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Night of the concert

Serena paced nervously back stage while waiting for chance to perform suddenly she found her path blocked by her teacher who smiled at her "Serena calm down you'll do great and I want to thank you for agreeing to perform twice when Kate dropped out with a twisted ankle I panicked and hoped you'd agree to performing twice" Serena smiled calmed down by her teachers rambling "you're welcome and I hope I do you proud. You've taught me so much" just then they heard the applause and the previous act come backstage who smiled at them both "you're up Serena break a leg" Serena's teacher said and then slipped back out to the audience to watch.

Serena gulped nervously behind the curtains while waiting for the curtains to be raised and her name to be announced.

"Ladies and gentleman our final act this evening who has gracefully accepted to perform twice after one of the acts fell through. Ladies and gentleman I present Miss Serena Tuskino whom is singing her own writing songs so please a round of applause."

The girls, Darien and Andrew gasped and looked at each other in shock as the curtain rose to reveal Serena in a gorgeous silver gown and her hair in her normal buns but in plaits instead.

Serena walked to the microphone and spoke "Good evening I thank all of my classmates who helped me with writing the music to these two songs I will be performing for you and to my music teacher who gave me the courage to express myself in these songs. My first song is called 'Carry on'"

Serena nodded to the band who then started the music she then took a deep breath and began to sing:

Here I'm standing in the night,
My crescent wand the only light.
Alone against my darkest fear,
But I sense my friends are near,
I'll draw from each the power I need,
Evil Queen we will defeat!
Give me the strength to carry on,
With all our love we can't go wrong,
Only together we face the fight,
Nothing can stand against our might.
Give me the strength to carry on,
With all our love we can't go wrong,
Only together we face the fight,
Nothing can stand against our might.
With all our strength the battle's won,
With all our love we can't go wrong,
We have the strength to carry on!

As Serena finished the last note a standing ovation started she took a deep breath and smiled "Thank you this song was dedicated to my four best friends whom know who they are and I hope they know I meant every word of that song. My next song is called My Only Love and is dedicated to a guy who teases me every day and I give as good as I get which those who know whom I'm going on about know but he is the person that I have loved since my test paper hit him in the head so Darien Chiba this song is for you." Darien sat there shocked but pleased while the music started.

Serena smiled and started to sing:

Deep in my soul
Love so strong
It takes control
Now we both know
The secrets bared
The feelings show
Driven far apart
I'll make a wish
On a shooting star
There will come a day
Somewhere far away
In your arms I'll stay
My only love
Even though you're gone
Love will still live on
The feeling is so strong
My only love
You've reached the deepest part
Of the secret in my heart
I've known it from the start
My only love
My only love

As the music died there was silence until again a standing ovation started. Darien made his way to the stage and stopped in front of Serena.

"Meatball head, Serena I have loved you since the day you hit me with a test paper and I was scared to admit my feelings for you in case you didn't feel the same but since you do will you give me the great pleasure of being my girlfriend?" Darien asked with a smile Serena had tears in her eyes and then suddenly threw her arms around his neck and kissed him the audience cheered and laughed.

Darien pulled back from the kiss breathless and looked down at his meatball head and said "I take it that means yes." Serena giggled and nodded through her happy tears.

Darien then whispered in her ears " The song made me realise that your Sailor Moon but it's ok as I'm Tuxedo Mask" Serena pulled back in shock and slight fear Darien seeing this carefully out of everyone's eyeshot except his and Serena's conjured a rose Serena seeing this relaxed and kissed him again.

The end

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