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Darien sat at the counter of the Crown Arcade drinking his coffee and staring out of the corner of his eye at his blonde goddess I mean the meatball head who was sitting in a booth writing away at a notebook "earth to Darien are you in their" asked Andrew (Darien's best friend and owner of Crown Arcade" Darien jumped and replied "huh?" Andrew chuckled and said "welcome back from planet Serena we hope you enjoyed your stay" Darien chuckled "I was staring again wasn't I Drew?" he asked as the four scouts entered the Arcade Andrew smiled and replied "just a bit" then turned his attention to the girls "hey girls want your usual milkshakes?" the girls smiled and Ami replied "yes please Drew" as Andrew got to work making the milkshakes Mina asked "hey have you seen Serena? She was supposed to meet us after school to go shopping but she never showed." Darien replied for Andrew "yeah she's been sitting in that booth since after school writing was getting concerned she hasn't yelled at me or klutzed out yet" and pointed over to Serena the girls looked to where he was pointing and saw that she was indeed sitting there and scribbling in a notebook Mina bounced over to her and asked "hey girl where were you? You never showed up for shopping at mall." Serena looked up from writing and blinked "Oh hi guys when did you get here? I thought we were meeting at the mall?" Mina frowned "Rena it's 5pm we were supposed to meet at 3.30pm." Serena frowned and looked at clock and saw Mina was right "oh god girls I'm so sorry I got involved doing a homework assignment I'm so sorry" the girls looked at one another and Lita went "your willingly doing homework? Who are you and what have you done with Serena?" Serena laughed "yes I'm willingly doing homework this assignment counts as half my grade and it's due in a couple of weeks so I wanted to get it over with." The girls nodded thinking that explained so much.

An hour later Serena has put her notebook away and her and the girls are eating Burgers and fries and drinking milkshakes when Raye speaks up "hey have you guys heard about this concert some music class is putting on?" Ami nodded "yes it's the advanced music class they have to do a concert at least once a term to pass" Lita agreed "yeah and as this is the last term before we do our high school entrance exams this one has got to be bigger so they've invited local classes and a class from the college to attend". Darien stopped eavesdropping and spoke up "Andrew and I attending our tutor asked as no one else volunteered and he offered to give us extra credit if we wrote a review for the college newspaper so we agreed" this of course made Serena pale slightly not that anyone noticed as Raye was speaking "well how about we all sit together?" the girls and Darien and Andrew (who had wondered over when he heard his name agreed) "what do you think Serena?" asked Ami who noticed she hadn't started moaning about Darien joining them "you guys do what you guys want I'm not going" shrugged Serena the girls draws dropped and Mina exclaimed "WHAT but you love concerts especially seeing as it's free so why aren't you coming?" Serena shrugged again and replied "no big deal it's my parent's anniversary so their going out for dinner and a show and I'm babysitting Sammy" the girls nodded thinking that made sense "well we'll record it for you if you want Rena?" Serena nodded her head and replied "yeah that would be great thanks. Oh I better get going its getting late talk to later girls, Drew and Jerk".

Next chapter the concert and we see the gang's reaction to Serena's song and Serena's tutor has a surprise for her.