Chapter 1

Zero Requiem: A day marking the end of the world, and the creation of a new one. Zero Requiem: The plan crafted by the 'Demon Emperor' Lelouch vi Brittania to destroy the corrupted old world of deceit, betrayal and murder.

It was a selfless, brilliant plan that fooled the entire world while demanding the ultimate sacrifice from Lelouch. A kind teen – no, man – blackened by the events and hardships he had to endure. Beloved brother, friend, and maybe for some even more then that: He re-crafted, shaped ,and moulded himself into a creature of devilish nature. A monster.

A demon.

Hated and feared by all, Lelouch sacrificed everything he held dear for one goal, for one sole purpose: To unite humanity in peace and prosperity, so that his beloved sister Nunnally might live a better life; and so he allowed himself to be slain at the hands of his best friend Suzaku masking himself as the infamous leader of the black rebellion, the black knights, the leader and prophet of justice: Zero.

Unbelievable pain shot through his body as the sword pierced Lelouch's dark heart, his face contorting and shifting into a grimace of pain and fear. The fear of death. Natural amongst all humans. His limbs twitched and stiffened as his body slowly realised that death was inevitable now matter how hard it tried to defy it.

A rasped gasp, violent coughing wrecking his body as his life slowly faded away. His eyes quickly losing their bright, lively violet light, numbly hearing and feeling the painful sobs of his beloved sister grieving over his dying body: For whom he was making this ultimate sacrifice.

The 99th Emperor of Britannia died that day with a contented smile on his face, certain with the fact his sacrifice was not in vain. His sister and the people he loved – Kallen, Nunnally, Suzaku, Milly and so many others – would finally be able to live their lives as they deserved, where none would have to fear racial discrimination, hate and bigotry and violence.

It was brilliant plan...and yet so foolishly naïve.

As the days turned into months and the large parts of the world – with the exception of a select few who knew the truth – celebrated the first anniversary of the death of their most despised Emperor, new conflicts lingered beneath the facade of peace and unity: For it is humanity's nature to envy, despise, misjudge, doubt one another, and hate.

But unknown to them, unknown even to the C Collective, the end was relentlessly approaching ever so slowly from outside the solar system.

The day when the skies were lit a light by crystal blue, greenish beams of death and destruction raining down; when judgment day befell the human race as the earth was ravaged by brutish, snake like alien creatures which defied imagination.

All knew that the end had come around again, and that the plan had failed.

Unforeseen consequences purged the earth, as humanity's valiant forces were ruthlessly cut down by hot burning plasma. The people were torn to shreds by the sea of plump small creatures which threw themselves in waves upon the human defenders.

Beasts towering above the largest knightmares, with bodies of metal and flesh and razor-sharp abnormally long spikes bursting through their backs rampaged across the cities: Toppling entire buildings and laying waste to whole armies without much of effort.

Tall, intimidating creatures fighting with a ferocity never seen before on the face of the earth. Assassinating leaders in the shadows. Sabotaging vital locations and equipment. These terrorising monsters whom so often led the relentless and merciless attacks literally cut their way through the human lines with their iconic triangular swords and their oddly shaped indescribable weapons.

Within mere days humanity faced extinction by an alien threat.

Desperately outgunned, and hopelessly outnumbered.

With each passing second and with every breath the number of survivors dwindled ever so steadily, as the last pitiful leftovers of humanity crawled into whatever hiding holes they could find: Surrendering to their inevitable fate. Thus, the C collective ceased to exist: The brutal, genocidal massacre that tore the earth apart and rendered humanity extinct marked the beginning of the ultimate end of everything in the galaxy.

However, all hope was not lost.

Beings no human mind could even begin to imagine at risk of losing one's sanity rumbled and stirred in great dissatisfaction. Whispers echoed throughout the vast, limitless, mind-boggling space of consciousness and outer-worldly genius as new voices joined this song of distaste and mourning: Singing as one mind and one body in a beautiful awe-inspiring symphony.

"The plan has failed. Too soon has the trial struck down upon our younglings."

"Yes! The others have experienced no such devastating variables..."

"A glitch, we ponder?"

Silence filled the vast collective of uncountable consciousnesses of the beings spanning, surpassing, and overcoming the barriers of entire universes. The song rejoiced, yet on a slightly dark tone, one of aggression and a deadly dangerous rage boiling beneath the still harmonic surface.

"Possible, yet this plane was the closest we have ever gotten to perfection."

"How could these primitive tools enter the stage so quickly? They were supposed to test our subjects five cycles later!"

"Outside interference."


"Not impossible."

"Our …. hunters?"

A tense still, and a mind numbing wave of emotions raced through the collective more then a human mind could even begin to handle.

Finally the voices rejoiced once again. Speaking as one, but yet with a slight hesitation as the collective rumbled and shuddered. The song was no longer a peacefully symphony, but a low threatening grumble sending mighty shockwaves of unspeakable fear and despair and unimaginable hate.

"No. The children Ghibalb still hide from the dark shadows of their true selves, hoping to outrun their shame that is their existence carving a path of failure and despaaaiiir in their WAKEEEEEEEAAHHHHH!"

The song distorted and imploded in a single moment faster then anything in the galaxy – or even in the entire infinite amount of universes – as a terrible, awful, maddening screech of rage and hate thundered across the web of infinite universes, tearing the fabric connections between each different universe violently asunder. Their lights dimmed drastically as entire galaxies winked off, disappearing in small yet unbelievably bright explosions as the mighty shockwaves of these impossibly powerful supersentient beings raged across the countless of planes of existence.

Terrible, haunting growls and barks resonated within the collective, sending terror and despair across uncountable amounts of universes as these horrific creatures hollered in animalistic rage and unfathomable malevolence. Dangerous, threatening hisses and hungry growls were answered by a distant inhuman cry of pain and despair as the universes shrunk and trembled almost pitifully, desperately trying to escape this apex predator.

All of this came to an end when one single dark, malevolent voice which even his brethren feared and wisely distanced themselves from their fellow brethren as it furiously thundered.


This disembodied guttural howl chilled even the most powerful specimen of these impossibly supreme and unimaginable creatures to it's very core, as this apex predator growled dangerously.

Immediately, order returned, and the symphony began anew in a low threatening rumbling tone.

"Action is required."


"What causes this fatal error to occur?"

"The Geass."

"The C Collective...possible: However a vital part for the occurrence of this glitch is to be believed the attempted creation of the synthesis of humanity and the demise of our champion."

Descending to a slow, low sounding rhythm the great minds thought for not even a nanosecond before coming to a decision.

"Send one of our employees and tell him to deal with this problem with outmost precision. He is allowed to deal with this...matter as he sees fit."

Invasion of Japan.

Lelouch crawled his way through the dirt and mud that was once a beautiful lush green forest filled with life, edging closer to the treeline. Jasmine trees torn to shreds or lifted from the earth leaving gaping wounds within mother earth. The distinct smell of burnt flesh copulated the air, leaving the survivors and refugees like Lelouch and his sister to deal with their sickening nausea.

Nunnally. Lelouch thought as he looked over his shoulder to their hiding spot, beneath burnt remains of their treehouse, where he had left Nunnally with the promise to come back as swiftly as he could. He had to check out the area before leaving for the Ashfords and escaping this madness.

Sporadic gunfire whistled over his head accompanied by guttural cries and yells of the dying and wounded. Lelouch cursed under his breath and pressed himself to the ground, making himself even smaller then he already was, while silently cursing the man responsible for his and his siblings predicament.

The Emperor Charles zi Britannia had sent his own children to Japan to the Japanese Prime Minister as a hostage after his mothers assassination before his very eyes: A traumatising event that had left his dear sister Nunnally both crippled and blind. Lelouch, in an act he could now only cynically describe as foolishly naïve and childish, strode to the Emperor's throne and demanded to have the investigation revived and the murderers of his mother punished accordingly.

The soul shattering, despair inducing response still echoed within Lelouch's mind; the hateful and utterly cruel words mocking him every passing waking moment:

"You are dead." Said his father on that faithful day, mere months ago

"You are dead and always have been dead to me. Your sister and mother were weaklings and deserved everything they got."

That was six months ago. Now, almost at the exact same date, the Emperor had declared war upon the country of Japan and laid siege on the very same location were he had sent his children as tribute.

As hostages.

Lelouch could see it as clear as the morning sunrise: This was an deliberate assassination attempt on both his and his precious sister's lives.

That man, his own father, wanted him dead. Lelouch tightened his gruff, dirty and bloody hands into angry fists: Burying them into muddy, blood filled earth.

He would not share this knowledge with his sister, he wanted to spare her of that act of ruthless and despicable betrayal.

The sharp rustling echo of a fighter jet making a dangerously low pass over his location violently jolted Lelouch back into the present, his ears becoming numb and his body shaking to his very bones as the jet flew faster then the speed of sound and rattled the entire ground beneath his youthful body. The air pressure increased drastically and Lelouch cowered his head, groaning audibly as his ears became momentarily ineffective due to the air pressure change: Letting loose a wave of nausea and numbness that clouding his mind and partially paralysed his body.

No! You can't stay here. You have to get Nunnally out of here now!

Dizzily, Lelouch turned around and crawled with tremendous effort his way back to Nunnally's hiding spot. His muscles burned and felt like they would be torn asunder every second now as he lay flat on his stomach, tearing his fabric cotton clothes apart and exposing his skin to ruthless, war torn outside environment. His arms and legs were bloody and decorated with an uncountable amount of scratches and bruises, but Lelouch's hand were far worse.

His tiny child like hands were torn, plastered with mud and dirt covering his wounds basically asking for an infection. Lelouch grunted and only with tremendous effort swallowed back the urge to cry in pain as he once again put pressure on his battered left middle finger which was missing it's fingernail. It had been ripped off during the initial attack and Lelouch's desperate attempt to get his sister out of harm's way. One misjudged step, and he -along with Nunnally- had fallen down a large, dirty ditch; with Lelouch taking most of the punishment as he shielded his sister with his small, fragile childish body.

Lelouch still mentally kicked himself for making such a mistake in these dire times. These small mishaps and mistakes could very possibly lead to his sisters and his own demise. He would gladly accept any harm befalling him, if only he could just keep his sister safe.

But he knew that he was a mere child of ten years -soon eleven- and with only his...his sister she wouldn't survive much longer. Without her... Lelouch couldn't even begin to imagine a life without Nunnally. Yet no matter how he would view it Lelouch could even not guarantee their survival.

He was simply not strong enough.

I can't be this weak: I need to stay strong to protect Nunnally! I must. Not. Be. Weak!

Growling and biting his cheek until the bitter taste of copper filled his mouth, Lelouch crawled onwards until he had reached a crater covered by an large oak tree that had fallen on top of it. Branches and yellow to dark, sickly brown leaves formed a ruff dome that effectively hid and kept everything within the crater out of sight.

When he was mere inches away, Lelouch -eyeing the dome wearily- whispered "Nunnally, are you alright?" Lelouch wanted to flinch at how pitiful and sickly his voice must've sounded. His voice sounded raspy and dry as if he hadn't drunk a bit of water for days, and crimson red blood ran down at the side of his mouth. His face turned green as he turned his head slightly to the left and spit out the mouthful of blood in his mouth.

He prayed to whatever entity or god was out there that his baby sister would be safe from any further harm, and immediately after that trail of thought a weak, cough coming from a throat as raspy as his own answered Lelouch's question.

Never in his life had Lelouch cursed whatever damned entity was looking over them right now so viciously as in this very moment.

Why her? Hasn't she suffered enough! Lelouch thought angrily, carefully lifting the branches of the dome, revealing the lying figure of a small girl maybe five to eight years of age. Her brown hair was unkept with small branches and leaves sticking out of the mess that would better described as a bush with mud plastering everything together. Her cute clothes were torn and ripped exposing her to the harsh environment. White bandages covered her legs and were seemingly the only part that had remained untouched by this whole mess.

With great dread, Lelouch saw his baby sister quivering and shivering in an vicious manner. Almost as if he was afraid to, Lelouch tenderly touched Nunnally's forehead...his concern and dread increased even more.

Damn she's burning up. Damn. Damn. Damn!

A tremendous explosion rocked the area and a brightly lit orange fireball raced into the heavens eliciting a frightful whimper from Nunnally and a frown of concern on Lelouch's face.

That was close by and from the direction it must've been close to Suzaku's house...

Knowing that he could not waste any time, Lelouch carefully stood up to a crouching position, taking his sister under his arms.

"Right. Nunnally, now I want you to hold on to me as tight as you can. Gonna...pick you...up!"

His tired muscles groaned and howled in protest. Every single fibre of his small being shouted in pain as he lifted his sister up from the ground, holding her tight against his chest.

Lelouch's breathing was laboured, and his exhaustion let his vision become fuzzy and unfocused as his body struggled to cope with even the smallest of things.

Don't give up. Don't give up. You can't give up. Not now. Don't give up!

Lelouch repeated that mantra inside his head as he willed his tired limbs to obey his command and stumbled across the dead forest, putting as much distance between himself and the direction of Suzaku's home.

Bitting his lips, Lelouch forced away the overwhelming feeling of guilt and hypocrisy. Suzaku was his friend: The only one he had aside from sweet but slightly overwhelming Milly, and turning his back on him when he was sure that Suzaku would need his help burned painfully within his heart and mind. But Nunnally had priority, her safety and wellbeing was set upon all else.

Even over his own life.

If it were for Lelouch, the world could burn down to the ground as long as Nunnally was safe from harm. And so Lelouch continued his harsh, bitter journey to the Ashfords, stumbling all the way across craters, trenches, and decaying corpses.

Lelouch felt how his legs grew weaker with every passing moment, before he almost fell down face first when his thin legs collided with something: It was the fresh corpse of an Japanese soldier. Not able to fight back a shocked, disgusted gasp, Lelouch inadvertently inhaled the rotting smell of the poor soldier's decaying flesh.

A bile of vomit fought it's way through his throat as Lelouch hastily increased his pace, desperately trying to get away from this grizzly scene, and so was blissfully unaware of the fatal and terrifyingly precise bullet wounds. Two to the chest. Two to the head.

The cationic and maddening sounds of battle and destruction continued to assault Lelouch ears as he stumbled across a war torn, ripped apart field filled with burnt out vehicles and tanks. The smell of burnt flesh assaulted his nostrils, but Lelouch -almost like in trance- marched on speaking as softly as his torn and raspy throat would allow him to do so to his sister.

"Everything's goning be alright Nunnally. I've got you...I've got you...I've got you! We will make it. You'll be alright...!"

Lelouch's feet littered with pustules screamed in agony with every step he took across the bloody battlefield: When a sharp whistle, drowned out by the other cacophony of destruction and death, whizzed past Lelouch accompanied by a small metal object. The object raced towards him at the devastating speed of Mach 5. A 5,5mm Full Metal Jacket bullet flew through the air and nipped Lelouch by his left shin. A stream of crimson blood burst out of the new viciously inflicted wound, and Lelouch couldn't stop himself letting out a pained yell as his body froze up, shock overriding his limbs and senses as he fell victim to earth's gravity and crashed down to the ground with an dull thud.

Bleary eyed, with tears springing into his eyes, Lelouch cursed the Emperor and this bitter, cruel, heartless world from even the deepest parts of his soul...just as his heart broke into millions of pieces when Nunnally's surprised, fearful and pain-filled yelp reached his ears.

He was deaf to the oncoming sinister soldiers, their silenced bullpup weapons steadily aimed at the two children; and deaf to the bomber flying over them letting loose it's deadly and waste laying payload too close to their own position.

The only thing that mattered to his tired, barely aware mind was Nunnally's pain-filled yelp and her crumbled form lying a few meters ahead of him. Lelouch howled in anguish and despair beneath the enflamed, burning skies: With thick black pillars of smoke beginning to cloud the heavens as the sun set and slowly allowed the world to be consumed by darkness.

The smell of burnt flesh, the cries of the dying, and the howls of the grieving filled the evening sky.

Lelouch couldn't, refused, to believe that he failed not only himself but his sister as well. His mind couldn't cope with the mere thought of her suffering and so the dam broke: A maddening shout erupted from Lelouch's torn, dried out throat as he wailed and sobbed brokenly like never before. Not even when his mother had been murdered did Lelouch feel these terrible, suffocating emotions and feelings of endless, merciless sorrow and pain and despair. Neither did he ever shed a tear since that fateful day.

No! It can't be like this! She can't die! I can't allow it!

Blind, single minded determination cursed through Lelouch's body and mind. Every other thought of revenge against his father and the collapse of the empire vanished and was replaced with one single purpose.

Save Nunnally. Save Nunnally. Save her! Save her!

Lelouch growled and snarled like a enraged, bitter animal as his primal instincts overrode his mind. Ever so slowly, his body shaking and trembling under the effort and his torn muscles screeched painfully – begging him to stop. Lelouch arose from the ground, the dimming orange coloured sun behind him, with his untamed, dirty raven black hair cascading down his face hiding it from view.

The explosions and detonations of of numerous tons of explosives rumbled through the earth beneath Lelouch's feet and resonated in the sky like powerful war drums as he took the first step...and immediately lost balance: Falling on his knees, with his arms catching himself in the last minute.

I will. Not. Fall!

He ignored the yells and shouts of the soldiers as he struggled to stand upon his shaky feet, limping shakily a few tiny steps before falling back on his knees again and wildly beginning to half crawl, half limp his way to his sister. The wind howled against his back as if trying to usher him towards his goal.

Dimly aware of his surroundings descending into indescribable chaos, Lelouch gritted his teeth and forced one arm in front of the other; followed his by his numb legs as he clumsily made his way to his sister. One step at a time. Drawing ever closer to his goal.

I will. Not. Fail!

His face was a carved monument of steely determination and an unbreakable iron will as he after seemingly an eternity, stretched his right arm out as far as he could and brushed the delicate, soft skin of his sister with his fingertips.

With an satisfied growl Lelouch pushed himself back to his feet and could feel his Achilles tendon ripping apart under the torturous strain, but Lelouch was to far gone to notice this as his single focus was on saving his sister no matter what the cost may be. Grunting, he gripped the hem of her shirt with his left arm and began to pull...

Until his left shoulder exploded in an stream of pain and agony.

Lelouch felt like his shoulder had been hit on by sledgehammer, and a fountain of blood sprouted out of the gaping wound in his left shoulder; spraying dark crimson red blood on the ground, on his dirty and torn clothes, and on his pain contorted face.

Tiny drops of his blood tainted Lelouch's face as he let out an guttural shout of pain and shock, his mind only now registering that he had been shot.

The force of the hit threw his body violently around, allowing him to face his assailant. The soldier stood at least twenty meters away the muzzle of his rifle releasing traitorous smoke as the soldier's finger twitched over the trigger: Determined to finish the job.! It can't end like this! She has to survive! She can't die!!

Terror paralysed Lelouch's mind, taking everything in slow motion as his body fell down to the ground. One, final defiant shout unbiddingly leaving his mouth.


Blazing heat burning Lelouch's skin washed over him as he threw his body protectively over his sister limp body, readying himself for whatever was to an dull, lifeless thud Lelouch fell on lush green grass; joining the countless of corpses, discarded body parts, and the lifeless husks of burnt out vehicles on the soft green field.

Hollow, rasped breaths escaped the young boy, his eyes shut tight and his face clenched together as if he was steeling himself for unbelievable amount of pain. Blood rushed through his entire body gushing out of his countless of wounds and scratches: Mainly the penetrating gunshot wound on his left shoulder and the grazing wound on his left shin.

The boy frowned as he noticed that his heart was still thumping quite quickly. Breathing raggedly Lelouch warily and tiredly opened his eyes, staring at the orange lit evening sky. Wisps of black smoke were visible from the corner of his eyes and high above him hung -to Lelouch's great terror- an armada of bombers. Hundreds upon hundreds of these destructive and feared planes hung high above the clouds of black smoke and ashes.

Gurgling coughs disrupted this unnatural silence, and Lelouch groaning in pain; turning on his uninjured right side and violently letting loose a stream of vomit. His throat was fire, his body enduring bone wracking coughs and desperate gasps for air. Tears freely flowed down his lively violet eyes and rained to the ground as his body shook tremendously under the broken sobs of a defeated Lelouch vi Britannia.

The terrible realisation that he wouldn't be capable of getting to the Ashfords in time struck his mind like a ferocious upper cut at the end of an fight. Hell, he couldn't even gather any strength to defend his sister mere centimetres away from him.

Lelouch was finished, and he knew it. A broken almost inhuman scream erupted from his wounded throat as whatever strength in his arms had left him and let himself fall to the ground, face first into his own vomit.

He felt utterly miserable as he sobbed and waited for the soldier to come over and execute him already.

His heart pounded in his rib cage as his only wish was for him to die first so that he does not have to witness the fate of his sister and cursed his hated father with every fiber of his being.

But the end never came. No bullet to the back of his head or his small marathon beating heart. No cocking of the gun. Not even a pained yell from Nunnally.

Only a faint, ghostly laugh that chilled Lelouch to his very bones.

Not even capable of groaning in pain and exhaustion, Lelouch allowed himself to be thrown over to his back by an invisible force and dimly heard a slow, raspy voice calling out to him.

"Never counted you...for give up that eeasilyyy..."

Something within Lelouch cried out to him and begged to stay away from that person, as an unnatural wave of fear flooded his system. His stomach turned involuntarily, and the hairs on his neck rose up.

Once again, that disembodied bone chilling rasp of a laugh rang into Lelouch's ears as the unseen person spoke: "I do apologise if I am making you feel...unssssafe. But trusssst me: Your safety is my priority for the time being."

"What?" Lelouch managed to mumble out as he stretched his neck to find the source of this unnatural and eerie voice, and noticed a man standing right in front of him.

The man was thin, quite sickly so: Ghastly pale skin was seemingly plastered onto his bones with no muscles whatsoever. Wearing a completely out of place conservative grey two-piece business suit with an somewhat ominous blood red tie. The man's left hand firmly held a large, boxy suitcase.

Lelouch's eyes widened in panic, as he noticed the creepy, minuscule, almost satisfied grin that was plastered on that dubious man's face. He confidently strode closer to Lelouch while emitting an aura of unfathomable power. In a moment's notice, his instincts took control telling him to flee before this apex predator: But Lelouch knew that he was stuck. Most of his muscles and tendons were undoubtedly torn or ripped apart leaving him trapped in front of this unknown – yet Lelouch somehow instinctually knew – extremely dangerous man.

The man inhaled an abnormally sharp breath, gulped awkwardly and spoke with the same morse, raspy yet commanding voice that showed no interruption or disagreement.

"I say that we were cutting it rather close haven't we. Quite a par-tic-ular ssssituation you have found yourself..." He gestured generously as if presenting an art piece to a student with his right hand, at the scene behind him.

Lelouch craned his neck ever slightly to left and saw -to his horror- a wall of fire frozen in motion right behind the mysterious man. The soldier who had mere seconds ago tried to kill him was half engulfed in bright golden orange sea of flames. He did not seem to even acknowledge the fact that half of his body was gone and set a blaze.

He seemed frozen. As if time had simply stopped.

Seemingly noticing Lelouch's confusion, the man chuckled darkly and ominously before speaking: "As you can see Mr. Britannia you...and your ssssisterrr are quite...lucky that I have arrived at...such...a critical time."

Lelouch couldn't help himself but to feel creeped out of his skin by that man or being, since Lelouch doubted any human would be able to give off that eerie, unearthly feeling of...vastness, a being that knew no bounds and was even with his weakly appearance vastly superior than even the Emperor.

The Man opened his hideous, devilish mouth and spoke in his awkwardly slow, ever-changing pitch of his voice. Placing unusual stress on syllables and stressing the wrong parts of words.

"It seems as if luck is at your side. This time...ill placed 100-ton napalm bomb detonating rrright now over your location caused the...un-fortunate demise of yourself and your sister."

Lelouch felt like he could cried, yelled and shouted in anguish but his mouth wouldn't obey his own command, almost as if an invisible hand was pressing heavily down his lips sealing them shut: Leaving him to futilely scream on the inside of his battered and defeated being.

Not Nunnally. Anyone but her. Please... Lelouch silently begged as lone tears began to flow down his cheeks. The man spoke up again as that horrifyingly devious grin grew larger, he eyed the young youth before him like a business man who knows that his person before him had taken the bait.

"Now...not all lost in these dark times, Mr. Britannia: This … eeeevent, could be used as the PER-fect cover for your sisters'...removal out of...harmssss way."

Lelouch's eyes grew to saucers as the man, whatever he or it was, implied to him but before he could spend anymore time pondering on his thoughts the man resumed in an attention drawing manner, as he straightened his blood red tie a complete blank and empty look on his face for only a mere split second.

"Your...actions have caught the attention of various important...individuals and subsequently mineeeee. My ahhhh eeemployers have recognised your limitlessss potential if...nurtured properly. They have authorised me to strike you an …. offfer they agree with me that just can not be...denied."

"I can guarantee you the safety and...prosperity of your precious baby sister. This...attack serving as a cover for her to disappear with the Ashfords, and live the life you have always wanted her to: One which she deserves. Don't you agree...?"

"Yes! A thousand times yes!" Lelouch wanted to shout but all he managed was a disgusting, gurgling, hissing noise from the back of his throat.

"However...that gracious service of mine requires some sort of repayment. All I am asking is a...sort of…employment for future references. An...assignment if you'd so wish. One which would be greatly beneficial for both of us."

"If, however, you decline my generous offer...well...let's just say that the present predicament of youur sister would be the least of her worries in the future..."

Suddenly -in the blink of an eye- the man was right next to Lelouch's face: Breathing eerily into Lelouch's ear who almost jumped out of his skin when the man whispered:

"What is your decision?"

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