefront of the dark orbs. Not the pichu looked more startled than anything, gazing into her own eyes as though they held the secrets of the universe.

And, perhaps they did, because after what felt like a small eternity, the pichu's gaze softened and the little mouse's body seemed to sag, relaxing with a soft, "Chu."

Red, encouraged by the sudden lack of aggression, cautiously reached her hands out to the pichu. She let them hover a few inches away, giving him plenty of time to make any displeasure known. When he had no such complaints, she gently picked him up, cradling him in her arms.

The pichu stiffened at the contact, but Red paid it no heed, emboldened by the lack of electric threats. Once she had him in her lap, she began unwrapping him, layer by linen layer. Soon, the only thing remaining was the cotton bandages she had applied the evening before.

Freed, the pichu stood tenderly on her lap, gazing up at her with doe brown eyes that she couldn't help but find adorable. He seemed to be an older pichu, mindful of his injuries, despite the presence of an unknown human nearby. Idly, Red wondered if he was due to evolve soon.

He tilted his head, (adorable! Her mind squealed) and questioned softly, "Pi?"

Red smiled softly down at him. She wasn't sure what he had been asking, but she figured if she had been the one to wake up in a strange place being cared for by strange people, she would want to ask about everything. So, she explained about everything.

Careful, lest she wake her mother, Red started speaking softly to the little spark-maker in her lap, explaining how she had found him, brought him home, and tended his wounds. Even when she covered those obvious questions, Red kept going, finding the action of speaking to such a good listener soothing. She talked about Pallet Town, her mom, her life, herbs... Anything she could think of.

Red didn't have any friends her own age. The people she did get along with didn't see her. They saw her crutches. And her legs. And possibly the X-rays that said she would never walk on her own again. It was nice to have a listener that looked at her eyes, not her legs. When the clock on her nightstand read 3:41, Red looked down at her lap and was greeted by the cute sight of the little mouse curled up asleep.

She smiled and gently placed him in his makeshift nest, this time simply nestling the blankets around him instead of swaddling him in them. As she tucked herself into her own bed, she wished them both sweet dreams.

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